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November 2009 - PDF 2 by zhangyun


									                              Vo l u m e X X V I I                  Issue 9               N o v. 2 0 0 9

                          Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
                                       Chapter Chatter

                          Message from the President

Judy Cooper and her team deserve a round of applause for the October Meeting. The
projects were wonderful and everyone made the guests feel welcome. I think it worked, last
I heard we had either 4 or 5 new members, YEA! We had fun projects, painting, good food
and friends, the recipe for new members. If you missed Sunday morning at Retreat, we had
a fun demo about recruiting members.

I don't know where the summer went, but the trees are absolutely gorgeous! I just love the
fall colors and the crispness in the air. Did you hear that when we woke up on Sunday in Cascade there was
about 3 or 4 inches of snow on the ground. The trees were covered and branches were somewhat weighted
down, the entire scene reminded me of winter wonderland, beautiful and calm... isn't that a song?

Speaking of songs, the theme for our Christmas party is "Sing a Song of Christmas". I can think of all kinds of
songs and how you might decorate a table to coincide with the song. Check with Jan Isaacson or Wanda
Stuart if you have not signed up to attend, to make sure there is still room. This year we will be celebrating at
the Nampa Valley Grange in Nampa. It will be nice to have access to a kitchen.
I would like to see if there is any interest in participating in Chapter events at the SDP Convention in
Wichita. There are two events in particular, Chapter's Marketplace and the Banquet. The Chapter's
Marketplace is an opportunity for Chapters to sell items to a captive audience. I will be there to man the table if
we decide to sell our wares. And secondly, we could decorate a table for the Banquet. The table would need
a centerpiece and an item for each person seated at the table. The table can be decorated with any theme
we chose; Idaho, May flowers, Christmas, etc. Think about it.

November is the time to select officers for next year. Our nominating committee has an article in the
newsletter presenting a slate of nominees that have agreed to run for the respective office. Be prepared to
vote at the November meeting. Also at the meeting we will review changes to the By-Laws and Standing
Rules. Pat Marler will lead the discussion, you should have received a copy of the document to review. As
you review, jot down your questions or comments and bring them up at the review.

Now we are heading for my favorite holiday, Christmas!! Every year I tell myself I am going to start decorating
and buying gifts early... by my schedule I should have started last weekend. Now I will have to brave the cold
air when I decorate the yard and trees.

The only way to paint is with a happy heart,

                                                Quick Reminder
Check your email for your copy of our By-laws and Standing Rules that were sent out Nov. 2nd. Please print
and bring them to the meeting this month when we will voting on them.
If you cannot get to the meeting this month, an absentee ballot with instructions for mailing, are on page 6.
    Vo l u m e X X V I I                   Issue 9                 N o v. 2 0 0 9                Page 2

                                         Program Happenings
     Diann Williams 855-0820 ~ Donna Kirk 342-5352

Peggy Harris
November is the last opportunity to have your registration affect the final cost for the Peggy Harris seminar
March 5th – 7th, 2010
Registration for this seminar has been slow with only 7 members per day registered as of October. To bring the
daily cost down to the previous seminar cost of $40-$50 per day we need a minimum of 20 members per day. If
you are planning to paint with Peggy please register at the November meeting. Remember if you voted for one
of the chosen projects that was your commitment to paint if that project was chosen.

Paint-in Projects for 2010
I am sure you are all working feverishly on your paint-in submission for next year.
It is hard to believe that there is only a little over 2 months before these projects will be viewed. Where did 2009
go? If you have any questions on how to submit or what you will need please feel free to contact me either by
e-mail,, or phone, 855.0820.
You can find the submission information published in the October newsletter or on our website. Thanks for all
you hard work, we are very excited to see the new projects.
       LU u m X X X           I U E IU E F E 9 MAP N2 02 2 0 8 88
                                 ISS2 s 3
    V OV o lM E e X V I V IIIS S S U Es4 u e B R UAYR IC H 02 0 00 9
                                                  M AR o v. 82 0
                                                   ARY, 0
                                                       L                                          PPAG E 5
                                                                                                  PAG E
                                                                                                   age 3
                                                                                                 PAG E E4 4 5

                              Paint with                    January Class
                           Nony Housh and                       With
                             Gisele Pope                     Gisele Pope
                            in November
                                                      Gisele will be taking sign-ups
                        Nony and Gisele will be
                                                      for the January plate class,
                        teaching the Ginger-
                                                      She will also take orders for
                        bread Spoons, at the
                        November meeting.
                                                      Plates will be delivered to the
                        Class fee $7.50. Con-         Dec meeting along with prep
                        tact Gisele or Nony           directions and line drawings.
                        a.s.a.p. if you want to
do this class with them.                              This is a great pattern and easy to adjust to fit on any
 The spoons are available at Wal-mart, the            surface. Gisele will be providing the colors of the plate,
Dollar Store or anywhere kitchen supplies are         but feel free to bring your own to adjust to your favorite
sold. You may also adapt the pattern to any           color scheme.
surface of your choice.                               Class fee $7.50, Plate $18.50.

                                    Agenda for the November Meeting
•     Sign up for Gisele’s January Class
•     Sign up and pay deposit for Peggy Harris Seminar
•     Pick up bag for ornament exchange for the Christmas Party
•    Business Meeting, including voting for By-laws and Standing Rules and
     Election of Officers for 2010
•     Paint with Nony and Gisele

Leah Luper won September’s raffle,                                                           Board Meeting
and chose the beautiful floral bowl that             Newsletter Deadline                     November 13th
Gisele Pope painted and will be bringing a             Friday, Nov. 27th.                         3 pm
painted item for the November Meeting.                  Please send to:
Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 .The more                                                    At the home of
donated items we have the more we make                                                    Leah Luper in Caldwell
for the chapter.

                                                                                  MaryAnn Caterina - 378-1230
                                                                                     and Willa Dean Grant -
                    November Birthdays                                                      344-1406
Nov.     3    Carmen Fisher           Nov. 21     Kim Rast
Nov.    12    Carolyn Wardle          Nov. 23     Rhonda Curry     Refreshments for the November Meeting:
Nov.    13    Veletta Murphey         Nov. 23     Linda Dealy      Connie Smith
Nov.    17    Cindy Frendt            Nov. 24     Donna Kirk       Anita Mutchie
Nov.    20    Rebecca Compton         Nov. 24     Glenda Kranik    Jan Isaacson
Nov.    21.   MaryAnne Caterina       Nov. 26     Julie Cloud      Julie Cloud
Nov.    21    Nancy Franks                                         SallyWeiskircher
  VL Uu E X X X V
    ol um       X
V OV o lMm ee X V IV I IIIS S U EI I2 ss u e 49R UAYAL2r0008 8 0 9
                                   ss uF E B ARARY, 02l 80 0
                                    3           M R IN 2 i 0
                                          e M APC H po v. 2                         PPAG 6 9
                                                                                    PAG E 4
                                                                                     Pa E
                                                                                   PAG g eE 66

                                 ICHA Annual Christmas Party
                               ♫ SING A SONG OF CHRISTMAS ♫

                            WHEN: Saturday, December 5, 2009
                               TIME: 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

            WHERE: The Grange Hall in Nampa, address 203 5th Ave. South.
       This is on the corner of 2nd Street South and 5th Avenue.           Stone's Lumber
         is across 2nd street.    It's also the location of the Bunko party last May.

           POTLUCK: You are to bring a favorite dish to the potluck luncheon.

               If your LAST NAME begins with A through C - bring a dessert.
                If your LAST NAME begins with D through L - bring a salad.
                  If your LAST NAME begins with M - Z bring a main dish.

        (The above is based on the names of the people who have signed up for the party
             and spaced so that we have an equal amount of food in each category.)
 Call Tana Brown or Penni Howard if you have questions regarding the food and drink.

                           ROLLS AND BUTTER ARE BEING PROVIDED.

                                    OUR FAVORITE TREAT:
                  7 INDIVIDUAL tables, each decorated around a holiday song
Each year, a great joy at this luncheon is to see the wonderful table decorations. Many ladies are
hard to bring you a special holiday experience, with unique centerpieces and a favor just for you.

                                 LIMITED SEATING remaining
               There are only 3 seats left for this luncheon. Once those are filled,
     you are out of luck to attend. If you haven't signed up, or if you can't remember if you
         are on the list, please call Jan Isaacson at, home: 467-9915 or cell: 250-4548.

                        DOOR PRIZES and PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES:
  There will be great door prizes, and photo opportunities in a special holiday setting.

Participation in the ornament exchange is voluntary. The guidelines are as follows: your orna-
ment is to be handmade by yourself or someone else, it must fit in a lunch size paper bag and the
cost should be $5 to $10. The ornament can be a Christmas one, or one for your body, or one for
your home. For those participating, the bags will be handed out at the November ICHA meet-
ing. Please call Kris Hennis with any questions about the ornament exchange.
  VL Uu E X X X V
    ol um       X
V OV o lMm ee X V IV I IIIS S U EI I2 ss u e 49R UAYAL2r0008 8 0 9
                                   ss uF E B ARARY, 02l 80 0
                                    3           M R IN 2 i 0
                                          e M APC H po v. 2                                    PPAG 6 9
                                                                                               PAG E 5
                                                                                                Pa E
                                                                                              PAG g eE 76

                                                Art Share
What a great response for our October Art Share! Thank you everyone who participated. Our guests loved
seeing our “masterpieces.” And a really big THANK YOU to Nancy Franks, Gayle Caskey, Pat Marler &
Sherrill Clark for doing a terrific job setting up and doing Art Share while I was gone. Heard the goodies were
wonderful & you all had fun, too.
This month, bring your favorite thing and/or a fall or holiday themed something you have painted or created.
It can be painted, stitched, framed, etc., as long as you have created it.
There will not be Art Share in December, so this is the time to show off that special holiday thing, or maybe a
gift you painted or made to give someone this holiday season.
Challenge for January Art Share: “Goin’ Green” – paint something that would normally end up being tossed
out – or was made for one use and you painted it for another use. Painters are the most creative, use it for
something, folks I know, so show off your creativity.
Laneal Chirin
466-8765 or 989-1304

                               Membership        Tana Brown
                             Membership Renewals now due
                              ICHA Membership $15 per year
                         SDP $40 per year paid directly to the SDP
        Remember, dues go up $5 for each membership, if not paid before Dec. 1st.
 If you have any change to your contact information please let Tana know at: or 703-5610.
 Also please notify Sally: or 888-3371
 Please welcome the following new members and add them to your membership list:
 Connie Engle 2720 Driftwood Dr Payette ID 83661 208 642-4518 2/8 no email
 Laura O’Dell     635 McGlinchey      Meridian ID 83646         888-5146 8-13 no email

 New email for Sherrill Clark:

Get your raffle tickets now for the cabinet, hand painted by Gisele Pope and do-
nated by Bev Canty. Drawing will take place at the Christmas Party. Tickets are $1
each or 6 for $5 and will be available at the meetings in Oct. and Nov or by contacting
Bev Canty at

                                        ~Charity Donations ~
 Please remember to bring your items to be donated to the Valley Crisis Center in
 Nampa. Items requested are, women’s panties, socks, feminine hygiene products,
 diapers and formula. Other small personal items such as soap, shampoo, deodor-
 ant, etc., are welcome also. There will be a collection box at each meeting through-
 out the year A big thank you to Judy Cooper who has delivered our donations to
 the shelter and reports that the women there are very grateful for our generous
 contributions. Please let us all keep up the good work!
                                       2010 ICHA OFFICERS BALLOT


LEAH LUPER     ______

________________     ______


PENNI HOWARD                  ______
                                                    If you are mailing in your ballot you will need to:
SANDY HALASZ       ______
                                                    Place your completed ballot in a plain envelope
                                                    with only your membership number written on it.
__________________      ______                      Without a current membership number your bal-
                                                    lot cannot be counted.
                                                    Enclose that envelope in another envelope with
BEV CANTY      ______                               your name and return address on it and mail to:
__________________      ______
                                                    Sherrill Clark
                                                    199 S. Langer Lake Way
JULIE CLOUD     ______
                                                    Star, Idaho 83669
KARLA OLIVER     ______
                                                    REMEMBER your ballot must be postmarked by
__________________      ______                      November 14, to make sure it arrives in time to
                                                    be counted.

SALLY WEISKIRCHER         ______                    There will also be ballots at the meeting for those
LINDA DUNLAP       ______

_________________       ______


DIANN WILLIAMS      ______

GISELE POPE      ______

_________________       ______
    VV o Mm e V IV I I
      ol l m     X
  V O L UuuE eX XX X VII S S U EI s s s F E 4 9ARARY,rv.l08 0 0 9
                                  2 s uu e B R UAYALo 02080 8 0 9
                                  I     e M APC H p2 00 2 0
                                               M RN 2 i 2
                                                  I                                            PPAG E8 5
                                                                                                aa E E
                                                                                               PAG g eE 887

                                 IDAHO CHAPTER OF HERITAGE ARTISTS
                                   SOCIETY OF DECORATIVE PAINTERS
                                     BUSINESS MEETING MINUTES
                                     SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2009

The regular business meeting of the Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists was held on Saturday, October 17, 2009
at University of Phoenix in Meridian, Idaho.

Present: Kathy Archer, Darlene Blakeslee, Judy Brown, Tana Brown, Bev Canty, Gayle Caskey, MaryAnne
Caterina, Jacqueline Chappell, Sherrill Clark, Julie Cloud, Pat Cook, Judy Cooper, Nancy Ellenberger, Betty Jo
Evans, Margo Ferrera, Nancy Frank, Vicki Gardiner, Sandy Halasz, Mary Ann Herod, Nony Housh, Penni How-
ard, Darlene Little, Leah Luper, Pat Marler, Bobbie Mathews, Donnalee Moore, Verna Moore, Phyllis Moreland,
Veletta Murphey, Karla Oliver, Gisele Pope, Kim Rast, Terry Sieminiski, Virginia Stephens, Tiffany Stephenson,
Wanda Stuart, Sally Weiskircher, Barbara Williams, Diann Williams, Kris Winston.

Call to Order: President Leah called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

Guests: Sandy Hasakis, Sharon Cofer, Krissy Blandford, Connie Engle, Jeanette Luper, Marsha Sellers, Bev-
erly Goodwin.

Julie moved to accept the minutes as printed and Penni seconded, motion carried.

Officer Reports
Treasurer: Sherrill gave the financial report. Current balance is $14,660.22 with the memory box total of
$2,747.64. A copy of the report was on display.

Communications: Pat read letters from the Decorative Arts Collection and the SDP thanking the chapter for

Programs: Diann reported that the Peggy Harris seminar is scheduled for March 5, 6, 7, 2010. The projects
will be a raccoon, gold fish, zebras and frogs. Diann will have a final cost in November but it should be no more
than $40-$50 per day. Registration and deposits were accepted at the meeting for this seminar.

Diann has been in contact with Susan Scheewe. The dates available for this seminar are April, May and June
of 2010. A decision will be made at the beginning of 2010 about holding this seminar.

Gisele and Nony displayed their painted pieces for November and took signups and payments. They will teach
Gingerbread Measuring Spoons.

Newsletter: Sally reminded us that the deadline for submitting items to the newsletter is Friday, October 30,

Membership: Tana reported that there are currently 86 members and that dues ($15) for 2010 can be paid

Committee Reports
   VL Uu E X X X V
     ol um       X
 V OV o lMm ee X V IV I IIIS S U EI I2 ss u e 49R UAYAL2r0008 8 0 9
                                    ss uF E B ARARY, 02l 80 0
                                     3           M R IN 2 i 0
                                           e M APC H po v. 2                                  PPAG 9 69
                                                                                              PAG E 8
                                                                                               Pa E
                                                                                             PAG g eE 98

                                                Minutes cont.
Memory Box: Kris Winston explained the program to members and guests, thanked those who had painted
boxes on display and reminded us that more painted boxes are needed.

Sunshine: No report.

Ways & Means: Bev reminded us to buy raffle tickets for the painted cabinet. Proceeds will go to the Chapter.
Drawing will be at the Christmas party in December. The cabinet was displayed.

Art Share: The challenge to bring painted pieces to show an artist’s progress was showcased in the amazing
display of creative artwork. Twenty three members and guests participated. Participants were rewarded with a
“prize” baked goodie prepared by Gail.

Hospitality: No report.

Website: No report.

Retreat: Penni and Tana reported that retreat was a great success. Penni introduced and thanked the commit-
tee. Each committee member received a beautiful hand painted pin. Some of the painting challenge pieces
were displayed. The 2009 dates and prices will be available for 2010. There was praise and applause for Penni
and Tana and their successful efforts for a hugely successful retreat. Leah said participants were rewarded with
a couple inches of beautiful snow on Sunday morning.

October Meeting: Judy Cooper thanked her committee for bringing together a special membership and chapter
celebration meeting. She announced the activities planned which included make it/take its, refreshments, door
prizes and demonstrations. Everyone had a great time. There were seven guests present.

Christmas Party: Wanda reminded us that the Christmas party will be held December 5 at the Grange hall in
Nampa. The annual ornament exchange will be a highlight of the event. Each member will receive a decorated
bag in November – the ornament must fit in that bag. Ornaments must be hand painted. There will be a potluck,
door prizes, beautifully decorated tables and entertainment. Currently there are 54 signed up to attend – one
more table needs to be decorated. She gave the potluck assignments: members with last names beginning with
A-C will bring desserts; D-L salads; M-Z main dishes. Rhonda will provide rolls and butter. The chapter will pro-
vide drinks, tables and chairs and table coverings.

Nominating Committee: Sherrill thanked her committee for their efforts in securing nominees for each office.
The nominees are President – Leah; First Vice President (Programs) – Penni, Sandy Halasz, Stephanie; Second
Vice President (Newsletter) – Bev; Third Vice President (Membership) – Julie, Karla; Secretary – Linda Dunlap,
Sally; Treasurer – Gisele, Diann Williams. Leah asked for nominations from the floor – their being none, Pat Mar-
ler moved to close the nominations and Penni seconded – motion carried. A mail-in ballot will be printed in the
newsletter. For members who do not use the mail-in ballot, ballots will be available at the November 21 meeting.
Results of the election will be announced at that meeting. Officers will take office January 1, 2010.

Old Business

Pat Marler reported that the bylaw update will be held at the November meeting. Each member will receive the
proposed changes to the bylaws prior to the November meeting. Discussion will be on the agenda with voting on
the final bylaws and standing rules. Any questions prior to the meeting can be directed to Pat.
   VL Uu E X X X V
     ol um       X
 V OV o lMm ee X V IV I IIIS S U EI I2 ss u e 49R UAYAL2r0008 8 0 9
                                    ss uF E B ARARY, 02l 80 0
                                     3           M R IN 2 i 0
                                           e M APC H po v. 2                                     PPAG 9 69
                                                                                                 PAG E 9
                                                                                                  Pa E
                                                                                                PAG g eE 98

                                                   Minutes cont.
Light the Night celebration participants were thanked for their efforts. Sally, Darlene, Margaret and Betty Jo
participated in the face painting. Many more members are needed for this project next year.
New Business

The next board meeting will be Friday, November 13 at 3:00 at Leah’s home. All are welcome to attend.

Raffle: There was no regular raffle due to the door prizes and celebration of membership. Leah won the Sep-
tember raffle and will bring the raffle item for the November meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

__________________________                    ______________________________
Pat Marler, Secretary                         Leah Luper, President

                                          Dates to Remember
Nov. 13                Board Meeting              Leah Luper’s Home 3p.m.
Nov. 21                Meeting / Elections        Gingerbread Spoons with Nony Housh
                                                  & Gisele Pope
Dec. 5                Christmas Party             Nampa Valley Grange
Jan. 16     2010      Meeting                     Heart Plate with Gisele Pope
Jan. 22-24 2010       Heidi England Seminar*      Contact Betty Jo Evans for information.
Feb. 20     2010      Chapter Meeting
Feb. 21-26 2010       Conference *               Creative Painting / Las Vegas
Mar. 5-7    2010      Seminar                     Peggy Harris
Mar. 26-29 2010       Russian Seminar*            Contact Laneal Chirin for details.
*non chapter event

                           Websites with free Holiday Patterns
Christmas Bear by Chezza
Penguins                                                             Artist Club - free Christmas Projects    go to projects:
Guiding Star by Gladys Neilson                                       free
Penguin Light bulb by Jan Fox                                        Other interesting site:                                 Brushes and More - has a series of
                                                                     videos on YouTube on how to use dif-
Plum Purdy designs.(3)                                               ferent brushes that designers suggest.                      
S is for Snowman by Sheri Van Duyn                                   asp#youtube
       O L l M E X X IV
        Vo u m e      X               I s2 u ee 49 ARARY, 02 02 8
     V V o lUu m eX X VV I I II S S U EI s s uF E B R UAYNL2 v. 0800 0 9
                                          s          M R Ip r l
                                                        A 2
                                                  M APC H o i00 8                                          PPAG E7 00
                                                                                                            PPAG 118
                                                                                                             aa gE
                                                                                                           PAG ee E 71 0

            It’s Paintin’ time again!
      Lots of new surfaces on the ‘What’s New’
        page at
           Give us a call and/or come visit
                     our workshop.
            We do custom cuts from your drawings.
       We will work with you to create unique wood pieces.
                         No order is too small.
                       Bev and Chuck Canty
                         401 Smokey Ln.
                        Caldwell, Id 83607

                                                                           Come Paint with Misha ~ Zhostovo Seminar
                                                                                        ~ March 26 - 29, 2010 ~

                                                                        Misha selected uniquely designed pieces, all from our local
                                                                           wood-cutters & is designing them especially for us!
                                                                        This is a wonderful opportunity for you to paint with Misha!
                                                                             For more information, contact Laneal Chirin
            Call now for info on Christmas Ornament Classes!                  (208) 466-8765 or (208) 989-1304 or e-mail

If you, or anyone you know, is in need of a little sunshine or good wishes, please let Kris or
Darlene know. It only takes a minute to make a bright spot in a friend’s day.
Kris:              853-0203
Darlene: 867-2729
       V o ll u m e X V IV
       Vo ME          X
     V O L Uu m eXX X V IIIII S S U EIIs s uF E4 R UAYNL2rv.l0820 0 9
                                       s s ue B ARARY, 02 02 8 0 9
                                       2       M M RH o i 0
                                             e 9 APCA p2 00 8 0                                     PPAG E 1 0
                                                                                                    Pa g E 1 1
                                                                                                     age 1
                                                                                                    PAG e E1111

                                                     2009 Officers

      President:                      Leah Luper               455-4266
      1st Vice Presidents (Programs)  Diann Williams           855-0820 and
                                      Donna Kirk               342-5352
      2nd Vice President (Newsletter) Sally Weiskircher        888-3371
      3rd Vice President (Membership) Tana Brown               703-5610
      Secretary:                      Pat Marler               322-0085
      Treasurer:                      Sherrill Clark           286-0165     (cell 867-6894)

      Historian:                                                  Ways & Means Committee:
      Penni Howard           703-0424                             Bev Canty          459-2380
                                     October Meeting
      Sunshine:                                                   Judy Cooper        467-7069
      Kris Hennis            853-0203                                       
                                     Christmas Party:
      Darlene Blakeslee      867-8729                             Jan Issacson       467-9915
      Hospitality:                                                Wanda Stuart       442-6427
      MaryAnne Caterina : 378-1230                  
      Willa Dean Grant    344-1406                                Retreat 2009:
      Memory Boxes:                                               Penni Howard       703-0424
      Kris Winston           463-9767         and      
      Kathy Griswold         989-9061      Tana Brown       703-5610
      Calling Tree:                                                      
      Verna Moore            841-6694                             Nominating Committee:
                                Sherrill Clark       286-0165
      Website:                                                    Judy Cooper         467-7069
      Leah Luper            455-4266                              MaryAnn Herod       466-6205
                                    Donna Kirk          342-5352
      Art Share:
      Laneal Chirin       466-8765           Audit Committee:
                                                                  Diann Williams      855-0820
      Budget Committee:                                                    
                                                                  Barb Williams       208 788-3729

                                          Memory Boxes
Kathy Griswold, work 367-4757 or home 461-1137
Kris Winston 463-9767
Thank you so much for your beautiful work and time spent on the Memory boxes.
We recently took 30 more boxes to the hospitals, so we still need your participation, as our supply is
dwindling and won't last long. Please give me a call at work and leave a voice mail 367-4757 and I
will arrange to meet you to pick up boxes or give you ones to paint. Thank you again for your
wonderful efforts.
                  X lum XXVI 3        4
     V O L U M E V oX V I eI S S U E I2             F E IMR UAYHL2 02080N o v. 2 0 0 9
                                                        B ARARY, 0008 8
                                                         s s u e I9 2
                                                           M R

      Idaho Chapter of Heritage Artists
      Sally Weiskircher, Editor
      1111 N Principle Way
      Meridian, ID 83642

                Check it Out!
               We’re on the web!

                          Meeting Time and Place
                                                     •   Date: All meetings are on the third
                                                     •   Saturday of the month
  Would you like to advertise in this newsletter?    •   Time: 8:00 to 9:00 for
                Advertising Rates                    •   Registration, signups, Coffee and Social
Ad Size             Monthly     Yearly
Business Card        $3.00        $30.00
                                                     •   Meeting starts promptly At 9:00am
1/4 page              5.00         45.00
1/2 page             10.00         80.00             •   Place: University of Phoenix
Full Page            20.00        150.00             •          2950 Magic View Dr, #188,
*Members receive Business card size free and 10%     •          Meridian ( across Eagle Rd. from
on all other sizes.
                                                     •          St. Luke’s Hospital)

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