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					Largemouth Bass

 By: Daren (Dr. Bass)
Physical Description

    The large-mouth bass is marked with a series of dark blotches on both
     sides. It can also be black. The upper jaw reaches behind the eye. The
     average largemouth bass weighs between 1 and 2 pounds and is between
     8 and 18 inches. The largest of all basses caught by a reel and rod reached
     38 inches and 25.1 pounds which was the largest in the world . The
     largemouth bass is also known as black bass, green trout, big mouth bass,
     and lineside bass.                     (worlds largest bass )
 Most of the time the largemouth bass will spawn in
  shallow bays during spring while water temperatures
  are about 60 degrees. The females lays eggs in a small
  depression made by the male. Most of the females lay
  eggs when they are 1 to 3 pounds. The male will then
  guard the eggs. Then fry drive away predators that get
  too close to the nest. They remain in a group several
  days after they are hatched. When the fry reach around
  two inches in length they begin to feed on plankton and
               Plankton                   larva

  8-18 inches
  1-2 pounds
How does it move?

  Swiftly through water with its fins

  Light green
  Dark green
  Sometimes black
What does it eat?

  Larva
  Plankton
  Other small fish
How many fry can it have?

  Up to 1 million!
Other information

  It is also known as the black bass
Where do they live?

  The largemouth bass is a freshwater fish.
  It lives in ponds, lakes, and rivers
My Pictures…

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