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					                                Arizona Jury Research
                      Curriculum Vitae for Jan Mills Spaeth, Ph.D.
                              Litigation and Jury Consultant
(520) 297-4131                          Fax: (520) 797-4213


1980--         Litigation and Jury Consultant. All aspects of litigation consulting,
Present        trial simulations (focus groups, mock trials), witness preparation, case strategy
               and evaluation, jury selection, juror profiles, jury questionnaires, opinion
               surveys, opening statements, closing arguments, and post-trial juror interviews.
               Consulting services provided to both plaintiff and defense counsel in civil and
               criminal cases. Consulted on 1,000+ cases, locally and nationally.

1-79–12-79 Workshop Coordinator, self-employed. Developed              and    conducted
           workshops on mental health for Social Service Departments in Minnesota.

3-76 – 8-78 Social Worker, Thunder Bay Social Services Department, Thunder Bay,
            Ontario, Canada. Child Protection Services, Family Counseling

8-75 – 3-76 Research Director, Lakehead Social Planning Council, Thunder Bay, Ontario,
            Canada. Assessed community child care needs, 6 month grant.

7-73 – 7-75 Social Worker, Cass County Department of Social Services, Walker, Minnesota.
            Child Protection Services, Family Counseling


8-99           Ph.D. in Psychology, California Coast University, School of Behavior Science,
               Santa Ana, California. Dissertation: The Relationship Between Jurors’ Gender,
               Age, Race and Education in Regard to Conformity in Mock Jury Verdicts.

5-96           M.A. Degree in Communication with an Interdisciplinary Degree in Psychology,
               University of Arizona, Faculty of Behavioral & Social Sciences, Tucson,
               Arizona. Thesis: The Effects of Primacy and Need for Closure on Amount
               Requested of Mock Jurors.

5-73           B.A. Degree in Psychology (Honors) and Social Welfare (double major),
               University of Wisconsin, Superior, Wisconsin.

                                   The Power of Knowledge.    TM

            Post Office Box 91410, Tucson, Arizona, 85752-1410 email:
Spaeth Curriculum Vitae, Page 2

PROFESSIONAL                  American Society of Trial Consultants
MEMBERSHIPS                   American Psychological Association
                              American College of Forensic Examiners

SEMINAR SPEAKER               U.S. Attorney’s Office & Arizona Peace Officers
                              “From the Briefing Room to the Jury Room,”
                              July 17, 2003

                              Arizona Society for Healthcare Risk Management
                              “Jury Selection and the Medical Malpractice Case,”
                              May 9, 2003

                              Arizona Trial Lawyers Association
                              “Recognizing and Exposing Juror Bias in Voir Dire,”
                              March 3, 2003

                              Arizona Society for Health Care Risk Management
                              “Determining the Persuaders in the Jury Room,”
                              December 13, 2002

                              Arizona Women Lawyers Association 23rd Annual
                              Convention, “The Art of Presentation: Making Your
                              Point,” October 25, 2002

                              Pima County Attorney’s Office, “Jury Selection
                              Seminars”, October 18, 2002, November 1, 2002,
                              and November 15, 2002

                              Tucson Defense Bar, Using the Internet for Jury
                              Research, January 29, 2001

                              Arizona Trial Lawyers, Using the Internet for Opinion
                              Surveys, Mock Trials, and Jury Research, December,
                              4, 2000

                              National Business Institute, Advanced Issues In Arizona
                              Medical Malpractice, August 26, 1999

                              Faculty Member, ATLA’s Case Workshop Program on
                              Focus Groups, February 7-11, 1997, Tucson, Arizona

                              Pima County Bar Association Continuing Legal Education
                              Seminar, “The Do’s and Don’ts of Witness Preparation”
                              October 1, 1996, Tucson, Arizona
Spaeth Curriculum Vitae, Page 3

SEMINAR SPEAKER               Pima County Bar Association, Continuing Legal Education
(CONT.)                       Seminar, “Silent Evidence” April 28, 1994, Tucson,
                              Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Fall Annual
                              Twelve Angry Men; Jury Selection, September 1993,
                              Phoenix, Arizona

                              6th Annual Seminar on Aggressive Defense Of the Accused
                              Impaired Driver, Jury Selection and Rejection, Arizona
                              Attorneys for Criminal Justice, May 8, 1993, Tucson, AZ

                              Second Annual Criminal Justice Seminar, State Bar of
                              Arizona, Non-Verbal Communication and The Juror,
                              December 8-9, 1989, Phoenix, Arizona

CRIMINAL JUSTICE              Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice Seminars
                              Supplemental Juror Questionnaire Subcommittee, Superior
                              Court of Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona

GUEST SPEAKER                 Arizona Society for Health Care Risk Management
                              Arizona Trial Lawyers Association
                              Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
                              Arizona Women Lawyers Association
                              College of Law, University of Arizona
                              National Business Institute
                              Pima Community College
                              Pima County Attorney’s Office
                              Pima County Bar Association
                              Pima County Defense Bar Association
                              Pima County Legal Defender Office
                              Pima County Probation Department
                              Pima County Public Defender Office
                              State Bar of Arizona
                              Tucson Association of Legal Assistants
                              Tucson Defense Bar
                              Tucson Legal Secretaries Association
                              University of Arizona
Spaeth Curriculum Vitae, Page 4

GOVERNMENT CLIENTS            Arizona Attorney General Office
                              U.S. Attorney Office
                              Pima County Attorney Office
                              Pima County Public Defender Office
                              Pima County Legal Defender Office
                              Tucson City Attorney Office
                              Federal Public Defender
                              Pima County Juvenile Court Center
                              Indigent Defense Services

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE           Instructor for University of Arizona, Adult Education
                              Department, June, 1980 to January, 1982, Branches in
                              Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Yuma, Arizona

                              Instructor for Pima Community College, Adult Education
                              Department, September, 1990 to February, 1994, Tucson,

                              Workshop Instructor for Cochise Community College,
                              Adult Education Department, September, 1991, Sierra
                              Vista, Arizona

                              Tucson Free University, Adult Education Department,
                              June 1980 through August, 1980, Tucson, Arizona

                              Pima County Jail, Women’s Correctional Division, in
                              February, 1981 through March, 1981, Tucson, Arizona

                              Pima County Juvenile Court Center, Workshop Instructor
                              for Probation Officers, June, 1981, Tucson, Arizona
Spaeth Curriculum Vitae, Page 5


“Swearing with Crossed Fingers; Juror Honesty and Voir Dire,” Arizona Attorney, January, 2001.
(This article was subsequently used, with permission, by the Capital Cases Judicial Resource
Committee, State of New York, for distribution to 120 New York State judges engaged in handling
capital cases.)
“Jury Selection and the Medical Malpractice Case,” Advanced Issues in Arizona Medical
Malpractice, National Business Institute Seminar, August 26, 1999, Tucson, Arizona
“Attorney Voir Dire and Arizona’s Jury Reform Package”, Hirsh, Robert J., Spaeth, Jan Mills,
Hippert, Thomas G. Arizona Attorney, April, 1996.

“Biased Attitudes and Voir Dire .” Sixth Annual Seminar on Aggressive Defense of the Accused
Impaired Driver Manual, Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, May, 1993.

“Nonverbal Communication and the Juror.”        Second Annual Criminal Justice Seminar Manual,
State Bar of Arizona, December, 1989.

The following articles were published in THE WRIT, the official publication of the Pima County Bar
Association, between 1983 and 2003. Reprints of all articles are gladly provided upon request.

“Does The Timing Of Expert Testimony Affect Verdicts?,” July, 2004
“Should Juveniles Be Punished As Adults?,” April, 2004
“Eyewitness Weapon Identification,” October, 2003
“Do Judge and Jury Verdicts Differ Significantly?” August, 2003
“How Damaging is Negative Pre-Trial Publicity in Civil Cases?” June, 2003
“Do Deliberations Diminish The Effects Of Exposure To Inadmissible Evidence?” April, 2003
“Determining The Impact Of Life Experiences On Juror Bias,” March, 2003
“Defining The Purpose Of A Focus Group,” February, 2003
“When Do Jurors Believe Hired Guns?,” January, 2003
“Science Supports Graphing Arguments,” December, 2002
“What’s Happening In The Jury Room With Corporate Defendants?” November, 2002
“Does Alcohol Really Impair Eye Witnesses?” September, 2002
“Does Defendant [Physician] Conduct Affect Compensatory Awards?” June, 2002
“Does Gender Affect Bias In Verdicts?” May, 2002
“Can Racial Bias On Jury Panels Be Moderated?” March, 2002
“Do Women Perceive More Sexual Harassment In Behaviors Than Men?” November, 2001
Spaeth Curriculum Vitae, Page 6

“Inviting Speculation from Child Witnesses Leads to False Testimony,” August, 2001
“Mental Health Courts: A Realistic Option to Incarceration,” June, 2001
“Professionals Pose Problems on Panels.” April, 2001
“Supreme Court Ruling Requires Reassessment of Legitimate Reasons In Discrimination Cases.”
January, 2001
“The Effects Of Amounts Requested of Juror Awards.” November, 2000
“Just How Honest Are Jurors In Voir Dire?” August, 2000
“Does Injury Severity Affect Liability or Compensation?” July, 2000
“Eyewitness Evidence Guide Published for Law Enforcement by Dept. of Justice.” May, 2000
“How Damaging is Hearsay Evidence?” April, 2000
“Forensic Interviews With Children.” February, 2000
“Jurors Appear to Distrust Corporate America.” October, 1999
“Which Jurors are the Most Likely to Conform on Arizona Panels?” September, 1999
“The Effects of Statistical Evidence on Juries.” July, 1999
“Don’t Overlook Jurors’ ‘Need for Cognition’ Level During Jury Selection.” May, 1999
“Simplified Jury Instructions Reduce the Effects of Judges’ Opinions on Verdicts.” March, 1999
“Your Injured Clients May Have Suffered Undiagnosed MIBI’s.” (mild traumatic brain injuries)
January, 1999
“Does High Status Pose an Advantage for Defendants in Criminal Cases?” September, 1998
“Getting Even Reluctant Jurors To Respond.” June, 1998
“Determining Whether Child Sexual Offenders Will Likely Be Repeat Offenders.” April, 1998
“Recent Precedents Regarding Repressed Memory Cases.” February, 1998
“Juries Need to be Educated Regarding Eyewitness Credibility.” November, 1997
“Do Plaintiff Contributory Negligence and Accompanying Jury Instructions Affect Amount
Awarded?” September, 1997
“Lawyers and Psychologists Working Together in Joint Ventures.” August, 1997
“Malingering or Genuine, How Do You Tell the Difference?” June, 1997
“False Memory Syndrome: The New Epidemic.” May, 1997
“What Effect Do Coerced Confessions Have on Jury Panels?” April, 1997
Spaeth Curriculum Vitae, Page 7

“Use Concept Focus Groups Early in the Game to Develop Strategy.” March, 1997
“Alibi Witnesses versus Eyewitnesses at the Scene, Who Carries the Most Weight?” February, 1997
“Are Corporations Hit with Harsher Verdicts than Individuals in Civil Cases? January, 1997
“Juries Need to View Cases from a Situational Perspective.” December, 1996
“When is a Child Witness Most Credible?” November, 1996
“The Interaction Between Inadmissible Evidence and Objection” October, 1996
“Judges’ Influence On Panels Supports Attorney Voir Dire,” September, 1996
“Are Juries Convicting on Felony Murder Cases?” August, 1996
“Can Jurors Exposed to Negative Pre-Trial Publicity Really be Fair and Impartial? July, 1996
“Narrative Style with Witnesses More Credible, but Watch for Pitfalls.” June, 1996
“Effectively Using Pre-Trial Research Techniques”. May, 1996
“Do Jurors Anchor on Suggested Damage Amounts?” April, 1996
“Does Gender Really Make a Difference in Rape Cases?” March, 1996.
“Attractiveness: An Influential Factor in Jury Deliberations .” February, 1996.
“Does Confidence in Memory Reflect Accuracy in Memory?” January, 1996.
“What Happens Depends on Who’s Asking .” December, 1995.
“That Eyewitness Who Remembers Everything May be Believable, but Unreliable .” November,
“Can You Count on Jurors’ Past Verdict Patterns?” October, 1995.
“Voir Dire May Not Undo Negative Pre-Trial Publicity .” September, 1995.
“Bias in a Death Qualified Panel; A look at Troubling Statistics .” July, 1995.
“Who Decides the Verdicts?” May, 1995
“Should Jurors be Allowed to Discuss Evidence Among Themselves During Trial?” March, 1995.
“Does the Order of Verdicts Bias Juror?; Studies Suggest it Does .” January, 1995.
“Would Simpson’s Jury Profile Change in Pima County?” October, 1994.
“Clients and Their Losses; Dealing With These in Your Practice .” August, 1994.
“Change in Venue in Southern Arizona .” July, 1994.
“Post-Trial Juror Interviews; An Overlooked Gem .” June, 1994.
Spaeth Curriculum Vitae, Page 8

“Cases Warranting Supplemental Questionnaires .” April, 1994.

“Judge and Jury Interaction .” March, 1994.
“I ‘Move’ That We Move To The Bench .” February, 1994.
“Using Jury Questionnaires In Southern Arizona .” January, 1994.
“Our Jurors at their Finest .” October, 1993.
“Focus Group Facilitates Settlement .” September, 1993.

“What Motivates Your Client?; Looking at Personalities in the Settlement Process .” August, 1993.

“Putting Social Theories to Work in Voir Dire .” July, 1993.

“Biased Attitudes and Voir Dire; What Factors Shape and Affect These?” May, 1993.

“Job Stress; Recognizing it in Your Staff and Dealing with it Effectively .” April, 1993.

“Do Scared Clients Follow Advice?” March, 1993.
“Same Client, Different Stories; What Can You Do to Prevent This?” February, 1993.
“Trauma in Children of Inmates; What Can be Done to Reduce This?” January, 1993.
“Maintaining Family Contact From Prison .” December, 1992.
“Facts or Judgments?; Case Approach Will Affect Juror Perceptions, Influences, and Decision-
Rules .” November, 1992.

“Applying Juror Cognitive Processes to the Courtroom .” October, 1992.

“How Important is Jury Selection to Your Case?” September, 1992.

“Will Jurors Believe Your Client?” August, 1992.

“Try Your Case Before Trial, Affordably .” July, 1992.
“Voir Dire Questions...Are You Taking Enough Risk with These?” April, 1989.

“Client Ready for Court?” September, 1983.

“Jury Selection Potential Examined .” April, 1983.

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