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        Journal of Consumer Advocacy

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  certiorari, (ser-she-
  eh-ra-re) noun [Latin,
  to be informed]; to be
  informed as a means
  of gaining appellate
  review; a common
    When at least four
  of the nine U.S.
  Supreme Court jus-
  tices vote to hear a
  case, the court issues   Frasier, Frasier & Hickman, LLP
  a writ of certiorari.
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       Disability amendments                                 Transfer on
       take effect in January.                              death deeds.
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                         Journal of Consumer Advocacy
                                    CONSUMER INFORMATION FOR THE CLIENTS AND
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                             CASE FILE
 Frasier, Frasier &
  Hickman, LLP
     Attorneys at Law       Family Compensated
1700 Southwest Boulevard
 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107      for Tragic Loss in Death
     918-584-4724 or
      1-800-522-4049           Dr. Shawn Lee was a chiropractor with              Dr. Lee was traveling
                            a successful practice in Coweta. In early          the opposite direction
World Wide Web Address:     October 2006, Dr. Lee was returning to his         and had no time to avoid
                            clinic after having lunch at home with his wife    the collision, according
     E-mail Address:        and two young children. Nothing was out of         to a witness.       the ordinary, traveling along Highway 72, until       The investigation deter-
                            an oncoming semi-trailer dump truck sud-           mined that Hopkins was
  Thomas Dee Frasier        denly jack-knifed in front of him and struck his   negligent in the opera-
                            vehicle.                                           tion of the truck over the
                               Dr. Lee, 32, was killed instantly. He left      speed limit and the man-              Frasier
    James E. Frasier
                            behind a wife and two boys, three and five         ner in which he attempt-
                            years old.                                         ed to avoid a collision with Smith.
   Steven R. Hickman

     John W. Flippo          All parties agreed to mediation and a settlement finally was reached,
  Everett R. Bennett, Jr.              on the condition the amount would not be released.
       J.L. Franks            Frasier, Frasier & Hickman LLP investigated        Frasier, Frasier and Hickman, LLP, filed a
                            the accident on behalf of the family and found     wrongful death lawsuit in Wagoner County
    Frank W Frasier         responsibility for the accident on two fronts.     District Court against Smith, Hopkins, and
                            An intoxicated driver, Charley C. Smith, had       Sherwood Construction. All parties agreed
    George M. Miles         pulled suddenly onto the four-lane highway         to mediation and a settlement finally was
                            and swung into the center-most lane. Smith         reached, on the condition the amount would
    Laurie J. Phillips      pulled in front of a semi-trailer dump truck       not be released.
                            owned by Sherwood Construction Co. and               “Drivers should always be alert and on
  Jamie Keeter Borland      driven by employee Jerry Hopkins. Hopkins          the defensive,” said Jim Frasier. “You never
                            swerved the truck from the right – or outside      know when another driver may be impaired
     Ray L. Lahann          lane he was traveling in – to the center lane      or make bad decisions.
                            where Smith had swung his vehicle. Hopkins           “This was a tragic case,” said Jim Frasier.
                            hit his breaks and caused the truck to jack-       “At least Dr. Lee’s wife and young sons will
                            knife.                                             have some compensation for their loss.”

    Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments
    Act Of 2008 Takes Effect in January
      The ADA Amendments Act was recently enacted and               disease, mental problems, and cancer.
    becomes effective January 1, 2009. This law restores               The new amendments limit the consideration of
    the ADA’s original hopes and expectations of protect-           “mitigating measures” in determining disability. That
    ing the handicapped that have been eroded by the                is, they require the courts to look at the disability with-
    Republican-controlled federal court system.                     out considering medications, prosthetics, hearing aids,
      After the ADA was passed in 1990, the courts began            and so forth. They also require that an impairment be
    to narrowly interpret the definitions of handicap and           considered without regard to whether it is dormant, in
    impairment to the extent that almost no one was cov-            remission, or episodic, when deciding if a major life
    ered. The courts gave employers virtually free rein to          activity is impaired.
    discriminate against those who were physically and                 The new amendments broadly clarify what major
    mentally limited. This included a limited view of pro-          life activities are when considering a disability. These
    tection by the US Supreme Court.                                activities now include such things as thinking and con-
      The new amendments help to restore the original               centrating, eating and working.
    promise of the law to prohibit discrimination. They                “All in all, the new law puts the teeth back into the
    require that the ADA be construed liberally in favor of         protections for the disabled,” says Frasier, Frasier &
    a broad range of coverage. The new law will hopefully           Hickman, LLP, attorney Steve Hickman. “This law will
    overturn court decisions refusing to apply the ADA to           restore the ability of the disabled to be measured by
    people with such diseases as diabetes, epilepsy, heart          what they can do, not by their limitations.”


    Worker advocates contributed much in their lifetime
       Oklahoma workers lost two of their strongest longtime        sector bargaining worked, the history of what employers
    advocates recently.                                             could and could not do, and the history of what had been
       Carl Oldham, longtime International staff representative     negotiated for firefighters throughout the state. “Whenever
    of the United Steelworkers of America, passed away in           a question came up, Tom had seen it before,” says Steve
    October.                                                        Hickman. “He would have the story about what had hap-
       Carl worked from the inside to help plant workers orga-      pened years ago and through that story could answer how
    nize at several plants. Then, as a labor official, he fought    the question would be answered.”
    for worker rights. He led strikes that demanded respect           For decades, Tom was the union-side representative of
    and reward for workers. Carl represented the CE Natco           Oklahoma fire fighters in arbitration for their contracts and
    employees in obtaining $8 million for the company’s illegal     grievances. Always an advocate for the working man and
    lockout.                                                        woman, still he was widely respected by city advocates,
       Carl realized that a second prong of protecting workers      lawyers, and arbitrators for his straightforward and upfront
    is political. He originated and promoted a sign shop which      way of dealing with people.
    allowed cash-strapped, but labor-friendly, candidates to          Tom had an amazing insight into which fights could be
    have the signs printed. Carl worked tirelessly to make sure     won and which should be held off to another day. He takes
    workers were well-represented in government.                    with him an irreplaceable knowledge of how the public
       Tom Riddle, longtime IAFF local official and consultant to   sector collective bargaining system works.
    the state IAFF organization, the Professional Fire Fighters       The attorneys and staff at Frasier, Frasier & Hickman,
    of Oklahoma, passed away in November.                           LLP, will miss both of these men. And our condolences go
       Tom was a treasure trove of knowledge on how public          to their families.

2   Winter 2008
                                      TOMY DEE’S CORNER
  My brother Tomy had a favorite quotation. He first
heard it, as a boy, listening to the radio broadcast of      “The test of
President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s second inaugural
address. Tomy prominently displayed the quotation; even      our progress
having it printed on the back of his business cards.
                                                             is not whether
  “The test of our progress is not whether we add more
to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether       we add more to
we provide enough for those who have too little.”
                                                             the abundance of
  Those words came near the end of Roosevelt’s
remarks on January 20, 1937, to begin his second term.       those who have much;
And they made a lifelong impression on my brother.
  Exactly 24 years later, another inaugural address.         it is whether we provide
This one by John F. Kennedy on January 20, 1961.
Like Roosevelt before him, Kennedy appealed to the           enough for those who
American people to reach for the greatness within
themselves.                                                  have too little.”
  “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your                              Franklin D. Roosevelt
country can do for you; ask what you can do for your
country.”                                                                          January 20, 1937
                                                               Maybe we should all get started, without having to be
  The phrase would shape the values of a generation of
                                                             asked. Let’s all include in our New Year’s resolutions the
                                                             promise to determine what we each can do for our coun-
  Kennedy and Roosevelt both summoned the best
                                                             try, to make sure we provide enough for those who have
of America. Now, another President will speak to the
                                                             too little; to strengthen the foundation upon which our
American people.
                                                             democracy is built.
  Barack Obama, like Roosevelt and Kennedy, will face
                                                               Together, the American people can effect change. We
a nation beset with unprecedented challenges. And, like
                                                             have done it before. And we will do it again.
these predecessors, Obama will need the cooperation of
the American people, if things are to be turned around.                                                   —Jim Frasier


 Oklahoma OKs Transfer on Death Deeds
   Oklahomans now may hold property in a Transfer on            This arrangment is similar to a Payable on Death
 Death deed that allows the property to pass to a ben-       checking account. Oklahoma also allows these
 eficiary, upon the owner’s death, without the need for      accounts, along with Transfer on Death registration of
 probate proceedings.                                        securities.
   Approximately nine other states already authorize            The Transfer on Death deed must be set up in a format
 Transfer on Death deeds. Oklahoma’s Nontestamentary         prescribed by law and the property owner signature(s)
 Transfer of Property Act took effect November 1.            notarized, to avoid probate proceedings. Then it must be
   The new law allows an owner of real property to have      filed with the County Clerk. The deed requires no taxes –
 full control of the property while alive but to pass that   and can be amended at any time.
 property upon death to a named beneficiary, without the        If you are considering a Transfer of Death deed, call
 need for Probate Court proceedings.                         Frasier, Frasier and Hickman, LLP.

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