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					President’s Welcome
                          I’m glad you are taking the time to educate yourself about all the options and opportunities available to
                          you at F  ullerton C        ou’ll        e
                                              ollege.Y find that w offer over 80transfer programs and 90Associate D and egree
                          C ertificate options.

                          Established in 1913, F ullerton C                               ith
                                                           ollege has evolved to keep up w the changing career trends and needs
                          of our students. In the past fewyears, newconstruction has allow us to provide updated learning

                          The foundation of F ullerton College’s success is the uniquely talented and dedicated faculty,
                          administrators and staff w share a commitment to high academic standards, comprehensive
                          opportunities for students and individual attention to student needs.

                         Fullerton College has one of the highest transfer rates to the California State U niversity and University of
    C alifornia campuses and other institutions of higher education. Fullerton College also offers career technical education courses
    in C osmetology, Automotive, Printing, and A dministration of Justice.

    W                                               ill
       hether taking online or campus courses, you w find that Fullerton C                                          ays
                                                                          ollege is easily accessed from local freew and public
                                          ow n ullerton, and is an open campus that seamlessly transitions into the city of
    transit, is located a fewblocks from D ntow F

    I hope that you choose Fullerton C                                         eel
                                      ollege to begin your college education. F free to contact us to visit our beautiful campus!

    o ornets!

                         ., BA
    Rajen Vurdien, Ph. D M
    President, Fullerton C ollege
About Fullerton College
    –Established in 1913
    –Located in N Oorth range C   ounty
    – T o-year public community college
    –Student O  rganizations: Some clubs on campus include the A       dventure Club,
        International C and M h.A.  .E.C
    –H Societies: Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha G          amma Sigma
    –N umber of students: over 22,000
    –T                              al
      op-ranked in transfers to C State U    niversity, Fullerton
    –90Associate D Programs offered
    –O 160C      ertificate Programs offered
    –Located w                           ow n ullerton
                alking distance from D ntow F
    –A ccessible by public transit and M  etrolink                                   *Beverly Hills
                                                                                                            *   Downtown
                                                                                                                                                                            *Big Bear

                                                                              * Hollywood                       Los Angeles
    –A ccredited by the A  ccrediting Commission for C   ommunity and                                                          605
                                                                                  * LAX
        Junior C olleges,W  estern Association of Schools and C   olleges                                                 5

    –Fullerton C ollege is a Hispanic Serving Institution as defined by the                                                                      Fullerton     *
                                                                                                                    91                           College
                                                                                                                               Knott's *
      H ispanic Association of C olleges and U  niversities                                                                    Berry Farm
                                                                                                                                                             Angel *   55
                                                                                                                         405                                 Stadium
                                                                                                                                            Disney Resort*
                                                                                                                  *Long Beach                          22

    Fullerton College to...                                                                                                             *Huntington
    •	 Disneyland	-5	miles                                                                      Pacific Ocean
                                                                                                                                                               John Wayne
    •	 Knott’s	Berry	Farm	-7	miles
    •	 Honda	Center	-7	miles
    •	 Angel	Stadium	-8	miles
    •	 Huntington	Beach	-20.5	miles
    •	 Los	Angeles	-27	miles
    •	 Big	Bear	-87	miles

                                                       Library Learning Resource Center
    What’s the FC campus like?
    Campus Life:
     It doesn’t take long to figure out that the quad is w you’ll find the
    majority of students hanging out.The Student C     enter, located in the
    C         enter,                             atch ,
      ollege C gives students a place to w TVplay pool, play video
                        ext                        ining all, hich
    games and relax. N door you’ll find the D H w offers
    a variety of snacks and food, as w as ample room to eat and enjoy
    the campus-w w  ide i-fi.

    W 20different sports teams to choose from, F    ullerton College gives
    students the opportunity to become student athletes. As part of the
    O range Empire C onference, the FCH ornets have been champions in
    Basketball, F                     im ive, rack
                 ootball, Softball, Sw &D T &Field and W           ater
    Polo, and have prepared students to make the transfer from
    community college athletics to four-year universities such as
      ew exico
    N M State, A                    SU    arcos
                          uburn, C San M and Kansas W          esleyan University.

    Thanks to an approved bond measure in 2002, F    ullerton College has
    since built the Library Learning Resource C Parking Structure,
    C         enter, lassroom O Building, O
     ollege C C                  ffice          lympic-size pool, Field House,
    Science Building, Sport C and remodeled the Physical Education facilities.

                                Parking Structure        1400 Building
    Transfer Programs and As
    Transfer Programs: These programs provide the lower division (freshman and sophomore) classes
                                  required for the bachelor degree.
    Administration of Justice             Communications                              Plant Science
         (C  riminal Justice)                   A dvertising                          Political Science
    Anthropology                                G eneral                              Pre-C hiropractic
    Architecture                                Journalism/Broadcast                  Pre-D Hental ygiene
    Art                                         Public Relations                      Pre-M   edicine
         C eramics                              Telecommunications, Radio-TV   ,      Pre-N  ursing
         C or 3-DM         edia                 Film                                  Pre-O  ptometry
         D ing &Painting                  Computer Science                            Pre-Pharmacy
         G  eneral                        D ance                                      Pre-Physical Therapy
         G raphic D  esign                D entistry                                  Pre-Physician Assistant
         H  istory                        Economics                                   Psychology
         Illustration                     Engineering                                 Recreation
         Photography                      Engineering T   echnology                   Religious Studies
         Printmaking                      English                                               ork/H
                                                                                      Social W uman Services/
         Sculpture                        Ethnic Studies                                   Social Ecology
         Studio Art                       Fashion (M   erchandising/Textiles)         Sociology
         T eaching                        French                                      Spanish
    Biochemistry                          G eography                                  Theatre Arts
    Biological Sciences                   G eological Science                              G eneral
    Business A   dministration            G erman                                          M  usical
    Chemistry                               ealth
                                          H Science                                        Performance/Playw   riting
     hild evelopment
    C D                                   H istory                                         T eaching
                                          H &Restaurant M        anagement                 T echnical Production
                                          Interdisciplinary Studies
                                          Interior D esign
                                          International Relations
                                          Liberal Studies (N eaching/T     eaching)
                                          M  athematics
                                          M  usic
                                          M Tusic echnology
                                          N            ood ietetics)
                                            utrition/F (D

ssociate Degrees offered...
      Associate Degrees: These programs include completion of general education courses and study in a specific
                                            major or area of specialization.
      Accounting                                       Fashion Journalism                              M  usic
      Administration of Justice                        Fashion M   erchandising                               Commercial
      Advertising and G   raphic D esign               Foreign Language                                N utrition &F   oods
      Anthropology                                     G eography                                        ffice echnology
                                                                                                       O T
      Architecture                                     G eology                                               A                ffice
                                                                                                                dministrative O Assistant
      Art                                              H istory                                               Legal O Affice dministration
      Astronomy                                        H orticulture                                             ord
                                                                                                              W Processing
      Automotive T   echnology                                Landscape M   anagement                  Paralegal Studies
      Biological T echnician                                  N ursery M anagement                     Philosophy
      Biology                                                 O rnamental                              Physical Education
      Business A  dministration                        Industrial Arts                                 Physical Education (Fitness)
      Business M   anagement                           Industrial Laboratory T echnician (Chemistry)   Physics
             Entrepreneurship                          Industrial T echnology                          Political Science
             International Business M  anagement                                  ith
                                                       Interdisciplinary Studies w Areas of            Pre-N  ursing
             M arketing M  anagement                   Emphasis                                        Printing T echnology
      Carpentry                                               Science &M   athematics                  Psychology
      Chemistry                                               Arts &H  uman Expression                 Radio Broadcasting
      Chicano/C   hicana Studies                              Social Sciences                          Radio Production
       hild evelopment &Educational Studies
      C D                                                     Social Behavior &Self-D evelopment       Real Estate M    anagement
      C Engineering T     echnology                               esign
                                                       Interior D Assistant                            Religious Studies
      Communications-G      eneral                     Journalism                                      Social Science
      Computer Information Systems                     Latin American Studies                          Sociology
      Computer Science                                 Liberal Studies: (N on-teaching/T eaching)      Speech
      Construction Inspection                          M  anufacturing T echnology                     Television/ Film
      Construction M   anagement                       M  arketing M  anagement                        Textiles &C   lothing
      Construction T  echnology                        M  athematics                                   Theatre Arts: D (Arama cting)
      Cosmetology                                      M  edical Technology
      Cosmetology Instructor                           M  icrobiology
      D ance
      D rafting Technology
      Early C hildhood Education
      Elementary Education
      Environmental Science
      Environmental T   echnology
      Ethnic Studies
      Fashion D  esign
How we help you excel...
    Academic Support Center: H F       elps ullerton College students achieve academic success in all subject areas by providing
                                                                         enter, utoring C and the W C
    instructional support to students and faculty throughout the Skills C T              enter           riting enter.
                              ffers                                        ide
    Associated Students: O students leadership opportunities, providing a w variety of campus events that involve the
    student body and student representation in shared governance.
    Cadena/Transfer Center: Serves as a student resource and advising center w provides a variety of academic, transfer,
    personal enrichment and diversity services.
                                      ffers                               ith
    Career and Life Planning Center: O individual and group appointments w career counseling faculty and provides
    students w career information.
                              ffers ,                                                  ith
    Counseling Center: O newcontinuing and returning students individual appointments w counseling faculty to
    receive assistance in reaching educational goals.
    Disability Support Services: Provides support and educational accommodations to qualified students w disabilities.
     SS                                        SS
    D students may also take advantage of the D computer lab located in the Library.
    EOPS: The Extended O  pportunity Program and Services is a student support services program designed to assist students in
                                                             PS, ARE.                                       PS
    meeting their educational and career goals. Also under EO is C This supplemental program assists EO eligible students
     ho                                                           AN
    w are also the parent of a child under 14years of age and a T Frecipient.
    Financial Aid: Provides assistance and processing of federal and state financial aid for eligible students.
    Health Services: Provides clinical services, counseling, medical testing, health workshops and some medications.
                                         elps                   orld ith                    nited
    International Student Center: H students from all over the w w their transition to the U States and in
    reaching their academic and personal goals.
                   illiam .
    Library: The W TBoyce Library assists students in attaining their educational and information goals by offering
    a combination of innovative and traditional library services.
    On-site Child Development Center: This nationally recognized program serves as a high quality environment for
    preschool-aged children as w as a training and research facility for students from many disciplines.
    Student Affairs: O students the opportunity to
    become involved on campus and in the community.
    Veteran’s Services:Assists Veterans w their
    educational goals and provides support along the way.
    Workforce Center: Provides students w information
    on local job openings, resume and cover letter assistance,
    interview skills and holds w   orkshops to prepare
    students seeking jobs.
Student & Staff Testimonials
                         John Lien, Disability Support Services Student
                         “Fullerton C          SS                                       ay
                                       ollege D opens doors for people to find a pathw to their
                         future. It provides great assistance to me and many other students in
                         need of guidance assistance. FCis close to home, and I heard about this
                         program from my high school. I love this place, and w ouldn’t choose any
                         other community college to attend.”

                   Crystal Loria, Associated Students Senator
       “I heard about A.S. from my roommate w had served as the Inter
         lub ouncil secretary. Alot of the A.S. Senators and members
       C C
       encouraged me and once I became a senator it really did change my
       life for the better. Before I gained the title of A.S. Senator, my student
       involvement w A.S. made it clear that the follow semester Iing
       should run for A.S. Senator. In my college experience thus far, my A.S.
       involvement has led me to meet influential peers w have become
       great friends that I knowI w keep for years to come.”

                         Olivia Veloz, Director of Academic Support Services
                         “The A                     enter        )
                                cademic Support C (ASC offers numerous resources and programs
                         to students and faculty that help students achieve academic success.The ASCis
                         comprised of three centers that provide students an opportunity to strengthen
                         the skills they need to be independent learners by offering resources such as
                         w              riting
                           orkshops, w tutors, single subject tutors, group and individual tutoring, ESL
                         Specialists, conversation circles, study hall for student athletes, softw programs,
                         and print materials. Research conducted on campus indicates that the ASC
                         provides programs and services that increase student retention and success. W    e
                         encourage faculty and students to visit our centers to meet the friendly staff and
                         to ask questions about our services - this is the first step to success!”

What’s the Cost?
    Estimated Annual Cost to Attend College in California*
        Resident          Non-residents
    CCC   $780               $6,630
    CSU $4,827              $16,053
    UC   $9,285             $32,002

    * Estimates provided by the Community College League of C            arch
                                                             alifornia, M 2010.

How to Apply...
    –Apply online at w w w
    –Apply for Financial Aid at w w
      ake                                ath,
    –T assessment tests to enroll in M English,Reading or ESL
    –N students can make an appointment for group advising
    –Speak	to	a	Counselor,		call	714-992-7084	to	make	
     an appointment
    –U pdate personal info in myG ayatew
    –Register for classes in myG ay
    –Pay fees in myG ay or pay in person at A     dmissions
     and Records O   ffice

Want more info?
    –	Admissions	&	Records:	714-992-7075
    –	Administration	of	Justice	(Police	Academy):	714-992-7115
    –	Assessment	Testing:	714-992-7117
    –	Athletics:	714-992-7045
    –	Cosmetology:	714-992-7123
    –	Counseling:	714-992-7084
    –	Disability	Support	Services:	714-992-7099
    –	EOPS/CARE:	714-992-7097
    –	Financial	Aid:	714-992-7091
    –	Fine	Arts:		714-992-7034
    –	Massage	Program:	714-992-7474
    –	Office	of	Special	Programs:	714-992-7067
    –	Technology	&	Engineering:	714-992-7051

    To schedule a campus tour, please call 714-732-5054.
    Find us online:
           Fullerton College
           Fullerton College Alumni                              @fullcoll


                                                                             ClassroomO Building
                                                                                              3 10
                                         Board of Trustees:
                                               Jeffrey P. Brown
                                             Barbara D  unsheath
                                              Leonard Lahtinen
                                              Michael Matsuda
                                             M McClanahan
                                                 D Miller
                                                . ony ntiveros
                                              MT O

                                        Ned D              .,
                                              offoney, Ed.D Chancellor
                                                ., BA,
                             Rajen Vurdien, Ph.D M President, Fullerton College

          Fullerton College is part of the NorthO                m
                                                 range County Com unity College District
Fullerton College • 321 E. Chapman Avenue • Fullerton, CA 92832 • 714-992-7000 •

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