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              Appointment of
        Head of Maths Department
   Head of Maths, Economics, ICT Faculty

             September 2010
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A message from The Maths Department ..................................................................................5
Background about the School ....................................................................................................7
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               1. Application Form
               2. Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
A message from Nicole Chapman,
Dear prospective applicant.

Appointment of
Head of Maths Department / Head of Maths, Economics, ICT Faculty

Thank you for requesting information about the post. Should you decide to
apply and be successful you will be joining a school which, from your first visit,
will strike you as vibrant, bursting with energy and enthusiasm, and above all
a very happy school that celebrated its Centenary Year in 2007. You will also
find it useful to visit the school website

CCHS is a school which has retained the traditional values of a grammar
school whilst seizing opportunities for innovative practice in the education of
able students. Our school vision “Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow”
encapsulates our commitment to empowering our students in “The Pursuit of
Excellence” whilst “Achieving Individual Potential” and making a “Contribution
to the Local and Global Community”.

Our school has been identified as outstanding in the last three Ofsted
inspections. We are proud of the headlines from the most recent Ofsted report
(October 2007) which state; “CCHS is outstanding and provides exceptional
value for money” and “Students‟ personal development and achievement are
outstanding because teaching is exceptional, curriculum and enrichment
opportunities are excellent and, care, guidance and support are good.”
However, we are not resting on our laurels and continue to review, evaluate
and develop our practice to remain outstanding in everything we do.

The quality of Teaching and Learning is of a prime importance in a school
where all students aspire to the top GCSE and A‟ level grades and we
constantly focus on improving the way our teachers teach and our students
learn. We were awarded Investor in People status in 2007 and aim to
develop integrated Continuous Professional Development practice which is
creative and innovative and provides opportunities for all staff to develop their
practice in their current positions as well as acquire new skills, to prepare
them for promotion.

A new pastoral structure has been established this year, providing Student
Progress Managers responsible for care and guidance for each year group
(previously each key stage) throughout the school.

CCHS is a Specialist College in Technology with Science and Maths, Music
with English, and Languages. This affords us a wide range of opportunities to
work with a large number of primary and secondary schools, supporting their
gifted and talented students in particular. We also work closely with higher
education and businesses.

We are a team of teachers, leaders, governors, support staff and students
who will be continuing to build on the firm foundations of academic success
which is long standing at CCHS, whilst further developing the school on a
broad range of fronts. In particular we are an International Baccalaureate
world school. We have also reviewed our curriculum and this year reverted to
a three year KS3 programme, including enrichment pathways and starting
GCSE programmes of study as well as increasing cross curricular
opportunities for our students.

We have provided details about the current Senior Leadership Team,
however roles and responsibilities will be regularly reviewed and adjustments
negotiated to adapt to the needs of the school, changing demands and the
strengths, experience and career aspirations of members of the team.

We always seek to appoint a person with the skills, knowledge and
experience to complement the team, above all we are looking for a committed
individual with a genuine interest in providing the highest quality in every
aspect of their role. Our students deserve the very best we can provide. We
believe in the importance of a collaborative approach and a commitment to
the team.

Thank you for your interest. If you feel that Chelmsford County High School
for Girls can provide the challenges and opportunities you are looking for then
we would be delighted to hear from you.

Nicole Chapman

Head of Maths
The Mathematics Department at Chelmsford County High School for Girls
consists of 7 teachers working in a friendly and supportive team. We
exchange resources and ideas, both formally and informally, while working in
our shared working area. The department has an excellent track record of
success and is willing to work hard to make the “best better”; the relationships
between staff and students are of the highest quality.

In January 2009, the department received a subject specific inspection from
an Ofsted inspector. We are extremely proud that we achieved outstanding
grades in all areas: teaching & learning, curriculum provision, achievement &
standards, and leadership of the department. Although we were obviously
pleased that our hard work and expertise have been recognised in this way
we are always looking to develop, as detailed below.

The team

The current Head of Department, Mike Seager, has been in position since
September 2003 and has recently been appointed as an Assistant
Headteacher at the School. He is superbly supported by Derek Adams
(Maths Outreach work and House Coordinator), Margaret Cousins (PSHE
Coordinator and Student Progress Manager), Rosemary Jones (Maths IB lead
teacher and NQT mentor), Marion Windeatt (Student Progress Manager),
Jeremy Mitchell and Zubeyde Simms (NQT).

We are generally a very experienced and well-qualified team, with the ability
to teach across the whole age and ability range. This flexibility adds interest
to our teaching and we enjoy sharing resources and teaching ideas.

The facilities

The department has the use of four teaching rooms in the main school
building and one room in the Sixth Form Block, as well as other classrooms
when required. These teaching rooms are well resourced, all including a
desktop computer and an interactive whiteboard, and we also keep an
extensive stock of resources for shared use.

The courses

In KS3 the students work on a programme taking them from level 6 in Year 7
to level 8 in Year 9. We use the Cambridge essentials texts in Year 7 and 8,
and the students start to use their GCSE textbook in Year 9. At KS4, all
students take the higher tier OCR GCSE course and we expect to follow the
new OCR B specifications next year.

Mathematics is very popular in the Sixth Form; at present we have
approximately 100 students in Year 12 and 70 students in Year 13 taking
Mathematics courses. At AS and A level we, again, follow the OCR
specifications, using M1 and S1 modules as the options for all students. In
our Further Maths group we cover the A Level syllabus in Year 12 and then
Further Maths in Year 13, with M2, S2 and D1 as their options. In addition,
we have taught the International Baccalaureate for the first time this year, with
small groups taking Higher, Standard and Studies courses.
The results

In the recent past, the School has had a policy of accelerating KS3 so that
students started the GCSE course in Year 9; however, in 2010-11 Year 9
students will be working at KS3 and the huge majority of student will achieve
level 7 or 8 on their final teacher assessments. Similarly, at GCSE, the great
majority of pupils achieve at least an A grade and the majority of our students
achieve at least a B grade at A level. We expect a number of our students to
achieve the new A*. Both the GCSE and A level results show that the
department “adds value” to the already impressive results.


We offer a „support clinic‟ opportunity for any student who needs help in Year
12 and Year 13. In addition, we also prepare students for the national
Mathematics competitions; the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematics
Challenges, and the Maths Team Challenge. We also run Sixth Form
enhancement masterclasses each year, to give the students a flavour of the
diversity of mathematical topics away from the examination curriculum. When
required, we offer addition lessons for Sixth Form students needing STEP
papers or AEA for their university entrance. Every year a number of our most
able mathematician go on to read the subject at top universities.

Future developments

The Mathematics Department is pivotal to the Technology College status of
the School through the outreach work it undertakes and the development of
ICT in our teaching. As previously mentioned, we have an interactive
whiteboard in every classroom and use numerous resources to enhance our
teaching. This is an area that we continually develop, along with assessment
and teaching ideas. With the current changes to the KS3 programme of
study, new GCSE courses, IB specifications and new developments in
resources, this is an exciting period of development in Mathematics teaching.

We are looking forward to appointing a new Head of Department, who can
continue to drive the team forward. It is essential that the successful person
will be an outstanding teacher who can lead the department to new

For the appropriately experienced person, the Head of Faculty post is
available and we would ask you to make clear in your application the post for
which you would like to be considered. The role of Head of Faculty is
relatively new to the School, following restructuring this year and involves the
strategic management of the three departments working in collaboration:
Mathematics, Economics and ICT.

Background regarding the School


Chelmsford County High School is a great place to teach – our students are
motivated, pleasant, courteous, well behaved and enormous fun! They like school,
and enjoy learning. Achievement is high, and almost all go into Higher Education at
the most competitive universities, including Oxbridge.

The School

Chelmsford County High School was founded in 1907 as one of the first girls'
secondary schools in Essex. In an area where most other schools are all-ability
comprehensives, it is a Foundation selective school.

We admit 120 students in Year 7 and maintain that number in each year group.
Nearly all students in Year 11 return for the Sixth Form, and some 20-30 students
join the Lower Sixth from other schools. Entry at Year 7 is competitive, with the top
120 students of the 600 or so who apply to the School and elect to take the 11+
being admitted. The school draws its intake from a very wide geographical area,
and a very large number of "feeder" primary schools, around 70 in any one year
group! Entry into the Sixth Form is determined by a good performance at GCSE
which suggests good potential in the subjects chosen for A Level. Almost all of our
Sixth Form students proceed to degree courses at University. At present there are
872 students on roll with 270 in the Sixth Form.

This is not a complacent school, despite its high standards and success. We are
keen to review our practice, and ensure that classroom methodology reflects the
latest thinking on teaching and learning. All staff have the opportunity to contribute
to whole school planning for improvement through their subject and year teams as
well as Focus Groups, each led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

This is a very busy school which places a strong emphasis on extra-curricular
activity. There is a fine tradition of musical performance, and many students play at
least one instrument. There are many orchestras, choirs and ensembles. Drama is
an important extra curricular activity, with clubs, and major school productions
involving many students. Our sports teams are very successful, as are our
individual sportswomen. Our students are lively and talented, as well as being
academically able, and we try to provide plenty of opportunities for them. House
activities include some distinctly less serious events, which nonetheless challenge
student ingenuity and team-working skills to the full.

In terms of resources and buildings, we have a fine mixture of "traditional",
provided by the original main building, and "makeshift" (we have the usual
assembly of mobile classrooms) together with some excellent modern facilities,
including science laboratories. Specialist College status has funded a complete
refurbishment of the Technology area and good computer provision, including

Interactive whiteboards. We have good Sixth Form facilities and a dance/drama
studio, an all weather artificial pitch. A hard working fundraising committee of
parents and governors has raised funds for much of this, and we have recently
opened a state of the art Music Centre.

Governors and parents are very supportive, and have, obviously, very high
expectations of the school. We have a school community which is friendly and
welcoming. We trust our students to behave well, and the atmosphere in the school
reflects our high expectations of them in this respect.


The School has a teaching establishment of around 55 in full-time equivalent,
consisting of 44 full-time staff, including the Head, and 18 part-time staff. In
addition, French, German and Spanish Foreign Language Assistants are

There is a non-teaching establishment of 44, who support teaching and learning in
various capacities.

The school operates a no-smoking policy.

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
The current structure consists of:

• Headteacher – Mrs Nicole Chapman

• Deputy Head: Curriculum, Exams and Assessment – Mr Julian Dutnall who
has responsibility for developing the curriculum, exams and assessment, the
international dimension, the timetable, staffing, and line manages a selection of
curriculum areas.

• Acting Assistant Head: Teaching & Learning and – Mr Mike Seager - who
has responsibility for the quality of Teaching & Learning at KS3 and 4. and line
manages a selection of curriculum areas.

 Acting Assistant Head: Staff & Student Development – Dr Darren Noble -
  who has responsibility for student care and guidance at KS3 and 4, SENCO and
  child protection.

• Business Manager and Bursar – Mrs Mary Cherry who has responsibility for
administration, premises, personnel, payroll, marketing, finance and line manages
support staff.

• Assistant Headteacher: Head of Sixth Form – Mrs Julie McDonald who is
Head of Sixth Form and line manages the Deputy Head of Sixth Form and
Assistant Head of Sixth Form and careers.

• Assistant Headteacher: Specialist Status – Mr Dayne Owens who has
responsibility for the management of Technology, Music and Languages College
status, community cohesion together with the line management of a number of
curriculum areas and whole school ICT.

                 Chelmsford County High School for Girls
                             (under review)

Generic Subject Leader Job Description

Name of Teacher: TBC

Post Held:           Subject Leader

Line Manager:        SLT

Responsible for: Mathematics

Teaching subject specialism classes and other subject classes as allocated
by the Leadership Team

Purpose of the Job

To uphold the school‟s vision and aims in all professional activities

To provide leadership and management for the subject to secure excellent
teaching so all pupils achieve their potential and some exceed it.

To assist the Headteacher and the Leadership Team in the systematic review
of all areas of school activity and to be accountable with them for bringing
about improvement in areas of identified weakness

To assist the Headteacher and Leadership Team in the overall management
and development of the school


The Teachers‟ Pay and Conditions Document specifies the general
professional duties of a teacher. In addition, certain particular duties are
reasonably required to be exercised and completed in a satisfactory manner

Particular Duties (All Teachers)

Under the overall direction of the Headteacher

Key functions (as Teacher)
   Teach subjects allocated, including planning, setting homework,
      marking and assessment in line with school policies. Engage with
      school-wide learning initiatives.
   Under the direction of the Student Progress Manager, be a Form Tutor
      and take responsibility for the progress, welfare and guidance of a form
      group of pupils. Monitor attendance in the tutor group taking action as
      appropriate. Contribute to the writing and delivery of the PSHE
   Ensure that excellent teaching and learning takes place in all allocated

        Mark, assess, record and report on pupil achievement and maintain
         records as required. Maintain accurate records and use assessment
         data to monitor progress, targets and further action (e.g. SEN, Gifted
         and Talented, praise and under achievement).
        Contribute to the development of Schemes of Work, School and Team
         policies as appropriate.
        Maintain a purposeful, orderly classroom environment including neat
         storage, learning centred display and by employing a range of
         assertive behaviour management strategies
        Undertake specific duties within the Team as delegated after
         consultation with your line manager.
        Attend and contribute to appropriate meetings and professional
         development activities.
        Meet deadlines for reporting, marking, submission of coursework and
         other assignments.
        Prepare pupils for examinations and take part in standardisation or
         moderating exercises as required by the Team or examination boards.
        Follow School Policy and support the Leadership Team in the effective
         operation of the school.
        Undertake the appropriate CPD, including lesson observation, and
         show its impact on teaching and learning.

Key Functions (as Subject Leader)

1.       Impact on educational progress beyond your assigned pupils

               Be accountable for the quality of Teaching and Learning in the
               Establish common standards of practice within the department
                and develop the effectiveness of teaching and learning styles
                within the department
               Implement school quality procedures and to ensure adherence
                to these within the department
               Monitor behaviour in the subject and support classroom
                teachers in managing good attendance, submission of work to
                deadlines, liaising with parents to engage their support as
               Monitor planning, record keeping, marking, teaching progress,
                homework and assessment
               Have a central record of assessment data and organize
                moderation of standardized tests. Ensure the management of
                Accurate and up-to –date information concerning the
                department on the management information system.
               Lead, co-ordinate and monitor the subject aspects of the School
                Improvement Plan
               Lead colleagues in formulating aims, objectives and strategic
                plans for the department which relate to the needs of students
                and support the aims, objectives and strategic aims of the
               In conjunction with the ICT Strategy Group, to foster and
                oversee the application of ICT to teaching, learning and record
                keeping in the department

           Establish the process of setting targets within the department in
            line with whole-school targets, and work towards their
           Monitor student attendance together with students‟ progress and
            performance in relation to targets ensuring that follow-up
            procedures are adhered to and that appropriate action is taken
            where necessary to address potential underperformance.
           Organise events that raise the profile of the subject.
           Ensure that the subject contributes to the ethos of a Specialist
           Ensure that the department contributes to cross curricular
           Oversee the organization of enrichment activities within the

2.   Lead, develop and enhance the teaching practice of others
         Develop Schemes of Work that all subject teachers contribute to
           and use
         Undertake Performance Management reviews of teachers as
           directed by the Headteacher
         Observe subject teachers twice yearly using school the system.
           Co-ordinate peer observations
         Mentor and support colleagues. Identify their development
           needs and plan their professional development through
           appropriate courses, experiences, observations etc.
         Use meetings to share good practice, moderate and cascade
         Offer INSET to the Team and across the school in an area of
         Establish a network with local Primary and Secondary schools
         Ensure all staff within the department maintain and develop
           academic rigour

3.   Have accountability for leading, managing and developing a
        Innovate in learning. Keep abreast of subject developments and
           lead curriculum development in the subject in terms of subject
           knowledge, and teaching practice.
        Engage with school-wide learning initiatives and lead these in
           the subject.
        Prepare for subject meetings – identify the purpose, circulate an
           agenda and minutes copied to line-manager on SLT
        Review Schemes of Work annually
        Use student targets to set targets for teachers of examination
        Make use of analysis and evaluate performance data provided
        Identify and take action on issues arising from data, systems
           and reports: setting deadlines where necessary and reviewing
           progress on the action taken
        In conjunction with the relevant member of SLT, manage the
           department‟s collection of data.

           Following each reporting cycle, review assessment data and
            coordinate follow up across the subject
           Manage the delegated budget for the subject to resource the
            curriculum and be responsible for the management of all stock
            and resources
           Be responsible for the learning environment in the subject,
            maintaining a tidy and purposeful learning environment with
            good learning display within teaching rooms and allocated
            corridor display areas.
           Participate in recruitment and appointment of subject teachers
            and supply effective induction into departmental processes
           Collect, moderate and prepare coursework for submission to
            examination boards
           Be responsible for the efficient and effective deployment of the
            department‟s technicians/support staff
           Make appropriate arrangements for classes when staff are
            absent, ensuring that work has been set appropriately, and that
            any long-term supply cover staff have full access to detailed
            planning to ensure adequate cover.
           Promote teamwork and motivate staff to ensure effective
            working relations
           Be responsible for the day-to-day management of staff within
            the department and to act as a positive role model
           Participate in the school‟s ITT programme
           Be responsible for the day-to-day management control and
            operation of course provision within the department, including
            effective deployment of staff and physical resources
           Ensure that Health and Safety policies and practices including
            Risk Assessments, throughout the department are in-line with
            national requirements and are updated where necessary. Liaise
            with the School‟s Health and Safety Manager.
           Liaise with partner schools, higher education, industry,
            Examination Boards, Awarding Bodies and other relevant
            external Bodies
           Represent the department‟s views and interests
           Lead the development of effective subject links with partner
            schools and the community, attendance where necessary at
            liaison events in partner schools and the effective promotion of
            the subject at open days/evenings and other events
           Contribute to the school liaison and marketing activities, such as
            the collection of material for press releases
           Work with the Timetabler to ensure that the Department‟s
            teaching commitments are effectively timetabled and roomed

4.   Whole-school review
        Support the Deputy Head Personnel in the reviewing of subjects
          and areas of school activity by undertaking monitoring activity
          which contributes to review
        Coach colleague Subject Leaders in areas for improvement

5.   Line management for a significant number of people
         Conduct Performance Review for not less than 3 and not more
           than 5 FTE staff.

             Manage other Subject Leaders in respect of the provision of
              good mathematics education across the curriculum
             Manage and support other Subject Leaders where there is a
              need to bring about improvement as directed by the

Other specific duties:

To engage actively in the performance review process

To undertake any other duty as specified in the STPCD not mentioned in the

Whilst every effort has been made to set down the main duties and
responsibilities of the post, each individual task to be undertaken may not be

Employees will be expected to comply with any reasonable request from a
manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in this job

In addition, all staff on the various points of the upper pay spine are
expected to contribute accordingly:

UPS 1 To maintain Threshold standards and to build on them
UPS 2 To make a substantial and sustained contribution to the school
while maintaining and building on Threshold standards
UPS 3 To make a substantial and sustained contribution to the school
while maintaining and building on Threshold standards.
      To provide a model for teaching and learning.

This job description is current at the date shown, but, in consultation with you,
may be changed by the Headteacher to reflect or anticipate changes in the
job commensurate with the grade and job title.

                 Chelmsford County High School for Girls
                             (under review)

Faculty Leader Job Description

1. To share in the strategic leadership of the school as a member of the
   Academic Board.

2. To support the School‟s aim to strive for excellence by providing leadership
   of a group of Heads of Department.

3. To facilitate cross-subject collaboration and sharing of good practice.

4. To report to the SLT line manager on matters related to the performance of
   the staff, student outcomes and activities of the Faculty group.

5. To Chair the half-Termly Faculty Meeting.

6. To line manage and act as coach and mentor to the Heads of Department.

7. To contribute to the development of teaching & learning within the Faculty
   and beyond.

8. To support Heads of Department in their personnel management role.

9. To be involved in the appointments of new Heads of Departments.

                                 Person Specification
        It is important that your application addresses and provides evidence
        for each of the criteria by means of a letter to the Headteacher Mrs
        Nicole Chapman

                                 Head of Department / Faculty

                                   A proven track record as an outstanding classroom practitioner
                                   First-class planning, assessment and record-keeping
                                   A proven record of raising standards and of initiating and
Skills and Abilities                maintaining innovative curriculum design and delivery
                                   Excellent problem-solving skills
                                   Excellent ICT skills
                                   A commitment to celebrating students‟ achievements, skills and
                                    talents, as well as an ability to tackle problems effectively
                                   Excellent subject knowledge
                                   A detailed understanding of all current educational initiatives
Knowledge and Experience            which apply to the subject
                                   An understanding of Health and Safety issues within an
                                    educational setting
                                   Excellent written and oral communication skills
                                   Strong leadership skills with an ability to develop and maintain
                                    positive relationships with students, colleagues and parents
General Attributes                 An ability to work effectively under pressure
                                   A commitment to extra-curricular activities and to the school‟s
                                    involvement in the wider community
                                   A Good sense of humour
                                   A flexible approach to tasks
                                   A willingness to contribute to whole-school initiatives
                                   A commitment to networking and the sharing of best practice
                                   A first degree in a subject relevant to the teaching post;
Professional    Qualifications     A DfES recognised teaching qualification
and Training                       A commitment to the continuing professional development of all
                                    members of the Department
                                   A commitment to further personal professional development

Application Process

To apply for this role, please submit a completed application form supported by a
letter outlining your vision of what should constitute „outstanding education for more
able students‟ and what you would bring to the post. Please also address the key
functions of the post outlined in the job description providing evidence of relevant
experience and preparation for the role.

Please give the names, positions, organisations and telephone contact numbers of at
least two referees, one of whom should ideally be your current or most recent
employer. Referees will be contacted unless you specifically state otherwise.

Please also complete and return the Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form. This will
help us to follow the recommendations of the Equal Opportunities Commission, the
Commission for Racial Equality and the Disability Rights Commission that employers
should monitor selection decisions to assess whether equality of opportunity is being
achieved. The information on this form will be treated as confidential and used for
statistical purposes only. This form will not be treated as part of your application, and
will not be seen by anyone involved in the selection process.

Finally, please ensure that you have included work, mobile and home telephone
contact numbers and an e-mail address if applicable. Please also indicate any dates
when you will not be available or might have difficulty with the recruitment timetable

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 21 April – 4.00pm

Applications should be either:
    Emailed to
    Faxed on 01245 345746. If you fax your application, please follow up with a
       clean application in the post.
    Posted to:

     Mrs Sue Hilton
     PA to Headteacher
     Chelmsford County High School for Girls
     Broomfield Road
     CM1 1RW

Recruitment process
All applications will be acknowledged.

A selection board will meet to consider applications. Those who have not been short-
listed will be notified by letter. For those going forward to final interview, details will
be confirmed at a later stage in the process.

Please see the timetable below for specific dates.

Closing date:                                  Wednesday 21 April 4.00pm
Final Selection Panels & Interviews:           Before 1 May

How to contact us

Should you have any queries or wish to have an informal discussion about this role
then please contact Sue Hilton at the School on 01245 245729.

About Chelmsford
From villages in the heart of the Essex countryside to a bustling town centre offering
first class shopping and cricket, the Chelmsford area really does have great deal to

Explore the heritage by visiting Chelmsford‟s 15th Century Cathedral and our two
museums in Oaklands Park. Treat the children to a day out at Marsh Farm Country
Park and Tropical Wings Butterfly and Bird Gardens in South Woodham Ferrers,
simply relax and unwind on the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation, or dine in one of
our many fine restaurants.

From a bustling town centre with excellent shopping and eating facilities to tranquil
villages and unspoilt countryside, Chelmsford has the perfect combination of town
and country, with a whole host of places to visit for young and old alike.

The town today
Chelmsford, County town of Essex, has good links with East Anglia and London and
is convenient for Stansted Airport, the sea ports of Harwich and Felixstowe and the
capital itself.

Situated just 30 miles north east of London, Chelmsford is the perfect base. With
excellent road, rail and air communications Chelmsford is well connected to the rest
of the UK and Europe. The A12 road runs to the east of the town, meeting the M25
London Orbital near Brentwood. London‟s Liverpool Street rail station is just 35
minutes away. Despite redevelopment in the past 30 years, Chelmsford retains many
glimpses of its past including the old buildings around the cathedral. Established
Farmers‟ Markets and Continental Markets in the High Street bring something a little
different to the town.

The name Chelmsford is Saxon in origin. The town is mentioned in the Census of
1086 as two settlements beside the River Cam – later joined by a bridge. In 1199
King John granted the right to hold a weekly market and by 1250 Chelmsford was a
county town. The Blackwater and Chelmer Canal opened in 1797, linking the town to
the coast, and the railway came in 1845.

Chelmsford is the birthplace of radio broadcasting and the town continues its
association with GEC Marconi and has attracted major names in the business world.
Anglia Ruskin University offers a broad range of educational opportunities.

                                         County High School
                                              for Girls
                                           Foundation Grammar School And Specialist College
                                                Headteacher Mrs Nicole Chapman, BA, MBA

                     Head of Maths Department TLR 2a
               Head of Maths, Economics, ICT Faculty TLR 1c
                (Salary may be negotiable for an outstanding candidate)
                       Required for September 2010

Chelmsford County High School is one of the most successful girls‟ selective schools
in the country. We are a Specialist Technology, Music and Language College with
an excellent record of working with our partner schools. This is, therefore, an ideal
opportunity for a well-qualified teacher of Mathematics to gain experience in teaching
more-able students.

Mathematics is a very popular and successful subject in our Sixth Form with two
thirds of our students taking A level Maths, Further Maths or IB options. The
successful candidate will have a proven track record of excellence in the classroom,
the ability to inspire our students and the vision to lead the Department/Faculty.

We offer:
 a warm and friendly atmosphere with excellent staff-student relationships
 the opportunity to work with able and well motivated students
 a well established programme of staff induction and CPD support
 a flexible environment in which innovation is encouraged

We are looking for someone who is:
 an outstanding teacher of Mathematics at all levels
 ambitious for the highest standards possible
 committed to developing the subject beyond the curriculum
 innovative and forward looking
 willing to contribute to the life of the school

The Governing Body is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of
children and young people and expects all staff to share in this commitment. The
post is subject to an enhanced CRB Check.

For an application pack please see the school website ( or contact:

Mrs Sue Hilton, Chelmsford County High School, Broomfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex,
CM1 1RW.
Tel: 01245 245729 Email:

Closing date for receipt of applications is: Wednesday 21 April 4.00pm
Interviews will be held before May 1

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