Lincoln's Assassination

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Lincoln Before the War
Lincoln before the war
Lincoln at the end of
      the war
Before and After
   The Plot to Kidnap
• Originally, he was to be
  kidnapped and used in
  prisoner exchange

• Once it was clear the war
  was over, the plan changed
  to the assassination of
  several northern leaders
   John Wilkes Booth
• Ringleader        • Brothers Edwin
• Famous              and Junius Jr.
  Shakespearean       were also actors
  actor             • Family was from
• Well-known,         Maryland—
  recognizable        supported the
• Father, Junius      Union
  and Mother,       • Booth was a
  Mary also           southern
  actors,             sympathizer but
  immigrants from     promised his
  England             mother he would
                      not join the
                      southern army
   More on John Wilkes
• Booth and his   • Booth and
  brothers          Lincoln had
                    actually crossed
                    paths before

                  • Lincoln saw
                    Booth perform

                  • Booth was at
                    LincoLn’s second
     LincoLn’s 2nd
 The Assassination Plot

• Booth would kill Lincoln
• George Azerodt would kill Vice-
  President Johnson
• Lewis Powell would kill
  Secretary of State Seward
• David Herold would assist in the
• Grant was also to be killed, but
  he was not in Washington, D.C. at
  the time
The Assassination Plot
• The goal was to kill
  northern leadership and
  inspire/encourage the
  Confederate Army to
  continue the war

• Other conspirators include
  John Surratt, Mary Surratt
 surratt’s invoLvement
• Mary Surratt
  owned a
  in Washington,
  D.C. where the
Lincoln and his assassin
Johnson and his would-
      be assassin
• Andrew    • George
  Johnson     Atzerodt
Seward and his would-
      be assassin
  surratt’s invoLvement
• Surratt also owned a
  tavern in Maryland
  where Booth and
  Herold stopped after
  the assassination to
  pick up weapons that
  Mary left for them
Mary Surratt and son
         April      14 th,   1865
• Lincoln decides to attend Ford‟s Theater to
  see a play called “Our American Cousin”

• He was celebrating the end of the war

• Grant was to be his guest but could not
• Henry Rathbone and his fiancé take his
         April      14 th,   1865
• Booth spends time at the hotel next door
  and then enters the theater without
• Since he is a well-known actor, he is very
  knowledgeable about the theater and the
• He waits for a moment during the dialogue
  when there would be laughter
ford’s theater today
ford’s theater in 1865
The scene of the crime
The Scene of the Crime
    artist’s rendering
• At the exact moment Booth pulled the
  trigger, Lincoln turned his head to the
  left/downward, as if looking to the crowd

• This led to the bullet lodging in his head in
  a particular position that limited bleeding

• Many in the theater had no idea what had
  happened until…
Booth Leaps off of the
 stage and breaks his
    As he stands on the
    stage he shouts “sic
     Semper Tyrannis”
• This is the state motto of Virginia
• It means, “Thus forever to tyrants”
• It was attributed to Brutus at the death of Caesar and
  was chosen by Virginia as a message to King George
• Before jumping, Booth and Rathbone struggled for a few
  seconds before Booth stabbed the Major in the shoulder
  and arm
• After making his statement, he exits the theater in the
  back, where he has a horse waiting for him
• He should not have been allowed to leave the city due to
  curfews during the war
• A guard, not aware of the news or the identity of Booth,
  lets him pass into Maryland
• All 3 assassins were to meet, along with accomplice
  David Herold, but not everything went according to plan
    The Vice President
• George Atzerodt was assigned to kill

• Atzerodt checked in to the same hotel as
  Johnson and actually had a room just
  above the VP, but after sitting at the hotel
  bar for a few hours, left and never carried
  out the assassination
Secretary of State
  William Seward
         • Seward was in a
           carriage accident
           days before the
           assassination attempt
         • He was bedridden in
           his Washington home
         • He children, a butler,
           and guard were home
           with him
  The Seward Attempt
• Pretending to deliver medicine, Lewis
  Powell knocked on the door of the Seward
  home with a revolver and knife on him
• The butler was suspicious, but let him in
• Once inside, he attacked Seward‟s 2 sons
  and daughter—Frederick first
• He has major head injuries, but survives
Fred Seward
  The Seward Attempt
• Seward‟s other son and daughter are
  injured, as well as the butler, and a
  delivery man who was stabbed in the back

• The worst injuries were suffered by
  Seward himself, who was bedridden and
  unable to move or defend himself
  The Seward Attempt
• Powell enters his dark bedroom and stabs
  repeatedly into the bed
• Seward was wearing a metal neck brace
  because of his carriage accident—this
  probably saved his life
• He is stabbed/slashed across his cheek
• He falls off the bed and rolls underneath it
  to save himself
  The Seward Attempt
• Powell escapes from the house and
  shouts “I‟m mad, I‟m mad!” as he gets on
  his horse (provided by David Herold, who
  ran away when he heard screams) and
  rides away
Seward Before & After
       William Seward
• After the attack,
  Seward preferred to
  be photographed with
  only his left side
• After being shot,
  several doctors
  examined him
• Because of the
  location of the wound,
  it did not bleed much
  and doctor‟s were
  unsure of his injury
• He was carried next
  door to the Petersen
Where Lincoln Died
        The Aftermath
• Immediately, the nation goes on alert to look for
  Booth and his conspirators
• Booth and Herold had passed into Maryland and
  stopped first at the Surratt Tavern to get
  weapons and supplies
• They next moved on the home of Dr. Samuel
• Mudd offered medical assisstance
• Mudd claimed he did know Booth or that he had
  committed the crime
• He would later be arrested and imprisoned
       The Aftermath
• Booth and Herold hide in a swamp for
  several days
• The are given food and supplies from a
  southern sympathizer
• On April 20, in darkness, they attempt to
  row across the Potomac to Virginia
• The end up landing in Maryland again
The Search for Booth
Map of the Escape Route
             the Escape
• Fortunately for Booth, he and Herold encounter
  southern sympathizers in Maryland and are able
  to stay safe another night before crossing over
  to Virginia
• In Virginia, they stay at the home of Mrs.
  Elizabeth Quesenberry
• The next night, they forcibly remove a free
  African-American from his home and stay there
• Next, he and Herold were taken to Garrett farm,
  where Booth spent 2 nights, and Herold, 1
            the Escape
• During this time, the US Army was one
  step behind
• After questioning some of those who had
  helped Booth escape, a cavalry unit from
  NY tracked him down at Garrett‟s Farm
• He refused to come out of the tobacco
  barn where he was hiding
• Herold surrendered and was captured
garrett’s farm and the
man who killed Booth
           • Boston Corbett
          Booth is Killed
• When Booth refuses to
  leave the barn, it is set on
• Suddenly, a shot is fired
• Boston Corbett shoots
  Booth in the neck
• He is alive, but paralyzed
• He dies within hours
• His last words are
  “Useless, Useless”
The Other Conspirators
• David Herold was captured when Booth
  was killed
• George Atzerodt, Lewis Powell, and Mary
  Surratt are arrested
• Other lesser conspirators, such as Dr.
  Mudd, and others who helped with Booth‟s
  escape, are also arrested
• Aztzerodt, Powell, Herold, and SUrratt are
  sentenced to hang
The Execution
The Execution
        The Execution
• Notice the person on the left is wearing a
  dress—she was the 1st woman executed
  by the US government
LincoLn’s funeraL
LincoLn’s funeraL
LincoLn’s funeraL
    LincoLn’s funeraL
• Lincoln?
      Henry Rathbone
• He and his fiance, Clara Harris, were
  Lincoln‟s guests at Ford‟s Theater
• Major Rathbone tried to fight off Booth but
  was stabbed and severely injured
• Rathbone later recovers and marries
  Harris but becomes mentally unstable
• He shoots his wife and stabs himself,
  some say he never got over the Lincoln
  assassination and was re-enacting it
      Henry Rathbone
• He spends the remainder of his life in an
The Lincoln/Kennedy
    The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Lincoln elected to     • Kennedy elected to
  Congress in 1846         Congress in 1946

• Lincoln elected        • Kennedy elected
  President in 1860        President in 1960

• Lincoln lost a child   • Kennedy lost a child
  while living in the      while living in the
  White House              White House
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Lincoln was killed on    • Kennedy was killed
  a Friday                   on a Friday

• Lincoln was shot in      • Kennedy was shot in
  the back of his head       the back of the head
  in the presence of his     in the presence of his
  wife                       wife
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Lincoln was directly   • Kennedy was directly
  concerned with civil     concerned with civil
  rights                   rights

• Lincoln‟s assassin     • Kennedy‟s assassin
  was killed before        was killed before
  going to trial           going to trial
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Lincoln has a        • Kennedy had a
  secretary named        secretary named
  Kennedy who told him   Lincoln who told him
  not to go to the       not to go to Dallas
  theater                (where he was shot)

• Lincoln was shot in   • Kennedy was shot
  the Ford Theater        while riding in a
                          Lincoln, made by
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Lincoln‟s assassin—   • Kennedy‟s assassin—
  John Wilkes Booth—      Lee Harvey Oswald—
  was known by 3          was known by 3
  names, comprised of     names, comprised of
  15 letters              15 letters
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Booth shot Lincoln in   • Oswald shot Kennedy
  a theater and was         from a warehouse
  captured in a             and was captured in a
  warehouse (tobacco        theater
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Lincoln‟s successor   • Kennedy‟s successor
  was Andrew Johnson,     was Lyndon Johnson,
  born in 1808            born in 1908
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Both presidents had 7 letters in their
• Both were over 6 feet tall, were athletic
• Both liked to quote Shakespeare & the
• Both had genetic diseases
• Both served in the military as boat
• Both received many death threats
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Both were shot on a Friday before a
• Both were in the company of another
  couple when they were shot (Rathbone &
  Harris with Lincoln and the Connollys with
• Both died in a place with the intitials PH—
  Lincoln in the Petersen House and
  Kennedy at Parkland Hospital
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Both were buried in mahogany coffins
• Both were carried on the same caisson
• Mrs. Kennedy ordered that her husband‟s
  funeral mirror Lincoln‟s as closely as
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Both presidents were related to senators
• After the assassination, Lincoln‟s son
  moved to 3014 N St. in Georgetown
• After the assassination, Kennedy‟s son
  moved to 3017 N St. in Georgetown
• Both presidents were related to
  Democratic Attorneys General from
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Both wives were known for fashion and
  spending money
• Both renovated the White House
• Each couple had 4 children, two of whom
  died before becoming a teen
• Lincoln had sons named Robert and
• Kennedy had brothers named Robert and
    The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Both were named for their grandfathers
• Both were second children
• Both lost a sister before becoming President
• Both were in their thirties when the married dark-
  haired women in their twenties
• Both wives were from socially prominent familes
• Both wives spoke French
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• Both presidents knew men named Adlai
• Both were related to British Ambassadors
• Both knew a doctor named Charles Taft
• Both presidents knew a Billy Graham
• Both won the presidency will less than a majority
  of voters
• Both were involved in famous debates
• Both had the legality of their election challenged
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
• The concession operator at Ford‟s Theater was
  Joseph “Peanuts” Burroughs
• The concession operator at the Texas theater
  where Oswald was caught was Butch Burroughs
• Men named Oswald and Payne (sometimes
  spelled Paine) helped Booth to escape or plan
• L.H. Oswald got his job from a woman named
      The Lincoln/Kennedy
                 • The Vice Presidents
 •   Both were southern Democrats named Johnson
•    Both were born in the ‟08 year
•    Both had 6 letters in their first names
•    Both were large, athletic men
•    Both had 2 daughters and were in the military
•    Both became president in their mid-fifties
   The Lincoln/Kennedy
            • The Vice Presidents
• Both were distrusted by the dead
  president‟s cabinet
• Both faced (or would have faced) re-
  election to opponents with a G—Grant and
• Both decided not to run again in „68
The Lincoln/Kennedy
             • Assassins
   Both were killed with a single shot by a
   Colt revolver in a blaze of light
   Both were shot before their version of
   events could be heard
   Both were killed by lone fanatics
   Both killers of the assassins had
   changed their names
The Lincoln/Kennedy
         • The Assassins
   Both were in their mid-twenties
   Both lost their fathers at a young age
   Both had 2 brothers
   Both were privates in the military
   Both sympathized with enemies of the
   Both used an alias
   Both were detained by a man named