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Movie House Cinemas
Size:            240 full & part employees
Sector:          Entertainment
Location:        Belfast, Coleraine & Maghera
Status:          Currently working through MLDP

Key Results:     Clear company direction
                 Development plan in place
                 Key objectives understood by staff
                 Managers now more strategic
                 Tailored staff training
                 Customer service improved

Movie House Cinemas is the brainchild of Michael
McAdam and was established in 1990 when its first
cinema was opened in Glengormley. Since its humble
beginnings the company has grown and today its
operations include at Yorkgate, a 14 screen cinema
complex, Flicks Restaurant and Gallaher s bar; at       The real challenge therefore, was to ensure that the
Dublin Road, a 10-screen cinema complex and coffee      Movie House management team was adequately
shop and at Maghera, a three-screen venue.              equipped to drive the business forward strategically,
                                                        and that they had the skills required to ensure that
However, the 2006 purchase of the Jet Centre in         their staff teams could uphold the customer
Coleraine perhaps marks the company s most              experience standards and that these were delivered
significant development. The site required heavy        consistently throughout the Movie House locations.
investment and following a £13m overhaul it was
reopened and targeted much more at the family           THE STRATEGY
market.                                                 To meet the challenges head on, Barbara Campbell
                                                        was appointed as Business Development Manager.
THE CHALLENGE                                           Her remit was twofold: to investigate the training
While the growth of Movie House Cinemas was             options appropriate for the management team, and
certainly significant, so was the investment shown by   internally put in place a programme for all 240
its competitors. What became clear was that it was      employees that would help to cement the customer
relatively easy for these competitors to match the      services standards throughout the organisation.
Movie House when it came to upgrades e.g. improved
seating, screens and pricing. However, it was much       Putting the customer service and standards training
harder for them to match the Movie House customer       in place was straightforward enough and I am
experience an area that the team pride itself on.       delighted to say that the feedback from both staff and
                                                        customers would certainly suggest that it is having an
  The team at DEL were very helpful and provided me with a lot of information and
listened to my specific requirements.

 Our whole experience has been a worthwhile one. Both programmes have been
ideal for us and the 100% funding has been a fantastic bonus we selected Made
Not Born because it was right for us, not because it was free.

impact. However, what was more difficult was             Thanks largely to foresight and flexibility of Michael
selecting a training programme for the management        and Barbara; the Movie House has embarked on two
team that really met our needs explains Barbara.         programmes capable of allowing the company to grow
                                                         and to incorporate a professional approach no matter
After much research and investigation into the many      whom and where it is delivered.
training options available Barbara approached DEL s
Management and Leadership Branch (M&L). The DEL          THE RESULTS
M&L team were very helpful, they listened to my          From a companywide point-of-view, MAP, has shown
specific requirements and provided me with a lot of      the Movie House where its needs lie, and the
information said Barbara.                                development plan provided to the company by the
                                                         DEL business adviser has helped to focus staff on what
The DEL M&L team advised Barbara that given her          needs to be done to address these.
needs the best options were the Management
Analysis & Planning Programme (MAP) and the              MLDP is really the next level for its management team.
Management & Leadership Development Programme            It is providing them with the tools, such as
(MLDP).                                                  performance management, financial control and
                                                         project development skills all of which will be
For Barbara the advice from DEL has been right on the    needed in order to push the company forward and
money, The DEL MAP business adviser was brilliant.       prepare for what Barbara hopes will be a very exciting
The thing that impressed me the most was the time        time for Movie House Cinemas.
taken by our adviser to listen to our needs, desires
and concerns.                                             Our whole experience has been a worthwhile one.
                                                         Both programmes have been ideal for us and the
 The consultant s expertise was invaluable, as was the   funding has been a fantastic bonus we selected
companywide audit that was undertaken. It provided       Made Not Born because it was right for us, not
us with a real point of focus, and in truth was          because of its funding assistance. And although we re
instrumental in helping us to create a development       still working through some of the learning, we have
programme that would not only progress and grow          become a stronger, more motivated and passionate
Movie House Cinemas operations, but also deliver a       team one that I know will enjoy success both as a
training programme that would motivate staff             company and as individuals.
explains Barbara.

Movie House Cinemas put on an Oscar winning
Part of the business adviser s remit when working with
Barbara and her team was to help define the direction
that the company wished to take and what would be
required in order to achieve their goals.

With competition mounting and the need to offer the
customer a complete experience, it was vital that any
training was targeted at the company s key objectives.

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