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					               MARSHALL/ MITCHELL/ RHODES TIMETABLE for 2011-2012
               Yale Office of Fellowship Programs
               **Updated forms and information about the Yale application process should be available online in June from the OFP
               website ( Watch our listserv for announcements.

March - June   Research degree programs at universities in the UK and Ireland, including courses of study and degree
               programs. Information is available online through the Fellowships website’s Resources for Study in the UK
               and Ireland (, and through official Marshall,
               Mitchell, and Rhodes websites. On UK/Irish university websites, see especially the graduate prospectus, and
               where available the “alternative” prospectus (this will be the one written by students for students—useful taken
               with a grain of salt). Consult your faculty mentors about suitable programs, make an appointment to talk to
               Kate Dailinger at the Fellowships office, and talk to Graduate Fellowship Affiliates and other contacts (ask Kate
               for suggestions from the Yale network).

               Review Yale application information and all forms via the Yale Student Grants Database
               ( ). Official online application systems will be available for the Marshall from
               late spring, for Mitchell from April, and for the US Rhodes from July, with Canadian Rhodes available about
               June 1. [Rhodes competitions in countries other than the US and Canada have different deadlines and
               requirements than those listed here, so check them individually via the Rhodes Trust website
               (; though only the US and Canadian Rhodes ask for endorsement from your
               university, Kate gladly advises applicants for other competitions.] The official Marshall application system
               requires that you register for either the 1- or 2-year option, and only for one of these options; if you’ve doubts
               or queries contact Kate ahead of time. For all these competitions, it is advisable to refrain from registering
               recommenders in the official online application systems until the autumn; and please DO NOT enter endorser
               information or click to submit applications electronically until asked to do so by OFP.

               Think about who might write strong letters of reference in support of each of your applications (Kate at
               Fellowships can help with strategy). Make initial contacts with people you hope will write your references (see
      and acquire summer contact information.
                  For the campus endorsement process, only 4 letters are required, one of which should be from your
                     primary academic recommender. You will also need to ask your college Dean for a report. (See Yale
                     request forms via the Student Grants Database). Should you win Yale’s endorsement, you may need
                     extra letters:
                  The final official Marshall application requires 4 letters of recommendation, at least 2 of which must be
                     from faculty who have taught you and/or supervised research.
                  The official Mitchell requires 5 letters, at least 3 of which must be from faculty who have taught you.
                  The US Rhodes requires 5-8 letters, at least 4 of which must be from faculty who have taught you; the
                     Canadian Rhodes requires exactly 6. Other Rhodes applications vary: look online, and ask Kate.

               Begin work on essays and “proposed academic programme(s)” (seek advice at
      , from your academic advisers, college
               writing tutor, Kate Dailinger at Fellowships, Graduate Fellowship Affiliates

July-August    After July 1, register in the online Yale Student Grants Database, and work on your application(s). Work on
               drafts of essays, seeking advice as above. Send drafts of essays to referees/college dean, along with the
               appropriate Yale request for letter/Dean’s Report form (available via the Student Grants Database).
               Transcripts: Yale: We will pull your unofficial Yale transcript for the campus endorsement process, and
               facilitate the ordering of official Yale transcripts if you are endorsed; colleges and universities other than
               Yale: if you are applying for the Marshall, please have official transcripts sent to the Fellowships office by the
               campus application deadline; if you are applying only for the Mitchell and/or Rhodes, you may submit unofficial
               transcripts for the campus endorsement process, but NB that you may need official transcripts later in the
               process (see Yale application checklist and official guidelines). Plan ahead to avoid last-minute stress!

August         Now might be a good time to begin working on applications for admission to British/Irish universities if
               planning to apply independently (this isn’t required to apply for Marshall, Mitchell, or Rhodes but is
               recommended if you want also to pursue other funding options). NB that other fellowship deadlines will follow
               soon… (e.g., the Gates and Churchill fall in October)

Aug. 10th      If you would like feedback before the campus application deadline this is the last date by which to submit
               drafts to Kate at Fellowships: book an appointment in the usual way, and email drafts at least 24 hours in
               advance. (See online Fellowships Guidelines for submitting essays.)
Wed., Aug. 17     CAMPUS REGISTRATION DEADLINE You must register via the online Student Grants Database after
                  July 1 & by this deadline for each fellowship to which you’re applying, and for “Marshall, Mitchell, and Rhodes
                  Applications.” NB: the fifth “letter of recommendation” is your Dean’s Report; only 4 letters will be read.

Wed., Aug. 24     CAMPUS APPLICATION DEADLINE (11.59am) Late applications will not be accepted!
                  Application materials should be submitted via the online Yale Student Grants Database. (Alumni who cannot
                  access the database should contact Fellowships for instructions.) Please see the Student Grants Database for
                  details/forms and an application checklist but in general a complete application for the campus deadline
                  includes: the Yale Application Cover Sheet, a pdf of the appropriate official fellowship application (including
                  essays; but please DO NOT enter endorser information or submit applications electronically until asked to by
                  OFP), a detailed résumé or list of activities and awards, and transcripts from all colleges attended other than
                  Yale (see note on transcripts above, under July-August).
                  In addition: please request that a Dean's Report and four (4) letters of reference (including your primary
                  academic reference) be submitted by their writers via the online Yale Student Grants Database by the campus
                  application deadline.
                  Check your application in the Student Grants Database to track what’s been received.

early September   Yale Marshall/Mitchell/Rhodes Committee reviews applications. Selected applicants will be invited via e-mail to
                  campus interviews.

Sept. 9-16, 2011 Yale Marshall/Mitchell/Rhodes Committee conducts campus interviews to help determine which applicants to
                 endorse for further competition. Applicants will know results by September 19th. There will be a meeting for
                 endorsed candidates on Monday, September 19th.

late September    Finalization of applications by endorsed candidates. Final letters of reference are uploaded—by their writers,
                  not by candidates—to be received by the national deadlines. Please refer any questions or difficulties you or
                  your recommenders may have to or 203-432-8685.

Sept. 29, 2011    Deadline by which endorsed MARSHALL candidates must electronically submit final versions of their official
noon              applications; also the latest recommended date for uploading of letters, so that all may be officially submitted to
                  the Marshall Commission by the Fellowships office by the national deadline.

NATIONAL DEADLINES Final applications, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and endorsements must be submitted by
           the deadlines. Plan ahead and avoid undue stress!
                 The national deadline for the MARSHALL is October 3, 2011 (but see Sept. 29 deadline above).
                 The national deadline for the MITCHELL is October 4, 2011.
                 The national deadline for the US RHODES is October 5, 2011.
                 The national deadline for the Canadian RHODES is October 14, 2011.

October-          Endorsed candidates should talk with Kate at Fellowships and with their Masters/Deans about practice
early Nov.        Regional committees for the Marshall, the national committee for the Mitchell, and district or provincial
                  committees for the Rhodes notify applicants selected for interviews.
                  Endorsed candidates may apply for admission directly to British/Irish universities.

Oct. 24-30        Mitchell semi-finalist interviews conducted via Skype.
Nov. 7-15         Marshall regional committees interview selected finalists. Winners notified shortly thereafter, but official
                  announcement is later.
Nov. 18-19        Mitchell finalist interviews in Washington, DC. Winners are announced shortly thereafter.
Nov. 18-19        US Rhodes district committees interview selected finalists. Winners announced on the spot.
Late-Nov.         Canadian Rhodes provincial committees interview selected finalists. Winners are announced
-early Dec.       shortly thereafter.

  Updated information on the Yale application process and forms should be available from June: watch and the listserv. In addition, resources are available on campus including advisors and library materials at
  OFP, Yale faculty, residential college fellows, deans, and graduate fellowship affiliates. Interested applicants are urged
  particularly to contact: Kate Dailinger, adviser for UK and Irish Fellowships, Yale Office of Fellowship Programs, 55
  Whitney Avenue, 3rd floor. Appointments in person or via telephone/Skype may be scheduled online at Inquiries, email: . Remember,
  too, that Kate can help with Yale contacts for advice about individual scholarships/universities/degree courses—just ask!