Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan

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					        Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan:
        Outreach Supplement to the Maine Exemption Line

         Chart   1 of 12: Southern Maine (Odiornes Point to Murray Rock)
         Chart   2 of 12: Southern Maine (Murray Rock to Cape Porpoise)
         Chart   3 of 12: Southern Maine (Cape Porpoise to East Hue and Cry)
         Chart   4 of 12: Casco Bay (East Hue and Cry to Mile Ledge)
         Chart   5 of 12: Sheepscot Bay (Mile Ledge to Pemaquid Ledge)
         Chart   6 of 12: Muscongus Bay (Pemaquid Ledge to Two Bush Channel)
         Chart   7 of 12: Penobscot Bay (Two Bush Channel to Roaring Bull Ledge)
         Chart   8 of 12: Blue Hill Bay (Roaring Bull Ledge to Southern Point of Great Duck Island)
         Chart   9 of 12: Mount Desert Island (Southern Point of Great Duck Island to Schoodic Island)
         Chart   10 of 12: Down East Maine (Schoodic Island to Seahorse Rock)
         Chart   11 of 12: Down East / Machias Bay (Seahorse Rock to Southeast of Cutler)
         Chart   12 of 12: Quoddy Narrows (Southeast of Cutler to Quoddy Narrows)

For more information about the ALWTRP, please visit the ALWTRP website at or contact Diane Borggaard at 978-282-8453 or