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									              “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give them eternal life.”
                                                     John 10:27

                               SHEPHERD’S VOICE
Volume 35, Issue 6                            July / August 2010                               Published Monthly

                                             Hey Kids - come to Vacation Bible School
Rev. Mike Iannelli
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Shepherd’s Care Childcare
                                      At Planet Zoom, children learn how little is big—just like each little
Jane Tyson                            bee has a job to do to help build up the hive. Planet Zoom teaches
763-424-5932                          kids that because Jesus died and rose again for them, they can play a                 big role in God’s kingdom by sharing his love.

Susanne Herrlin                       What: Vacation Bible School featuring Planet Zoom !
763-425-1493                          Where: Shepherd of the Grove Lutheran Church                      Date: July 26,27,28 2010
                                      When: 9:00 am to 11:30 am
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                                                          8:00 am – Traditional Service
Shepherd Web Site                                                9:15 am –Education Hour
                                                       10:30 am – Contemporary Service
                    “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give them eternal life.”
                                                     John 10:27

Blessed Greetings

A long journey is coming to an end. We at Shepherd have been praying for Elise Daues for over
3 years and some of you may not know Elise and have quietly wondered why she is always in
our prayers??? Well, Elise and her family have supported Shepherd with their prayers and have
even contributed to our ministry in many ways. Elise and her husband Ken are our great friends
from St. Louis. Some of you may remember Ken even helped us move from Janesville to Maple
Grove. Both Ken and Elise have worshipped with us and many of you have read Elise’s emails.
I even read a few as sermon illustrations. But, to make a long story short.... here is Elise’s final

Please read though it and gleam the gems of Truth that she has so gently laid out for all to see.
As you read, remember that death is not final, for the Christian it is a doorway. On one side, the
effects of the curse must be endured, on the other side.... no more curse, what awaits us is a new
beginning. Christ made sure of that and His resurrection proves that death is not the final

As Moses was preparing Joshua to lead the Israelites into the Promise Land, he gave him some
advice. Moses said, “The LORD Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never
leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged” (Deuteronomy 31:8). When
you read Elise’s final chapter, you will realize that she is preparing us for when it is our time to
cross over into the Promised Land.

Please keep Elise and her family in your
prayers as she prepares for her last breath on
this side of eternity and her first breath in the
throne room of our God. Because of Jesus.

In Him,

Pastor Mike

From: Elise Daues
Sent: Saturday, June 12, 2010 12:40 PM
To: all my beloved family and friends:
Subject: Final Chapter - A Journey of Love

To all of my beloved family and friends ~

   Of ALL the updates I have sent you, this by far is the most important. With one last
request, please honor me by reading it all the way through.

    The update I had hoped would never need to be sent is upon me. News from the
oncologist Thursday is that there is no longer anything (medically) that can be done for me
now. My body has been so incredibly weakened by the years of chemo and radiation that it
just cannot handle any more. Although no doctor likes to be pinned down on this type of thing
(understandably), they feel I have no more than 3 months. In 2010, when we lost hold of any
chemo drug that would continue to hold the cancer "at bay", we have found the cancer to be
very aggressive (i.e. breast, brain tumor, expansion in liver, now in addition to the
myriad of places it already was). Monday we will meet with hospice folks through St.
Anthony's. Marissa came home yesterday, and Justin is on his way home today. We have
(hopefully) been sensitive with each of them, attempting to exert zero pressure, yet lovingly
talking through what options are there for them with regards to how/where they spend their
next days/weeks, as they both were enrolled in summer classes (Cape and MO State).

     This cancer journey has been so much more than dealing with pain and meds. Has it been
difficult? Surely. Has it been challenging? Yes. But I refuse to complain. The answer to
questions like, "Why didn't the meds work?" or, "When did the cancer start?" may be hard to
answer, but the answer to, "How can she not complain?" is a very easy one. Because my
entire life has been a journey of love....cancer and all.

     When I look back over my lifetime, I see the hand of God everywhere. Mercy and grace
abundant, situations that I can only say could exist but by the divine plan of God. I have been
"journaling" since early on in my cancer journey. It's the first time I ever took the time to record
snips of my life. Until I started doing that, I did not clearly see how present God was in my
life! Once my eyes were opened, I was then able to take a step back and look at the larger
picture of my life from childhood on, and it was quite humbling to see that God has been
obviously there all along...I just didn't realize it.

   We were disappointed to find out Thursday (prior to our appointment) that not only was my
oncology nurse on vacation that week, but my oncologist was out-of-town dealing with a family
emergency. Since April 2007, I have never had a visit where both were gone at the same
time! This resulted in us receiving the terminal news from an unknown doctor and nurse. I
could not believe, of all the visits I have made to that office, this ONE time the doctor and
nurse I had bonded so deeply with, loved and respect, were absent! Yet on the way home I
had to smile, as I realized how much incredibly harder it would've been to hear the news from
them, as surely everyone would have been in a flood of tears and it would've been a highly-
charged emotional scene, causing distraction to the other patients and staff there.

   At this time I want to thank EACH of you for being prayer warriors on our behalf, as well as
many other things. Many of you provided dinners, care on bad days, lovely supportive calls
and cards, been my chemo partner, provided transportation, loved-filled cookies, Christian

fellowship and above all.....LOVE. My entire family and I would like to take this moment to
thank you from the depth of our hearts for your gracious love and care.

    Because of our love for you, I am compelled to ask you (if you are not a Christian) to open
your hearts and minds to the love of God and the gift of eternity offered through His son Jesus
Christ. There is only one way to heaven. It is through Jesus Christ. My life as we know it is
coming to an end on this earth. But I have such peace and joy knowing without doubt that
soon I will be reunited with my loving parents and all other loved ones who have gone before
me; I will experience complete healing of body; and most importantly I will finally meet my
Maker. The tears you see in my eyes have nothing to do with fearfulness or despair, they are
strictly related to the heartache of realizing my role as wife, mother, sister, aunt, friend, etc. is
coming to a conclusion, and my dreams of holding my grandchildren hostage from my kids
won't be fulfilled. : ) But to offset that, all I have to do is think of the lifetime of love and
blessings I have received from God since I took my first breath, and I immediately think, "Who
could complain?" I can't, and I won't. In my heart I have great consolation knowing I have
done everything possible on my end to give the treatments as much chance for success as
possible, and that whatever I had to offer as a mother has already been gifted to Justin and
Marissa as they are now adults.

     In closing, I ask that no one be discouraged in light of our news. If you are, please go
outside and smell the flowers, go hug your spouse or watch your children run across the yard.
Real blessings, present always. Drink them in with deep thankfulness. It's times like this that
often people will question the value of prayer. Don't doubt - God hears and responds to all
prayers. We just need to remember that our will may not be His will. I know that God could
still heal me at the 11th hour! He has that power and strength! But I also know that it is not
His plan to heal everyone....for if that happened, there would be no need for faith.

    I do not anticipate sending any additional updates out, and my time on the pc will dwindle.
But don't for a moment think that just because I am no longer communicating with you that we
have lost thoughts of you and love for you, as those are deeply embedded in our hearts and
will always be there.

All of my love and thanks,

Final quotes - and lucky you - today you get two! : )

  "God does not send people to hell. He simply honors their choice." Max Lucado

  "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened!" Dr. Seuss

(I hesitated to send the Seuss quote because once my last breath is taken, my true living will
begin so it's not "over". But I think the point of this quote is beautiful....don't focus on the
moment's loss, rather focus on the lifetime of joy)

                                        Nature’s Notes
                        Minnesota’s State Flower “Showy Lady’s Slipper”

The State of Minnesota certainly hit a home run when the Showy Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium reginae)
was chosen as our State Flower. Sometimes this orchid might be referred to as the Pink and White
Lady’s Slipper but I prefer the more accurate name “Showy”. This orchid will grow in all parts of
Minnesota except for in the South Western part of the state. It is one of our tallest orchids standing up to
3 feet tall. However that does not necessarily make it the easiest to find. They grow in deep moist
woods, swamps, bogs etc. which are also home to the little pests known as mosquitoes and wood ticks.
But that never deters me as every year I spend some time searching out this beautiful orchid always
looking for a different image than what is already in my stock file. Like many orchids it may take up to
10-12 years for it to show the first flower. All native orchids are protected species, which makes it
against the law to dig up unless you have a special permit from the state. Many times you may find this
orchid along some of the roadside ditches especially in central and northern Minnesota. But one of the
best places to easily see this beautiful orchid is at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Just go in the
wildflower garden and you will find them. However, with the warm spring they may be past peak by
the time you read this article. Their peak blooming time is generally from the middle of June to the first
week of July, so keep those dates in mind for next year.

This image was taken at a Scientific and Natural Area in Northern Minnesota close to Itasca St. Pk. This
is one of my favorite places to photograph this orchid; it is a spruce-tamarack bog and the perfect
environment for not only this orchid but many others. In taking this image, my goal was to show that
environment. This image is one of my personal favorites.

In Him
John Pennoyer

Hey Present/Past Youth Groups!

As I attended Church one morning, I walked into the youth room
and walked away in disgust, you all know what I am talking about.
The orange carpet, the dark ceilings, multi-colored wall paint, poor
quality furniture and the list goes on and on. So… I decided WE can
make some change, sooner than later!

A Youth Group MAKEOVER!!! I spoke with Pastor, who said we
have a few funds we can start with, and then we as a group can
fundraise for additional needed funds. I have a million thoughts
running through my mind, so please bare with me and I hope you
want to help!

This project can be completed soon, by August, if we all pitch in a few hours. God has given each of us talent
and I know we can use our specific gifts to make this youth room new and fun!

First, I am planning on calling a few local churches to set up times to walk through and get ideas from their
youth rooms. If anyone would like to join me, let me know!

Second, we need to devise a remodel plan. What will this room include? What type of carpet, what color paint,
what type of furniture, tv, games, do we include a coffee shop? Etc.

Third, we need to begin gutting the entire youth room. Getting rid of the carpet, ripping out the wall of cabinets,
and removing all the furniture etc.

                                 Forth, we need to fundraise. Off the top of my head I thought car wash, but I
                                 know there are a million other things we can do!

                                 Fifth, we go shopping! (The ladies will love this!) We buy everything new!!!

                                 Sixth, we begin the reconstruction.

                                 Seventh, we finish and dedicate the room to the past, present and future youth
                                 of Shepherd of the Grove.

                                 If you are interested, please respond! I am eager to begin, the sooner we begin,
                                 and the faster we finish. It will be a great experience, a good volunteer project
                                 and an opportunity for all of us to give glory to God as we serve the youth of
                                 our Church!

                                 We need your ideas! We need your help! And we need your enthusiasm!

I am excited. Facebook me, or call/text me @ (763) 213-3050

I look forward to working with any and all of you!

In Christ,

Brandee Iannelli
                                                   Within Our Flock
If your birthday/anniversary is missing or incorrect, please contact Renee at the church office so we can update
our church records.

         July Birthdays:                                             August Birthdays:

  Sue Meyer                 July 2            LeAnne Adrian       August 2      Caleb LaRue         August 15
  Alexis Epperly            July 5            Lee Jordan          August 5      Joyce Nistler       August 18
  Donna Noetzelman          July 5            Derek Mosolf        August 6      Aislinn Anderson    August 19
  Kent Casperson            July 10           Logan Jackson       August 9      Matt Mosolf         August 20
  Brian Anderson            July 12           Adaku O’kafor       August 9      Joseph LaRue        August 21
  Ryan Koch                 July 12           Judy Bierbrauer     August 11     Zach Lehman         August 22
  Kelly Gilbert             July 20           Grace Kackman       August 11     John Roles          August 25
  Mia Weslander             July 21           Mike Lehman         August 11     Shirley Mingus      August 27
  Ruth Haines               July 23           Alyssa Klindworth   August 13     Lou Grams           August 28
  Amy Corona                July 26           David Meyer         August 13     Brandee Iannelli    August 29
  Katie Painter             July 26           Michaela Feist      August 14     Karen Hiles         August 31
  Jordan Ledin              July 28           Adrian Helgeson     August 14
  Alexis Harcey             July 31
  Crystal Iannelli          July 31
                                                                     August Anniversaries:
         July Anniversaries:
                                                       Pastor Mike & Carol Iannelli     August 2       24 years
Susanne & Kevin Herrlin      July 3     30 years       Tracy & Kathy Wolf               August 12      33 years
Alan & Angie Johnson         July 6      9 years       Kay & Jim Manning                August 18      26 years
Roger & Rhonda Koch          July 6     36 years       Sarah & Terry Jewell             August 19       5 years
Nathan & Julie Pratt         July 23     5 years       Jackie & Jim Heintz              August 21      20 years
Dave & Diane Margenau        July 27    42 years       Larry & Flo Kackman              August 24      53 years
Bonnie & Allan Klindworth    July 30    27 years       Randy & Jane Tyson               August 24      35 years
                                                       Bob & Marie Reinke               August 28      62 years

                                                                                      BAPTIZED AT OUR ALTAR
                                                                                          Addison Rose Jackson
MAY OFFERINGS & TUITION                YEAR TO DATE                                    daughter of Zach & Amanda
Contributions         $45,948.28       Contributions     $211,896.95
                                                                                          Sunday, June 20, 2010
Expenditures          $44,231.95       Expenditures      $207,056.27

                      $ 1,716.33                         $   4,840.68

                                                                                      MARRIED AT OUR ALTAR
                                                                                  Zach & Sarah (Birkeland) Tyson
                Mar   Apr     May
                                                                                      Saturday, June 19, 2010
Infants           1     2       2
Toddlers          8    10      11
Preschool        19    23      23                                                     Jeff & Heidi (Craft) Lundholm
Total            28    35      36                                                         Saturday, June 27, 2010
                  **Just a reminder!!**
Parish Life’s upcoming event…

            Lemon-Lime in the
           It’s time for SOTG’s church picnic!
     Sunday, July 11th (following 2nd service)
                Bring your own meat to grill
                      and a dish to share!
    Beverages and condiments will be provided.
            Bring your family & friends!!
      Join us for some great food & fellowship!

Coming in August…
              SOTG’s Annual Golf Outing!!
                 Saturday, Aug. 14th
  Mark your calendar and watch the bulletin for more details as the date
  approaches! You won’t want to miss it!! Sponsored by the Parish Life
Attention Ladies!
**Last chance to order your tickets for the 2010 conference! I
have 22 ladies registered to attend the conference! Check your
calendars and call to reserve your spot today! We’d love to have
you join us! **

    Women of Faith’s
          Over the Top Weekend
WHAT: Over the Top 2010 Conference
WHEN: Friday, Oct. 22 10:00AM – 3:30PM
                            7:00PM – 9:30PM
        Saturday, Oct. 23 9:00AM – 4:00PM
WHERE: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN
COST: $69.00 Upper Level
       (Price includes 2 full days & 2 box lunches!)
SPEAKERS & GUESTS: Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Sandi
Patty, Anita Renfroe, Lisa Welchel, Nicole Johnson, Andy Andrews,
Mandisa, and Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman.
**Please call Rhonda Koch (763-559-9010) by August 1st!

               Shepherd’s Softball
                                                                  MITE BOX SUNDAY
                                                                  July 18th
   Wear your blue and come out to support out                     Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
   team! All games played on Sundays at Maple
   Grove Junior High School, 7000 Hemlock Ln N.                   LWML MEETING
                                                                  Tuesday, July 27, 6:30 pm
           July 11       6:00p   Field 3
           July 18       6:00p   Field 1                                  Serve The Lord With Gladness
           July 25       6:00p   Field 2
                         7:05p   Field 3

           CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!                                                     MUSIC FESTIVAL
HIGH SCHOOL                      COLLEGE
Kayla Epperly                    Ashley Epperly                                           This is a Christian music
From Osseo Senior High           U of M Duluth with BS in Math                            festival in Willmar, MN
                                   Teaching in Mankato                                    from July 16-18. This
Crystal Iannelli
From Maple Grove Senior High     Merrilee Nathe                                           event is open to those
To Avada Cosmotology School      Augsburg College with BA in                              who have completed the
                                 Communication Studies                                    eighth grade. Younger
                                                                                          students may attend if
Alyssa Klindworth                Jane Tyson                                               accompanied        by   a
From Maple Grove Senior High     Ashford University, Clinton IA
To Arizona State                 with BA in Organizational Mgmt                           parent. Tickets are $85
                                                                                          for the full event plus
                                 Zach Tyson                                               $10               premium
                                 Eli Broad College of Business                            camping/shower pass.
                                 Michigan State University                                Call Randy Tyson 763-
                                 with BA in Accounting
                                                                                          424-5932 for ticket
                                 Calvin Zimmermon                                         information.          See
                                 Concordia University, St. Paul                  for
                                 with BS in Finance                                       artists schedule.
                                   Working for Ameriprise Financial

                                                                      Shepherd’s Prayer
               COME WORK IN OUR

           Shepherd’s Care is looking for
           Rule 3 qualified infant teacher and
           preschool teachers for the fall.
           Please call Jane or Susanne at 763-

SERVING                                             JULY                                               2010

ALTAR GUILD:                4   Group 4 - Barb Seeger, Pauline Foley, Pam Tatro
 Communion Sun.            11   Group 5 - Arlene Meyer, Alma Christenson, Suzanne Kinnear, Kathy Anderson
 8:00a – 1st & 3rd         18   Group 5
 10:30a – 2nd & 4th        25   Group 1 - Renee Mosolf, Carol Iannelli, Shirley Mingus, Amy Corona

                                   8:00 am                           10:30 am
GREETERS:              4        Glenn & Judy Bierbrauer              OPEN
                      11        Barb Augustin                        OPEN
                      18        Pauline Foley & Ruth Haines          Chuck & Pam Tatro
                      25        Bev Fricke                           Robin, Brittney & Brianna Davis

SCRIPTURE              4        Kathy Wolf                           Praise Team
 READERS:             11        Rhonda Koch                          Praise Team
                      18        Judy Lau                             Praise Team
                      25        OPEN                                 Praise Team

CHILDREN’S             4            XX                               OPEN
 CHAT:                18            XX                               Robin Davis

SOUND:                 4        Randy Tyson                          David Breutzmann
                      11        John Pennoyer                        Lawrence Hiles
                      18        John Pennoyer                        OPEN
                      25        OPEN                                 OPEN

PROJECTOR:             4        OPEN                                 Mary Gaster
                      11        OPEN                                 Renee Mosolf
                      18        OPEN                                 OPEN
                      25        OPEN                                 OPEN

ELDER:                 4        John Pennoyer, Kent Casperson        OPEN
                      11        John Pennoyer                        Mike LaRue
                      18        Kent Casperson                       OPEN
                      25        OPEN                                 OPEN

USHERS:            8:00a        Group 2E        Maynard Noetzelman, Ken Grams, Web Webster, Bob Reinke
                  10:30a        Group 2L        Lorry Hedlund, Terry Hedlund, Chuck Tatro, Cindy Dreier

        Join the fun and meet new friends at Planet Zoom …
                        Vacation Bible School
                          July 26, 27, & 28, 2010
                              9:00 – 11:30 am
             Open to all children preschool through 4th grade
Kids grow in faith as they ZIP into VBS and ZAP into God’s Word. They help
each other learn with memorable activities, confess that they BELIEVE in Jesus,
our Savior, and then ZOOM out to share Jesus’ love in the world. Planet Zoom
gives kids many opportunities to participate, lead, and tell others about Jesus.

Age______ Birthday _____________          Grade this fall ____________

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Best way to reach you:

                                                                                   11875 West Eagle Lake Drive
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                                                                                   Maple Grove, MN 55369
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                                                                                   and Childcare Center
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Emergency Contact – Name and Phone Number
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                   Shepherd of the Grove Lutheran Church
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                A $5.00 donation would greatly “bee” appreciated!

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