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Cultural Expeditions Ethiopia


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Tour code: TTT- 301
Duration: 04 Days /03
          Surface + Air
Destination: South
Addis/ADD-Arba Minch -

                                          DAY 01: Addis/ADD

                          Arrival and city tour of Addis Ababa. Of In Addis has
                          time to make walks on the main streets to visit
                          historical Monuments, and for shopping. In the
                          evening, we will host you at one of the best
                          traditional restaurants of Addis where you can see
                          the folkloric dances of The Ethiopian people and
                          taste our variety of meal. Also, visit The National
                          Museum This famous museum, close to the
                          University of Addis Ababa Graduate School, houses
                          numerous antiquarian relics and archaeological
                          artifacts showing the history of Ethiopia from
                          prehistoric times to the modern day. Its most famous
                          exhibit is the 3.5 million year old skeleton of Lucy.
                          Mount Entoto Addis Ababa is built in the foothills of
                          Mount Entoto, and the panorama from the peak
                          (3,200m3, either by day or night, is a breathtaking
                          spectacle. The Church of St Mary (1885) overlooks
                          the entire city and the surrounding area. The Entoto
                          Museum, with its historical exhibits is well worth a
                          visit. Trinity Cathedral Trinity Cathedral was
                          constructed by Emperor Haileselassie in 1947 and
                          dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The architecture of
                          the cathedral is very unique to both Ethiopia and
                          Africa. It is ornamented with carvings and mosaic
                          and other artistic works such as paintings of saints
                          and the apostles on the stained glass. Within the
                          compound and gardens of the church are found the
                          crypts of the Imperial family O/n in Addis Ababa.
                              DAY 02: Addis/ADD- Arbaminch

                     Early in the morning fly to Arbaminch. In the afternoon
                    drive to Chencha (the Dorze village). Drive 300 km south
                    to Arba Minch visiting the tribal people of Alaba who are
                    noted for their beautifully painted houses, Wolita,
                    known for their cultivation of Enset or False Banana, and
                    Dorze – who are renowned for their huge huts and
                    colorful cotton clothes, en route to Dorze village, and
                    then a visit to the traditional village of Chencha, where
                    you will sure be fascinated by the waving style of the
                    Dorze people. O/n in a chosen hotel.
DAY 03: Arbaminch

                      Whole day in Arbaminch, including Nech Sar NP’s and
                    Chamo Lake. Arba Minch, the largest town in southern
                    Ethiopia, is set amongst lush green hills near Lakes
                    Abaya and Chamo. Arba Minch is named for the abundant
                    local springs that produce a groundwater forest; in
                    Amharic, ArbaMinch means "forty springs." The town
                    proper is divided into two distinct settlements; buses
                    and taxis connect Shecha (on higher ground) and
                    downtown Sikela. Shecha is the uptown administrative
                    centre. Just four kilometers away is Sikela and the
                    commercial, industrial, and downtown residential areas.
                    On the eastern side of Sikela lies the gate to Nechisar
                    National Park, which covers the isthmus between Lake
                    Abaya to the north and Lake Chamo to the south. The
                    park has not much to offer except small antelope, a few
                    monkeys and baboon and a variety of birds. The region is
                    known for crocodile (also known as the crocodile market
                    which is an area of abundant, large, wild crocodiles) and
                    hippo, fish farming, and O/n in Arbaminch.

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