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Excerpt from "Transformation"

I let myself into our bedroom a few seconds later. Enid was sitting up in bed, her glasses on, looking at some
paperwork. She looked up over her frames.
"Hi sweetie. Wasn't that an interesting evening? Did you have fun?"
"You were pretty mean Enid" I said "You didn't have to go around calling me Melissa..."
I broke off, staring at her. She was wearing the green satin pajamas. The pair that had been promised to me.
"But you said that I could have these to wear." I remonstrated, pointing at them.
"Yes? I did, didn't I?" She said. "Looks like I changed my mind, doesn't it? I feel like being the guy again
tonight, and I want you to be my pretty little wife So why don't you just slip into your nice baby dolls?" She
flipped up my pillow. "See? Here they are, just waiting for you to put them on."

"But you said.." I started.
"Melissa! Just put on your pretty jammies. Quick now!"

Then she motioned me towards her and smiling mockingly, and while I stood meekly at the side of he bed,
undid the bows at my sleeves, then turned me around and did the one at the back of my smock. It took me less
than a minute to get out of it, hang it up in the closet, then get the rest of my clothes off and my baby doll
pajamas on. As I was doing all of this, Enid was watching me. "Finished?" She asked.
"O.K. Sit there on the edge of the bed." She commanded, pointing.

Wondering what was going on, I complied. She then got out of bed and walked around to where I sat, and
came to stand directly over me. Then, she straddled my knees and pushed me gently until I fell back onto the
bed, my legs hanging over the edge.
"Good! Now just stay there for a second. Ok?"
I wasn't about to disagree.

She stretched for something on the dresser table, then was back over on top of me again. She laid some things
on the bedcover. Picked something up.
"Mm..Mmm...Mm" she crooned - and started applying makeup on my face.
"Please Enid? Don't do this. Please?"
"Oh for goodness sake!" She muttered impatiently. "You know I like my girl to look pretty. Just wait a minute
or two. Would you?"
I tried again. "Please don't, Enid. I've done everything you wanted."
"Of course you have darling. But that's how little sissies ARE. I don't see why I should expect any less from
you. Do you?"
"No." I capitulated.
"Call me mistress Enid darling, would you? I've been told that sissies just LOVE to be told what to do by
dominant mistresses. Is that true?"
"I don't know, mistress Enid" I whimpered softly.
"Of course it is! Now be quiet Melissa. You're making it difficult for me to do a nice job on your makeup!"
And she applied a little eyeshadow. "This pretty blue. It'll match your jammies. Nice eh?" She said. Then "A
little blusher, then we'll heavy in your eyebrows just a tad. Then mascara? Eh? What do you think?
Mmmm..Mm don't blink now. There! Now a little lipstick, just to finish it off. That's it! Want to see?"

I had lain there, totally compliant, as she gently applied the sweet smelling creams and lotions to my face. The
look of total concentration on her face as she worked had brooked no interference. Now I looked at the
woman's face peering back at me from the hand mirror that she was holding for me. She got up from on top of
me. "O.K Melissa. Get your hair combed out from that stupid pony tail, then put out the lights and get back
into bed."

And a few minutes later I was under the covers and in her arms. She stroked the ruffles at my breasts and gently
snapped the elastic around the legs of my panties. I made a half hearted attempt to block her moving hands.
Felt her lips move in a smile, and her hands stroke the underside of my upper arms, under the puffy sleeves.
"Nice arms," she whispered, "all soft and smooth and feminine. Nice and weak too. Why don't you put them
around Enid's neck? Tell her how much you like being her girl?"

And once again, I complied, letting out little moans of pleasure as she fondled and caressed me, whispering how
pretty I was into my ears. Telling me how smooth I felt inside my baby dolls. Her tongue found my ears,
probing wetly. Her hands caressed my breasts under the ruffled top. Slowly then, she worked a leg up and over
my legs, her weight starting to bear down on me. She pulled my panties down at an agonizingly slow rate, with
me twitching and moaning as they descended every inch.. Finally, purring quite loudly with pleasure, she
worked her way along the rest of my upper legs, gave a quiet little gasp, then mounted and fitted herself around
me. I couldn't help it. I squealed and came in a series of delighted spasms...