Reforming Society by zhangyun


									  Reforming Society

Women made up large group of
      reform groups
    Temperance Movement
• Moderate or no alcohol consumption
• Supporters
  – Men spent more on liquor than food
  – Men often abused wives & children
• American Temperance Union
  – Pushed for laws against sale of alcohol
• Maine passed 1st prohibition law
           Prison Reform
• Idea of prisons being used as places of
  rehab became popular
• penitentiary – prison used for reform
• Dorothea Dix
  – Prison/mental hospital reformer
  – Many states enacted reforms b/c of her
        Education Reform
• Horace Mann
  – Leader of public edu reform
  – “normal school” for teacher training
  – MA – 1st mandatory attendance law
• Reforms moved faster in urban areas
       Women’s Movement
• Elizabeth Blackwell – 1st woman to earn
  medical degree in U.S.
• “True Womanhood”
  – Women should be homemakers
  – Take responsibility for developing children
          Women’s Rights
• Many felt “true womanhood” was limited
• Seneca Falls Convention
  – Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Lucretia Mott
  – “Declaration of Sentiments & Resolutions”
  – Focus = voting rights
  – Inspired many other women for years to come

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