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anual report2010


									                              Ysgol Bro Famau
                         Annual Report To Parents
                     For the academic year 2009-2010

                           Governing Body 2009-2010

Mr Luis Prtak             Co-opted Member
Mr Martin Holland         Community Councillor Rep
Mr Paul O’ Garra          Parent Governor (from 6/10 LEA Representative)
Mr Michael Catania        Parent Governor (expired 6/10)
Mr Gwyndaff Jones         Parent Governor
Mr Simon Lovell           Co-opted member
Mr Frank Hill             LEA Representative
Mrs Janet Wynne           Teacher Governor
Miss Karen Wray           Staff Governor
Mrs Rebecca Turner         Head teacher

Mrs Karen Keating and Mrs Lisa Robertson were elected as Parent Governors to replace
Mr M. Catania and Mr P. O ’Garra in June 2010

Chair for academic year 2009-2010 Mr Luis Prtak
Vice Chair                        vacant from 1/1/10
Clerk                             Mrs Louise Blundy

                                 Teaching Staff
       Head teacher (from 1/1/10)        Mrs Rebecca Turner

      Llanferres Unit
       Foundation/KS1            Mrs Karen Thomas
       Teaching Assistant        Mrs Nadine Hanika
       Key Stage Two             Miss Rachel Lloyd
       NNEB/Literacy Support     Miss Karen Wray

       Llanarmon Unit
       Foundation/Early Years       Mrs Ann Lightfoot
       Teaching Assistant           Mrs Hailey Dodd and Mrs Maxine Jones
       Key Stage Two                Mrs Janet Wynne and Mrs Sam Williams
       Literacy Support             Mrs Hailey Dodd

       (Mrs Rebecca Turner teaching across both sites 0.5)
         The School Day
         9:00 a.m                      School Day Begins
         10:30 a.m -10:45 a.m          Morning Break
         10:45 a.m -12:55 a.m          Lessons
         12:00 a.m-1:00 p.m            Lunch
         1:00 p.m-2:00 p.m             Lessons
         2:00p.m-2:10 p.m              Afternoon Break (Infants Only)
         2:15 p.m – 3:15 p.m            Lessons
         3:15                          End of School Day

         Nursery Education is provided at each unit. At present Nursery takes place
         between 9:00 a.m and 11:30 a.m.

         Pre-Nursery children can be admitted to the school at the start of term
         following their third birthday (e.g. a child who has a 3rd birthday in December
         can attend school in January if desired). Pre-Nursery hours are the same as main

                                   School Roll 2009-2010

        Unit           Nursery      Foundation Key Stage           Key Stage          Total
                                     Phase (yr     1                    2
                                        R,)     (Yr1,2)               (yrs
LLanarmon-yn-Ial           5              6             12             28              51

LLanferres                 3              3             8              19              33

Total                      8              9             20             47              81
              School Term and Holiday Dates 2009-2010

        1/9/09            Staff Training Day
        2/9/09            Staff Training Day
        3/9/09            Term starts
       23/10/10           Half Term Close
        2/11/10           Half Term Open
        /12/10            End of Term
        4/1/10            Staff Training Day
        5/1/10            Term Starts
       12/2/10            Half Term Close
       22/2/10            Half Term Open
       26/3/10            Term Close
       12/4/10            Staff Training Day
       13/4/10            Term Starts
       28/5/10            Half Term Close
        7/6/10            Half Term Open
       16/7/10            End of Term
       19/7/10            Training Day
       20/7/10            Training Day

                                Chairman’s Report
This is my last report as Chairman of the Governing Body of Ysgol Bro Famau. It has
been a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in the school and I am sorry to step down
after 12 years - 8 of which as Chairman. However, I know that Paul O’Garra, as the new
Chairman, and the other members of the Governing Body will continue to help make Bro
Famau a happy and successful place for its children.

Since my own children, Emily and then Nick, started at the school, and subsequently
moved on to Brynhyfryd, it has changed dramatically. The renovation of the school
house at Llanarmon, the extension and new playground at Llanferres has been a financial
investment in the school of just under £1,000,000. What is even more important and
impressive though is the on-going investment in the children at the school. I know from
experience that everyone involved in the school strives to give the children in it the very
best start in life and turns out confident, caring and skilled young people.

I would like to close by saying a huge thank you to my fellow governors who give up their
valuable time to do whatever they can to help the school progress. I would also like to
congratulate Rebecca on her first, and very successful, year at Bro Famau. I know that
the Governing Body, Rebecca and the rest of the teaching and support staff will
continue their commitment to Ysgol Bro Famau’s children and their future. Well done
everyone!     Luis Prtak
                                   Head teacher’s report
I am proud and pleased to be writing this report as part of Ysgol Bro Famau’s Annual
report to Parents. Since joining the school as Headteacher in January 2010 I have
thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children, staff, parents and community.
I have been lucky to ‘inherit’ a superb team of professional teachers, support staff and
governors who work with dedication to ensure that the children of Ysgol Bro Famau
receive the highest quality educational experiences. The school is extremely lucky to
have such excellent support from the community; especially the two PTFA’s who continue
to work at raising vital funds so that the children can receive such rich experiences. I
would like to thank them for their continual hard work. As the county faces increasing
cuts in spending, these funds raised will become even more valuable.
One of the greatest delights of being Headteacher at Ysgol Bro Famau is the
enthusiasm, sense of fun and hard working nature of the children. They are a delight to
work with and are a credit to everyone involved in their care.
I am looking forward with great pleasure to the coming years, where together we can
build on the good work already taking place at Ysgol Bro Famau and take the school
further towards being a truly ‘outstanding’ school.

                                School Activities
Educational Visits
 The children have undertaken many interesting and exciting educational visits this year
Year 5&6 Visit to Ruthin Library
Year 6 Glan Llyn - Outdoor pursuits/Welsh residential visit
Year 4, 5,6 residential visit to Pentrelyncymer
Loggerheads Country Park- Christmas activities- infants
Junior visit to Dangerpoint
Infant visit to ‘Techniquest’
Sgwad Sgwenu (Welsh writing skills)
Swimming-Brynhyfryd pool
Sports Tournaments, football, netball, cross country
Junior Road Safety Conference
Welsh Book Quiz finals
Maths 24 quiz
Urdd Jamboree Infants
Denbigh ICT Centre
Junior visit to Newborough Warren- geography/history trip
Year 6 Moel Famau Country Park GPS trail
Year 6 leavers party ‘Ten pin ‘Chester

Visitors to School
Rev Huw Butler and Rev Adrian Jones
LEA School Improvement Officers-Gwenn Brockley, Ian Kelly
LEA Early Years Team Sian E Jones/Vanessa Lloyd
ICT support- Sian Thomas, Martin Davies, Nigel Bosley
Additional Needs Team (Inclusion Service)
Road safety team/cycling skills
School Nurse/dentist
Tempest Photography
PC Chris, Police Education officer
Denbighshire CC security review team
Peripatetic music teachers
Drugs awareness team ‘Don’t Touch Tell’
Tony Cope ‘Electrical Safety’
Mr Graham Davies LMS officer
Mrs Helen Evans Athrawon Bro

Special Events
Harvest Service-LLanarmon church
Christmas Party
Christmas Carol Service-LLanarmon chapel
St David’s Day Eisteddfod- Llanferres Hall
Hats for Haiti Assembly
Book Week
Poetry Week
Review of the meal service including design a healthy meal competition
Year 6 attending opening of Moel Famau GPS Trail
Year 6 Leaver’s Service and party ‘Ten Pin Chester

Staff Training
In order to continually build on and improve the considerable skill set at Ysgol Bro
Famau, all staff have undertaken further professional training this year including,
ELKLAN (speech and language), Catch-up training, further training in Foundation Phase ,
subject leadership, senior leadership (NPQH, ) visits to other schools to see good
practice, Literacy, financial education. The Governor’s curriculum and Staffing
committee have worked hard alongside us to support the continual professional
development of all staff.

Pupil’s with Disabilities
Pupils and carers with disabilities are welcomed and admitted into the school and will
have full access to the curriculum and all activities as they are able. Both site buildings
are accessible to all and can accommodate wheelchairs. Teachers and support staff who
provide extra tuition for disabled pupils will be welcome in the school. We pride
ourselves on being an inclusive school.

Special Educational Needs
Ysgol Bro Famau follows the guidelines issued by the LEA which states that schools
follow the ‘2002 SEN CODE OF PRACTICE’. The code of practice details the rights and
responsibilities of parents and children and describes how schools can work positively
with them.
At Ysgol Bro Famau, we endeavour to promote a multi-agency approach to helping pupils
with Additional Learning Needs. The school works closely with the County’s Inclusion
Service. Some pupils have received assessments this year. Al staff contribute to the
teaching of special needs with Mrs Janet Wynne having the role of Additional Needs
Coordinator throughout the school.

There is a system of intervention for pupils who are experiencing difficulties in either
learning or behaviour as follows:
1.   Identification
2.   School Action (needs are met within school)
3.   School Action Plus (involvement of outside agencies-behaviour support etc)
4.   Statement

At Ysgol Bro Famau, pupils have the opportunity to experience traditional team games
such as football, netball, cricket and rounders, as well as gymnastics, swimming, dance,
athletics and outdoor pursuits. Careful planning ensures that all pupils have access to
the all weather pitch and hall in Llanferres, as well as the field at LLanarmon.
Tournaments are organised by the Urdd allowing school teams to compete against each
other, as well as events organised by local schools. Year 6 children are encouraged to
attend the 3 day residential course at Glan Llyn, where they are able to experience
varied outdoor pursuit activities as well as improving their Welsh. Pupils fro Year4, 5 and
6 had the opportunity to attend the outdoor pursuits centre at Pentrellyncymer.

Both Buildings are safe and secure. Doors are locked during the day. Visitors are asked
to report to the main entrance and ring the doorbell, sign in on arrival and sign out when
leaving. Employees of Denbighshire CC who arrive on site should carry identification and
make themselves known to the Head teacher or Teacher in charge if the Head is absent.
We follow Denbighshire’s guidance for schools in the care of our children and staff.

Personnel Changes
Mr Sam Williams continues to work in the Junior Department for 5 mornings each week.
Miss Emily Acton and Mrs Nadine Hanika joined us in autumn 2009 as teaching/learning
support assistants. In January 2010 Mrs Rebecca Turner joined the school as Head
teacher replacing Mrs Sian Hilton.

We are extremely lucky to have two active and keen PTFA’s who continue to support the
school through various fundraising activities and events. This year’s activities have
included Bags to School day, Christmas raffles, Discos, Easter Egg Hunts, Sports Day
refreshments, abseiling event, Summer Fair, and many more.
Many thanks to the parents, friends and the wider community who have helped organise
events and attended meetings. We couldn’t do many of the activities without the funds
you all tirelessly raise for us.

                               Assessment Results

              Teacher Assessment Results Key Stage Two 2010

Reporting regulations require the Local Education Authority to provide parents with a
summary of teacher assessment results for the end of Key Stage 2 on a school basis.
Subject and level achievement have been set out in the table below. In presenting this
information, we would like to remind you of the following:-
    i.     A typical Year 6 pupil will probably be at level 4
    ii.    A level 5 is an exceptionally good result;
    iii.   Most pupils will move to a new level every two years or so
    iv.    At any one time pupils are likely to reach a higher level in some subjects and
           aspects than in others
    v.     This is the first year that we have had to report on Welsh as a second

                         School comparative           National comparative
                         data 2010 teacher            data 2009 teacher
                         assessment                   assessment
                         L5    L4    L3     L2 or     L5    L4     L3     L2 or
                                              lower                           lower

    English              17%    75%    8%     0%      28%   53%      15%      5%

    Oracy (AT1)          17%    75%    8%     0%      29%   51%      14%      5%
    Reading(AT2)         33%    58%    8%     0%      32%   49%      15%      5%
    Writing (AT3)        17%    75%    8%     0%      22%   52%      20%      6%
    Mathematics          25%    75%    0%     0%      29%   53%      14%      4%
    Science              25%    75%    0%     0%      31%   56%      11%      2%
    Welsh                0%     50%    50%    0%

Core Subject Indicator
The number of children achieving at least level 4 in English, Maths and Science.

Ysgol Bro Famau = 92%                                 Wales = 77%

                                  School Targets

                                                              No data available
This programme is designed to raise educational standards throughout the whole of
Wales. As part of the programme the Governors are obliged to set targets to improve
annually. Based on the 4 recommendations from the Estyn inspection in May 2008 the
following targets were set for 2009-2010

      To further develop post inspection plans in subjects identified with minor
      To further develop pupil self assessment
      To continue to monitor standards of teaching and learning and share good
      To enhance the curriculum so as to develop pupil’s skills and awareness of global
       citizenship including their entrepreneurial skills


                                  96.6% present
                             3.4% Authorised absence
                             0% Unauthorised Absence

                           Expenditure 2009-2010
    Category              Budget(£)           Expenditure(£)          Difference(£)
Balance B/F                      7,379                                          7,379
Employees                      322,410                  315,437                 6,973
Premises                        25,400                   26,756               (1,356)
Transport                        1,400                     5,154              (3,754)
Supplies                         5,830                     5,187                  643
Agency                          10,790                    12,749              (1,959)
Income                               0                   (5,544)                5,544
Totals                        373,209                   359,738                13,470

Estimated surplus as percentage of total budget 3.68%

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