Personal Statement Tips by zhangyun


									Personal Statement Tips
or, How to Write a Kick-Butt College Essay

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      Tip #1: Focus on One Event
                     Focus on one event! It provides your
                      essay with a focus and eliminates confusion
                      for the reader.

                     A singular focus allows you to:

                             fully develop and explain one
                              quality/experience; and

                             make the applicant (you!) more
                              memorable – you become the “kid
                              who traveled to Greece” or the
                              “student who volunteered at the
Stanford University           library.”
Tip #2: Reflect on the Event
   Remember to reflect on that event! What
    did you learn? Be clear and specific –
    identify one to three lessons.

   Then, show how you apply those lessons
      SPHS,
      college, and/or
      your future occupation!

    Reflection makes my eyes hurt.
    Tip #3: Catch the Reader’s Attention!

                 Open your essay with a simple,
                  relevant hook.

                 Admissions officers read
                  thousands of essays – stand

                 Caution: Don’t write an overly-
                  involved hook. Quickly invite
                  the reader into the situation,
UC Berkeley       then address the prompt.
               Tip #4: Watch the Language!

                                           Minimize usage of the verb “to
                                            be” – it will improve your
                                            essay’s vocabulary.

                                           Minimize flowery or poetic
                                            language – be direct. Some
                                            figurative language is
                                            acceptable, but be careful.

                                           Don’t over-use of the pronoun
                                            “I” or “you”!
Methinks I should use better diction!
         Tip #5: Proofread!
                               The old cliché is true:
                                You never have a second
                                chance to make a first

                               Have several readers
                                review your spelling and
                                grammar – you won’t
                                regret receiving
                                additional feedback!
Boston: College Town, USA
Tip #6: Don’t Neglect the Details!
                   Don’t forget a creative,
                    relevant title!

                   Watch the word limit!
                    Depending on the school,
                    most essays are between
                    450 – 600 words.

                   For Afram’s class, type the
Afram at MIT!       prompt across the top of
                    the page!
One Last Tip…

   If you’re confused, stumped, or
    need some advice…

    Don’t do anything drastic! Mr. Afram is eager to help.

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