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					                                              A Pathfinder for Abortion and
                                                     Teen Pregnancy

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                 Online Resources for Teen Pregnancy--Internet Sites (ODP)
  1. The InSite [ ] - Information about reproduction, birth control options, sexually transmitted diseases and
     relationships. Also includes letters from other teens.
  2. Adolescent (Teen) Sexuality [ ] - Answers about sex considering the key who, what, when, where, why and how
     questions. Issues examined with a pro-life religious perspective in mind.
  3. Coalition for Positive Sexuality [ ] - Intended to give teens the information they need to take care of themselves
     and affirm their decisions about sex and reproductive control.
4. Contraception and Sexual Health Factsheets [ ] - Provides facts and advice on contraception, family planning,
   STIs, sexual health, abortion, and teenage pregnancy.
5. Contraceptive Failure and Unintended Pregnancy - Essay: Ambivalence toward pregnancy and
   ambivalence toward -- often downright dislike of -- birth control methods is probably a cause of
   "unintended" conception.
6. Family Planning Services in Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention - Surveys in Great Britain, the
   Netherlands, Sweden and the U.S. identify factors determining the success of family planning in
   preventing adolescent pregnancy. From Family Planning Perspectives. (December, 1999)
7. Growing Up in the Lord: A Study for Teenage Boys [ ] - Offers a Christian perspective on sexuality for teen boys.
    Includes explanations and biblical references about bodily changes, sex, lust, proper attire, dating, and
    unacceptable behaviors.
8. Guttmacher Institute: Adolescents [ ] - Has fact sheets on sex education in various countries and American teens'
    sexual and reproductive health.
9. In the Mix: Sex: Everyone's Doin' It...Not! [ ] - Online companion to the PBS special of the same title features
    resources, information, advice, video clips, and polls.
10. InteliHealth - Risks For Pregnant Teens - Overview of a few pregnancy risks that are more prevalent in
11. It's Your Sex Life [ ] - An informational health resource for teens looking for answers about safe sex and
    protecting themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy.
12. Kaiser Daily Health Reports: Reproductive Health - One of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Daily
    Health Reports. News on a variety of reproductive health issues and topics.
13. March of Dimes - Facts You Should Know About Teenage Pregnancy - Statistics about teen birth rates,
    health considerations, and pregnancy consequences.
14. National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is a
    nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1996 with the goal of reducing the teen pregnancy rate in the
    United States by one-third between 1996 and 2005 [site summary]
15. Nutrition for you, Nutrition for two - Teen guide to good health and nutrition before, during and after
16. Peer to Peer [ ] - Supports the Stop, Think, Be Safe program - an STD prevention initiative for youth ages 12 to
    15. Provides youth, parents, and teachers with information about STDs and effective strategies for prevention.
17. Preventing Teenage Pregnancy - Overview of U.S. programs and statistics.
18. Puberty 101 [ ] - Uses questions asked by teens to provide information about the various aspects of puberty.
19. StandUpGirl - Sexuality issues including pregnancy are explored in high tech. Shockwave needed for
    portions of site.
20. Survey Teens [ ] - For boys aged 13 to 16, regarding sexual knowledge, opinion, and behavior. Lists survey,
    comments, and results. [Closed]
21. Teen Sex and Sexuality [ ] - Teens and parents learn to talk about sex and their sexuality. Provides information
    on teen pregnancies, menstruation, puberty, and AIDs.
22. Teen Sexuality [ ] - Links to resources for various sexuality issues and contraception.
23. Teen Pregnancy: Contains teen pregnancy related articles focused on statistics, risks,
    and prevention.
24. Teenage Pregnancy and Reproductive Help: ebook
25. [ ] - Information site for teens and college students on sexuality issues.
26. Teenwire [ ] - From Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Features various relationship and sexuality
27. The Nemours Foundation - Having a Healthy Pregnancy - Overview of prenatal care, changes to expect,
    taking care of yourself, emotional health, and planning for the future.
28. WebMD:
           Online Resources for the Abortion Debate – Internet Sites (ODP)
1. A Doctor's Right to Choose - Gives the views from the medical profession's standpoint on political actions that
    could hamper the types of procedures performed on women ending pregnancies. From Salon Magazine.
2. Abortion Debates and Polls - Pro and Con forum.
3. Abortion Law Development: A Brief Overview - An overview of legislative issues and court rulings affecting the
    abortion issue, including federal funding of abortion, partial birth abortion, parental notification, and spousal
4. Abortion Policies: A Global Review - United Nations Population Division report on abortion laws and policies
    around the world, including a country-by-country survey. [Documents are in PDF and DOC formats.]
5. Abortion and Ethics - Effective meta-site containing facilitated access to relevant articles, books, court decisions,
    and current news articles. Biographical guide, discussion forum, Internet resources.
6. Abortion: All Sides of the Issue - site describes the issues and various religious and ethical
7. Abortion: History of Abortion in the United States - Article on the history of abortion in the United States, plus
    links to further information on abortion in the US and around the world. Includes prochoice and prolife links.
8. Almanac of Policy Issues: Abortion - News, background information, and links on abortion policy, including Roe
    v. Wade, RU-486, fetal tissue research, and related issues.
9. Fetal Psychology - Research study published in Psychology Today (Oct. 1998) addresses the relative
    developmental capabilities of the human fetus at particular gestation points. Relevant to abortion
10. Frontline: Abortion Clinic - A PBS archived documentary on an abortion clinic in Chester, Pennsylvania, along
    with an investigation on the women who went there and why. (April 18, 1983)
11. Is it Possible to be both "Pro-Life" and "Pro-Choice"? - Essay by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan seeking a middle
    ground in the abortion debate.
12. Just Facts - Abortion - Large collection of short "facts" about scientific, constitutional, political and other aspects
    of the abortion debate. Fully footnoted to identify the sources of the information.
13. Kaiser Daily Health Reports: Reproductive Health - Daily reports on reproductive issues; often includes abortion-
    related news.
14. National Abortion Federation: Teenage women, abortion and the law
15. On Abortion: A Lincolnian Position - Principled yet pragmatic, Lincoln's stand on slavery offers a basis for a new
    politics of civility that is at once anti-abortion and pro-choice. Published in the Atlantic Monthly, September
16. Planned Parenthood v. Casey - Supreme Court verdict on five provisions of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control
    Act of 1982.
17. Resources on Abortion - Includes definitions of important terms, background information on abortion law, news
    stories about the issue, and various opinions. Produced for the Ohio University Computer Assisted Language
    Learning Lab.
18. Respect for Life - An organization that calls itself anti-abortion yet pro-choice, and seeks to keep abortion legal
    and lessen it through increased birth control initiatives.
19. Roe v. Wade (1973) - The U.S. Supreme Court decision which struck down many state laws restricting abortion.
    At the Legal Information Institute (Cornell University).
20. Should Abortion Be Legalised in Queensland, Australia? - Student's argumentative essay on the social issues and
    legislation on abortion in the state of Queensland, Australia, including links to related sites.
21. Stenberg v. Carhart - U.S. Supreme Court opinions on the controversial Nebraska partial-birth abortion case.
    Hosted by Cornell's Legal Information Institute.
22. Summary of Abortion Laws Around the World - Gives abortion laws and restrictions in over 192 nations and
23. The Abortion Debate - One person's attempt to take a rational look at the abortion debate, exposing flaws in the
    arguments on both sides. This is the preface from The Abortion Debate, a booklet for sale.
24. The Morality of Abortion: A Critique - Personal philosophical essay that concludes that both pro-choice and pro-
        life positions, as understood by the author, contain anti-intuitive premises.
    25. The Atlantic Online: Abortion - A collection of articles published in the magazine between 1965 and 1997. Topics
        include abortion in American history and a variety of individual perspectives on the issue. (1997)

                                Academic Search Premiere Articles
To open the articles, click on the link under each article. You will need to login into
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    1. A PUBLIC HEALTH SUCCESS: Understanding Policy Changes Related to Teen Sexual Activity and Pregnancy.
        By: Brindis, Claire D.. Annual Review of Public Health, 2006, Vol. 27 Issue 1, p277-C-1, 20p; DOI:
    2. Abortion costs, sexual behavior, and pregnancy rates. By: Medoff, Marshall H.. Social Science Journal,
        2008, Vol. 45 Issue 1, p156-172, 17p; DOI: 10.1016/j.soscij.2007.12.009.
    3. Adolescent Pregnancy and Childbearing in Relation to Infant Adoption in the United States. By: Miller,
        Brent C.; Coyl, Diana D.. Adoption Quarterly, 2000, Vol. 4 Issue 1, p3-26, 24p, 1 Chart, 4 Graphs.
    4. After the Adolescent Pregnancy: Parents, Teens, and Families. By: Benson, Mark J.. Child & Adolescent
        Social Work Journal, Oct2004, Vol. 21 Issue 5, p435-455, 21p, 1 Diagram.
    5. Biased abortion counseling laws and abortion demand. By: Medoff, Marshall H.. Social Science Journal,
        2009, Vol. 46 Issue 4, p632-643, 12p; DOI: 10.1016/j.soscij.2009.05.001.
    6. Changes in Abortions and Births and the Texas Parental Notification Law. By: Joyce, Theodore; Kaestner,
        Robert; Colman, Silvie. New England Journal of Medicine, 3/9/2006, Vol. 354 Issue 10, p1031-1038, 1p;
        DOI: 10.1056/NEJMsa054047.
    7. Choosing Abortion: Teens Who Make the Decision Without Parental Involvement. By: Ehrlich, J.
        Shoshanna. Gender Issues, Spring2003, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p3-39, 37p..
    8. Fertility and Parental Consent for Minors to Receive Contraceptives. By: Zavodny, Madeline. American
        Journal of Public Health, Aug2004, Vol. 94 Issue 8, p1347-1351, 5p, 2 Charts, 2 Graphs.
        WITHOUT INVOLVING THEIR PARENTS. By: Ehrlich, J. Shoshanna; Hardy-Fanta, Carol. Conference Papers --
        American Political Science Association, 2002 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, p1-26, 27p.
    10. Hard decisions to make. Economist, 10/15/2005, Vol. 377 Issue 8448, p34-35, 2p.
    11. Improvement of sexual and reproductive health requires focusing on adolescents. By: Bayley, Olivia.
        Lancet, 9/6/2003, Vol. 362 Issue 9386, p830-831, 2p.
    12. Population Density and Teen Pregnancy. By: Barbieri, Robert L.. Obstetrics & Gynecology, Oct2004, Vol.
        104 Issue 4, p741-741, 4p, 2 Graphs; DOI: 10.1097/
    13. Record low for teen pregnancy, abortions. Contemporary Sexuality, Jul2001, Vol. 35 Issue 7, p8-9, 2p.
    14. Rise in US teen pregnancies and births is "deeply troubling" By: Tanne, Janice Hopkins. BMJ: British Medical
        Journal, 2/6/2010, Vol. 340 Issue 7741, p284-285, 2p, 1 Color Photograph, 1 Graph.

    15.   Study: Teen pregnancy rate on the rise. Contemporary Sexuality, Mar2010, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p11-11, 1/3p.

    16.   Teen pregnancy rate down, abortion rate up. By: Buske, Lynda. CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association
          Journal, 2/06/2001, Vol. 164 Issue 3, p395-395, 1/2p, 1 Graph.

    17.   The Effect of Religious Membership on Teen Abortion Rates. By: Tomal, Annette. Journal of Youth &
          Adolescence, Feb2001, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p103, 14p, 3 Charts.

    18.   Trends in teen pregnancy rates from 1996-2006: A comparison of Canada, Sweden, U.S.A., and
          England/Wales. By: McKay, Alexander; Barrett, Michael. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 2010, Vol.
          19 Issue 1/2, p43-52, 10p.

                                                JSTOR Articles
To open the document copy and paste the stable URL or the title of the article into JSTOR. You will have to login
first. See your email for details on login and password.
     1. Abortion among Young Women and Subsequent Life Outcomes, David M. Fergusson, Joseph M. Boden, L.
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                               GALE Opposing Viewpoints in Context

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Teen Pregnancy
1. Abstinence Education Is to Blame for Rising Teen Birth Rates      Teen Pregnancy and Parenting 2011
   GALE|EJ3010066236 Viewpoints
2. Abstinence-Only Programs Benefit Youths Sex, 2006 GALE|EJ3010162251 Viewpoints
3. The Costs of Abstinence-Only Education Teens and Sex, 2008 GALE|EJ3010206229 Viewpoints
4. The Decline of Teen Marriage Is a Serious Problem Teen Pregnancy and Parenting, 2001 GALE|EJ3010066211
5. Safe-Sex Education Is Counterproductive Sex, 2006 GALE|EJ3010162254 Viewpoints
6. Sex Education in Schools Does Not Reduce Rates of Teen Pregnancy Teen Pregnancy and Parenting 2011
   GALE|EJ3010066238 Viewpoints
7. Sex Education Programs Focusing on Virginity Pledges Fail to Reduce Rates of Teen Pregnancy      Teen Pregnancy
      and Parenting 2011 GALE|EJ3010066237 Viewpoints
8.    Teen Pregnancy Is a Serious Problem Teenage Sexuality 2006 GALE|EJ3010166239 Viewpoints
9.    HHS announces funds for teen pregnancy prevention Policy & Practice October 2010 GALE|A240917355
10.   Rates of teen pregnancy and abortion continue to decline, according to Alan Guttmacher Institute National
      Review, March 22, 2004 GALE|A130931848 Magazines
11.   Reducing unplanned pregnancies through Medicaid family planning services Policy & Practice, August 2008
      GALE|A184763358 Journals
12.   The secrets of teen sex   U.S. News & World Report, August 5, 1991 GALE|A11053734 Magazines
13.   Sex education: another big step forward--and a step back     Guttmacher Policy Review Spring 2010
      GALE|A230060419 Magazines
14.   Winning campaign: California's concerted effort to reduce its teen pregnancy rate  Guttmacher Policy Review
      Spring 2010 GALE|A230060417 Magazines
15.   Teen pregnancy rates, by age group, 1972-2000 Abortion 2010 GALE|EJ2210066289
16.   Teen pregnancy rates, by racial/ethnic subgroups, 1990-2000 Abortion 2010 GALE|EJ2210066290
17.   Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Abortion 2008 GALE|EJ3011820105 Reference
18.   Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Abortion 2010 GALE|EJ2133600105 Reference
19.   Birthrate declines for American teens; Unwed new moms hit record The Washington Times (Washington, DC)
      April 7, 2010 GALE|A223300486 News

1. The Abortion Amendment: How It Got In, and Will It Stay In? National Journal, November 13, 2009
      GALE|A212040863 Journals
2. Abortion experiences of unmarried young women in India: evidence from a facility-based study in Bihar and
   Jharkhand International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, June 2010 GALE|A239918270
3. Beyond proof and disproof: the religions of pro-choice and pro-life Commonweal, June 19, 1981
      GALE|A1952640 Journals
4. Contraception matters: two approaches to analyzing evidence of the abortion decline in Georgia     International
      Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, June 2010 GALE|A239918275 Journals
5.    Dangerous terrain: mapping the female body in Gonzales v. Carhart Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, Fall
      2010 GALE|A254096853 Journals
6.    Decisional dignity: teenage abortion, bypass hearings, and the misuse of law Columbia Journal of Gender and
      Law, Summer 2009 GALE|A215061784 Journals
7.    The fetus & fundamental rights; public policy requires compelling reasons Commonweal, April 11, 1986
      GALE|A4203470 Journals
8.    In this issue   International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, December 2010
      GALE|A250217656 Journals
9.    The meaning of "life": belief and reason in the abortion debate Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, Summer
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10.   Motivation is key to abortion issue National Journal, December 2, 1995 GALE|A18042151 Journals
11.   A tragedy without villains; the political battle over abortion Commonweal, October 6, 1989 GALE|A8009495
12.   The veto was right Commonweal, June 14, 1996 GALE|A18420058 Journals
13.   Abortion Benefits Civilized Society Abortion, 2010 GALE|EJ3010102415 Viewpoints
14.   Abortion Does Not Violate Human Rights Abortion, 2010 GALE|EJ3010102407 Viewpoints
15.   Abortion Harms American Society Abortion, 2010 GALE|EJ3010102414 Viewpoints
16.   Abortion Is Not Immoral Abortion, 2010 GALE|EJ3010102405 Viewpoints
17.   Abortion Violates Human Rights Abortion, 2010 GALE|EJ3010102406 Viewpoints
18.   Finding Common Ground on Abortion Women's Rights, 2003 GALE|EJ3010294218 Viewpoints
19.   Late-Term Abortions Should Be Banned Abortion, 2010 GALE|EJ3010102410 Viewpoints
20.   Women Need Greater Access to Abortion The Abortion Controversy, 2001 GALE|EJ3010034217 Viewpoints