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Mary Jo Dylla

Francisco Arevalo
Justin Jones
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Susann Baker

City Secretary
Barbara Pawelek
                               Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting

                                          January 6, 2011


        Mayor ProTem Dwayne Padalecki called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.


      Roll call was taken. Members present were Councilman Justin Jones, Councilwoman
Susann Baker, and Councilman Walter Wyrwich. Councilman Frank Arevalo and Mayor Dylla are
both out sick. A quorum was established. Barbara Pawelek presided as City Secretary.

EXECUTIVE SESSION in accordance with the Texas Local Government Code

        The City Council did not need to go into executive session at this time.


       The minutes of the Regular City Council meeting for December 6, 2010 was looked over
by council. Councilman Justin Jones wanted a correction on page 3 under B. Road Project
where he would like to see contractor penalized with a fee. He said this is in reference to future
projects and to include „any‟ contractor. With this correction, Councilwoman Susann Baker
moved to accept the minutes as written. Councilman Justin Jones seconded the motion. All
were in favor; the minutes were approved.


      The Mayor Pro Tem asked council to look over the financial summary for November. He
had one question which was regarding Check# 2746 for $3,225. It was paid to Texas Road
Repair for potholes.

        Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to accept the November financial summary.
Councilman Justin Jones seconded the motion. All were in favor; motion approved.


      Fire Chief Larry Padalecki reported for the fire department.

For the month of December, there were a total of 31 calls. There were 16 EMS calls. 12 in the
City, and 4 in the County. There were a total of 15 Fire calls, 3 in the City, and 12 in the

      There were a total of 5 fires on New Year‟s Eve.


       Kathy Palmer reported for the Planning and Zoning Commission. The next Planning and
Zoning meeting will be on Thursday, January 20th, 2011 at 7:00 pm. They will begin to research
and find examples of junk ordinances that are already in place for communities of our size.

       Councilman Padalecki questioned if there were any final decisions on the ETJ in regards
to zoning. Mrs. Palmer responded by stating that you cannot have zoning districts in the ETJ.
The only thing we can do right now is building permits relative to setbacks and relative to the
frontage but not the acreage. The ETJ is similar to unincorporated Bexar County, anything
goes. Mrs. Palmer said this is according to the Texas Local Government Code.


      Kathy Palmer reported for code compliance. Three building permits were issued in
December; 2 homes and a barn. Mrs. Palmer said she frequently has calls from property
owners to see if they are in the guidelines of the zoning ordinance.

     Mrs. Palmer reported that she received a call regarding compliance violation on Adkins/St.
Hedwig Road regarding multiple trailers and trash issues that she will be looking into.


       Paul Primeaux was the only citizen signed up to speak but wished to speak when they
talked about the „Roads‟.




      Councilman Justin Jones reported for the roads. The winter slow cut is near completion
and projected to be completed by the end of this week. Mr. Seiler reported some tires dumped
along Graytown Road between Martinez Creek and 1518, as well as the north side of LaVernia
Road between Pittman and the dry hollow crossing.

       Mr. Seiler has completed the installation of the cutting head on the tractor and is ready to
begin the tree trimming next week. Councilman Jones will be finalizing the list of areas to be
trimmed over the weekend. Any input from council will be considered. Councilman Padalecki
said he would like a list of the roads that will be trimmed.

       Crack fill work will be taking place on the following roads in the coming weeks. They are:
Churchview, Adkins-Elmendorf, 14700 block of St. Hedwig Road, Graytown, Miller Road – north
of Martinez Creek Bridge, and Gable. Potholes will be filled on these roads as well.

        Councilman Jones met with Texas Road Repair regarding the addition of some lane
striping at the intersection of Graytown and Lupon Roads. He is waiting for a plan and price
before proceeding. Lighting up that intersection was discussed as well.

       Culvert work on the 15490 block of St. Hedwig Road is starting to show evidence of
collapse and will require attention soon. Mr. Jones is in the process of requesting quotes from
Plates Backhoe, Leon Payne Construction, and Texas Road Repair. He said if we know of
anyone else to give us a proposal please let him know.

      It was brought to Councilman Jones attention that the 14000 block of Miller Road needs
guardrails and reflector work which he will be looking into.

        Kusmierz Road Bridge, just east of 1518 has been severely undermined near the
culverts. Councilman Jones met with Mayor Dylla and representatives of a structural
engineering firm on site to discuss our options and they recommended that we immediately
restrict the traffic down to the lane least affected by the undermining until a course of action
can be established. They gave a quote on the cost of doing an formalized engineer study of the
bridge. Councilman Jones in the meantime contacted a couple of contractors to survey the
situation and offer any suggestions.

       One „quick fix‟ approach proposed by both contractors was to fill the voids underneath
the bridge with concrete and then restore the embankment, sealing the areas around the
guardrail post which most likely contributed to the problem that we have now. The cost ranged
from $4,000 to $20,000. This is just a quick fix, not engineered.

        The Mayor Pro Tem added this is not the same low water crossing that was fixed under
the bond project. He said the question is do we want to knock out that bridge and put another
low water crossing like we did under the bond project. We need to find out from some of the
citizens that live there how much water goes under that bridge.

       Another more long term solution posed by one of the contractors is to replace the
culverts with some larger box type conduits.

   B. ROAD PROJECT – Kusmierz, Miller, North Gable, and St. Hedwig Roads

       The installation phase of the project was completed the week of December 21st and we
are now on the punch list close out phase of the project which includes removal of excess
gravel, cleaning debris from the culvert openings and addressing any other unresolved issues.

       The engineer on the project has driven the roads and submitted all field density testing
results which met the specifications in the bid package.

       Councilman Jones thanked the engineer, Mr. Burge for attending tonight‟s meeting to
answer any questions you may have. Mr. Jones reminded there is a two year warranty on the

        Mr. Paul Primeaux signed up under „Citizens to be Heard‟ but wanted to wait until now to
speak. Mr. Primeaux commented on Miller Road. He said he has a personal relationship with
the road, because he not only drives it, he walks it everyday. He said the final surface is not up
to par. He said he is not an engineer, but has common sense. Mr. Primeaux said they laid the
oil and then laid down the chips. After 2 or 3 days, they put so many chips, the roads started
wash boarding because there was so much aggregate on the road. Mr. Primeaux continued.
Then they came along and swept the roads about 18 inches to 2 feet off the roads. Now there
is 2 to 4 inches of chips on the sides of the road. He said the only place the road is smooth is
where they stopped the oil because they ran out of gravel, and restart the oil and continue on.
In those strips, there are smooth surfaces because there was an ample amount of oil to hold the
chips. Mr. Primeaux said the gravel should have stayed on the road, not in the ditch. He said
he did see the engineer come take core samples in various spots and wanted to know if the
engineer approved the final layer of chips?

        Mr. Burge, the engineer on the project, replied that he did drive all the areas yesterday,
he did not walk it, so his view wasn‟t as intimate as Mr. Primeaux‟s. He said he did drive very
slow and got out and looked at it in various locations. He was told by the contractor that they
did put down 25% more aggregate than what was originally estimated. As far as being rough,
that is something that we talked about before we started the project. The smaller aggregate
would make a smoother final surface, but not as strong structurally. The core samples he took
are the same as before, the reason for the rougher surface is because the traffic has not
knocked all the jagged edges off the top and sides.

       He finished the topic by stating that he would drive the roads with the councilmen and
citizens and keep an open mind toward their concerns. A punch list would be created; the
contractor wants the city to be satisfied with the job.

       Councilman Padalecki asked, “Could you ask him why he went 25 percent extra on the
aggregate?” Also Padalecki asked, “If it took extra, why is it all in the bar ditch now?”
Padalecki added especially on Kusmierz road. Padalecki continued with a statement about Gable
road, that residents reported a smooth road surface until they pushed the extra aggregate off.

       Padalecki concluded by stating that in his opinion, the base is better and in good shape,
however, when spending $225,000 dollars, “at least have a decent surface to drive on”.
Councilman Padalecki stated that when Bexar County would do the work, they were able to
complete the job with a smoother road surface. Mr. Burge replied by stating that he drove 20
and 25 mph on the roads and would certainly look at the job on a location by location basis.
Mr. Burge continued by saying that structurally, it looked good, and they ran a lot of extra oil on
it. Mr. Burge said he didn‟t feel like they cut any corners or materials.

       Mr. Primeaux added that there are a couple of spots that are already down to the hard
surface for the formation of a pothole. He said it probably won‟t be a pothole because of the
concrete in there, but the top layer is gone. Also, he said where the road was not reclaimed
and reworked, the road has 12 inches of wear and drops down a couple of inches, which was
not repaired. They just ran a seal coat over that, and now you have maybe 6 inches. The first
good rain you have, it will continue chipping away. Mr. Primeaux said in his opinion this should
have been repaired before the seal coat. Now you have a drop that will keep chipping away.

       Sunhee Friis Che who resides on Kajac, drives down Miller Road every day. She said the
road is worse than it was before. She said there is so much dust and gravel. She is very
disappointed because she moved here from San Antonio and the roads are so bad.

      Carolyn Wyrwich wanted to add that several people has stopped by her home to
complain about the roughness of the road.

       Councilman Jones explained how the process we used differed from how San Antonio
seal coats their roads. Mr. Jones said that we still have the contractor‟s retainage plus an
additional $10,000 on the project. Councilman Jones said that he would like to go with Mr.
Primeaux and Mr. Burge to look at the roads again at these problem areas and get them fixed.

      Mayor Pro Tem Padalecki told Councilman Jones that he appreciated all the work he has
done on this project. “We just have alittle more to fix and we‟ll be fine.”

      The Mayor Pro Tem thanked the engineer, Mr. Burge for his help on the project and
asked him to help us out as much as he can. Mr. Burge said he wants to see it completed and
everyone happy with it as well.


       Councilman Padalecki said they will start the cabanas once it gets alittle bit warmer.

      Councilwoman Baker questioned where the rest rooms will be? Right now, the Mayor
ProTem explained it will be by the light pole across the parking lot. We will need to get a
separate septic system for the park rest rooms and draw up a plan.




      Councilwoman Baker asked citizens if the recycle dumpsters are full at the American
       Legion Hall, please do not put any more on the ground outside of the dumpsters. When
       the wind picks up, it blows everywhere. She said we will do the best to get them
       emptied as quickly as possible.
      No February city council meeting. Next city council meeting will be on March 3rd at 7:30.
      Mayor Pro Tem Padalecki thanked the citizens for coming and wished them all a
       Prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing them at the next 10 meetings!

AGENDA FOR NEXT REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                     March 3, 2011 at 7:30 PM

   1. Call Meeting to Order
   1. Roll call & Establish a Quorum
   2. Reading and Approval of Minutes
   3. Approval of Financial Summary
   4. Report from VFD
   5. Report from Planning & Zoning Commission
   6. Report from Code Compliance
   7. Citizens to be Heard
   8. Old Business
         a. Roads
         b. City Park
         c. Recycle Dumpster at City Hall or entrance on FM1518
   9. New Business
   10. Announcements
   11. Determine Agenda for next meeting
   12. Adjournment

   Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to adjourn the meeting. Councilman Walter Wyrwich
   seconded the motion. All were in favor; the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.


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