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					                       Messalonskee Cal Ripken Board Meeting

Place: Sidney’s James Bean School

Board Present: Pete Bolduc, Dan Hammond, Dean Hall, Brian Lambert, Ray Bernier
Board Absent: Brad Noonan, Butch Cunningham
Public Present: Jerry Joy, Aaron Bequeath, Jason Brann, Mr.Couture

1. Pete called meeting to order at 4:00PM. Meeting was public and notice was placed
in both the Morning Sentinel and Kennebec Journal Sunday papers on 1/23/11 & 1/30/11.

2. Minutes from previous 1/9/11 meeting was reviewed and accepted with the only
change being to change Ray Bernier’s status from ancillary member to permanent board

3. Change in League Command - Pete spoke with theWilkies and confirmed they've
retired from managing the baseball league. There is money left in the account and they’re
looking to transfer it to this board. They’re also interested in sharing the All Star cards
and book-keeping methods from last year.

4. New Bank Account – Pete is looking to create a new bank account through one of the
local banks, such as TD BankNorth, to start fresh.

5. All Star Selection/Process – There was much discussion about the All Star teams in
general, regarding what process should be used to select the teams (i.e. coaches decide
teams vs a try-out process), keeping everyone and creating an "A" and "B" team and
should ages remain true to the age bracket.

Pete began discussion with presenting past methods he’s seen, such as coaches voting vs
coaches submitting 3 names across the league and then voting vs straight try-outs. Dean
recommended having first 10 picked by try-outs, then last picked by coach. League stats
were also considered, as Augusta uses stats. Ray suggested that in high school, each
coach sends a few names in and then all vote on, even though there are still flaws in this.
Ray recommends, though, holding an open try-out with all coaches there and an outside
source to be fair. A try-out encourages commitment by the family and player. Jerry then
recommended that there should be a separate opportunity for the coaches to get together
afterwards to compare notes and make sure that the team is well-rounded.. In order to do
this, though, the group agreed that both the kids and the coaches need to show up.
All Star Selection Board Decision: In an effort to create a new atmosphere and attract
kids to baseball, no player will be cut this year who wants to play summer baseball.There
will be “A” teams consisting of 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U. There will also be “B” teams
consisting of 10U and 12U kids.

There will be an open try-out Saturday, May 21st for ages 8-12 at Belgrade’s Workman
Field. (Times to follow). 7 year olds will not be allowed to try-out. Rain Date will be
Sunday, May 22nd at Workman Field. Coaches will meet Sunday, May 22nd at 4PM to
discuss and create the All Star teams. All Star teams and coaches will then be announced
by 8PM May 22nd. (This weekend was selected to give the teams more opportunity to
practice together before the tournaments start in July. The Sidney 5th grade trip to Boston
is June 11th also.)

Each team’s coach, or a representative from the team, are required to attend try-outs. If a
team representative is not present, then players from that team will not be selected.
Players and coaches may be absent due to illness and/or family emergency, but need to
notify Board and/or coach ahead of time. Players are also expected to attend a majority of
practices once selected.
Further Thoughts: A few suggested maintaining strict age groups, such as only 12s on
the 12U team, to keep teams full and playing together for the following years, if the
numbers are there. Last year, there weren't enough numbers. This will be discussed
further at the next meeting. Blocking off Sundays 11-4 for “All Star practices” at
Workman was also discussed, so that practices didn’t interfere with “house practices”.
We also need to create a list of By-Laws and review the Messalonskee Rules in the
fututre, hopefully before the season starts Monday after April vacation.

6. State Tournament - We've essentially been approved for a state tournament! We need
to give our top 2 age group choices to Larry Workman.

Both Belgrade’s Workman field and Sidney’s fields are available for use, even though
concern was raised that when you use 2 sites, the volunteer pool is split in half. Tourney
site will be at Workman Field this year. Dean recommended doing either a 10U or a 12U,
so they’re guaranteed 2 tournaments. Ray suggests being consistent and trying to request
a 12U tournament each year, so that the younger kids can learn from the older kids.
The order of request will be: 1st - 12U, 2nd - 10U, 3rd - 11U and 4th - 9U.

7. League insurance - We reviewed insurance policies, coverages and prices. (Please see
below for price estimates for different levels of insurance)
- If we remained with the $2 million policy(maximum), the total Cal Ripken
charter/insurance fees would be $97/team x 13, or ~$1261.
- If we wanted to carry only a $1 million policy, the total Cal Ripken charter/insurance
fees would be $57/team x 13, or ~$741.
- If we wanted to carry an accident-only policy, the total Cal Ripken charter/insurance
fees would be $43/team x 13, or ~$559.
It was decided unanimously to opt for $1 million coverage.
8. League fees – Cal Ripken patches and balls are only needed for All Stars. We’ll
supply teams with scorebooks (~$4.95 each) and trophies (~$6 each x 13 on winning
team = $78. Then x 2 for both minors/majors = ~$150). We’ll ask for $100/team from
each town, in order to cover $57 in insurance, $5 scorebook and trophy costs. The extra
will go towards building the bank account.

9. All Star Fees - Should towns give money to support the All-Stars or should they
fundraise for uniforms, equipment, etc?)
- Brian Guerette’s comments, representing Oakland Youth League:” Need to be careful
on how much we ask "towns" for $, for example in Oakland we have a separate youth
league that is its own entity and we based our registration fees on a "budget" for
softball/baseball. We try to keep our fees low so we appeal to all (and try not to have $ a
factor if a kid can play ball). I don't believe Cal Ripken and Mid Maine Softball, should
make commitments for Oakland Youth League (Belgrade / Sidney as well) money with out
a well defined process. Most travel teams do fundraising for the $ they need. OYL has a
"policy" that if we have a kid(s) that make the All Star team and the team wins the States,
and travel out of State for next level of tournament we will return their registration fee.
(not much I know, but it is something and we try to cater to the masses that play
baseball/softball and keep our registration fees low) The last thing I would want is to
have to raise registration $ for baseball because we are expected to pay for the All Star
Teams.” This discussion was tabled until next meeting

10. Fundraising –
a) Pitch-Hit-Run (Last year was May 15th). Few people showed up last year with limited
communication of event and time/date changed at last minute. Because of this, limited
money was made. Need to limit cost of prizes if decide to do again this year. We also
need to set date far in advance and try not to change it.

b) Bowl-a-thon Pete presented the idea of a bowl-a-thon. ?Sea Dogs or Dicks's gift
certificate for goal. Maybe money goes to cutting league fees later. Jerry not like it, as
kids will be giving up a Saturday during the baseball season. We could use it to kick off
the season. Dave Emery would also help to set it up and take photos later, giving back
15% to the league for all photos sold. We set the date on Saturday April 23rd (at Noon at
Sparetime Rec in Waterville???), then the season would start April 25th.

c) Sidney also kicks off the year with a Spaghetti supper.

11. Review of January, 2011 Moratorium on Composite Baseball bats – Link can be
found on Maine Cal Ripken Baseball website for composite bats that can’t be used this
year, as of 1/28/11.– Brian asked – “Understand for all tournaments and Cal Ripken
"sanctioned" games we need to comply, but what about house games for minors for
example where we have a high school umpire?”
Each player will get a copy/list of bats that are legal at sign-up (part of registration).
12. Out-of-league games – Will look into setting up “house” games with other towns,
such as Gardiner, Fairfield, Skowhegan. Coaches can develop their own teams.Wayne
Berube is apparent contact for Gardiner.

13. Mini-Fenway – Dan has May 16th - 22nd reserved for Messalonskee district play so
far. The cost is ~$300/week. Softball can now use it and we can use the lights during the
week. Tim Lecrone is the contact person at Alfond now. Brian would need to OK the
expediture with the rest of his OYL board and softball would definitely need to be
included with an equal amount of field time. Pete also expressed concern/need to improve
our relationship with AYC. Decision was tabled.

14. Sidney fields - They're open for summer. July 9, 10, 11 are available. Unsure of
where the idea of the fields being closed for construction over the summer came from.

15. Contract with Oakland school fields – We were approached by MAYSA about
possibly signing a contract with the Oakland schools regarding field use, particularly
the Junior High and High School fields. 1 frustration expressed was not being able to use
the high school softball field for Cal baseball games, even though the field has perfect
dimensions for Cal baseball games and many times sits empty during games/practices at

We decided not to sign with MAYSA and have them remove all baseball terminology
from their contract. Will try to speak with Jeff Schieve on our own in future regarding
field use.

16. Field Usage/Scheduling – Regarding scheduling field use with Mid-Maine Softball
and MAYSA. MAYSA is a separate organization trying to get field time and we will
need to have further discussion on this in future.

17. Oakland/Belgrade Baseball/Softball Try-Outs: March 26th at High School with
Ray and high school baseball players. Can’t do before, as first date that pitchers/catchers
can start is March 21st. Times to be set in future. May also be able to do April 2nd.

18. Next Meeting: Sunday February 27th at 4PM at Belgrade Center For All Seasons.
This will be a closed board meeting.

Adjourned : 5:40PM