ARIZONA ATTORNEY Editorial Board The Board advises the Editor on by wulinqing


ARIZONA ATTORNEY Editorial Board                             Class Action and Derivative Suits                     the legal services area, and reviews UPL inquiries
The Board advises the Editor on substantive and              Provides practice strategies and notices of recent    and provides written, nonbinding advice on
other articles in ARIZONA ATTORNEY.                          Arizona decisions and nationwide trends to            those issues.
                                                             attorneys who practice in the areas of class
Board of Legal Specialization and                            actions, shareholder derivative suits, mass torts,    Continuing Legal Education
Advisory Commissions                                         and other complex representative litigation.          Provides advice and recommendations regarding
The Arizona Board of Legal Specialization                                                                          seminar developments, the annual program cur-
(BLS) awards certificates of specialization to               Commission Appointments                               riculum, publications and alternative methods of
attorneys in various areas of law. Each area of              The State Bar’s Appointments Committee                delivering affordable, statewide CLE.
certification has an advisory commission. The                makes recommendations to the Board of
Bar certifies specialists in Bankruptcy Law,                 Governors regarding the appointment of mem-           Convention
Criminal Law, Estate and Trust Law, Family                   bers to fill openings on statewide boards, com-       Works with the Convention Coordinator
Law, Injury and Wrongful Death Litigation,                   mittees and commissions (listed at the end of the     and State Bar staff to organize educational and
Real Estate Law, Tax Law and Workers’                        standing committees). It aims to achieve a bal-       social events for the annual State Bar
                 Compensation Law.                           ance in all appointments as they relate to each       Convention. Members are expected to take on
                                                             voluntary professional activity, i.e., age, gender,   leadership roles at Convention events.
                         Civil Jury Instructions             geography, ethnicity, area of practice. Notice of
                         Updates the Revised Arizona         openings for these special appointments will be       Criminal Jury Instructions
                            Jury Instructions (civil).       featured in ARIZONA ATTORNEY, eLegal and on           Updates the Revised Arizona Jury Instructions
                              Keeps the Civil RAJIs          the Bar’s website as they become available.           (criminal). Keeps the Criminal RAJIs current,
                              current, correct and con-      To obtain a separate application for                  correct and concise.
                               cise.                         these appointments only, contact Carrie
                                                             Sherman at 602-340-7201 or access it online:          Criminal Practice and Procedure
                                 Civil Practice and                   Studies and makes recommendations on rule
                                 Procedure                   APPT/AttorneyApplicationInteractive.doc.              change proposals and/or issues involving the
                                 Studies and makes rec-                                                            criminal rules.
                                ommendations on pro-         Communications Advisory
                                   posals and/or issues      Works toward improving the image of attorneys         Family Law Practice and Procedure
                                    involving Rules of the   and coordinating Bar-wide organizational com-         Studies and makes recommendations on rule
                                    Supreme        Court,    munication efforts. Sponsors projects to              change proposals and/or issues involving family
                                     Court of Appeals,       improve lawyer/client relations, lawyer/media         law
                                     Superior Court and      relations and public understanding of the law.
                                     local court Rules as                                                          Fee Arbitration
                             submitted by the Bar or         Consumer Protection/Unauthorized                      Responsible for reviewing fee arbitration peti-
                           Bench. Initiates Rules or         Practice of Law Advisory                              tions and appoints fee arbitrators to hear cases
                          amendments as deemed neces-        Provides consumer education programs and              and/or serve as arbitrators.
                           sary.                             reviews other consumer protection options in

66   A R I Z O N A AT T O R N E Y M A R C H 2 0 1 1                                                                                      w w w . m y a z b a r. o r g / A Z A t t o r n e y
                                                                   Fill out the online application at Deadline: April 8, 2011

                                                      exceed one year. (3) The Law Student Program          the legal profession and the justice
                                                      provides third-year in-state law students with a      system.

                                                      Military Legal Assistance
                                                      Addresses legal issues and needs associated with               Appointments
                                                      military personnel and veterans and their fami-
                                                      lies in Arizona.
                                                      Minorities and Women in the Law                              Committees and
                                                      Studies issues of concern to minority and                      Commissions
                                                      women lawyers and develops programs to
                                                      encourage the advancement of minorities and                  (see pp. 22-23 of the
                                                      women in the law.                                     Membership Directory for the
                                                                                                               schedule of openings and
                                                      Peer Review                                                     candidate criteria)
                                                      Committee members resolve professionalism
                                                      complaints received by the Bar that do not evi-              Recommends members to
                                                      dence a violation of the Rules of Professional             serve on statewide/national
                                                      Conduct. Members should be able to devote                       boards, committees and
                                                      approximately five hours per month to the                         commissions that have
                                                      Committee. Applicants are needed throughout                   designated State Bar seats.
                                                      the state in all areas of practice. Applicants must
                                                      be active members in good standing with the                              A separate application
                                                      Bar who have practiced law or served in a judi-             (602-340-7201,
                                                      cial capacity for at least 10 years, demonstrate                SecComm/Committees/APPT/
                                                      some experience in resolving ethical issues and           AttorneyApplicationInteractive.doc) is
                                                      have held Bar and/or community leadership              required to serve on the following: ABA
In-House Counsel                                      positions. (Qualified volunteers urgently need-       House of Delegates; Arizona Commission
Advises and assists in matters relating to the reg-   ed.)                                                                on Judicial Conduct; Arizona
istration, education and representation of Bar                                                                   Commission on Judicial Performance
members who practice law as in-house counsel          Persons With Disabilities in the                         Review; Arizona Foundation for Legal
within the State of Arizona.                          Legal Profession                                      Services & Education Board of Directors;
                                                      Provides resources for students and lawyers with        Arizona Supreme Court Committee on
Legal Services                                        disabilities and their employers; provides educa-      Character and Fitness; Arizona Supreme
Studies and recommends ways to meet the legal         tion on disability issues; studies accessibility of   Court Committee on Examinations; City
needs of the poor and near-poor in Arizona.           court facilities; provides personal and situational      of Glendale Judicial Selection Advisory
                                                      mentors.                                                  Board; City of Mesa Judicial Selection
Mandatory Continuing Legal                                                                                   Advisory Board; City of Phoenix Judicial
Education                                             Professionalism                                                Selection Advisory Board; City of
Provides advice and recommendations regarding         Provides assistance in reviewing and delivering                Scottsdale Judicial Appointments
the interpretation of the MCLE Rules and              the Professionalism Course, works with other           Advisory Board; City of Surprise Judicial
Regulations. Oversees the annual reporting,           Bar committees to ensure their programs and             Selection Advisory Commission; City of
annual audit, suspension and reinstatement            activities represent the highest standards of pro-       Tempe Judicial Advisory Board; Client
process regarding the MCLE requirements.              fessionalism.                                                Protection Fund Board of Trustees;
                                                                                                                  Community Legal Services Board of
Member Assistance                                     Rules of Professional Conduct                              Directors; Conflict Case Committee;
A confidential program providing assistance to        Provides both formal and informal written             DNA–People’s Legal Services, Inc. Board
members and law students who have problems            ethics opinions to assist members of the State                 of Directors; Judicial Nominating
with alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health        Bar as well as telephone advice. Members should        Commissions (Commission on Appellate
and other stress-related problems.                    be able to attend approximately six meetings a          Court Appointments, Maricopa County
                                                      year and research and draft three to four written                    Commission on Trial Court
Mentor                                                ethics opinions a year.                               Appointments, Pima County Commission
Oversight committee for Mentor Programs.                                                                     on Trial Court Appointments); State Bar
(1) The “telephone” program provides one-on-          Sexual Orientation and Gender                                     of Arizona Board of Governors
one phone conversation. (2) The traditional           Identity                                                    (nonlawyer, public members); Town
“one-to-one” program matches a mentor and an          Addresses situations and problems regarding                      of Guadalupe Judicial Selection
attorney in a similar geographic location and/or      discrimination based on gender, sexual orienta-                                  Advisory Board.
area of practice for a length of time not to          tion, or gender identity and expression within

w w w . m y a z b a r. o r g / A Z A t t o r n e y                                                                     M A R C H 2 0 1 1 A R I Z O N A AT T O R N E Y   67

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