President's Report March 2010 - SKAL International Bangkok by zhangyun


									                            Presidents Report presented by Bob Lee for
                                   Skal International – Bangkok
                                            March 2010
                       (to read the full report please go to our website:

The new Board of Directors for Skal International Bangkok for the period 2010/11 are as follows:
The election of the new board of officers took place at the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok during January 2010.

Robert J Lee (Bob )       President
Somsak Kiratipanich       Vice President
Malai Sakolviphak         Treasurer
Dale Lawrence             Secretary
Brinley Waddell           Director (Programmes & Events)
Tim Waterhouse            Director (Membership Development)
Komson Sevatasai          Director (Membership Development)
Tom Aikins                Director (PR & Communications)
Rolf Opitz                Director (Fund Raising and Sponsors)
Scott Smith               Director (Young Skal)

Andrew J Wood             Advisor (Immediate Past President)
Note Sakolviphak          Secretariat

Each member of the Board holds a specific portfolio.

Since taking office in January the new Committee has been concentrating on making the monthly luncheon
meetings more interesting and fun as well as inter-active.
This was an important factor for the committee as this was basically the only time that most of the members
could get together.
Quite a number of new ideas were introduced at these meetings:

A supplier has been brought in to sponsor pre-meal beer refreshments.

There would be fewer speakers at these meetings and more time dealing with Skal matters locally/nationally and
This gives more time for networking amongst the members and guests.
The directors participate more at the meetings – informing the membership of what they are doing regarding their
portfolios. Each director holds the floor for approximately 5 minutes.

A business card is collected and drawn from those members registering for the lunch.
The “lucky” business card drawn gives the opportunity to THAT member to perform the Skal Toast.
For this – the member receives a 1 000 baht F&B voucher from a restaurant sponsor.
So as not to avoid any embarrassment to the “toaster” – SKAL TOAST CARDS were printed.

Also introduced was another lucky business card draw – whereby a member or guest could win a bottle of wine
from one of our sponsors.

The meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of every month at various establishments.
They usually run from noon to 14:00.

To raise funds at these lunches a “SPOT THE BALL COMPETITION” was introduced.
The average income from this initiative is about 1 200 baht per month – this may cover 2 complimentary lunches.

Fully paid up Young Skal members are invited to these lunches but only pay half price for their lunches.
(300 baht)

If time permits – we allow a spokesperson from the venue a few minutes to promote his/her establishment to
those present.

If there is no speaker for a monthly luncheon – 2 or 3 business cards are drawn and these 3 members have the
opportunity to speak for a maximum of 5 minutes – promoting themselves and their business.

                                    DIRECTORS REPORTS
MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: (Tim Waterhouse & Komson Sevatasai)
Presently there are 123 members in the Skal Club of Bangkok made up of:
88 full members – 28 Young Skal – 7 Local members and 7 new applications pending from Spain.

Our targeted figure for 2010 is 150 and for 2011 we hope to have at least 200 fully paid up members.
This is a priority within the Club.

Bangkok SHOULD have AT LEAST 250 members and the reason we have not - is that not much of a concerted effort
was made to recruit new members in the past.

You will notice that we have elected 2 membership directors to the board. This was done completely on purpose.
Tim (an Australian) is to handle the expat side of recruitment and Komson (Thailand) the local side – we WANT
more Thai members in our club.

The Committee has come up with a few ideas on how to rectify this matter:
A letter was drawn up (in both languages) that has been sent to any prospective member that may be interested
in applying for membership.
You will be surprised at just how many people in the hospitality industry in your area that has NEVER heard of

Any existing member that brings in another fully paid up new member will receive a free lunch (at any of our
monthly meetings).
This is valued at 600 baht and relates to a 10% savings on an annual subscription to the Skal Club of Bangkok.
So....introduce 10 members and it is like receiving free membership of your local Skal club for the year.

We are continually striving to add more benefits to our members – and in turn, to ALL the Thailand members.
The Free lunch we hope will be a great incentive........................another incentive is

The Committee is presently dealing with all the Clubs in Thailand trying to initiate a
SPECIAL SKAL HOTEL RATE for all of its National members.

The idea is simple – for an establishment to participate in this deal – they offer a nett rate of 2 500 baht per room
per night to the members (on presentation of an up to date Skal membership card).

Conditions are fairly simple and we are trying to make it as “hassle free” as possible. The rate of 2 500 baht per
room per night has got to be the lowest rate that can be offered from an establishment from anywhere in
YOU CANNOT GET A BETTER RATE. Breakfasts, if offered, at this rate are “complimentary” from the Hotel.
Transfers are not included and “subject to availability” condition applies.

Hotels already confirmed to participate are:
CHAO PHYA HOTEL – Bangkok (Andrew Wood)

BANYAN THAILAND GOLF RESORT & SPA – Hua Hin (this rate is for a villa!!!) (Richard Mehr)

BAAN-TALING NGAM – Samui. (Nigel Tovey)

It is the hope of the committee that at least 2 hotels from each of the 6 Club Areas will participate.
Again the benefits are tangible – stay at least 4 nights a year in any of the participating establishments and the
savings can amount to more than you would pay for your yearly subscription to Skal.
After this scheme has been introduced to Thailand and its members – I shall initiate a similar project within ALL
the clubs in the Asian Area during the Asian Area Congress in May at Cebu.

The following is a graphic breakdown of what businesses are our members operate and from where our members
A consolidated list of the Skal International Bangkok benefits has been circulated to the members in order to lift the
memberships interest and to provide the membership with tools to facilitate driving new members into the Club.
The list of Skal Bangkok membership benefits is also being circulated to all new potential members.

We are in the process of spicing up our monthly meetings. This is being done by NOT just having lunches
– here is the programme for 2010 and the type of monthly events we will be hosting:

JANUARY              - Sit down luncheon with AGM at the Banyan Tree Hotel.
FEBRUARY           - Sit down luncheon with speaker (Ray Bigger – Think 8 Marketing) at the new Radisson Hotel
MARCH              - Sit down luncheon with speaker (Mark Segal – Golf Asia) at the Novotel Siam Square
APRIL 20th          - Stand up buffet lunch at the Pan Pacific
MAY 11th           - Evening BBQ around the pool area at the Park Plaza Hotel from 18:30
JUNE 8th           - Stand up lunch Buffet at the Pan Pacific
JULY 13th          - Stand up networking lunch at the Lebua State Tower (to be confirmed)
AUGUST 10th         - Sit down luncheon at the Pan Pacific
SEPTEMBER 14th     - Sit down luncheon at the Mandarin Oriental (to be confirmed) – with speaker
OCTOBER 12th        - Stand up networking lunch at the Pan Pacific
NOVEMBER 9th       - Evening networking event with dinner finger buffet at the 4 Seasons
DECEMBER 14th      - Sit down SKAL XMAS LUNCH (venue & details still to be confirmed)

ANY Skal members from ANYWHERE are invited join us at ANY of these events.
Lunches are 600 baht per member - (inclusive of soft drinks, pre lunch beer, networking and meal)

MARCH 25th THURSDAY – Skal “UNSEEN BANGKOK” walking Tour with the Smiling Albino Company from 19:00
APRIL 1st THURSDAY  - Young Skal evening networking event at the BANGKOK ROCKS Club from 18:30
APRIL 25 SUNDAY     - Skal Family and Friends Sunday BBQ Lunch at the PAULANER BIERGARTEN from noon

We will be discussing the possibility of hosting a “MYSTERY DINNER TOUR” around Bangkok during JUNE
and the possibility of hosting a “CHRISTMAS IN JULY” event. Details will be forthcoming once confirmed.

We have also changed the dates for our board meetings to the 1st Tuesday of each month from 16:00.
It was found that there was never enough time to finish the agenda when the meeting took place an hour before
the monthly lunches.
This seems to be working quite well – as a lot of ground is covered and a lot of the points raised can be discussed
in more detail and obviously

This is especially important to us as we are striving to get the SKAL “word out”.
We have been quite successful in having already been published in about 8 media publications to date.
It was decided by the new board of officers that the minutes of the monthly meetings would be published each
month on our website:
This in turn – keeps all members totally up to date on what their committee is doing and what decisions have been
taken on their behalf. This also creates complete transparency between the board and its members.

The Secretary of the club has taken it upon himself to send out at least quarterly newsletters to the members via
the website.
It is good to note that the secretariat sends out an email with the clubs website link attached for easy reference.
In this way members are more inclined to go to the website at their leisure with a simple link – instead of reading
a newsletter as an email. This also creates more visits to the website.

We are continually sending news to the Skal International Headquarters in Spain and to the National committee
in trying to keep us current and up to date on a global basis.

Although we have our own Skal website: we may have gone a little overboard in this
matter – but then again – ANY NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.
The Skal Club of Bangkok has its own Facebook Page: SKAL INTERNATIONAL –BANGKOK. This page is updated on
daily basis. We are also seen in the following websites: www.skalinthailand.ning
- so we are seriously trying to get the Skal brand noticed.
We have been promised continual publication in most of the e-line editorials – all they require is regular content
from us. TDA (Travel Daily Asia) has agreed to publish at least a quarter page about Skal (not just the Bangkok
Club) on a weekly basis.
The MD – Gary Marshall has been offered a free local membership from our Club for this support).
A few of the press releases are attached to this report.

We are continually seeking support from our members in the guise of advertising on our website.
This brings in much needed revenue to the Club.

This is something we have been doing for some time. Video interviews are taken from members of the club and
with the speakers.
They are then uploaded to the www.skalinthailand.ning site for viewing by any interested parties.

Our PR & Comms. Director is the appointed MC at our monthly lunches.

The Committee felt that there had not been too much inter-action by the board to the Members in the past and
decided to introduce a Birthday Card Wish project. Every member will now receive a birthday card from the Club
during the month of their birthday. The Card (sent by snail mail) also acts as a voucher for a complimentary bottle
of wine when the member books his/her celebratory lunch or dinner at the sponsoring restaurant.
In return for this sponsorship (to 150 members) the Club will hold an event at the establishment.
It was felt that this was a great way in staying in touch with the entire membership on a more personal basis.

The Committee thought it a good idea in getting the membership involved at the lunches by letting THEM perform
the Skal toast.
Business cards bearing the Skal toast were printed and these are being sent out to all members when they receive
their birthday cards.

This is being undertaken at the lunches by the Directors – each in turn – imparting information pertaining to the
portfolio they hold on the board.

We have introduced the habit of scanning all the business cards that were collected at the events and sending
them by email to all those who attended.
This gives the opportunity to members to contact these persons (should they wish) that they never got around to
meeting at the event. Or just to keep for easy reference.
   Skål International Bangkok recently held their AGM and the “handing over of the chains” at the
   new Radisson Hotel on Sathorn Road. Pictured here is Immediate Past President Andrew Wood
                       congratulating incoming President for 2010/11 Bob Lee.

          On Andrew’s left is Malai Sakolviphak (Treasurer) and on the right next to Bob is
                                Vice President Kiratipanich Somsak.

The Skål Association boasts of being the largest hospitality networking group on the plant with 22 000
                                members in 620 Clubs in 80 Countries.
               Published on Friday 20th Feb 2010 by Robert Sohn Asian Area Dir PR & Comms.


                      Skal Bangkok welcomes new president


Skal International Bangkok recently held their annual general meeting and the “handing
over of the chains” at the new Radisson Hotel on Sathorn Road.

Pictured here is immediate past president Andrew Wood congratulating incoming president
for 2010/11, Bob Lee. On Andrew’s left is Malai Sakolviphak (treasurer) and on the right

next to Bob is vice president Kiratipanich Somsak.
The Skal Association boasts of being the largest hospitality networking group on the planet
with 22,000 members in 620 clubs in 80 countries.

       Fri, 19 Feb 2010 10:19:06 -1000

From: "Linda Hohnholz, eTN editor" <>



Tuesday, 23 February 2010

        ::Skal International Bangkok recently held their AGM and the "handing over of the chains" at the
                                   new Radisson Hotel on Sathorn Road.::

          Skal International Bangkok recently held their AGM and the "handing over of the chains" at the new
             Radisson Hotel on Sathorn Road. Pictured here is Immediate Past President Andrew Wood
            congratulating incoming President for 2010/11 Bob Lee On Andrew's left is Malai Sakolviphak
         (Treasurer) and on the right next to Bob is Vice President Kiratipanich Somsak The Skal Association
           boasts of being the largest hospitality networking group on the plant with 22 000 members in 620
                                                  Clubs in 80 Countries.
This is a new portfolio that was introduced this year. It was felt that, although are funds are quite healthy – more
income needs to be generated to cover the new initiatives that were being introduced.
Additional funds are also required if the board wished the Bangkok Club to be more prominent when attending
local/national and International skal events.

This company paid for the production and printing of our Skal Toast (business) cards.

This hotel has supplied 1 Food & Beverage Voucher to be enjoyed each month for 10 months at any of their
restaurant outlets in the hotel (approx value 10 000 baht). These prizes are used as give-aways for the person
conducting the skal toast at our meetings.
Other sponsors included:
DREAM BOUTIQUE HOTEL with an F&B voucher for 1 500 baht.
CHAOPHYA PARK HOELS & RESORTS COMPANY with 4 vouchers entitling the winners to a 2 night 3 day stays at
their Al’s Resort on Koh Samui.

250 000 baht in goods and cash was donated to the Club by the DANMARK COMPANY - this company sponsors
-   1 bottle of wine to be given a way each month (for 10 months) as a luck draw - (approx value 10 000baht)
-   1 complimentary bottle of wine to be given to any of the 150 members that might book their birthday
.   Celebration at their PAULANER BIERGARTEN - (approx. value 150 000 baht)
-   A cash donation for the printing of the Birthday Cards in full colour with postage - (approx value 10 000 baht)
-   A free supply of free PAULANER beer for a year at all our monthly events. - (approx. value 70 000 baht
                        Happy Birthday from all of us at

                      SKAL INTERNATIONAL – BANGKOK

    Here’s wishing you Happines – Good Health – Long Life and Friendship.


       Enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine along with our best wishes
                 when you book your celebratory table at the

                   for reservations and directions please contact
                            Khun Pitcha on 081 933 8601
      You are cordially invited join us for a casual Skal Family & Friends
                             SUNDAY LUNCH BBQ

                       WHEN: SUNDAY 25th APRIL 2010
                        SKAL INTERNATIONAL DAY

                        WHERE: PAULANER GARDEN
                          (directions on reverse)

                          FROM: 11:30 TO 17:00                                                     .

          ADULTS 500 baht            CHILDREN UNDER 12 250 baht

                                                                             LUCKY TICKET NUMBER

203                                                                                       203
Our monthly competition .We are currently seeking a sponsor for the printing of these cards.
This would entail a 6 000 baht cash donation to the club for the printing of the post cards along with 10 F&B
vouchers each worth 1 000 baht to be enjoyed at the establishment that may sponsor this prize.

                                SPOT THE BALL COMPETITION

The President was invited to the Skal Club of Hua Hin as a guest speaker during February.
His topic was that of Membership Development and hints on how to make the club more interesting and
informative as well as beneficial to your members.

Bob will be attending the Nat. Comm. Meeting in Phuket (March 20th) as National Secretary and Club President
The Asian Area Congress in Cebu (Philippines) May 27 th – 30th as Club President
and the World Congress in Sydney – Australia during October as Club President
He is also scheduled to attend the Asian Area mid Term Meeting in India during November as a Director of
Membership Development for the Asian Area.

Bob would like to introduce a THAILAND NATIONAL CONGRESS during 2011 – this will be tabled at the National
committee meeting on Phuket for feedback and or approval. A full on Skal Family and members’ weekend.
TREASURER (Malai Sakolviphak).
Our financial status is quite solid – although we are continually striving to increase our income- so that more
Bangkok members may have the opportunity in participating in all Skal Congresses and other events that may crop
up from time to time.

Below are the Financial Reports for January – December 2009 for Skal International Bangkok and for that of Young
Skal Bangkok

                                              YOUNG SKAL THAILAND

                              Financial statement from January 1 to December 31, 2009

          Received : Membership fee                                                         Baht 12,000.00
                     Donation from Mrs. Corry Bik                                                100.000.00
                     Sponsorship for member fees                                                   1,000.00
                     Total                                                                  Baht 113,000.00

          Expenses: Reimbursement of expenses for the Networking Night
                    on December 12, 2008 to Director Scott M. Smith         Baht 5,048.00
                    Expenses for the YS Networking Night on February 13,
                    June 30 and September 8, 2009                                 14,700.00
                    Sponsorship of YS members for Skal lunch on June 9
                    July 14 and August 11, 2009                                    9,000.00
                    2009 subscription fee to Skal Thailand for 14 YS members,
                    plus Ms. Jitrudee Phuttijitwised as Active member             21,147.49
                    Refund of membership fee to Ms. P. Trongwatanarangsi            1,000.00
                    Mailing documents, & brochures to Skal General Secrertariat 1,257.50
                    300 business cards for Director Scott Michael Smith              963.00
                    Office equipments, supplies and writing utensils              15,095.00
                    Young Skal banner, advertising and promotion materials        20,135.00
                    Air ticket from Director Scott M. Smith to promote Young Skal
                    at Skal booth in the Phuket International Hospitality Show    12,306.00
                    Sponsporship of beverages to promote Young Skal at the
                    Phuket International Hospitality Show in September 2009        5,000.00
                    Bank cheque book and service charge                               980.00
                    Taxi and BTS fares to the bank, meetings and functions          5,203.00
                    Secretariat service fee from January to December                6,000.00
                    Cost of 20 Young Skal pins from Skal General Secretariat         1,941.15

                     Total                                                                 Baht 119,776.14

          Income over expenditure                                                          Baht 6,776.14
          Plus amount in current bank account carried from January 1, 2009                   “ 19,578.75
          Amount in the current bank account December 31, 2009                             Baht 12,802.61
                           FINANCIAL REPORT FOR JANUARY-DECEMBER 2009

            Membership fee                                       527,990.00
            Entrance fee                                          18,000.00
            Lunch paid by members                                  6,800.00
                                                                               Total Baht 552,790.00

            2009 subscription fee to the National Committee
            for 99 members @ Baht 2,800.00 each                277,200.00
            Executive Committee meetings                        14,699.83
            Skal lunch vouchers used by members                  87,930.00
            Gift for Guest Speakers                               2,196.00
            Production of video for World Skal Day                5,000.00
            100 Skal pins                                         8,000.00
            Bank service charges and cheque books                   723.00
            Postage and courier service charges                   3,529.00
            Plastic badges, gift wrapping & writing utensils      4,237.00
            BTS/taxi fares to/from banks, hotels and Excoms 2,194.00
            Website maintenance for January and February 14,085.00
            Deposit for building new website                    47,000.00+
            Installation of new website                           6,000.00
            Secretariat service fee: January to December 120,000.00
            Production of two new mobile displays                 3,500.00
            Printing of new Skal Bangkok letterhead paper         1,300.00
            Airfare and registration for Club President to Skal
            World Congress : Baht 47,500 + Euros 1,040          99,900.00
                                                                           Total Baht 697,493.83

Amount in current account carried from January 1, 2009                            Baht 61,447.90
Plus withdraw from fixed deposit account                                           “  100,000.00
Less expenditure over income (Baht 697,493.83 – Baht 552,790.00)                   “   144,703.83
Amount in current account on December 31, 2009                                     “    16,744.07

The statements from other bank accounts show:
- Kasikorn Bank saving account                         Baht 12,393.36
- Government Housing Bank fixed deposit                 “ 528,452.37
Total                                                  Baht 539,715.96

YOUNG SKAL (Scott Smith)
Young Skal got off to a tremendous start last year with a lot of the new applications being sponsored by the
Bangkok Club itself.
This was helped along by the extremely generous donation of 100 000 baht from Ms. Corrie Bic.

This year we seem to be heralding a slow start in receiving membership fees from the already signed up members.
A concerted effort is presently underway to rectify this matter.

There are various Young Skal events in the pipeline – the first being held on Thursday 1st April at the
BANGKOK ROCKS entertainment complex – we hope that many of our existing YS members will participate and at
the same time pay their 2010 dues.
Another event is scheduled for later on in the year at the Holiday Inn on Silom.

This year we are concentrating our efforts towards recruiting YS members from within the Industry.
This seems to be quite successful so far as 5 new members have already applied.
All new YS members now have to accompany their completed application form with the 1 000 baht membership
This should take a lot of strain off the secretariat in following up for payments once they have been approved.

Young Skal have their own banking account and we stress on a continuous basis that THEY should organize their
own events.

Any YS person attending our monthly lunches need only pay 300 baht instead of then normal 600 baht for the

The Skal Board of Officers had the opportunity of addressing “potential” YS members at the Assumption
University City Campus during February discussing the advantages and benefits of these students joining the

That about sums up the Presidents report for the period Jan-Mar2010.

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