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					Miami Sun and Everglades Fun                        Dolphin Discovery
Live the Florida lifestyle... for 2 days! Explore   Join Dolphin Discovery and create lasting
Florida’s most famous destinations outside of       memories as you experience the amazing
Orlando – Miami and the Florida Everglades.         world of the magnificent and beautiful
                                                    Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.
First stop is for the world famous Florida
pastime, retail therapy. Stroll around Aventura     Located on the Atlantic Coast, Marineland
Mall and enjoy delights of world renowned           Conservation Center offers dolphin
stores such as Bloomingdales and Macys,             preservation with personal interaction
along with many others. Make sure your              with these wonderful creatures. You will
credit card is to hand!                             get to experience dolphins surrounded by
                                                    the unspoilt beauty of Florida’s beaches.
Sit back, relax and take in the Miami skyline       In addition learn about dolphins,
as you drive down Collins Avenue passing            their natural habitat and their cheeky
through stylish Bal Harbour, fantastic new          characters. Then enter the water where
sky scraper buildings and the beach.                your dolphin interaction and immersion
                                                    begins. You are sure to form a bond that
Keep a look out, as you could spot your             will last a lifetime.
favorite star as you cruise around the Star
and Fisher Islands in Miami’s Bayside               After drying off you head north to
District. This is home to some of the worlds        St Augustine – North America’s oldest
most rich and famous – cameras at the               town! Here you will experience an
ready!                                              immersion of a different kind, enjoying the
                                                    home of Florida’s history. Wind through
There will be highlights a plenty on arrival        St Augustine taking in the sights on the
at South Beach. They start on check in at           Old Town Trolley Tour, whilst hopping on
your South Beach home for the night with a          and off at your leisure. A true way to see
welcome drink to get the party started. You         Florida in its early days!
couldn’t get a better location for being able
to experience all that Miami has to offer.
Whether you want to watch the sunset over
South Beach whilst tasting some of the many
cuisines on offer or sizzle the night away
living Miami’s famous party lifestyle.

Day two means back to basics and experience
the original Florida style with a stop at the
Florida Everglades, one of America’s natural
highlights. Your trip to Billie Swamp Safari,
located in an original Seminole Indian
Reservation, is the best way to experience
the Everglades and an unforgettable Floridian
airboat ride.
        a Homosassa State Park, take a stroll
     Visitdelicious packed lunch; after enjoying a
        around packed lunch; take sanctuary and
     delicious this beautiful nature a stroll around                   BOAT
Real Florida Roadtrip
 Real Manatees
Mainly Manatees
MainlyFlorida Roadtrip
 Mainly Manatees
     this beautiful nature center which cares for
        animal rehabilitation sanctuary and animal
                                                                    ClearlypirateClearwater crest of the wave onona a
                                                                     ClearlyClearwater the
                                                                       Take aa Clearwater
                                                                     ClearlypirateClearwaterthe crest of the wave
                                                                       Clearly adventure and
                                                                      Clearly adventure and sail
                                             chance injured
     rehabilitation center which acares for to see
        injured animals. This is
                                                                           family favorite, Captain Memo’s Pirate Adventure. The less
                                                                         family favorite, Captain Memo’s Pirate Adventure. The less
        panthers, eagles chance more panthers,
     animals. This is aand learn to seeabout the
                                                                           adventurous can enjoy a leisurely cruise looking for dolphins on
                                                                         adventurous can enjoy a leisurely cruise looking for dolphins on
A fun insight into this endangered mammal,
     eagles and learn more about the manatee
        manatee during their feeding sessions.                      Clearwater really is one of America’s finest
                                                                         our Dolphin Encounter Trip.
                                                                           our Dolphin Encounter Trip.
 A funfun insight into this endangered mammal,
     A locally into this sessions. mammal,
     during their into this endangered your day
                      feeding endangered
knowninsight as the Sea Cow! Start mammal,                          beaches. Located on Florida’s stunning Gulf
   A funfun insight into this endangered mammal,
with anlocally as aaSea American breakfast
     know all-you-can-eat Cow! Start your day with
 know locally as asSea Cow! Start your day with
       A insight
             locally a        Sea Cow! Start your day
                                                                    Coast, the white sands and clear blue waters
       know locally as a Sea Cow! Start your day
thenall-you-can-eat American breakfastRiver
 an anjourney to the beautiful Crystal then
           all-you-can-eat American breakfast then                  really will take you away for the day as you top
       with all-you-can-eat American breakfast
   with an an all-you-can-eat American                                    Lounge and relax. chair under a shady cabana, curl your your toes
                                                                           Loungea beach chair or oror under a shady cabana, curl toes in in
                                                                       Lounge ininin beach chair or under shady cabana, curl your toesthethe
   home to the Florida Manatee.River breakfast
-journey to thethe beautiful Crystal Riverhome    a
                                             Take – boat                             in beach
                                                                    up your Lounge a a a beach chair under aashady cabana, curl your toes in in
     journey to beautiful Crystal
   then journey to thethe beautiful Crystal – home
       then journey to beautiful Crystal River -
       looking for Manatees then
tripthe Florida Manatee. Take astep into boat -
 to to the Florida Manatee. Take 2 hour hour           the
                                                      River               THRILLand let gulf breezes your stir your soul, order your
                                                                        soft THRILLlet gentle gulf breezes stirsoul, order your favorite
                                                                         thesand and let let gentlegentle gulf stirstir your soul, order your favorite
                                                                           soft sand and gentle gulf breezes breezes your soul, order your
                                                                              soft sand and
                                                                             the soft sand
       home a Florida Manatee. Take a hour boat
   home to to the Florida Manatee. a 2 2 2 hour
water withthechance to swim alongsideaone.                               afavoriteday atfrom thetherestaurants andthese howeverhowever you want
                                                                            true from the beach restaurants and bar and – – however
                                                                    For drinkfavorite drink beachfrontadd onerestaurants – barbaryouyou mayyou
                                              Take                               from the the
                                                                             drink drink beachfront beachfront of bar – however may want
                                                                                                    beachfront restaurants and
 triptrip trip looking Manatees before stepping into
   boat lookinglooking for Manatees before into
       looking for for for Manatees before step-
                      Manatees before stepping                              Take a atrip on from                                  The
                                                                                               America's largest speed boat, The SeaScreamer,Screamer,
                                                                        tomay spendtrip on one of theone top beachesboat, in America is your and
                                                                            spend yourspendAmerica's topof thespeed America is your one and
                                                                               Take                        largest
                                                                    great boat options:- day, one of theone of the top beaches inSea your is your
    Pirates Mutiny Miami
    Pirates Mutiny Miami!
       boat trip
        water thewith chance a to swim alongside
         Homosassa water Park,swim to to swim
                        a a with to
 thethe into with water chance chance alongside
Visitping into the State with a after enjoying
   ping water                              chance swim
                                                        step-                     want to day, your day,
                                                                             tomay want to spend your day, beaches beaches
                                                                            where dolphins jump largestwake, or boat
                                                                                       dolphins just in its
                                                                                                                    top in in America is
                                                                                                      in its speed choose the America boat
                                                                                                                      or choose the ‘Thriller’ boat
                                                                        only whereon America’s just tojust to offlunch is included!
                                                                    Take onedestination. Andjump to toptopoff top – lunchlunch is included!
                                                                           a trip only destination. And it it – it off – is included!
                                                                             only destination. And
a alongside one. lunch; take a stroll around
    great packed
     one.                                                                      ride with onlyhigh speeds And just to top it off – lunch is included!
                                                                                one and its destination. it's
                                                                              Screamer where dolphins jump in its on the beautiful waters
                                                                    - Sea ride with its high speeds it's like NASCAR on the beautiful waters
       alongside one.
this Visit Homosassa State Park,andenjoying
        beautiful nature sanctuary after enjoying
   Visit Homosassa State Park, after animal                                 or the Gulf of Florida.
                                                                    wake ofofchoose the Florida. boat ride with its
                                                                                   the Gulf of Thriller
rehabilitation centerState Park, after injuredyou
   a Arrrggghhh! packedwhich carestake invite a
     Visitdelicious packedPark, afterfora a stroll
 Visitdelicious – Real Florida Excursions enjoying a
         Homosassa Statelunch; take enjoying        stroll          high speeds on the beautiful waters of Florida’s
       a Homosassa                   lunch;
        Arrrggghhh! Real chance
 delicious packedalunch; take a see invite you
animals. this beautiful nature to stroll Florida
   around This is a lunch; take a stroll and
     to embarkpacked Florida Excursions around
                    on Pirates Mutiny Voyage! Create
                                          sanctuary around
     delicious this beautiful nature sanctuary and
panthers, eagles and asanctuary Voyage!morethe
                                                                    Gulf Coast. Join our Pirate fun and sail on the
                                                                    crest of a wave on this family favourite - Captain
                                  chance and
     extraordinary nature center to learnanimal
        to embark on a Pirates Mutiny                  Create
 this beautiful nature center which cares animal
   animal beautifulmemoriessanctuary and forthe
       animal rehabilitation as you encounter for
    Real Florida Roadtrip
    Mainly Manatees
     this rehabilitation
        extraordinary memories as you
about the manatee during their
 rehabilitation center aThis acares for forpirates.
     adventurous life of which is chance injured
     rehabilitationlife Thisband of acrobatic to see
                                                                        Clearly Clearwater
                                                                       Clearly Clearwater
                                                                       TakeTakepirate adventure or and sail the crest of the waveon ona
                                                                    Memo’s aPirate Adventure and enjoy thethe crest the the wave a a a
                                                                                                                     a crest of the wave
                                                                          Take a apirate adventure and sail the drink of of wave on on
                                                                            Take a pirate adventure and
                                                                                         pirate adventure                crest
       injured animals. a is
sessions.animals. center band ofacares to pirates.
        adventurous          of     which chance see   injured      whilst leisurely cruising in search of bottlenose
                                                                          family favorite, Captain Memo’s Pirate Adventure. The less less
                                                                       family favorite, Captain Memo’s Pirate Adventure. The The less
                      is is chance to morethe the
     Enjoy This eaglesaand learn seeaboutheart
   panthers, breathtaking show to inpanthers, of
 animals.thiseaglesaand chance set seeabout the
                                  learn more                                family favorite, Captain Memo’s Pirate Adventure. The less
                                                                            Why not favorite, Captain Memo’s big try Adventure.
                                                                               family                                  Pirate
     animals. This
       panthers,                                   panthers,                   Why the Dolphinluck
                                                                    dolphins on nottry your luck catching Why not one” on our 4-hour deep
                                                                                                   Encounter. “the big one” on our 4-hour deep
                                                                       adventurous try your enjoycatching “thecruise looking for dolphinson on
                                                                            adventuroustrip.enjoy a one” on our cruise looking for dolphins
                                                                               adventurouscanYou may be taking 4 hour your owndolphins the
                                                                                           can enjoy a leisurely cruise looking for
                                                                          adventurouscan can enjoyleisurely cruise looking for dolphins on on
        Enjoy this breathtaking aboutset in the
     stunningand learn feeding sessions. heart of
       manatee learn Florida in Bicentennial Park
 eagles and Miami, more feedingthethe manatee
   manatee during their more in Bicentennial Park
                   during Florida about manatee                             sea fishing “the big
                                                                    your luck catching trip. You may be a leisurely home
                                                                                                         a leisurely                     catch of
        stunning Miami, their                sessions.                         sea fishing
                                                                       ourour Dolphin Encounter Trip.
                                                                              Dolphin Encounter Trip.
                                                                          ourour Dolphin Encounter Trip.
                                                                                                                      home your own catch of the
 during their feeding sessions.
     Ajust insight into from world famous South
     just minutesfeedingthis endangered mammal,
     duringminutes away from world famous South
         fun their away sessions.                                           day! Fishing trip. You may be
                                                                    Deep SeaDolphin Encounter Trip. taking home
        A fun insight into this endangered mammal,
     know locally as a Sea Cow! Start your day with
        know locally as a Sea Cow! Start your day
                                                                    your own catch of the day - Florida Style!
     an all-you-can-eat American breakfast then
        You an all-you-can-eat American breakfast
        with will have the opportunity to indulge your-
     You will have the opportunity to indulge yourself
     journey to relaxingthe beautiful Crystal – While
        self journey to day atCrystalBeach. River -
        thenin a
                   the beautiful South River home                      THRILLbeachchairgentleundera breezescabana, curl youryourtoesinin
                                                                         Lounge inin a
                                                                          Lounge a beach or under shady cabana,
                                                                        THRILLlet gentle gulf breezes shady stirsoul, orderyour favorite
                                                                        THRILLand let or gulf a stir your your curl order your
                                                                          THRILL chair
                                                                         soft sand and
                                                                          the soft sand                               soul,
                                                                                                                              toes the

     to a relaxing can strollManatee. Take a 2 hour
          the to theday at South Beach. immaculate
                                     along the While boat
     inthere Florida Manatee. Take a 2 hourthere
        home             Florida                                          drink fromon America's largest speed boat, – howeverhowever want
                                                                             a trip the from the largest speed boat, and Sea you may
                                                                        Take atrip drink beachfront restaurants and bar The bar Screamer,you
                                                                       Take favorite on America's beachfront restaurantsThe Sea – Screamer,
Pirates Mutiny Space
KSC - Kennedy Miami Center
     you can stroll along the explore thestepping into
     trip lookinglooking can Manatees before class
                                                                        Augustinein largest speedchoose TheSea your one and
                                                                    St.Takedolphinsonday,jump ofday,largestbeachesboat, The‘Thriller’Screamer,
                     for Manatees before world step-
        beaches, or you             immaculate beaches, or                   a trip
                                                                         Take atrip on America's            speed boat,        SeaScreamer,
Pirates Mutiny Miami!
 Pirates Mutiny Miami
  Pirates Mutiny Miami!
        shops and
        boat trip restaurants just steps away.
     the can explore chance a class shops and
     you water with athe worldto swim alongside
                                                                      where dolphins jump in in the top or choose thethe ‘Thriller’boatboat
                                                                     wherespend yourspend yourits itsone ofor ortop beaches in America is boat
                                                                       where want to jump in its its wake, or choose the ‘Thriller’boat
                                                                         wheredolphins jump
                                                                                          one      wake, the        in the
                                                                                                              choose America is ‘Thriller’your
        ping into the water with chance to swim
     restaurants just steps away. at the beach, walk
                                                                            only and only destination. like NASCAR it the lunch is waters
                                                                             with its its speeds it'sit's it NASCAR on included! waters
                                                                                                               to – on the beautiful
                                                                         rideone withits high speeds it's like off top onoff –the beautiful waters
                                                                       ride ridedestination. And just to topNASCARlunch isthebeautiful waters
                                                                           ride with highhigh speeds And just NASCAR on beautifulincluded!
                                                                              with its high speeds it's
        Immediately after
        alongside one. your time
Space… plankfinalBicentennial Park after enjoying                          ofof the of Florida.
                                                                           thethe Gulf of Florida.
                                                                       ofof theGulfGulfFlorida.
                                                                                 Gulf of of Florida.
               Homosassa Stateand only an hour
        Visit the
        the          to frontier               in Downtown          If you fancy finding old Florida and how it was
 Arrrggghhh!where Realyour time “cosmic” day
     Arrrggghhh!Orlando. Excursions beach, walk
away from– Real FloridaThis at the invite youwilla
        Miami           your Florida Excursions invite you
                               Pirates Mutiny Adventure
     Immediately–after State Park, after enjoying
     Visitdelicious packed lunch; take a stroll                     before the Theme Parks, then hop on board and
        a Homosassa
   Arrrggghhh! Saturn Florida       Excursions invite youyou
 to embark on Real Floridacenter, Observation
includes thepacked lunch; ExcursionsDowntown
     the plank on Real V Mutiny Voyage! Create
                    a a Pirates
     to embark to Pirates MutinyParka in invite and
       Arrrggghhh! Bicentennial Voyage! Create
   todeliciouson onbeautiful nature Voyage! Create
                                       take stroll around
       embark this Pirates Mutiny Voyage! Create
                     a a Pirates Mutiny sanctuary
Gantry and views of Piratesyouyou encounter the
                                                                    explore America’s oldest city – St Augustine.
     extraordinary your a as you encounter the for
       to embarkmemories launch site.
                                                                    Touring this historic city by the fully narrated Old
     Miami where memoriescenterencounter animal
       extraordinary      nature
     begin! animals. This isa a band
        animal rehabilitation as which cares will
                                       Mutiny Adventure
   extraordinary memories as as you encounter the
     this beautifulmemoriessanctuary and
                         of of band of of cares pirates.
 adventurous lifelife a band of acrobatic pirates.
   adventurous lifeofcenterband of acrobatic pirates.
     adventurous life of a which a chance pirates.
                                                                    Town Take aatakes in the delights and the crest of the wave on a a
                                                                           Trolley, pirate adventure and sail sights
                                                                             Take     pirate adventure and        the crest of the wave on
     rehabilitation                                    injured
                                                  for to see
 Enjoy this breathtaking show setsetpart inheart of
You can touch the moon and take the heart of
                                           in in      your                     and feel free Captain Memo’s one” Adventure. deep
                                                                                                 hop on
                                                                    on Why family favorite, to catching and off at any on our 4-hour The less
                                                                        offernot try favorite, Captain Memo’s Pirate Adventure. The less
     Enjoy this breathtaking countdown!the                                 family tryyour luck catching “the big Pirateon our 4-hour deep
                                                                                                          “the big one”
     animals. This shuttle show to the heart ofthe
         own breathtaking
very Enjoy this breathtaking show set in the heart of
   Enjoy thisspace        is show set more Take
        panthers, eaglesaand learn in seeabout in
                                  chance           panthers,             Why notnottry your luck catching “the big one” on our 4-hour deep
                                                                                       your luck
                                                                            20 not to explore catching “the big one” on for
                                                                    of theWhy stops tryyour luck St a leisurely cruise looking our4-hour deep on
                                                                             Why                     Augustine’s many looking
 stunning Miami, Florida in Bicentennial Park                              adventurous can enjoy be taking home your own catch dolphins
                                                                        sea sea fishingtrip. You may be takingcruise your ownfordolphinsthe
        incredible learn movies, stroll through
thestunningand IMAX more in Bicentennial Park
     eagles Miami, Florida in Bicentennial Park
        manatee during Florida about the Park
   stunning Miami, Florida in Bicentennial manatee
       stunning Miami, their feeding sessions.                      wonders
                                                                             adventurous can enjoy a           home your own catch ofof on
                                                                           seaat yourtrip.You may be leisurely home your owncatch thethe
                                                                         sea fishingtrip.trip. You may be
                                                                                fishing     You may
                                                                                       leisure.                   home            catch the
                                                                                                                                     of of
   justminutes away from world on board
 just rocket gardenfrom world famous South
thejust minutesfeedingfrom stepfamous Southa                             our
                                                                        day! Dolphin Encounter Trip.
                                                                       day! day!DolphinEncounter Trip.
     duringminutes awaythen world famous South
       just their away
          minutes        away from world famous South
                                  sessions.                              day!
    KSC – Kennedy Space Center
    KSC – Kennedy Space Center
 Beach.craft before you meet and greet a real
       Beach.                                                            Retail Therapy
                                                                          Retail Therapy
                                                                    If you want that birds eye view and have a
astronaut.                                                          head for heights then the 165ft St Augustine
          will have the opportunity to to indulge your-
  YouYou will have the opportunity indulge your-
You willwill have the opportunity indulge yourself
     You have the opportunity to Beach. yourself                    lighthouse is a must.
  self in a relaxing dayday Southto indulgeWhile
       self in a relaxing at at South of Fame, a
     a not visit thestroll along Beach. While there
Why relaxing day at South Beach. While there
inthere you can day at South Hall immaculate
     inthere you can stroll along theonly an hour
          a relaxing
                                                 Beach. While              THRILL
                                 frontier…and immaculate
     Space…the final in the afternoon for your
shuttle bus departs explore the world class                                   We all need a little therapy, so start your day
       can stroll you can
  beaches, or along the immaculate beaches, or
youyou can stroll you can explore the world class
       beaches, or final frontier…and only
extraSpace…thealong the immaculate beaches, or
  shops and restaurants just This away. an hour
     away from Orlando. steps “cosmic” day                                 We Takeneed a onAmerica'san so start yourboat, The Sea Screamer,
                                                                               Take a atrip on way with largest speed
                                                                              theallAmerican little therapy,largest speed boat, The Sea Screamer,
                                                                                            trip      America's all-you-caneat
    Pirates Mutiny Miami
    Pirates Mutiny Miami!
youyou canand restaurants just steps away. and
        can explore the world class shops
                        the Saturn class shops the
     includes explore the world V “cosmic” and
        away from Orlando. This center, day                                    where American jump in an Wal-Mart®
                                                                           daywheredolphins way First its wake, or choose the ‘Thriller’ boat
                                                                              Americandolphins jumpwith its all-you-can-
                                                                                    the      breakfast.        in stop          or choose the ‘Thriller’ boat
restaurants just steps away. at the beach, walk
     restaurants just steps and at the of a launch
     Observation the youraway. V
  Immediately after your time viewscenter, walk
       Immediately after Saturn
        includes           Gantry time              beach, the                then to the itshigh speeds it's like NASCAR on the beautiful waters
                                                                           eatride withits breakfast.                        NASCAR
                                                                               ride with Premium Outlets®factory stores on the beautiful waters
                                                                                   American high speeds it's
          plank to Bicentennial Park in of a launch
  thethe plank to Gantry and viewsDowntown
     site. You can touch the moon and Downtown
        Observation Bicentennial Park in take part                             ofof a Gulf of range of
                                                                              for thesuperb ofFlorida. shops with brand
                                                                                       the Gulf      Florida.
       Miami where Pirates time atAdventure will
  Miami where youryour time Mutinybeach, walk
Immediately afteryouryour theat thethe beach, walk
     Arrrggghhh! Real Pirates moon Adventure will
     Immediately–after space shuttle and invite part
     insite. very own Florida Excursions take you                             names at amazing prices! to the Premium
                                                                           First stop Wal-Mart® then Then indulge your-
  begin! You can touch
       begin! to Bicentennial Park in Downtown
       plank very Bicentennial shuttle countdown!
thetheembark to Real Florida ExcursionsDowntown
             your the own space Park in invite you
       Arrrggghhh! a Pirates Mutiny Voyage! Create                         Outlets® factory stores forOrlando's hottest
     toin plank onincredible IMAX movies, stroll
     Take in                                                                  self at Mall at Millennia®, a superb range
       to embark on a
Miami where theyourPirates Mutiny Voyage! Create
        Take in your Pirates garden encounter will
     extraordinary rocket Mutiny Adventure willthe                         of shops with brand home to at amazing
                                                                              shopping experience names some of the
     Miami where memories as you then step the
       extraordinary incredible IMAX movies,
     through the memories as you encounterstroll
     adventurous life shuttle garden you meet on
     begin! a space rocketband of acrobaticstep and-
       adventurous lifeof a band of then pirates.
        through the of a before
                                 Pirates Mutiny Adventure on
                                                                       FISHprices! Then indulge yourself at Mall at
                                                                              world’s most exclusive department stores

Rockets and Reptiles                                                           Why as try your luck hottest “the big one” on our 4-hour deep
                                                                           Millennia®, Orlando's catchingand Tiffany.     shopping
                                                                    Retail Therapy
        board a space shuttle before in the heart of
     Enjoy this breathtaking show set you meet and
     greet a real astronaut.                                                      Why not try your luck Macy's
                                                                              such notBloomingdales, catching “the big one” on our 4-hour deep
       Enjoy this breathtaking show set in the heart of
        greet a real astronaut.                                                               home to some of the world’s
                                                                           experience everyone! You may need to buy a
     stunning Miami, Florida in Bicentennial Park                                 sea for
                                                                              Plenty fishingtrip. You may be taking home your own catch of the
                                                                               sea fishing trip. You may be                      home your own catch of the
       stunning Miami, Florida in Bicentennial Park
     just minutesnot visit theworld famous Hall of                         most exclusive department stores such as
                            away from Astronaut South
     NEW! minutes away from world famous South
       just Why                                                               new suitcase after this excursion but you will
KSC – –Kennedy Space Center
KSC – – Kennedy SpaceCenter
 KSC Kennedy Space Center
 KSC Kennedy Space Center
        NEW!included in visit priceAstronaut Hall we
     Fame,          Why not the the of your ticket, of               Retail Therapy
                                                                      Retail Therapy
                                                                      Retail Therapy
                                                                       Retail Therapy
                                                                           Bloomingdales, Macy's and Tiffany. Plenty
                                                                              be guaranteed to save money on this fabu-
Combine your day withthe exhilarating airboat
                                    an                                     for everyone! You may need stop Premium
                                                                    We all need a little therapy, first to buy a new
        Fame, shuttle bus price of your ticket, the
     offer a included in                that departs in we                    lous fun day!
                     have the final frontier… Space!
ride You willtrip to the opportunity to indulge after-
        offer ahave the opportunity to indulge yourself
        and a shuttle bus that departs in the your-                 Outlets® factory stores for a superb range of
                                                                           suitcase after this excursion but you will be
     You will
     afternoon relaxing day extra enjoyment.While
       self in a for your at South Beach.                    Your
                                                                    shops with brandsave money on this fabulous
        noon for your extra enjoyment. While there
     inthere will provide frontier…and only an guide
                                    South Beach. Your hour
Space…the final frontier…and only immaculate                               guaranteed littlenames at amazing prices,
                                                                         WeWe need a to therapy, so start your day
                                                                               all all
          a relaxing can stroll with the an
     guide you day includes notdetails. hour
This “cosmic” final
                          day atyou along
                                               only a fast and      thenfun day!need a little therapy, so start your day
                                                                              onto Wal-Mart! Indulge yourself at the
   Space…the or youdetailed “cosmic” hourday
       beaches, final with explore “cosmic” hour
        will provide
away can stroll along the details. theonly anclass
        Space…the you can This
     you from also frontier…and only world the
funaway but Orlando. Thisnarration on day or
       ride from Orlando.immaculate beaches,
                           final frontier…and an
                                                                       WeWe American little therapy, so so start your
                                                                         theall allAmerican little therapy, start shopping
                                                                              theneed a Orlando’s an an all-you-caneat
                                                                                         need way with
                                                                    Florida Mall, a way with largest
   away can therestaurants V Vcenter, the
       shops explore the
includes and Orlando. ofjust steps away. daythe
     includeseco-system world “cosmic”
fascinatingfrom Orlando. Florida’s backyard!
     you from theSaturnThis class shops and
        away                     SaturnThis “cosmic” day
                                                                       dayday the breakfast. some an anWal-Mart®
                                                                              the American to First stop all-you-can-
                                                                    experience, home
                                                                              American breakfast.  way with of America’s most
                                                                                                            with all-you-can-
                                                                         American American way First stop Wal-Mart®
     restaurants just Centerviews the a
Atincludes Spacesteps andV viewscenter,thethe
     Kennedy Gantry your time V the of launch
Observation thetheSaturnaway. atcenter,a launch
     Observation after Saturn
       Immediately Gantry          and visit of beach, walk
                                                     Saturn V          eateat department stores such as Saks of 5th
                                                                    famousto thethe Premium Outlets®factory stores
                                                                             American breakfast.
                                                                         then American breakfast.
                                                                              then to Premium Outlets®factory stores
     site.                  Bicentennial and a a of
site.the plank touch thetheviews of viewsparta
                 can to Gantry and and of take part
Center, You can touchGantryviews in Downtown
          YouObservation moonPark take launch
   Observation Gantry and moon and launch                                for for superb range of shops with everyone
                                                                    Avenue and superb range of plenty for brand
                                                                                a a Macy’s. There’s shops with brand
launchYou where youryourshuttle and thetake walk
     your site, you canthe time at countdown! part
                                    even touch
insite. very own space theshuttle and moon
     Immediately after space Mutiny Adventure will
       Miami can touch Pirates moon beach,                          - including lunch! prices! Then indulge your-
                                                                         names stop Wal-Mart® then ThenPremium
                                                                       First stop Wal-Mart® then to to the Premium
     insite. You can touch moon the take part                              First at amazing
    Be a Star
    Be a Star in a Great Big Car
                   Great Big Car
          your very own
and begin!veryincredible IMAX movies,shuttle
        takethe in your very own space stroll
Takeyour in theown space shuttle countdown!
   intheinplankvery Bicentennial shuttle countdown!
     Takeyour to incredible IMAX movies, stroll
                            own space Park in Downtown
                                                                         Real Florida Evenings
                                                                          Real Florida Evenings
                                                                              names at amazing prices!
                                                                       Outlets® factory stores forOrlando's hottest
                                                                           Outlets® at Millennia®, a superb range
                                                                                                                       indulge your-
                                                                         self at Mall factory stores forOrlando's hottest
                                                                                      at Mall at Millennia®, a superb range
                                                                              self need to buy a new suitcase after this
countdown! Take in the incredible stroll
   Take in where incredible Mutiny Adventure will
                                                        IMAX        You may with brand names at amazing
                                                                       of of shops with brand names at amazing
        Take the incredible IMAX movies,
through thethe your Pirates IMAX movies, on
     Miami in rocket garden then step stroll
     through the rocket garden garden then
movies, stroll through the rocket then step on
                                                                         shopping experience home to some of thethe
                                                                              shopping you will be guaranteed of
                                                                    excursion Then experience home to some to save
     begin! the shuttle
board a board a spacegarden you meet meet
   throughspace rocket before then step and- on             on                                 exclusive yourself Mall at
                                                                       prices! most indulge yourself at at stores at
     board a the shuttle garden you meet
step throughspace rocketcraft before youstep and-
         on                             before then                        prices!this fabulous fun day!
                                                                    money on Then indulge department Mall
                                                                              world’s most exclusive department stores
   board a space shuttle before you meet exciting
                           time to shine! On this and
     Now realyourastronaut. before you meet and
              it’s a real astronaut.                                   Millennia®, Orlando's hottest and shopping
                                                                                   the sunsets on your Macy's Tiffany.
                                                                           Millennia®, Orlando's day, why not take theshopping
                                                                              Asas as Bloomingdales, hottest and Tiffany.
        greet real
and Now a a astronaut. shine! On this exciting
greet a board space shuttle
     greet it’s your time to                                             such such Bloomingdales, Macy's
   greet a a a real astronaut. limo will pick you up
     night real astronaut.
                                                                           As the sunsets on your day, why not take
                                                                       experience everyone! Yousomeneedthe buy athe
                                                                              opportunityhome toone of Orlando’sworld’s
                                                                           experience     home visit may of to fantas-
                                                                                                                of the world’s
                                                                                               to to some may need to buy a
        greet beautiful private                                          Plenty for for everyone! You
       night a beautiful private limo will pick you up                     opportunity to visit one of Orlando’s fantastic
                                                                       most exclusive department stores such as as
NEW! Why you tovisit the Astronaut Halla of
     and visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame,
Why nottake not visit your choice of destination:
                                   the Astronaut Hall of                   most exclusive department storesyou will
                                                                              tic dinner after this excursion but Adventure
                                                                         new suitcaseshows. Pirate’s Dinner but you will    such
       and Why not
     NEW! take you to your choice of destination:
shuttleincluded in visitorthe Astronaut for Hall of
                                                                                                 after this excursion
                                                                              new shows. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure
                                                                           dinnersuitcaseMacy's and Tiffany.
                                                                       Bloomingdales, swashbuckling show Plentyis a
   NEW! Why not the priceafternoon Hallyour
                     departs thethe your ticket, of
Fame, bus Why not inor City walk at Universal.
    KSC – Kennedy Space Center
    KSC – Kennedy Space Center
        NEW!included in the City walk at Universal.
     Downtown Disney visit priceAstronaut we we
       Downtown Disney                     of of your ticket,            Retail Therapy
                                                                          Retail Therapy
                                                                           Bloomingdales, Macy's and Tiffany.fabu-
                                                                              is guaranteed to save money this Plenty
                                                                         be be a great to save money on on especially
                                                                               guaranteed                                  this fabu-
extra thethe pricedine at the famous                          great swashbuckling show to buy a popular
                                                                       for for everyone! youngerneed especially new
                                                                             everyone! You may children. You can new
   Fame,like a celebrity price of of your in thewe
     Feela included bus that departs ticket,
offerFame, included inwhenthat your ticket,in the
     offer a shuttle bus                 you departs we                  lous funfunwith You may need to buy a cheer
                                                                              popular day!
                                                                              lous day! children. You
   offer a shuttle bus that departs in thethe after-                       with youngerthis excursion can you will be
                                                                       suitcase after                           but  cheer for your
     Planet aHollywood inthat enjoyment. after-and
        offer shuttle bus Downtown Disney
       Feel for celebrity when you in at the
afternoonlike a your extra departs dine Your
     afternoon for your extra enjoyment. Your
                                                                              for your very this Pirate. For an you will be
                                                                           suitcase after own excursion but exotic east-
   noon for for your extra enjoyment. Your guide                                                         an on this
                                                                           very own Pirate. moneyexotic fabulous
                                                                       guaranteed to saveFor money on eastern experi-
        noon your do
     afterwardsPlanet some details.only guide the
guide willwill provide frontier…andin Downtown
     guide provide youHollywood
                           extra enjoyment. Your at
                                    with shopping                          guaranteed to save Arabian Nights, famous
                                                                              ern experience try                     this fabulous
     Space…the final you with details. an hour
          provide you party the night
   willwill provide orwith details. away at Pleasure
                                                                           ence all Arabian Nights, famous for your day
                                                                       funfun day!need a little therapy, so start its stun-
                                                                             day! try
                          you with details.
     Marketplace afterwards do some only an hour
       Disney and final frontier…and shopping at                                          stunning Arabian an all-you-caneat
                                                                                     itsneed a way with horses combined
                                                                              for allAmerican little therapy, so start your
                                                                           We Arabian horses combined with a mystic
     away from Orlando. This “cosmic” day
        Space…the                                                             the
     Island. from Orlando. This “cosmic” day                                  American breakfast. that will thrill both
                                                                              with a mystic charm with stop Wal-Mart®
       the Marketplace or party V center,
     includes the Saturn the night away the
        away                                                   at
                                                                           charm that will thrill both adults all-you-can-
                                                                           day the American way First an and children.
       Pleasure Island. Saturn V center, the                                  adults and children. For a true American
                                                                           eat a truethe Premium Outlets®factorybook a
     Observation the
        includes           Gantry and views of a launch                    For American breakfast. adventure stores
                                                                              then to American themed
     AtObservation touchget tomoon and take part                              themed adventure book a night at brand             Dolly
          City Walk you will the experience a launch
     site. You can Gantry and views of Orlando’s                              for          Dolly Parton’s Dixie with
                                                                           night aatsuperb range of shops Stampede,
Be a Star In a Great Big Car
 Be Star        Great Big Car
Be AaStar inin a GreatBig Car
     hottestYouWalkfor space shuttle and take part
                                                                    Real Florida Evenings
                                                                    Real Florida Evenings
       At Cityspots you will get to experience
Be a a Star a Great Big Car
     insite. very own dinning moonentertainment.
 Be Star  your         can touch the and countdown!
                 Great Big Car       spots of dinning see
       Orlando’s theme restaurant for choice andand
     Dineyour the hottestspace shuttle countdown!
        in at the incredible IMAX movies, stroll
                                                                     Real Florida Evenings
                                                                              names amazing prices! Orlando’s newest
                                                                              Parton’s Wal-Mart® then to With stunning
                                                                           Orlando’satDixie dinner show. the Premium
                                                                           First stopnewestStampede,Then indulge your-
                                                                     Real Florida Evenings
                                                                      Real Florida Evenings
                                                                              dinner Mall at With stunning performers,
                                                                           Outlets® show. Millennia®, Orlando's hottest
     Take in         very own                                                 self at factory stores for feats, fantastic
                                                                           performers, amazing horse a superb range
                       explore the at the movies, stroll
       entertainment. Dine themed theme restau-
     through orthe incredible IMAX then step on
     a Take in the rocket garden bars and night-
         movie                                                                amazing experience fantastic stunt has it
                                                                              shopping and feats, participation it riders
                                                                           of shops horseaudiencenames at amazing
                                                                           stunt riders with brand home to some of the
       rant of choice and see a movie or explore
       your a this to shuttle and feel way, you are
        through the shine before then your on
It’sclubs in space rocketarea. Either likestep and-
     board themedfamous garden you meet this                               all sun Then indulge day, it not stores
                                                                              world’s most your
                                                                           prices! sets USA style.yourself at ittake…
                                                                    As the … good oldonparticipationwhyhas Mall atthe
                                                                              and audience exclusive department all
Now the movietimebarsan shine! Be collected
                         star shuttle nightclubs in
favorite it’s ayour time toand before this exciting
        boardyour time for shine! On this excitingand
     guaranteed to have a night.
     Now your space to shine! On On this exciting
         it’s                                                            As As the toUSA style. day, hottest takefantastic
                                                                           Millennia®,visit your *beer & wine take the
                                                                              the sunsets on    Orlando's why not shopping
                                                                    opportunity sunsets on your day, why not (limited).        the
     greet it’s area. time toway,
  Now it’sa real astronaut.     to
                                      unforgettable night!
                                                  you meet                    such sunsets onone of Orlando’s
                                                                              good old
                                                                       As As shows include food, day, why not take the
                                                                           All sunsets on your day, why not take Tiffany.
                                                                            thethe as Bloomingdales, Macy's and the
nightgreet a real Either shine! are pick you up
       famous your private limo your own private
         your accommodation limo will guaranteed
fromNowbeautiful astronaut. inyou On this exciting
     night a beautiful private will pick you up
          a                                      pick you up                                          your
                                                                         opportunity toPirates one Orlando’s fantas- is a
                                                                    dinner shows. can offer you transportation to the
                                                                                               visit oneDinner of the world’s
                                                                           experience home to some Adventure
                                                                                                           of of Orlando’s fantas-
                                                                           Real Florida to visit
                                                                       opportunity for visit one of Orlando’s fantastic a
  night a beautiful private limonight!
       to have an unforgettable will
         take toast the start of of destination:
limousine; beautiful private limo will fabulousup
and night ayouyou to your choice a pick you                                opportunity everyone! You may need fantastic
                                                                              Plenty to to visit one            Orlando’s to buy
                                                                         tic dinner shows. Pirate’sof particularly popular
                                                                    great tic dinner shows. show, *beer Adventureas
                                                                              All shows include food,Dinner Go Free.
     and take to your choice of destination:  of destination:              most exclusive departmentKids & wine (limit-
                                                                                                                  stores such
                                                                                                        this excursion Adventure
                                                                           showssuitcase afterPirate’s Dinner but is aAsk
                                                                              new and Pirate’s Dinner
                                                                       dinner shows. on selected daysAdventurecheer, a
  and takeWhyyou your choice Astronaut Hall of
       and you bottle of bubblyof destination:
evening with to oryour choice atwaiting for
     NEW! take anottovisit the
Downtown Disney visitCity walk at Universal.                                younger swashbuckling show you you will
                                                                    with dinnerRealchildren. The loudertransportation
                                                                              a great Florida can offer youAdventure is the
                                                                                        shows. Pirate’s Dinner especially
                                                                         isBloomingdales, Macy's andshow especially
                    Why not City walk at Universal.
     Downtown Disney the priceAstronaut Hall we
        NEW!included in or the of your ticket, of   Universal.                ed). great swashbuckling Tiffany. Plenty
                                                                              isswashbucklingto saveespecially popular
                                                                           for details.
  Downtown Disney or or City walk at Universal.
you, Downtown Disney Citytown feeling like a
     Fame, cruise around                                               greatbe guaranteed show money on this fabu-
                                                                           great with younger fight! especially Kids
                                                                    harder your shows and children. Youdayscheer Go
                                          dine at at ticket,
Feel likelike a celebrity whenpricedine thethe famous
              a celebrity when youyou of your famouswe                                            will show
                                                                              to the Pirate You may
                                                                         popular swashbucklingon selectedYou can new
                                                                           for everyone! younger need tocan a           buy
     Feel a included bus
star Fame,you arrivein the that departseitherthe
        until shuttle at your choice of in
     offer                                                             with popular withchildren. children. cheer forcheer
                                                                               younger children. You can cheer for your
                                                                              lous fun day!
                                                                           with younger details.You can exotic east-             your
  Feel Hollywood yourDowntown Disney and
Planet like Hollywood when you dine at the and
                               in                                              your Ask own Pirate. For an
                                                                         for Free! very for own excursion
UniversalaCityWalk orinthat departs dine atafter-
     Planet like celebrity Planet Hollywood. Your
       Feel ashuttle bus extra enjoyment. the
     afternoon a celebrity when you Disney
                       for             Downtown in the                     an own veryFor an exotic eastern experi- be
                                                                           suitcase after this
                                                                                                          experience you will
                                                                    For very exotic eastern an exotic but exotic east-
                                                                       very for your Pirate. ForPirate. For an try experi-
                                                                               own Pirate.                          eastern Arabian
afterwardsPlanet some enjoyment. Your thethe
  famous for Planetextra shopping Downtown
       famous your you with details.
     afterwardsprovide some
     guide will
                      do do Hollywoodshoppingat at guide
                                  Hollywood inin Downtown                ern experiencefor Arabian Nights, famous
                                                                    Nights, famoustotry its money onfor forfabulous
                                                                           guaranteed            save Arabian this famous
                                                                       enceern experience try stunning Arabian stun-
                                                                                 try Arabian Nights, famousNights, stun-its      horses
Marketplace or party withdo with a shopping at
Either one will provide you do awayfunPleasure at
        will and afterwards night some evening                                  its stunning Arabian famous will its
                                                                           ence try Arabian
                                                                         for forday! stunningNights,horses combined both
                                                                    combined with a mystic charmhorses combined
     Marketplace afterwards night atshopping                           ning Arabian horses combined that a mystic            thrill
       Disney and you
                                 the details.
  Disney provide or party the someaway at Pleasure                         fun its                    Arabian with
                                                                           ning Arabian horses combined with a mystic
         enjoying shops, orrestaurants and the
Island. Marketplace party thethe night away at
  thethe  Marketplace or              party night away at                     with children.
                                                                    adults andmystic charm that willwill children.
                                                                         with a a mystic charm                        thrill both
                                                                       charm that willwill thrill both that and thrill both
                                                                           charm that thrill both adults      adults and children.
entertainment of Orlando.
  Pleasure Island.                                                                                            a a true American
                                                                         adults and children. ForFor true American
       Pleasure Island.                                                       adults and children.
                                                                             a a
                                                                       For Fortrue American themed adventure book a a
At City Walk youyou will get experience Orlando’s
                          will get to
                                                                                                                 adventure book
                                                                    Forthemedtrue American themed adventure, book a
                                                                           a true American themed night at Dolly
                                                                                        adventure book a
                                                                              themed adventure book a night at Dolly
     At City Walkcan be combined with a visit
Be aCity Walk you will to experience Orlando’s
  At At Star… Walk dinning getget to experience                            night Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede,
                                                                       night at at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede,
                                                                    night at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. With
hottest City for you will and experience
              spots                     and toentertainment.                  Parton’s Dixie dinner Orlando’s newest
                                                                         Parton’s Dixie dinner show. Orlando’s newest
                                                                       Orlando’s newestStampede, show. horsemanship
to hottest spots for dinningfor duentertainment.
     the jaw hottest spots
                     dropping Cirque dinning and   Soleil* in              Orlando’s newestStampede, With stunning
    Be a Star
    Be a Star in a Great Big Car
                   Great Big Car
  Orlando’s theme restaurant of for dinningsee
     Dine thethe hottest a truly memorable
DineOrlando’s theme for spots choice and and
Downtown at at Disney restaurant of choice and see
                                                                    stunning performers, amazing With stunning
                                                                         Real Florida Evenings
                                                                          Real Florida Evenings
                                                                              dinner racing stunning performers,
                                                                         dinner show. With horse feats, fantastic
                                                                       performers, amazingpigs! stunning performers,
                                                                    - even some show. With horse show has it all…
                                                                           performers, amazing This feats, fantastic
                                    at the bars and restau-
a entertainment. Dine themed theme restau-
     a entertainment. Dine at the bars and night-
evening.or explore thethe themed theme night-
    movie                                                                amazing horseaudience participation it has it
                                                                       stunt riders and feats, fantastic stunt it has
                                                                    good old USA style.audience participationriders it
         movie or explore
  rant of of choice and see movie or or explore
                                                                              amazing and
                                                                           stunt ridershorse feats, fantastic stunt riders
                choice and
       rant this famous see a Either way, explore
                                  area. a movie you are
clubs in in this famous area. Either way, you are
     clubs                                                                        audience participation
                                                                              and audience participation it has it …
                                                                         and good old USA style.
                                                                       all … … good old USA style. it has it all all …
           themed bars and nightclubs in this
  thethe themed bars and nightclubs in this
     Now du Soleil
*Cirque it’s to haveis an additional purchase
     guaranteed to an to you are guaranteed
guaranteed your time an shine! Onnight! exciting
                                   unforgettable this                  All All shows include on food, why (limited).
                                                                    All good oldinclude food, *beer & wine not take wine.
                                                                            showsoldinclude your day,beer* & the
                                                                           shows USA style.
                                                                              As the USA style.
                                                                              good sunsets food, *beer & wine (limited).
  famous it’s area.haveway,unforgettable night!
       Now area. Either
       famous your time to shine! On this exciting
                             Either way, you are guaranteed
                                                                                                              of Orlando’s and
                                                                           As the sunsetsavailableday, why not take
                                                                    Transportation isto onyouone to the showsthetheon
                                                                       Real opportunity offer
                                                                               Florida can
                                                                                                   visit transportation to to
  tonight aabeautiful private limo will pick you up
       have anbeautiful private limo will pick you up                      Real Florida can offer you transportationfantas-
                     unforgettable night!
       to have an unforgettable night!
       night                                                                         days to visit Free. Orlando’s (limit-the
                                                                    selectedshowsKids Go one*beer & wine fantastic
                                                                           opportunity include food, *beer & wine (limit-
                                                                         All Alland on selected daysof
                                                                              shows include food, Kids Go Free. Ask
     and take you to your choice of destination:                       shows dinner on selected days Dinner Adventure
                                                                           shows and shows. Pirate’s Kids Go Free. Ask
       and take you to your choice of destination:                         dinner shows. Pirate’s Dinner transportation
                                                                         ed). Real Florida can offer youAdventure is a
                                                                            details. Florida can offer you show especially
                                                                       for for Realgreat swashbuckling transportation
     Downtown Disney or City walk at Universal.
       Downtown Disney or City walk at Universal.
                                                                    *limited a swashbucklingselected days Kids Go
                                                                             thethe shows and show especially popular
                                                                         togreatshows and on on selected days Kids Go
     Feel like a celebrity when you dine at the famous                        to
                                                                              popular with younger children. You can cheer
                                                                           with younger children.
                                                                         Free! Ask for details. You can cheer for your

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