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									The International Justice & Public Safety Network
  Mission / Vision
  About Nlets

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Mission & Vision
               MISSION                                          VISION

     To provide, within a secure                     To continue to be the premier
   environment, an international                provider of the network, system,
    justice telecommunications                 and services that will support and
capability and information services            encourage a totally standardized,
   that will benefit to the highest              integrated, international justice
degree, the safety, the security, and                          system.
the preservation of human life and
     the protection of property.

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About Nlets

 501(c)(3) nonprofit
     Owned and governed by the states
     Operated by a professional staff of 25 full-
       time and two part-time employees

 Operational site located in Arizona
     Disaster recovery site located in Kentucky

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About Nlets (       CONT.)

 Computer-based message switching
     Provides information services and support
       for justice-related agencies applications

     Serves all U.S. states and territories,
       Federal agencies with a justice component,
       and select regional and international

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About Nlets (         CONT.)

   Nearly 1 billion
     Transactions a year

   900,000
     PC, mobile and handheld devices in the U.S. and Canada

   45,000
     User agencies

   1.2 million
     Individual users

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                           24 hours a day
                           7 days a week
                           365 days a year

                           Right Information

                           Right People

                           Right Place

                           Right Time

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Information Exchange
            LEGACY SERVICES FOR…                        …AND ACCESS TO

   Driver and vehicle registration              Interpol
   Criminal history records                     Data from Canada and Mexico
   Wanted persons data                          Homeland Alert messages
   Sex offender registry                        LEO Flying Armed
   Probation and parole registry                INS databases at LESC
   Concealed carry databases                    Amber Alerts
   State warrant records                        Severe weather warnings
   Driver license and corrections               Aircraft registrations
    images                                       GSA federal/diplomatic plates
                                                 And hundreds more!

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 A CA officer pulls
over a driver with a     Nlets receives the
TX driver’s license.       query from CA,
 CA has no internal     checks to make sure
data on TX drivers.     it is a valid request,
                          and forwards the
The officer sends a         request to TX.
  query to Nlets.

                        TX receives the query,
  Nlets receives the        checks the info
 response from TX,      needed by the out-of-
and forwards the info      state officer, and
 back to CA and the      sends an automated
 requesting officer.       response back to
   Private T1 network
     Multi-Protocol Label Switching
     Encrypted 3G wireless backup

   VPN – AES encryption
   Firewall at every connection
   24 x 7 x 365 operation center
   99.97% uptime
     Disaster recovery

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Nlets Business Model
  Nlets identifies potential funding

       Nlets applies for funding

            Nlets extends funding directly to the
            states via their vendors

               Nlets aids the state/vendor in
               planning & execution

                   Nlets monitors the continued success
                   of the project (“lessons learned”)

7/14/2011                      Nlets & IFTA               12
                                          Seeks grant
             Is a leader in
                                        funds for states
                                         to adopt new

               Facilitates               Has bandwidth
            groundbreaking                 to do most
               exchanges                    anything

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  Membership Types
  User Agencies

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Core Membership Types

                  Principal

                  International

                  Federal

                  Associate

                  Regional

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User Agencies
Principle & International

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  Strategic Partners
  Partner Activity

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Strategic Partners

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Partner Activity
            STRATEGIC PARTNER                      ACTIVITY WITH Nlets

   ALEN                                      Uses Nlets’ networking
   ATSC Voyager                               capabilities to provide law
   Datamaxx                                   enforcement officers
                                               wireless access to NCIC,
   InterAct911                                Nlets, and/or State data in
                                               order to provide support
                                               and consulting to law
                                               enforcement, criminal
                                               justice, and government

7/14/2011                       Nlets & IFTA                                 23
Partner Activity (              CONT.)

            STRATEGIC PARTNER                       ACTIVITY WITH Nlets

   ACS                                        Uses Nlets to access
   ATS                                         driver and vehicle
   B&W Sensors                                 information. Data is used
   CMA Consulting                              by law enforcement
   Duncan Solutions                            agencies for traffic
   Lasercraft                                  enforcement purposes.
   Optotraffic
   Redflex
   RedSpeed
   Traffipax

7/14/2011                        Nlets & IFTA                               24
Partner Activity (              CONT.)

            STRATEGIC PARTNER                       ACTIVITY WITH Nlets

   Intrado                                    Provides lien information
   LoJack                                      and vehicle recovery
   OnStar                                      services for law
                                                enforcement, and/or uses
   VINLock                                     Nlets to notify an agency.

7/14/2011                        Nlets & IFTA                                25
Partner Activity (               CONT.)

   Appriss
     Provides victim notification services.

   CPI Openfox
     Provides a secure path for connectivity between CPI and
       state message switching equipment at many states for
       proactive monitoring and maintenance.

   InsureNet
     Provides roadside verification of insurance info over Nlets.

   Nixle
     Broadcasts notification messages from law enforcement and
       public safety officials to citizens in a targeted geographic
       area via network connectivity facilitated by Nlets and the
       Nixle equipment hosted at Nlets.

7/14/2011                         Nlets & IFTA                        26
Strategic Partner Growth Areas

    LPR
    Electronic toll collection
    Regional sharing systems
    CAD/RMS
      12 new companies are currently being
        explored for strategic partnership,
     as well as 10 potential hosting customers

7/14/2011               Nlets & IFTA             27
  CHIEF     E-PORT                    NCIEN
  CHRIS     GeoSOAPS                  NISP

7/14/2011              Nlets & IFTA           28

7/14/2011   Nlets & IFTA   29
CHIEF & CHRIS                               FUNDED BY
                                  THE BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS

   Criminal History                      Criminal History
    Information                            Record Information
    Exchange Format                        Sharing
     To promote the interstate              To support statistical
       exchange of standardized                  research and recidivism
       Rap Sheets.                               studies.

7/14/2011                         Nlets & IFTA                             30
                             FUNDED BY

   Enhanced Portal for                 Expand the Nlets Portal
    Image Exchange &                     to allow image
    Increased                            exchange
    Functionality over
                                        Produce a CONOPS
    Nlets                                regarding multi- factor
                                         authentication and
                                         authorization into the
                                         Nlets Portal
                                        Provide pro-active
                                         alerting (NCMEC is the
                                         pilot site)

7/14/2011                       Nlets & IFTA                       32
                                 FUNDED BY

   Geospatial Service                Enhance, expand and
                                       accelerate participation in
    Oriented                           the Nlets GIS-enabled alert
    Architecture for                   capability
    Public Safety
                                      Define an interstate GIS
                                       transmission specification
                                       for geospatial information
                                      Define a GeoSOAPS web
                                       services specification
                                      Pilot a demonstration of
                                       geospatial information

7/14/2011                     Nlets & IFTA                           33
                             FUNDED BY

   Nationwide                          Implement additional
    Corrections Image &                  states for corrections
    Information                          photo sharing
    Exchange over Nlets
                                        Develop NIEM
                                         standards for sharing
                                         corrections photos

                                        Develop image
                                         standards (size and

7/14/2011                       Nlets & IFTA                      34
NCIEN Background
   NCIEN leverages               Nlets Interstate
    methodology                    Sharing of Photos
    developed as a
    result of the NISP
    grant project.

     NISP funds created
       and implemented
                                     NISP was also funded by
       standards for                      NIJ with support from
       exchanging driver                  DHS.
       license images.

7/14/2011                  Nlets & IFTA                           35
New Tools to Keep America Safe

 Nlets recently was granted contract
    work for DHS in four main areas:
    1. Tribal Nation Sharing

    2. State Warrants Shared Interstate

    3. LPR Data Sharing and Cloud Computing

    4. Facial Recognition and Iris Technology

7/14/2011               Nlets & IFTA            37
  Support Opportunities

7/14/2011                 Nlets & IFTA   38
   Certified Nlets Educator (CNE) Program
     The CNE Program is designed to provide Nlets
       System Agencies (NSA) with a resource to assist in
       the development and implementation of a
       statewide education program to increase
       awareness and use of Nlets message keys.

     The CNE establishes the minimum level of training
       and education necessary to design and conduct
       Nlets based training.

7/14/2011                   Nlets & IFTA                    39
Support (      CONT.)

   Instructor Development Course (IDC)
     As a complimentary component to the NCE, we
       offer a very basic (16-hour) “train the trainer”
       certification program for the staff of any NSA that
       has not had the opportunity and/or means to
       obtain such training.

   System Awareness
     Year-long focus on under-utilized message keys.

7/14/2011                    Nlets & IFTA                    40
IDC Content

 Customized to fit the needs of the agency
       Day 1 0800 - 0815     Course overview
             0815 - 1200   A Adult Learning
             1200 - 1300     Lunch
             1300 - 1500   B Program Delivery
             1500 - 1700   C Classroom Management

       Day 2 0800 - 1000   C Classroom Management
             1000 - 1200   D Documentation
             1200 - 1300     Lunch
             1300 - 1700     Lesson Plan & Presentations

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  How is it used?
  How does it work?

7/14/2011             Nlets & IFTA   42
How is it used?
                         The purpose of the
                          Nlets IFTA transaction
                          is to provide a resource
                          that enables access to
                          real-time data for
                          criminal justice
                          purposes to Nlets
                          members responsible
                          for roadside enforce-
                          ment of fuel tax laws.

7/14/2011         Nlets & IFTA                       43
How does it work?
              INQUIRY: FQC                               RESPONSE: FRC

   The FQC will search the IFTA                  The response (FRC)
    database and return an FRC                     will include:
    message with exact matches                      IFTA number
    based upon the Federal                          Organization name
    Identification Number (FEI).                    Jurisdiction
                                                    Contact number
   The FQC requires:
                                                    Status
     Valid, 9-character, sending ORI
     2-character destination ORI (‘FT’)       • Nlets supports this transaction in
     FEI                                        legacy text, as well as in XML.
                                               • Participating states include
                                                 Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota,
                                                 West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
7/14/2011                       Nlets & IFTA                                          44
  How is it used?
  How does it work?

7/14/2011             Nlets & IFTA   45
How is it used?
   In addition to the
    Nlets vehicle
    queries already
    available, PRISM
    provides inquiry
    ability to access the

7/14/2011                   Nlets & IFTA   46
  How does it work?
                   INQUIRY: ACQ                                          RESPONSE: AVQ

       The inquiry for a                             With an exception of the data
        Carrier Status Request                         field headings and depending on
        by USDOT Number                                the MCSIP Steps, all Nlets Carrier
        and a Vehicle Status                           Status Response messages
        Request for targeted                           provide the same data elements:
        information is by:                               If the carrier is targeted;
         VIN; or,                                       If the carrier is under Federal
         License plate & State.                          OOSO; and,
                                                         If the carrier registration is
• It is important to note that information                suspended or revoked.
  obtained via Nlets is not updated in real-time.          ○ Vehicle Status Responses will return the
  This means persons running the transaction                    carrier data for the carrier responsible for
  should also confirm if an OOSO is still in effect.            safety, but only when there has been a
• Nlets is currently working with PRISM to                      carrier designated.
  provide real-time access to data.

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                  Bonnie Locke

            Director, Business Development



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