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					Maria Otawara
 To   be appropriate and Responsible when
  using digital devices.
 There    are nine elements which explains the
  way how technology should be used.
 It   is mostly based on teenagers who needs to
  learn how to use technology in a better way.
   The basic rules to behave well while using technology
    within the society.
   The user has to be responsible so that there would be
    less problems regarding technology.
   Making rules to stop inappropriate use is not enough
    for the problem makers in the society today.
   Digital devices made communication with others
    available by using computers and phones.

   Some people are not aware that there are
    dangers to be able to communicate with anyone
    all over the world.

   It’s too easy to send messages that people use it
    as a negative way.
   School activities and homework are done using
    the computer these days.

   Teachers need to teach students how to use

   But there are problems because students use it
    during school in a inappropriate way.
   There has to be equal digital access within the

   No one has the right to be able to use the device
    more than others in a advanced way.
   Technology is used to sell and buy goods online.

   But illegal and immortal goods are being
    purchased online.

   Users need to be more aware of the issues that is
    happening because of electronic business.
   There are to many users who goes against the
    law and influences the society.

   It applies to people who play, work and watch

   Hacking is a example of a crime that is an illegal
    use by using technology.
   All users should have their digital rights.

   Also, users need to have responsibilities and use
    technology in a appropriate manner.

   For everyone to be productive, and respect each
    other, we need to be more responsible.
 There  are many people who get health
  problems because of technology use.
 Through educating and training users need to
  protect themselves from the psychological
 The main reason is because of internet
 Dangerous  incidents occur using technology
  so people need to have at least self-
 Some individuals cause damage to other
  people by stealing, bullying, etc.
 On the digital devices, we need to input virus
  protection, backups of data,etc.