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									74 Shalfleet Parish       RG 10 / 1174

                           Name and Surname of   Relation to Marriage
                                                                         Age            Rank, Profession or Occupation            Where Born           Other
                              each person          Head      Condition

   District 1

    1 Shalfleet           William Jacobs         Head       Mar          27    Ag Lab                                    Southampton, Newtown
                          Mary A Jacobs          Head       Mar          30                                              Southampton, Ryde
                          Mary A Jacobs          Daur                    2                                               Southampton, Shalfleet
                          William F Jacobs       Son                     1                                               Southampton, Shalfleet

    2 Shalfleet           William F Tribe        Lodger     Unmar        88?   Police Constable, Hants Constabulary      Hampshire, Borden, Eastwood

    3 Shalfleet           Sarah Wheelan          Head       W            72    Assistant ?                               Southampton
                          Mary A Morey           Visitor                 11    Scholar                                   Southampton, Shalfleet

    4 Shalfleet           Eliza Sargant          Head       W            68    Grocer                                    Southampton, Brixton
                          Ellen Sargent          Daur       Unmar        44                                              Southampton, Shalfleet
                          Jane Chiverton         Niece      Unmar        39                                              Southampton, Shalfleet
                          John Sweet             ?          W(?)         40    ?                                         Somerset

    5 Shalfleet New Inn   William Shotter        Head       Mar          60    Inn Keeper                                Southampton, Brixton
                          Emma? Shotter          Wife       Apr          59                                              Southampton, Brixton
                          Clement Shotter        Son                     26                                              Southampton, Shalfleet
                          Selina Shotter         Daur                    23                                              Southampton, Shalfleet
                          Emma? Shotter          Son                     18                                              Southampton, Shalfleet

    6 Shalfleet           Thomas Hollis          Head       Mar          45    Tailor                                    Southampton, Shalfleet
                          Jane E Hollis          Wife       Mar          48                                              Southampton, Whippingham
                          Florence Hollis        Daur                    12                                              Southampton, Shalfleet

                          Heaton Hollis          Son                     11    Scholar                                   Southampton, Shalfleet
                          Minnie Hollis          Daur                    7     Scholar                                   Southampton, Shalfleet
7                      Joseph Morey           Head       Mar      55   Ag Lab                                   Southampton, Calbourne
                       Mary A Morey           Wife       Mar      54
                       Edward G Morey         Son                 20   Miller                                   Southampton, Shalfleet
                       Emma Morey             Daughter            9    Scholar                                  Southampton, Shalfleet
                       William Urry                      Widr
                                              Father in Law       84   ?                                        Southampton, Calbourne

8 Shalfleet            George Earney          Head      Mar       32   Ag Lab                                   Winchbury, Wilts
                       Emily Earney           Wife      Mar       38                                            ?, Wilts
                       George T Earney        Son                 10   Farmers Servant                          Southampton, Calbourne
                       John E Earney          Son                 8    Scholar                                  Southampton, Shalfleet
                       Thomas E Earney        Son                 4    Scholar                                  Southampton, Shalfleet
                       Charles H Earney       Son                 2                                             Southampton, Shalfleet

                                                                        Farmer of 200 acres employing 4 lab and 3
9 Shalfleet Farm       Michael Cheverton      Head                64                                              Southampton, Newchurch
                       Caroline Cheverton     Wife                59                                              Southampton, Newchurch
                       Michael Cheverton      Son                 32                                              Southampton, Godshill
                       Elizabeth Cheverton    Daur                29                                              Southampton, Godshill
                       Clare Cheverton        Daur                27                                              Southampton, Godshill
                       Samuel C Cheverton     Son                 18                                              Southampton, Shalfleet
                       Mary Jolliffe                      U
                                              Sister in Lawnmar   51                                              Southampton, Arreton

10 Shalfleet Mill      James Stevens          Head      Mar       69   Miller                                   West Bourne, Sussex
                       Agnes Stevens          Wife      Mar       66   Millers Wife                             Chichester, Sussex
                       Louise Brown           Niece               8    Scholar                                  Southampton, Cowes

11 Shalfleet           Edward Buckler         Head      Mar       54   Baker                                    Southampton, Calbourne
                       Jane Buckler           Wife      Mar       53   Baker's Wife                             Suffolk
                       Henry Buckler          Son       Unmar     29   Baker                                    Southampton, Calbourne
                       Jane Buckler           Daur      Unmar     26   ? Maker                                  Southampton, Calbourne
                       Emma Buckler           Daur      Unmar     24                                            Southampton, Calbourne
                       Kate Buckler           Daur      Unmar     24                                            Southampton, Calbourne

12 Shalfleet Cottage   John Croerley Person   Head      Mar       39   Curate of Calbourne                      Ayton, Yorkshire
                       Dorothy S Person       Wife      Mar       35                                            Monkwearmouth, Sunderland
                       William H Person       Son                 4                                             Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Maude M Person       Daur               3                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     John C Person        Son                1                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Mary Person          Daur              1m                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Fanny Meaning        Serv              26    Domestic Servant    Southampton, Ningwood
                     Louisa Meaning       Serv              24    Domestic Servant    Southampton, Ningwood
                     Sarah Cox            Serv     W        63    Nurse               Southampton, Newport
                     Harry Cooper         Serv              18    Groom               Southampton, Brixton

13 Saltern Cottage   Charles Drayton      Head     Mar      38    Ag Lab              Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Martha Drayton       Wife     Mar      29                        Lymington, Hants
                     James Drayton        Son               7     Scholar             Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Thomas Drayton       Son               5     Scholar             Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Ambrose Drayton      Son               3     Scholar             Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Louis Drayton        Son               1     Scholar             Southampton, Shalfleet

14 Ningwood Lodge    James Markas         Head      Widr    71    Carpenter           Southampton, Ningwood
                     Louise Markas        Grand daurUnmar   20                        Southampton, Ningwood    Deaf

15                   Lucy Reynolds        Head     W         67   Grocer              Portland, Hants
                     George Reynolds      Son      Mar       26   Carrier             Southampton, Thorley
                     Louisa Reynolds      Wife     Mar       27                       Bere, Dorsetshire
                     Eleanor I Reynolds   Daur              15m                       Portland, Dorsetshire

16 Ningwood          Thomas Hollis        Head     Mar      68    Ag Lab              Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Jane Hollis          Wife     Mar      64                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Jane Hollis          Daur     Unmar    29                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     George Hollis        Grandson          7     Scholar             Southampton, Shalfleet

17 Horse and Groom   Thomas Hollis        Head     Mar      31    Inn Keeper          Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Matilda Hollis       Wife     Mar      40                        Southampton, Yarmouth

18 Ningwood          George Ablitt        Head     Mar      56    Dairyman 15 acres   Suffolk
                     Caroline Ablitt      Wife     Mar      51                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     George H Ablitt      Son      Unmar    22    Dairymans Son       Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Caroline H Ablitt    Daur     Unmar    21                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Druscilla Ablitt     Daur     Unmar    18                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Edward A Ablitt        Son               15   Scholar            Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Herbert Ablitt         Son               11   Scholar            Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Matilda Ablitt         Daur              9    Scholar            Southampton, Shalfleet

19 Ningwood Common   Andrew Buckett         Head      Mar     34   Bricklayer         Shalfleet, Hants
                     Elizabeth Buckett      Wife      Mar     34   Bricklayers Wife   Ningwood, Hants
                     Sarah-Ann Buckett      Daur               6   Scholar            Newbridge, Hants
                     Richard H Buckett      Son                4   Scholar            Ningwood, Hants
                     Beatrice E Buckett     Daur               2                      Hamstead, Hants
                     Theresa F Buckett      Daur              1m                      Ningwood, Hants

20 Ningwood Common   Sophia Leabiler        Head      Mar     50                      Wisborough Green, Sussex
                     Caroline Foster        Wife      Mar     27                      Farnham
                     Ann M Foster           Daur               4   Scholar            Southampton
                     William G Foster       Son                2                      Ningwood, Southampton
                     Henry I Foster         Son               3m

21                   Sidney Reynolds        Head      Mar     29   Ag Lab             Southampton, Thorley
                     Mary Reynolds          Wife      Mar     22                      Southampton, Wootton Bridge
                     Teresa Reynolds        Daur              1                       Southampton, Ningwood

22 Lucketts          Barnabas Biddlecombe   Head      Widr    49   Dairyman           Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Hannah Gabrill         Sister    W       62                      Southampton, Shalfleet
                     Ann Woolgar            Sister    W       55                      Southampton, Shalfleet
                     James Biddlecombe      Son       Son     13   Scholar            Southampton, Shalfleet

23 Boldnor House     Edward Waterfield      Head      Mar     43   Land Steward       Leicester
                     Sarah Waterfield       Wife      Mar     37   Domestic           Broadstairs,Kent
                     Rose Waterfield        Daur              13   Scholar            Camberwell, London
                     Edward Waterfield      Son               7    Scholar            Rotherhithe, London
                     George Waterfield      Son               5    Scholar            St Luke, Clerkenwell
                     Thomas Turnbull        Visitor   Unmar   36   Farm Baliff        Scotland

24 Cranmore          John Havelock          Head      Mar     50   Gamekeeper         Durham, Birtley
                     Catherine Havelock     Wife      Mar     54   Gamekeepers wife   Norfolk, Melton Constable
                     William Havelock       Son       Unmar   17   Gamekeepers son    Yorkshire, Londesborough
                      John Havelock       Son       Unmar       16      Gamekeepers son                              Yorkshire, Londesborough
                      Maryann Havelock    Daur                  11      Scholar                                      Yorkshire, Bretton

25 Hamstead           James Wheeler       Head      Widr        66      Ag Lab                                       Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Martha Joliffe                W
                                          Farm Helper           44      Ag Lab                                       Southampton, Cowes
                      Luke Joliffe        Son                   16      Scholar                                      Southampton, Newport
                      Martha Joliffe      Daur                  14      Scholar                                      Southampton, Newport
                      James Joliffe       Son                   7                                                    Southampton, Newport
                      William Tryham      Boarder Unmar         28                                                   Southampton, Cowes

26 Hamstead Cottage   William Marks       Head      Mar         45      Ag Lab                                       Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Maryann Marks       Wife      Mar         48      Ag Lab                                       Worcester, St Martins
                      Joseph Proles       Boarder               27      Ag Lab                                       Herefordshire, Leominster

27 Hamstead Cottage   James Brett         Head        Mar        42     Coachman                                     Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Charlotte Brett     Wife        Mar        46     Coachmans wife                               Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Louisa M Brett      Daur        Unmar      15     Coachmans daur Scholar                       Southampton, Shalfleet
                      James Brett         Son                    13     Coachmans son Scholar                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Henry Brett         Son                    10     Coachmans son Scholar                        Southampton, Shalfleet
                      John Brett          Son                    9      Coachmans son                                Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Charlotte E Brett   Daur                   6      Coachmans daur                               Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Frank Brett         Son                 2 weeks   Coachmans son                                Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Louisa Marks                    W
                                          Mother in law          65     Domestic                                     Southampton, Shalfleet

28 Hamstead House     Walter W Stutt      Head      Mar         27      Gardener                                     Southampton, Freshwater
                      Jane Stutt          Wife      Mar         31      Gardeners wife                               Yorkshire, Ripon
                      Charles Stutt       Son                   5                                                    Southampton, Shalfleet

29                    John Bunethorne     Head      Unmar       68      Landowner                                    Worcester
                      Ann Bunethorne      Sister    Unmar       70      Landowner                                    Worcester
                      Sarah Bunethorne    Sister    Unmar       67      Independent                                  Worcester
                      Ann Wright          Serv      Unmar       58      Parlour Maid                                 Bromsgrove
                      Elizabeth Bird      Serv      Unmar       50      Ladies Maid                                  Worcester
                      Mary A Morey        Serv      Unmar       23      Cook                                         Southampton, Shalfleet

30 Hamstead           Edward Frecker      Head      Unmar       46      Farmer of 534 Acres, 8 labourers and 1 boy   Wilts, Imber
                      Deborah Vance        Aunt      Unmar   75   House Keeper                           Berkshire, Speen
                      John W Batchelor     Servant   Unmar   13   Farm Servant                           Southampton, Newchurch

31 Hamstead           Charles Meaning      Head      Mar     59   Ag Lab                                 Southampton, Brixton
                      Ann Meaning          Wife      Mar     57   Ag Labs wife                           Southampton, Shalfleet
                      William Meaning      Son       Unmar   20   Ag Lab                                 Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Frank Meaning        Son       Unmar   18   Ag Lab                                 Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Mary A Meaning       Daur              15   Scholar                                Southampton, Shalfleet

32 Hamstead           Isaac Adams          Head      Mar     42   Ag Lab                                 Southampton, Chillerton
                      Mary Adams           Wife      Mar     36   Laundress                              Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Elizabeth Adams      Daur              12                                          Southampton, Carisbrooke
                      Rufin Adams          Daur              6                                           Southampton, Shalfleet
                      William J Adams      Son               4                                           Southampton, Shalfleet

33 Hamstead the Gange Henry Farnell        Head      Mar     42   Lieut of the Isle of Wight Artillery   Isleworth, Middlesex
                      Fanny Farnell        Wife      Mar     36   Officers wife                          Wallingford, Berkshire
                      Elizabeth Ware                 Unmar   26   Cook                                   Shirley, Hants
                      Alice Adams                    Unmar   15   Housemaid                              Southampton, Ningwood
                      William J Thompson             Unmar   22   Coachman                               Brentford, Middlesex
                      John Hull                      Unmar   19   Groom                                  Stanwell, Middlesex

34 Lower Hamstead     Benjamin Morey       Head     Mar      58   Ag Lab                                 Southampton, Calbourne
                      Elizabeth Morey      Wife     Mar      58   Ag Labs wife                           Suffolk, Blackhill
                      George Morey         Son               15   Ag Lab                                 Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Sarah Morey          Daur              11   Scholar                                Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Henry Snell          Grandson          1                                           Southampton, Shalfleet

35 Lower Hamstead     George Couch         Head      Mar     46   Packet Guard Cowes Boatman             Cornwall, St Clements
                      Susan Couch          Wife      Mar     36   Packet Guard Cowes Boatmans wife       Chichester, Sussex
                      Susan Couch          Daur              10   Scholar                                Southampton, Cowes
                      George Couch         Son               8    Scholar                                Southampton, Cowes
                      Annie Couch          Daur              6    Scholar                                Southampton, Cowes
                      John Couch           Son               5    Scholar                                Southampton, Cowes
                      Mary Couch           Daur              4    Scholar                                Southampton, Shalfleet
                      Henry Couch          Son               2    Scholar                                Southampton, Shalfleet
                        Caroline Couch     Son                  3mon                                              Southampton, Shalfleet

36 Hamstead Brickyard   Henry Jacobs       Head       Mar        35    Fisherman                                  Southampton, Newtown
                        Sarah Jacobs       Wife       Mar        25    Fishermans wife                            Southampton, Newtown
                        Kate Jacobs        Daur                  1                                                Southampton, Newtown

37 Little Hamstead      John Hillier       Head       Mar        44    Farmer of 26 acres, 1 labourer and 1 boy   Southampton
                        Mary A Hillier     Wife       Mar        46                                               Southampton
                        Mary A Hillier     Daur                  15                                               Southampton
                        Alfred Hillier     Son                   14                                               Southampton
                        Ellen M Hillier    Daur                  11    Scholar                                    Southampton
                        Kate E Hillier     Daur                  5     Scholar                                    Southampton
                        Emma S Hillier     Daur                  2                                                Southampton

District 2

 1                      Levi Morris        Head       Married    54    Ag Lab                                     Southampton, Gatcomb
                        Lucy Morris        Wife       Married    49                                               Suffolk
                        Alfred Morris      Son        Unmar      16    Ag Lab                                     Southampton, Shalfleet
                        Lucy Morris        Daughter   Unmar      13                                               Southampton, Shalfleet
                        William H Morris   Son        Unmar      12                                               Southampton, Shalfleet
                        John Scovell       Lodger     Unmar      27    Ag Lab                                     Southampton, Shalfleet

 2                      Elizabeth Morris   Head       W          83    Farmer 65 acres                            Southampton, Godshill
                        Ann Morris         Daur       Unmar      55    Farmers daughter                           Southampton, Godshill
                        Daniel Morris      Son        Unmar      45    Farmers son                                Southampton, Carisbrooke

 3                      Andrew Cook        Head     Mar          57    Ag Lab                                     Southampton, Carisbrooke
                        Charlotte Cook     Wife     Mar          60                                               Southampton, Mottistone
                        Sophia J Sutton    Grandaughter          9     Scholar                                    Southampton, Shalfleet

 4 Eddies               William Fiander    Head       Widr       65    Farmer 17 acres                            Somerset, Hardway
                        John Fiander       Son        Unmar      25    Farmers son                                Southampton, Shalfleet
                        Jane Parlett       Serv       Unmar      30    General Servant                            Southampton, Shalfleet

 5 Corner House         William Drayton    Head       Unmar      56    Farmer 24 Acres                            Southampton, Shalfleet
                   Sophia Salter       Niece   Unmar   20   General Servant       Southampton, Calbourne

6                  Charles Barton      Head    Mar     40   Labourer              Southampton, Calbourne
                   Ann Barton          Wife    Mar     35                         Southampton, Shalfleet
                   Andrew L Barton     Son              5   Scholar               Southampton, Shalfleet
                   Hannah Barton       Daur             4                         Southampton, Shalfleet
                   Jane Barton         Daur             2                         Southampton, Shalfleet
                   Betty Barton        Daur            3m                         Southampton, Shalfleet

7                  John Hollis         Head    Unmar   51   Ag Lab                Hants, Shalfleet

8                  Mary Prince         Head    W       83   Pauper                Hants, Brighstone
                   Clara Prince        Daur    Unmar        Char woman            Hants, Shalfleet

9 The Vicarage     James Butt          Head    Mar     45   Boot and Shoe Maker   Hants, Carisbrooke
                   Fanny Butt          Wife    Mar     46                         Hants, Godshill

10 Atkeys          Charles Paul        Head    Mar     57   Ag Lab                Hants, Bouldnor
                   Sarah Paul          Wife    Mar     53                         Hants, Brook
                   William H Paul      Son     Unmar   15   Ag Lab                Hants, Lymington
                   Elizabeth Paul      Daur            12   Scholar               Hants, Shalfleet
                   Frederick Paul      Son             10   Scholar               Hants, Shalfleet
                   Water F Paul        Son     Unmar   20   Ag Lab                Hants, Calbourne

11 Stick Cottage   William Hooper      Head    Mar     59   Ag Lab                Hants, Mottistone
                   Charlotte Hooper    Wife    Mar     63                         Hants, Shalfleet
                   Enos Hooper         Son     Unmar   19   Ag Lab                Hants, Shalfleet

12                 John Adams          Head    Mar     49   Gardener              Berkshire, Lookings
                   Elizabeth J Adams   Wife    Mar     48                         Berkshire, Idstone
                   Emily E Adams       Daur    Unmar   15                         Hants, Shalfleet
                   Frederick Adams     Son     Unmar   13   Scholar               Hants, Shalfleet
                   Rosa Adams          Daur            8    Scholar               Hants, Shalfleet

13 Parsonage       Mary M Dakin        Head    W       62   House ?               Lancashire, Warrington
                   Mary Dakin          Daur    Unmar   30   Dividend              Lancashire, Warrington
                       William E Dakin     Son     Unmar   29   Retired Military Officer   Lancashire, Warrington
                       Frances F Dakin     Son     Unmar   26   Retired Military Officer   Somerset, Brawdries
                       Maria M Barge       Serv    Unmar   25   Parlour Maid               Somerset, Brawdries
                       Emily David         Serv    Unmar   23   Cook                       Somerset, Pawlett
                       Sarah Brading       Serv    Unmar   16   Housemaid                  Somerset, Malton
                       William Kelly       Serv    Unmar   21   Groom                      Tipperary, Cahir

14 Goose Acre          William Fiander     Head    Mar     30   Dairyman                   Shalfleet, Hants
                       Caroline Fiander    Wife    Mar     33                              Lymington, Hants
                       Anne Fiander        Daur            9    Scholar                    Shalfleet, Hants

15 Goose Acre          John Wheeler        Head    Mar     54   Ag Lab                     Shalfleet, Hants
                       Martha Wheeler      Wife    Mar     35                              Burley, Hants
                       Emma J Wheeler      Daur            11   Scholar                    Calbourne, Hants
                       Henrietta Wheeler   Daur             9   Scholar                    Shalfleet, Hants
                       Susanna Wheeler     Daur             5   Scholar                    Shalfleet, Hants
                       Herbert Wheeler     Son              2                              Shalfleet, Hants
                       Walter G Wheeler    Son             3m                              Shalfleet, Hants

16 Dodpits Brickyard   Thomas Adams        Widr    Unmar   71   Brickmaker                 Cheriton, Hants
                       William Lesley      Widr    Unmar   55   Brickmaker                 Frensom, Surrey
                       Fanny Cook          W       Unmar   45                              Shalfleet, Hants

17 Palmers Farm        Alfred E B Wake     Head    Mar     34   Cattle Dealer              Breuham, Somersetshire
                       Susan J Wake        Wife    Mar     33                              Somersetshire
                       Julia L Wake        Daur            12   Scholar                    Breuham, Somersetshire
                       Alfred M Wake       Son             10   Scholar                    Breuham, Somersetshire
                       Agnes J Wake        Daur            8    Scholar                    Hekester, Somersetshire
                       Augusta M Wake      Daur            6    Scholar                    Brook, Hants
                       Beatrice K Wake     Daur            4                               Brook, Hants
                       Mary Jane Abbott    Serv    Unmar   13   Domestic Servant           Rimpton, Somersetshire

18 Palmers Farm        William Baker       Head     Mar    70   Retired Farmer             Calbourne, Hants
                       Hannah Baker        Wife     Mar    75                              St Lawrence, Hants
                       Jane Whittington    Grandaur        12   Scholar                    Calbourne, Hants
19               James Gladdis           Head      Widr     71    Labourer             Shalfleet, Hants
                 Mary Hodges             Serv      Unmar    52    Housekeeper          Shalfleet, Hants

20               William Chiverton       Head      Mar      51    Labourer             Thorley, Hants
                 Fanny Chiverton         Wife      Mar      53                         Wellow, Hants
                 Sarah Seager            Mother    W        71                         Shorwell, Hants

21 Spring Hill   William Sawyer          Head       Mar     37    Black Smith          Romsey, Hants
                 Emily Sawyer            Wife       Mar     28                         Shalfleet, Hants
                 William Sawyer          Son                 8    Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants
                 Lily Sawyer             Daur                7    Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants
                 Frederick Sawyer        Son                 5    Scholar
                 Violet Sawyer           Daur                3    Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants
                 Mary Sawyer             Daur                2                         Shalfleet, Hants
                 Alfred Sawyer           Son                1m                         Shalfleet, Hants
                 William Bundy           Apprentice Unmar   16    Black Smith          Shalfleet, Hants

22 Spring Hill   Glencairn A Shaw        Head      Unmar    31    Vicar of Shalfleet   Ayr, Scotland
                 Barbara J Shaw          Sister    Unmar    42    Shareholder          Ayr, Scotland
                 Caroline A Shaw         Sister    Unmar    26    Shareholder          Ayr, Scotland
                 Fanny Elderfield        Serv      Unmar    22    Cook / Domestic      Calbourne, Hants
                 Albert J Favell         Serv      Unmar    17    Groom / Domestic     Carisbrooke, Hants

23 Spring Hill   William Whittington     Head      Mar      24    Dairyman             Shalfleet, Hants
                 Charlotte Whittington   Wife      Mar      32                         Calbourne, Hants
                 Louisa J Whittington    Daur               2                          Shalfleet, Hants
                 Thomas Cheverton        Lodger    Unmar    24    Carpenter            Calbourne, Hants
                 Richard Woodford        Lodger    Unmar    44    Carpenter            Gosport, Hants

24 Spring Hill   Alfred Morris           Head      Mar       40   Ag Labourer          Dorset, Langton
                 Mary Ann Morris         Wife      Mar       30                        Shalfleet, Hants
                 Adolphus Morris         Son                 10   Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants
                 Alfred Morris           Son                 4                         Shalfleet, Hants
                 Austen Morris           Son                 3                         Shalfleet, Hants
                 Herbert Morris          Son                11m                        Shalfleet, Hants
25 Spring Hill   Mary James           Head      W       71   Laundress               Chale, Hants
                 Sarah James          Daur      Unmar   21                           Shalfleet, Hants    Invalid
                 Elizabeth James      Gran-daur Unmar   19                           Newport, Hants

26               Richard Goods        Head     Widr     79   Retired Dairyman?       Otterton, S Devon

27               James Munt           Head     Mar      28   Ag lab                  Calbourne, Hants
                 Mary Munt            Wife     Mar      25                           Shalfleet, Hants
                 Rachael Hodge                 W        86   Pauper                  Newport, Hants

28               Charles Reynolds     Head     Mar      31   Labourer                Thorley, Hants
                 Louisa Reynolds      Wife     Mar      32                           Shalfleet, Hants
                 Mary L Reynolds      Daur              10   Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                 Lucy Reynolds        Daur               8   Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                 Annie Reynolds       Daur               6   Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                 Sarah Reynolds       Daur               4   Scholar                 Yarmouth, Hants
                 William Reynolds     Son               2m                           Shalfleet, Hants

29               Caroline Wilson      Head     Unmar    54   Char Woman              Northwood, Hants

30               William Wilstead     Head     Mar      40   Ag lab                  Shorwell, Hants
                 Fanny Wilstead       Wife     Mar      33                           Calbourne, Hants
                 James W Wilstead     Son               9    Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                 Charles H Wilstead   Son               6    Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                 Frank Wilstead       Son               4    Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                 Mary Ann Wilstead    Daur              1                            Shalfleet, Hants
                 Frank E Warren       Nephew            2                            Brook, Hants

31               Frank Warren         Head     Mar      31   Mariner Naval Reserve   Calbourne, Hants
                 Emily Warren         Wife     Mar      25                           Newbridge, Hants
                 Henry R Warren       Son               3                            Newbridge, Hants
                 George F Warren      Son               1                            Newbridge, Hants

32               James Warne          Head     Mar      70   Ag lab                  Arreton, Hants
                 Mary Ann Warne       Wife     Mar      70                           Portsmouth, Hants
33   George Young           Head      Mar     48   Ag lab                 Hordle, Hants
     Francis Young          Wife      Mar     48                          Hordle, Hants
     William Young          Son       Unmar   20   Ag lab                 Milford, Hants
     George Young           Son       Unmar   18   Ag lab                 Milford, Hants
     Ellen Young            Daur              15   Scholar                Milford, Hants
     Henry Young            Son               13   Scholar                Milford, Hants
     James Scovell          Lodger            15   Ag lab                 Shalfleet, Hants

34   Thomas Brett           Head      Mar     39   Ag lab                 Ningwood, Hants
     Jane Brett             Wife      Mar     32                          Arreton, Hants
     Hannah Brett           Daur              10   Scholar                Newbridge, Hants
     Thomas Brett           Son               2                           Newbridge, Hants

35   Isaac Brewer           Head      Mar     48   Ag lab                 Shalfleet, Hants
     Elizabeth Brewer       Wife      Mar     57                          Carisbrooke, Hants

36   Mary Gladdis           Head      W       56                          Spain, British Subject
     Thomas Gladdis         Son       Unmar   16   Ag lab                 Newbridge, Hants
     Emma Gladdis           Daur              13   Scholar                Newbridge, Hants
     George Gladdis         Son               10   Ag lab                 Newbridge, Hants

37   Henry Whittington      Head      Mar     50   Ag lab                 Carisbrooke, Hants
     Rebeccca Whittington   Wife      Mar     37                          Shorwell, Hants
     Rose Whittington       Daur      Unmar   12   Scholar                Shalfleet, Hants
     Mary Whittington       Daur      Unmar   10   Scholar                Shalfleet, Hants
     John Whittington       Son               1                           Shalfleet, Hants
     Harry Hendy            Stepson           13   Ag lab                 Shorwell, Hants
     William Hendy          Stepson           6    Scholar                Ryde, Hants
     Henry Scovell          Lodger    Unmar   19   Ag lab                 Shalfleet, Hants

38   Eliza Gladdis          Head      W       58   Washer Woman           Wellow, Hants
     Fanny Gladdis          Daur      Unmar   17   Servant out of place   Newbridge, Hants

39   John Lacy              Head      Mar     56   Labourer               Shalfleet, Hants
     Susan Lacy             Wife      Mar     48                          Ningwood, Hants
40   John Whittington       Head      Mar     56   Labourer           Carisbrooke, Hants
     Maria Whittington      Wife      Mar     43                      Thorley, Hants
     Thomas Whittington     Son       Unmar   19   Ag Labourer        Shalfleet, Hants
     Margaret Whittington   Daur              11   Scholar            Shalfleet, Hants
     Ann Whittington        Daur              9    Scholar            Shalfleet, Hants
     Maria Whittington      Daur              8    Scholar            Shalfleet, Hants
     John Whittington       Son               6    Scholar            Shalfleet, Hants
     Isac Whittington       Son               5    Scholar            Shalfleet, Hants
     Jane Whittington       Daur              3                       Shalfleet, Hants
     Eliza Whittington      Daur              1                       Shalfleet, Hants

41   Joseph Sergeant        Head      Mar     75   Stone Mason        Shalfleet, Hants
     Elizabeth Sergeant     Wife      Mar     73                      Brixton, Hants
     Ellen Joseph           Visitor           14   Scholar            Shalfleet, Hants

42   Elizabeth Brener       Head      W       67   Laundress          Shalfleet, Hants
     Ellen Brener           Visitor   Unmar   15   Domestic Servant   Newbridge, Hants
     Richard Hendy          Lodger    Unmar   50   Ag lab             Calbourne, Hants

43   George Munt            Head      Mar     32   Ag lab             Newbridge, Hants
     Ann Munt               Wife      Mar     26                      Calbourne, Hants
     Mary Ann Munt          Daur              7    Scholar            Newbridge, Hants
     Edith H Munt           Daur              3    Scholar            Newbridge, Hants
     Charles J Munt         Son               1                       Newbridge, Hants

44   William Buckett        Head      Mar     30   Mason              Shalfleet, Hants
     Mary Buckett           Wife      Mar     29                      Ningwood, Hants
     William Buckett        Son                8   Scholar            Newbridge, Hants
     Robert Buckett         Son                3                      Newbridge, Hants
     Mary Ann Buckett       Daur              2m                      Newbridge, Hants

45   Frederick Gladdis      Head      Mar     23   Ag Lab             Newbridge, Hants
     Jane Gladdis           Wife      Mar     25                      Newbridge, Hants
     Julia Gladdis          Daur               3                      Newbridge, Hants
     Florence Gladdis       Daur              3m                      Newbridge, Hants
     William Scovell        Father    Widr    71                      Newbridge, Hants
                James Scovell                   Unmar
                                    Brother in law      21                         Calbourne, Hants

46              Andrew Adams        Head      Mar       62    Ag Lab               Mottistone, Hants
                Harriett Adams      Wife      Mar       60                         Newbridge, Hants
                Elizabeth Adams     Daur      Unmar     26                         Southampton, Shalfleet

47              Moses Grist         Head      Mar       68    Ag Lab               Northwood, Hants
                Harriett Grist      Wife      Mar       69                         Shorwell, Hants

48              Edwin Whittington   Head      Unmar     46    Carrier              Shalfleet, Hants

49              George Baker        Head      Mar       47    Carpenter            Calbourne, Hants
                Fanny Baker         Wife      Mar       48                         Suffolk
                Jane Baker          Daur                11    Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants
                Kate Baker          Daur                8     Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants
                Willie Baker        Son                 7     Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants
                Lilly Baker         Daur                5     Scholar              Shalfleet, Hants

District 3

 1 Little Lee   Leonard Cooper      Head      Married    45   Farmer of 75 acres   Shalfleet, I of Wight
                Martha B Cooper     Wife      Mar        38                        Yarmouth, I of Wight
                Herbert Cooper      Son                  14                        Shalfleet, I of Wight
                Alfred Cooper       Son                  13                        Shalfleet, I of Wight
                Bailey Cooper       Daur                 12   Scholar              Shalfleet, I of Wight
                Philip Cooper       Son                  7                         Shalfleet, I of Wight
                Ernest Cooper       Son                  4                         Shalfleet, I of Wight
                Agnes M Cooper      Daur                11m                        Shalfleet, I of Wight

 2 Lee House    William Lush        Head       Mar      60    Retired Farmer       Sudwell, Wiltshire
                Eliza Lush          Wife       Mar      55                         Downton, Wiltshire
                William J H Lush    Son        Unmar    20    Medical Student      Damestone, Wiltshire
                Eliza H Lush        Daur       Unmar    18                         Damestone, Wiltshire
                Emily M Lush        Daur       Unmar    16                         Damestone, Wiltshire
                Ann M Taunton       Niece of Visitor    11                         Redlynch, Wiltshire
                Fanny M Young       Grandaughter        6                          Broad Chalk, Wiltshire
            Emma Absolern        Servant   Unmar     38      Domestic               Newbury, Berkshire
            Frances Macey        Servant   Unmar     19      Servant                Farant, Wiltshire

3 Cottage   Richard Barton       Head      Mar       72      Woodman                Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Mary A Barton        Wife      Mar       41                             Exeter, Devonshire
            William Barton       Son       Unmar     25      Mariner                Thorley, I of Wight
            Ellen L Barton       Daur                10      Scholar                Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Elizabeth A Barton   Daur                7                              Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Abraham Collins      Lodger    Unmar     30      Masons Labourer        Cornwall

4 Cottage   James Barton         Head      Mar       45      General Servant        Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Ann Barton           Wife      Mar       40                             Arreton, I of Wight
            Sarah Barton         Daur                8       Scholar                Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Richard Barton       Son                 4                              Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Elizabeth Barker     Lodger              70      Formerly a Governess   Poole, Dorset           Blind

5 Cottage   Hannah Warder        Wife      Mar       62                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Ellen Barton         Visitor             11      Visitor                Shalfleet, I of Wight

6 Cottage   William Hand         Head      Mar        47     Farm Labourer          Downton, Wiltshire
            Harriet Hand         Wife      Mar        42                            Downton, Wiltshire
            Walter Hand          Son       Unmar      17     Farm Labourer          Downton, Wiltshire
            Alfred Hand          Son                  11     Farm Labourer          Downton, Wiltshire
            Louisa Hand          Daur                 9      Scholar                Downton, Wiltshire
            Bessie A Hand        Daur                 6      Scholar                Downton, Wiltshire
            Emily M Hand         Daur                 3      Scholar                Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Arthur W Hand        Son               3 weeks                          Shalfleet, I of Wight

7 Cottage   William Mursell      Head      Mar       23      Farm Labourer          Redlynch, Wiltshire
            Fanny Mursell        Wife      Mar       25                             Redlynch, Wiltshire
            Hannah Mursell       Daur                3m                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Charles Mursell      Brother              7      Scholar                Redlynch, Wiltshire

8 Cottage   Frank Gatrell        Head      Mar       35      General Labourer       Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Fanny Gatrell        Wife      Mar       36                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
            Frederick Gatrell    Son                 13                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Ann G Gatrell     Daur             10                            Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Edward Gatrell    Son              7                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Harry Gatrell     Son              4                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Clara Gatrell     Daur             1                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  John Leal         Lodger   Unmar   31   Shoe Maker               Freshwater, I of Wight

9 Cottage         Eliza Marsh       Mother   Unmar   61   Market Woman             Fareham, Hampshire
                  Emma Marsh        Daur     Unmar   37   Dressmaker               Fareham, Hampshire

10 Blakes Farm    Mary Green                 Wid     56   Baptist Minister Widow   Portsea
                  James Green       Son      Unmar   25   Farmer                   Bittern
                  Mary Green        Daur     Unmar   24                            Southend
                  Jessie Green      Daur     Unmar   20                            Niton, I of Wight
                  Frederick Green   Son      Unmar   19   Grocer                   Niton, I of Wight
                  Miriam Green      Daur     Unmar   17                            Niton, I of Wight
                  Samuel Green      Son      Unmar   16   Farmer                   Niton, I of Wight
                  Alice Stevens              Unmar   19   B?                       Portsea
                  William Neal               Unmar   24   Farm Labourer            Newport, I of Wight

11                Eliza Kirby       Wife     Mar     34                            London
                  Eliza M Kirby     Daur             9                             Devonshire

12 Cottage        Albert E Trott    Head     Mar     26   Labourer                 Somerset
                  Charlotte Trott   Wife     Mar     25                            Shalfleet, I of Wight

     Malt House   Unihabited

13 Cottage        James White       Head     Mar     76   Labourer                 Beauly
                  Anna White        Wife     Mar     67                            Brixton, I of Wight
                  Jacob White       Son      Unmar   35   Labourer                 Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Edward White      Son      Unmar   33   Labourer                 Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Albert White      Son      Unmar   31   Labourer                 Shalfleet, I of Wight

14 Cottage        Isaac Merwood     Head     Mar     33   Labourer                 Atherfield, I of Wight
                  Fanny Merwood     Wife     Mar     28                            Shalfleet, I of Wight
15 Cottage              Daniel Long         Head       Mar       62   Grocer                                 Calbourne, Isle of Wight
                        Jane Long           Wife       Mar       58                                          Thorley, Isle of Wight
                        Hannah Bashley      Mother     W         88                                          Niton, Isle of Wight

16 Tree Place Cottage   Frederick Hopkins   Head       Mar       23   Farm Labourer                          Boldner, Hampshire
                        Jane Hopkins        Wife       Mar       21                                          Downton, Wiltshire
                        George Hopkins      Son                1month                                        Shalfleet, I of Wight

17 Tree Place           Charles Tiller      Head       Mar      42    Labourer                               Fordingbridge
                        Jane Tiller         Wife       Mar      42                                           Fordingbridge
                        Harry Tiller        Son                 12                                           Fordingbridge
                        George Tiller       Son                 10    Scholar                                Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Emily Tiller        Daur                 7    Scholar                                Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Alfred Tiller       Son                  4    Scholar                                Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Alice Tiller        Daur                 2                                           Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Louisa Tiller       Daur                5m                                           Shalfleet, I of Wight

18 Tree Place           Hannah Cheverton    Head     W           70                                          Thorley, Isle of Wight
                        PinnennaTrott       Grandaughter         11                                          Thorley, Isle of Wight

19 Cottage              Henry Hayles        Head       Mar       64   Smith                                  Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Eliza Hayles        Wife       Mar       69                                          Carisbrooke, I of Wight
                        Thomas Hayles       Son        Unmar     30   Labourer                               Carisbrooke, I of Wight
                        Fanny Warne         Daur       Mar       28                                          Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Thomas Hayles       Brother    Unmar     71                                          Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Frank K Warne       Grandson             1    Labourer                               Shalfleet, I of Wight

20 Rossiters Farm       Charles Lock        Head       Mar       33   Farmer of 100 acres. 2 men and 1 boy   Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Jane Lock           Wife       Mar       35                                          Whippingham
                        Annie Lock          Daur                 9    Scholar                                Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Wallace Lock        Son                  8    Scholar                                Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Jane Easney         Serv       Unmar     60   General Servant                        Shalfleet, I of Wight
                        Thomas Ball         Visitor    Unmar     16   Farmers Son                            Gatcomb, I of Wight

21 Cottage              James Mussell       Head       Mar       29   Carter                                 Brish Lomer, Wilts
                        Elizabeth Mussell   Wife       Mar       28                                          Hampshire
                   Tom Eden Mussell      Son                4                          Shalfleet, I of Wight
                   Frances E Mussell     Daur              1m                          Shalfleet, I of Wight

22 Cottage         James Groves          Head      Mar     65   Farm Labourer          Freshwater, I of Wight
                   Lucy Groves           Wife      Mar     63                          Lymington

23                 Hannah Beere          Head      Widow   77                          Wellow, I of Wight

24 Cottage         Frank Cooper          Head      Mar     36   Carpenter              Wellow, I of Wight
                   Ellen Cooper          Wife      Mar     36                          Cowes, I of Wight
                   Gertrude Cooper       Daur              10   Scholar                Cowes, I of Wight
                   Rowland Cooper        Son               9    Scholar                Wellow, I of Wight
                   Ada Cooper            Daur              6    Scholar                Wellow, I of Wight
                   Clare Cooper          Daur              4                           Wellow, I of Wight
                   Rose Cooper           Daur              3                           Wellow, I of Wight
                   Theresa Cooper        Daur              1                           Wellow, I of Wight

25 Ningwood Farm   George Paul           Head      Widr    39   Farmer 16 acres        Dunpole, Flenswater
                   Ellen Paul            Sister    Unmar   44   Housekeeper            Dunpole, Flenswater
                   Amy E Paul            Daur              5                           Ningwood, Shalfleet
                   Elizabeth Broughton   Servant   Unmar   15   Servant                Kent

26 Cottage         Margaret Chessell     Head      Widow   67                          Kingston, Dorset
                   Jane E Mory           Servant           13   Servant                Shalfleet, I of Wight
                   John Butterworth      Lodger    Widr    40   Baptist Minister       Portsmouth, Hampshire

27 Cottage         John W Sennett        Head      Mar     59   Cord Wainer            Devonport, Devonshire
                   Sarah Sennett         Wife      Mar     58                          Burton, Devonshire

28                 Henry B Long          Head      Mar     27   Carpenter and Joiner   East Cowes, I of Wight
                   Mary J Long           Wife      Mar     24                          Thorley, I of Wight
                   Lilian M Long         Daur              7m                          Shalfleet, I of Wight

29 Cottage         Mark Fulford          Head      Mar     28   Dairyman               Redlynch, Wilts
                   Sarah A Fulford       Wife      Mar     26                          Odstock, Wilts
                   George Fulford        Son               7                           Britford, Wilts
                  Emily Fulford        Daur              5                                        Redlynch, Wilts
                  Fanny Fulford        Daur              4                                        Redlynch, Wilts
                  Ernest J Fulford     Son               3                                        Alderholt, Dorset
                  Frank Fulford        Son               1                                        Shalfleet, I of Wight

30 Rose Cottage   William Buckett      Head      Mar     53   Bricklayer                          Calbourne, I of Wight
                  Eliza Buckett        Wife      Mar     52                                       Shorwell, I of Wight
                  Henry Buckett        Son       Unmar   22   Bricklayer                          Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Frederick Buckett    Son       Unmar   20   Bricklayer                          Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  George Buckett       Son       Unmar   16   Carpenter                           Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Frank Buckett        Son               14   Scholar                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Fanny Buckett        Daur              12   Scholar                             Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  George Russell       Boarder   Unmar   38   Tailor                              Shalfleet, I of Wight

31 Cottage        Robert Barton        Head      Unmar   73   Out of Business                     Hampshire

32 Cottage        James Reynolds       Head      Mar     73   Labourer                            Thorley, I of Wight
                  Sharlotte Reynolds   Wife      Mar     72                                       Mottistone, I of Wight
                  Barton Reynolds      Son       Unmar   29   Labourer                            Shalfleet, I of Wight

33 Cottage        Isaac Brett          Head      Mar     66   Farm Labourer                       Thorley, I of Wight
                  Hannah Brett         Wife      Mar     66                                       Shorwell, I of Wight
                  Joseph Brett         Son       Unmar   20   Labourer                            Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Sarah Brett          Grandau           9    Servant                             Shalfleet, I of Wight

34 Dairy Farm     Henry Baker          Head      Mar     40   Farmer of 400 acres, 8 men 2 boys   Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Edith Baker          Wife      Mar     40                                       Whitwell, I of Wight
                  Henry Baker          Son               9                                        Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  William Baker        Son               8                                        Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Emma C Baker         Daur              6                                        Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Georgina Baker       Daur              3                                        Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Ellen Hyde           Servant   Unmar   30   General Servant                     Freshwater, I of Wight
                  George Hyde          Servant   Unmar   25   Farm Servant                        Shalfleet, I of Wight

35 Cottage        Frances Russel       Head      Widow   64   Housekeeper                         Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Ruth Russel          Daur      Unmar   24   Dressmaker                          Shalfleet, I of Wight    * (1)
36 Cottage        Thomas Shotter     Head     Mar     52   Labourer           Brighstone, I of Wight
                  Emma Shotter       Wife     Mar     42                      Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Fanny Shotter      Daur             8                       Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Mary A Shotter     Daur             2                       Shalfleet, I of Wight

37 Cottage        James Pitman       Head     Mar     36   Labourer           Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Anne Pitman        Wife     Mar     35                      Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  James Pitman       Son              12   Labourer           Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Timothy Pitman     Son              10   Farm Servant       Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Josiah Pitman      Son              8    Scholar            Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Rose Pitman        Daur             5                       Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Jane Pitman        Daur             5                       Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Benjamin Pitman    Son              3                       Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Frederick Pitman   Son              1    Infant             Shalfleet, I of Wight

38 School House   Baruch Board       Head     Mar     25   School Master      Whippingham, I of Wight
                  Mary Board         Wife     Mar     24                      Whippingham, I of Wight
                  Matilda Attrill    Serv     Unmar   13   Domestic Servant   Whippingham, I of Wight

39 Cottage        Cornelius Pope     Head     Mar          Gardener           Brading, I of Wight
                  Mary Pope          Wife     Mar                             Thorley, I of Wight
                  Jane Shotter       Mother   Widow        ?                  Winchester

40 Cottage        William Wheeler    Head     Mar     59   Tradesman          Shalfleet, I of Wight
                  Harriet Wheeler    Wife     Mar     64                      Arreton, I of Wight

41 Pitts Farm     David Newbury      Head     Mar     36   Dairyman           Isle of Wight
                  Rose M Newbury     Wife     Mar     37                      Isle of Wight
                  Ian Newbury        Son      Unmar   11                      Isle of Wight
                  Mary A Newbury     Daur             10                      Isle of Wight
                  William Newbury    Son               8                      Isle of Wight
                  Harriett Newbury   Daur              6                      Isle of Wight
                  Charlot Newbwry    Daur              4                      Isle of Wight
                  David Newbury      Son               2                      Isle of Wight
                  James Newbury      Son              5m                      Isle of Wight
42 Cottage                Jacob Fry         Head   Mar     57   Agricultural Labourer   Isle of Wight
                          Hannah Fry        Wife   Mar     49                           Isle of Wight
                          Emily Fry         Daur   Unmar   23   Dressmaker              Isle of Wight
                          Ernest Fry        Son    Unmar   18   Bricklayers Labourer    Isle of Wight
                          Frederick Fry     Son            15   Labourer                Isle of Wight
                          Frank Fry         Son            12   Labourer                Isle of Wight
                          Sarah A Fry       Daur           11   Scholar                 Isle of Wight
                          George E Fry      Son            7    Scholar                 Isle of Wight
                          Elizabeth M Fry   Daur           6    Scholar                 Isle of Wight
                          Alfred Fry        Son            6    Scholar                 Isle of Wight

43 Boldner Cottage        James Long        Head   Mar     47   Dairyman                Isle of Wight
                          Ester Long        Wife   Mar     42                           Isle of Wight
                          Sarah L Long      Daur   Unmar   21                           Isle of Wight
                          Jane Long         Daur   Unmar   19                           Isle of Wight
                          Henry Long        Son    Unmar   17                           Isle of Wight
                          Charlot Long      Daur   Unmar   15                           Isle of Wight
                          James Long        Son            12                           Isle of Wight
                          Emily Long        Daur           8                            Isle of Wight
                          Maria Ann Long    Daur           4                            Isle of Wight
                          William Long      Son            3                            Isle of Wight

*(1) Deaf and Dumb from Scarlet Fever

District 4
 1 Wellow                 William Bright    Head   Mar     36   Labourer                Hurstbourne
                          Agnes M Bright    Wife   Mar     32                           Isle of Wight
                          Emily Bright      Daur           12                           Parish of Gosport
                          George Bright     Son            10                           Parish of Gosport
                          Robert Bright     Son            7                            Parish of Gosport
                          Harry Bright      Son            5                            Parish of Gosport

 2 Wellow                 John Bundy        Head   Mar     48   Brickmaker              Redlynch, Wilts
           Elizabeth Bundy        Wife      Mar      51                  Redlynch, Wilts
           John Bundy             Son       Unmar    26   Brickmaker     Redlynch, Wilts
           Job Bundy              Son       Unmar    26   Brickmaker     Clarendon
           Albert Bundy           Son       Unmar    14   Plough Boy     Clarendon
           Hubert Bundy           Son                12   Plough Boy     Clarendon
           Anne Bundy             Daur               10   Scholar        Clarendon
           Sidney Bundy           Son                6    Scholar        Clarendon

3 Wellow   Andreus Cook           Head       Mar     55   Labourer       Isle of Wight
           Elizabeth Cook         Wife       Mar     54                  Isle of Wight
           Harriet Hammond        Sister     Widow   43                  Isle of Wight
           Elizabeth Lookaberry   Niece      Unmar   15                  Isle of Wight
           Lille Chiverton        Grandchild         12                  Isle of Wight
           Violet Sawyer          Grandchild         3                   Isle of Wight
           George Milmore         Grandfather        75   Labourer       Isle of Wight
           Mary Milmore           Grandmother        76                  Isle of Wight

4 Wellow   John Buckett           Head      Mar      28   Carpenter      Shalfleet
           Millicent Buckett      Wife      Mar      30                  St Ives, Cornwall
           Virginia Buckett       Daur               3                   Shalfleet
           Louisa Buckett         Daur               1                   Shalfleet

5          Emily R Fiander        Head      Widow    34   Publican       Freshwater
           Helen Lock             Niece              8                   Newport
           Samuel Kellaway        Boarder            38   Clerk          Portsmouth

6 Wellow   John Broom             Head      Mar      40   Shepherd       Longast, Somerset
           Elizabeth Broom        Wife      Mar      42                  Longast, Somerset
           Elizabeth Broom        Daur               14                  Thorley, Isle of Wight

7          Jane Salter            Head      Widow    45   Washer Woman   Sandown, I W
           Joseph Salter          Son       Unmar    16   Labourer       Shalfleet, I W

8          John Collins           Head      Mar      50   Labourer       Swainston, Calbourne
           Jane Collins           Wife      Mar      41                  Scotland
           James Collins          Son       Unmar    25   Seaman         Shalfleet
                    George Collins           Son       Unmar   18    Labourer                Thorley, Isle of Wight

9 Wellow            James Drake              Head      Mar     51    Farmer of 36 acres      Mottistone
                    Martha Drake             Wife      Mar     52                            Shalfleet
                    Charles Drake            Son       Unmar   22    Cassier                 Shalfleet
                    Alice Drake              Daur      Unmar   19    Dressmaker              Shalfleet
                    Eva Drake                Daur      Unmar   17    Farmers Daughter        Shalfleet
                    Harry Drake              Son       Unmar   14    Farmers Son             Shalfleet
                    Alfred Drake             Son       Unmar   12    Scholar                 Shalfleet
                    Maurice Drake            Son       Unmar   9     Scholar                 Shalfleet

10 Wellow           William Seager           Head      Mar     59    Agricultural Labourer   Shalfleet, Hants
                    Harriet Seager           Wife      Mar     61                            Thorley, Hants
                    George Seager            Son       Unmar   29    Agricultural Labourer   Hants, Hants

11 Wellow           Francis Brownsell        Head      Mar     22    Agricultural Labourer   Buckland, Devon
                    Mary A Brownsell         Wife      Mar     20    Labourers Wife          Longast, Somerset

12 Wellow           John Veal                Head     Widr     66    Labourer                Milton, Hants
                    Mary Strickland                   Widow
                                             Housekeeper       76    Housekeeper             Brockenhurst, Hants

13 Wellow           Richard Rice             Head      Mar     53    Agricultural Labourer   Shalfleet, Hants

14 Wellow           Eli Shawbridge           Head      Mar      29   Agricultural Labourer   Shalfleet, Hants
                    Lucy Shawbridge          Wife      Mar      27                           Upsbery, Devon
                    George W Shawbridge      Son                3    Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                    Ada A Shawbridge         Daur              11m                           Shalfleet, Hants

15 Hartsdale Farm   George A Kingswell       Head      Mar     31    Farmer of 110 acres     Godshill
                    Mary J Kingswell         Wife      Mar     28                            Brixton
                    James A Kingswell        Son                8                            Brixton
                    Martha A Kingswell       Daur               6                            Brixton
                    Beatrice L M Kingswell   Daur               4                            Brixton
                    Alice M Kingswell        Daur               2                            Shalfleet
                    Mahala L M Kingswell     Daur              2m                            Shalfleet
                    Charlott Cotton          Visitor   Unmar   16                            Brixton
            William J Whittington   Cow Boy           14   Labourer                        Shalfleet

16 Wellow   Benjamin Cooper         Head      Mar     72                                   Shalfleet
            Elizabeth Cooper        Wife      Mar     66                                   Shalfleet
            Edward Cooper           Son       Unmar   38                                   Shalfleet

17 Wellow   George White            Head      Mar     38   Agricultural Labourer           Shalfleet, Hants
            Sophia White            Wife      Mar     32                                   Shalfleet, Hants
            Julia White             Daur              11   Scholar                         Shalfleet, Hants
            Sabina White            Daur              10   Scholar                         Shalfleet, Hants
            Morris White            Son               8    Scholar                         Shalfleet, Hants
            Alice White             Daur              4    Scholar                         Shalfleet, Hants

18 Wellow   Robert Lock             Head      Mar     51   Farmer of 340 acres             Shalfleet, Hants
            Emma Lock               Wife      Mar     54   8 labourers 4 boys              Alverstoke, Hants
            Robert Lock             Son               15   Farmers Son                     Shalfleet, Hants
            Maria Lock              Aunt              73                                   Shalfleet, Hants

19 Wellow   William Burt            Head      Unmar   60   Labourer                        Shalfleet

20 Wellow   Charles Cook            Head      Mar     48   Gardener                        Boldnor, Hants
            Ann Cook                Wife      Mar     39                                   Newbridge, Hants
            Charles W Cook          Son               14   Scholar                         Wellow, Hants
            William Cook            Father    Widr    75   Agricultural Labourer           Brook, Hants

21 Wellow   Robert Mew              Head      Mar     51   Agricultural Labourer           Calbourne
            Ann Mew                 Wife      Mar     47   Wife of Agricultural Labourer   Chillerton
            Samuel Mew              Son               11   Scholar                         Thorley
            Emily Mew               Daur              7    Scholar                         Wellow
            Margaret Mew            Daur              4    Scholar                         Wellow
            Fanny Morey             Boarder           13   Scholar                         Dinglers, Shalfleet
            Joseph Morey            Boarder           11   Scholar                         Dinglers, Shalfleet

22 Wellow   Richard Shotter         Head      Mar     50   Farm Labourer                   Shorwell, I Wight
            Jane Shotter            Wife      Mar     47   Laundress                       Thorley, I Wight
            Ewen Shotter            Son       Unmar   17   General Servant                 Shalfleet, I Wight
              Ellen Shotter       Daur      Unmar    13   General Servant         Shalfleet, I Wight
              Frederick Shotter   Son       Unmar    9    Scholar                 Shalfleet, I Wight
              Emily Shotter       Daur               7    Scholar                 Shalfleet, I Wight
              George Shotter      Son                4    Scholar                 Shalfleet, I Wight
              Charles Shotter     Son                2                            Shalfleet, I Wight

23 Wellow     Ester Hoy           Head       Widow   64   Cassier                 Wellow, I Wight
              James Bulton        Grandchild         14   Ploughboy               Wellow, I Wight
              John Bulton         Grandchild         11   Scholar                 Wellow, I Wight

24 Wellow     Mary A Wheeler      Head      Mar      29   Fishermans Wife         Whitwell, I Wight
              Percy H Wheeler     Son                4    Scholar                 Chale, I Wight
              Seager J Wheeler    Son                3    Scholar                 Chale, I Wight

25 Wellow     Peter Scovell       Head      Mar      57   Gardener                Calbourne, I Wight
              Eliza Scovell       Wife      Mar      52                           Arreton, I Wight
              Frederick Scovell   Son                12                           Shalfleet, I Wight

26 Wellow     Sarah A Annesley    Head               33   Daughter of Commander   Gorleston, Suffolk
              Kate E Annesley     Sister             32   Daughter of Commander   Gorleston, Suffolk
              William K Bell      Cousin             4    Son of Clergyman        Southsea, Hants
              Kenneth D Bell      Cousin             3    Son of Clergyman        Southsea, Hants
              Emma Buckett        Serv               19   Servant                 Ningwood, I Wight
              Sarah Rydill        Serv               14   Servant                 Newbridge, I Wight

27 Wellow     Moses Shirley       Head      Mar      35   Labourer                Brixton, Hants
              Mary A Shirley      Wife      Mar      31   Wife of Labourer        Northwood, Hants
              Charles H Shirley   Son                12   Carter Boy              Northwood, Hants
              James Shirley       Son                10   Carter Boy              Shorwell, Hants
              Elizabeth Shirley   Daur               8                            Shalfleet, Hants
              William Shirley     Son                4                            Shalfleet, Hants
              George Shirley      Son                2                            Shalfleet, Hants

28 Ningwood   James Gibbs         Head      Mar      26   Shepherd                Donyat, Somerset
              Rhoda Gibbs         Wife      Mar      22                           Clarendon, Wilts
29 Ningwood     Frank Dyer          Head      Mar     26   Carter                Rookley, Hants
                Ellen Dyer          Wife      Mar     31   Wife of Carter        Newport, Hants
                Ann Dyer            Daur              10                         Newbridge, Hants
                George Dyer         Son               1                          Newbridge, Hants
                Mary Grundsell      Boarder   Mar     69                         White House, Hants

30 Prospect     James Daw           Head      Unmar   70   Labourer              Wellow

31 Prospect     Mary Daw            Head      Widow   85   Independent           Shorwell, Isle of Wight
                Benjamin Shepherd   Serv      Mar     67   Labourer              Chale, Isle of Wight
                Mary Stevens        Serv      Mar     62   Servant               Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                Ann Bloomfield      Lodger    Widow   21   Servant               Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                Mary A Bloomfield                     2                          Shalfleet, Isle of Wight

32 Prospect     James Broom         Head      Mar     44   Shepherd              Donyatt, Somerset
                Martha Broom        Wife      Mar     38                         Donyatt, Somerset
                George Broomn       Son               12                         Thorley, Isle of Wight
                Julia A Broom       Daur              10                         Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                Sarah A Broom       Daur              6                          Shalfleet
                Martha Broom        Daur              4                          Shalfleet
                Mary Broom          Daur              2                          Shalfleet

33 Prospect     James Brett         Head      Mar     47   Labourer              Thorley, Isle of Wight
                Jane Brett          Wife      Mar     43                         Newchurch, Isle of Wight
                Fanny Brett         Daur      Unmar   17                         Thorley, Isle of Wight
                Caroline Brett      Daur              11                         Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                John Brett          Son               1                          Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                William Hobbs       Lodger    Mar     41                         Gatcombe, Isle of Wight

34 Churchills   John W Baker        Head      Mar     40   Farmer of 260 acres   Northwood, Isle of Wight
                Emily H Baker       Wife      Mar     36   Farmers Wife          Portsmouth
                William Baker       Son               11                         Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                Edward Baker        Son               10                         Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                Henry Baker         Son               7                          Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                Charles J Baker     Son               5                          Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                Gertrude J Baker    Daur              2                          Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                      Flora A Baker       Daur               1                                        Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                      Hannah Marchfield   Serv       Unmar   26   Domestic Servant                    Shalfleet, Isle of Wight   Deaf
                      Edward Sutton       Serv       Unmar   19   General Servant                     Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                      John Dyer           Serv       Unmar   15   General Servant                     Gatcombe, Isle of Wight

35 Churchills         Charles Mew         Head       Mar     62   Labourer                            Thorley, Isle of Wight
                      Elizabeth Mew       Wife       Mar     52                                       Northwood, Isle of Wight
                      Anne Mew            Daur       Unmar   20                                       Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                      Jenny Mew           Daur       Unmar   17                                       Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                      Walter Mew          Son                13                                       Shalfleet, Isle of Wight
                      Elizabeth Mew       Grandaur           2m                                       Shalfleet, Isle of Wight

36 Churchills         Charles Hobbs       Head       Mar     48   Painter and Carpenter               Calbourne, Isle of Wight
                      Charlotte Hobbs     Wife       Mar     43                                       Brixton, Isle of Wight
                      Theresa Hobbs       Daur       Unmar   12                                       Calbourne, Isle of Wight
                      Agnes Hobbs         Daur       Unmar   9                                        Calbourne, Isle of Wight
                      Edith Hobbs         Daur       Unmar   7                                        Calbourne, Isle of Wight
                      Martha Hobbs        Daur       Unmar   5                                        Calbourne, Isle of Wight
                      Rose Hobbs          Daur       Unmar   2                                        Calbourne, Isle of Wight

District 5

   Hulverstone Farm
 1 House              William Selby       Head       Mar     33   Farmer of 224 acres, 5men, 2 boys   Shalfleet, Hants
                      Jane Selby          Wife       Mar     32                                       Chale, Hants
                      Annie Selby         Daur               7                                        Brook, Hants
                      Martha Grist        Serv       Unmar   19   General Servant Domestic            Northwood, Hants

 2                    Richard Diment      Head       Mar     24   Agricultural Labourer               Chard, Somerset
                      Elizabeth Diment    Wife       Mar     24                                       Chard, Somerset
                      Eunice Diment       Daur               4                                        Chard, Somerset

 3                    Michael Trickel     Head       Mar     56   Wheelwright                         Hants, Hulverstone
                      Hannah Trickel      Wife       Mar     62                                       Hants, Carisbrooke
                      Jane Trickel        Daur       Unmar   29   Dressmaker                          Hants, Brooke
                      Joseph Trickel      Son        Unmar   27   Wheelwright                         Hants, Mottistone
                 William Leigh          Boarder   Unmar   78   Wheelwright      Hants, Freshwater
                 Jane Trickel           Mother    Widow   82                    Hants, Freshwater
                 Lucy Sims              Nurse     Unmar   57   Serv and Nurse   Dorset, Toller

4                Hepzibar Hollis        Head      Unmar   27   Schoolmistress   Hants, Newport

5                William Willington     Head      Mar     60   Grocer           Hants, Carisbrooke
                 Elespella Willington   Wife      Mar     53                    Hants, Newport

6                Maurice Edmunds        Head      Mar     29   Ag Lab           Hants, Arreton
                 Mary Jane Edmunds      Wife      Mar     27                    Somerset, Norton
                 Maurice Edmunds        Son               8    Scholar          Hants, Thorley
                 Emily J Edmunds        Daur              5    Scholar          Hants, Rookley
                 James Edmunds          Son               3                     Hants, Hulverstone
                 Elizabeth E Edmunds    Daur              1                     Hants, Hulverstone

7                Henry Wheeler          Head      Widr    61   Ag Lab           Hants, Calbourne
                 Charles Wheeler        Son       Unmar   40   Ag Lab           Hants, Shalfleet
                 Mary Ann Wheeler       Daur      Unmar   20   Housekeeper      Hants, Shalfleet

8 Brooke Green   Isaac Gutteridge       Head      Mar     55   Ag Lab           County of Hants
                 Harriet Gutteridge     Wife      Mar     51                    County of Hants
                 Anne Gutteridge        Daur      Unmar   20   Dressmaker       County of Hants
                 Fanny Gutteridge       Daur              15   Scholar          County of Hants
                 Louisa Gutteridge      Daur              12   Scholar          County of Hants
                 William Gutteridge     Son               9    Scholar          County of Hants
                 Mary J Gutteridge      Daur              6    Scholar          County of Hants

9                William Cooke          Head      Mar     59   Fisherman        Hants, Mottistone
                 Mary Cooke             Wife      Mar     58                    Hants, Chale
                 Mary Cooke             Daur      Unmar   20                    Hants, Shalfleet

10               Frank Cotton           Head      Mar     37   Fisherman        Hants, Brighstone
                 Ellen Cotton           Wife      Mar     36                    Hants, Brighstone
                 Emma Cotton            Daur              14                    Hants, Brighstone
                 Ellen Cotton           Daur              13                    Hants, Brighstone
                    Sarah Cotton        Daur             11                                       Hants, Brighstone
                    Frank Cotton        Son              10                                       Hants, Brighstone
                    Isaac Cotton        Son              8                                        Hants, Shalfleet
                    John H Cotton       Son              6                                        Hants, Shalfleet

11                  Martha Plumbly      Head     Widow   75                                       Hants, Arreton
                    Jacob Plumbly       Son      Unmar   46   Ag Lab                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    Barnabas Plumbly    Son      Unmar   42   Ag Lab                              Hants, Shalfleet

   Brooke Green
12 Farmhouse        Hannah Tomkins      Head     W       76   Farmer of 34 Acres                  Hants, Brixton
                    John Tomkins        Son      Unmar   52   Ag Lab                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    William Tomkins     Son      Unmar   37   Ag Lab                              Hants, Shalfleet

13                  Frank Warne         Head     Widr    29   Gardener, Domestic Servant          Hants, Calbourne
                    Chs James Warne     Son              10   Scholar                             Lincs, Headington
                    William H Warne     Son              8    Scholar                             Hants, Calbourne
                    Emma Warne          Daur             6    Scholar                             Hants, Calbourne

14 Chessel Farm     George Hills        Head     Mar     46   Farmer of 300 acres, 2 men, 1 boy   Hants, Shalfleet
                    Elizabeth Hills     Wife     Mar     36                                       Hants, Arreton

15                  Henry Mussell       Head     Mar     30   Ag Lab                              Hants, Brixton
                    Jane Mussell        Wife     Mar     20                                       Hants, Shalfleet
                    Annie Mussell       Daur             4                                        Hants, Brixton

16                  Henry Meaning       Lodger   Unmar   33   Ag Lab                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    Charles Sorake      Lodger   Unmar   27   Ag Lab                              Hants, Shalfleet

17 Little Chessel   Isaac Wickens       Head     Mar     78   Ag Lab                              Hants, Newchurch
                    Charlotte Wickens   Wife     Mar     76                                       Hants, Carisbrooke

18                  John Carbin         Head     Mar     80   Ag Lab                              Hants, Ningwood
                    Mary Carbin         Wife     Mar     67                                       Hants, Godshill
                    Thomas Carbin       Son      Unmar   35   Shepherd                            Hants, Shalfleet
19                  Charles Greenham   Head     Mar     71    Ag Lab                                    Hants, Carisbrooke
                    Edith Greenham     Wife     Mar     64                                              Hants, Calbourne
                    Edith Greenham     Daur     Unmar   19                                              Hants, Shalfleet

20 Little Chessel   William Legg       Head     Mar     33    Ag Lab                                    Hants, Brooke
                    Jane Legg          Wife     Mar     22                                              Hants, Sway
                    Edwin W Legg       Son              4                                               Hants, Brixton
                    Bessie A Legg      Daur             2                                               Hants, Freshwater
                    George Curtis      Lodger   Unmar   18    Ag Lab                                    Hants, Sway

21                  Henry Therle       Head     Mar     66    Ag Lab                                    Hants, Shorwell
                    Jane Therle        Wife     Mar     60                                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    Ann Therle         Daur     Unmar   18                                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    Lucy Therle        Grandaughter     9     Scholar                                   Hants, Shalfleet

22                  Robert Burt        Head     Mar     34    Ag Lab                                    Hants, Thorley
                    Mary Burt          Wife     Mar     32                                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    George Burt        Son              11                                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    John Burt          Son                    Scholar                                   Hants, Shalfleet
                    Mary J Burt        Daur                   Scholar                                   Hants, Shalfleet
                    Sarah A Burt       Daur                   Scholar                                   Hants, Shalfleet

                                                              Land Owner and occupier of 125 acres, 6
23 Dodpits          Fanny Way          Head     W       52                                              Hants, Shalcombe
                                                              men 2 boys
                    Jane Rickett       Serv     Unmar   17    Domestic Servant                          Hants, Shalfleet
                    Eliza Foss         Serv     Unmar   16    Domestic Servant                          Hants, Calbourne

24                  William Blow       Head     Mar      42   Ag Lab, Foreman                           Hants, Gatcombe
                    Elizabeth Blow     Wife     Mar      29                                             Hants, Boldre
                    Elizabeth Blow     Daur              4                                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    Jane Blow          Daur              3                                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    Ann Blow           Daur              2                                              Hants, Shalfleet
                    Emily Blow         Daur             10m                                             Hants, Shalfleet

25 Newbridge Road   John Carbin        Head     Mar     46    Ag Lab                                    Hants, Arreton
                    Ann Carbin         Wife     Mar     43                                              Hants, Shorwell
                    Frank Carbin        Son       Unmar    17                           Hants, Shalfleet
                    Harry Carbin        Son                10                           Hants, Shalfleet

26                  James Thearle       Head      Mar      25    Ag Lab                 Hants, Shalfleet
                    Elizabeth Thearle   Wife      Mar      22                           Hants, Shalfleet
                    John W Thearle      Son                3                            Hants, Shalfleet

27                  George Milmore      Head      Mar       25   Ag Lab                 Hants, Calbourne
                    Jane Milmore        Wife      Mar       23                          Hants, Shalfleet
                    Ann Milmore         Daur                2                           Hants, Shalfleet
                    Louisa Milmore      Daur               10m                          Hants, Shalfleet

28                  Amelia Plucknett    Widow     Mar      35    Schoolmistress         Hants, Newchurch
                    George Plucknett    Son       Unmar    16    Ag Lab                 Hants, Thorley

29                  Edwin Long          Head      Mar      29    Ag Lab                 Hants, Shalfleet
                    Emily Long          Wife      Mar      27                           Hants, Calbourne
                    Frank Long          Son                7                            Hants, Shalfleet

30 Grocers Shop     James Twyman        Head      Mar      33    Shoemaker and Grocer   Hants, West Cowes
                    Mary Twyman         Wife      Mar      27                           Hants, Shalfleet
                    James Twyman        Son                5     Scholar                Hants, Shalfleet
                    Dora J Twyman       Daur               3     Scholar                Hants, Shalfleet

31                  William Hodges      Head      Mar      31    Ag Lab                 Hants, Shalfleet
                    Mary A Hodges       Wife      Mar      26                           Hants, Calbourne
                    Mary J Hodges       Daur                5    Scholar                Hants, Shalfleet
                    Wilf H Hodges       Son                 3                           Hants, Shalfleet
                    Frederick Hodges    Son                5m                           Hants, Shalfleet

32 Newbridge Road   Thomas Warren       Head       Mar     57    Ag Lab                 Hants, Shalfleet
                    Caroline Warren     Wife       Mar     57                           Hants, Newport
                    James Mussell       Wife's son Unmar   23    Ag Lab                 Hants, Newport

33                  William Simmonds    Head      Mar      62    Ag Lab                 Hants, Godshill
                    Ann Simmonds        Wife      Mar      49                           Hants, Calbourne
                    Emily Mussell       Niece           9    Scholar     Hants, Carisbrooke

34                  Isaac Tayler        Head    Mar     25   Ag Lab      Hants, Newbridge
                    Mary Tayler         Wife    Mar     25               Hants, Niton
                    William Colenutt    Son             6                Hants, Isle of Wight

35                  John Tayler         Head    Mar     61   Ag Lab      Hants, Calbourne
                    Elizabeth Tayler    Wife    Mar     35               Hants, Shalfleet
                    William Tayler      Son             10   Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet
                    Henry Tayler        Son             7    Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet

36 Grocers Shop     James Baker         Head    Mar     52   Grocer      Hants, Calbourne
                    Laura Baker         Wife    Mar     45               Hants, Yarmouth
                    James Baker         Son     Unmar   19   Carpenter   Hants, Newbridge
                    Walter Baker        Son             14   Scholar     Hants, Newbridge
                    Laura Baker         Daur            12   Scholar     Hants, Newbridge
                    Julia Baker         Daur            10   Scholar     Hants, Newbridge
                    Agnes Baker         Daur            4    Scholar     Hants, Newbridge

37 Newbridge Road   John Warne          Head    Mar     39   Ag Lab      Hants, Calbourne
                    Ann Warne           Wife    Mar     33               Hants, Shalfleet
                    George H Warne      Son             14   Ag Lab      Hants, Carisbrooke
                    Julia E Warne       Daur            12   Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet
                    Frank E Warne       Son             10   Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet
                    Augustine J Warne   Son             8    Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet
                    Annie E Warne       Daur            6    Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet
                    Jesse A Warne       Son             5                Hants, Shalfleet
                    James A Warne       Son             3                Hants, Shalfleet
                    Joseph P Warne      Son             1                Hants, Shalfleet

38                  John Harding        Head    Mar     52   Ag Lab      Hants, Brixton
                    Edith Harding       Wife    Mar     38               Hants, Brixton
                    Edward Harding      Son     Unmar   17   Ag Lab      Hants, Brixton
                    Mary Harding        Daur            9    Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet
                    John Harding        Son             7    Scholar     Hants, Shalfleet
                    George Harding      Son             3                Hants, Shalfleet
                  Lucy Harding        Daur               2                       Hants, Shalfleet

39 Grocers Shop   William Abblitt     Head        Mar    42   Grocer             Hants, Calbourne
                  Harriet Abblitt     Wife        Mar    41                      Hants, Newbridge
                  Charles T Abblitt   Son                14   Blacksmith         Hants, Newbridge
                  Harry Abblitt       Son                13   Scholar            Hants, Newbridge
                  Emily Abblitt       Daur               8    Scholar            Hants, Newbridge
                  William Abblitt     Son                6    Scholar            Hants, Newbridge
                  Frank Abblitt       Son                4                       Hants, Newbridge
                  Sidney Abblitt      Son                2                       Hants, Newbridge
                  Charlotte Warren    Mother in law      71                      Hants, Shorwell

40                Thomas H Redstone   Head       Mar     24   Stone Mason        Hants, Calbourne
                  Jane Redstone       Wife       Mar     21                      Hants, Shalfleet
                  Fanny Redstone      Daur               5m                      Hants, Shalfleet

41                John Tayler         Head       Mar     29   Ag Lab             Hants, Newbridge
                  Harriett Tayler     Daur               2                       Hants, Newbridge

42                James Burt          Head       Unmar   38   Ag Lab             Hants, Thorley

43                Maria Sheats        Lodger     W       68   Laundress          Hants, Newbridge
                  Amelia Sheats       Lodger     Unmar   30   Laundress          Hants, Newbridge
                  Herbert Salter      Lodger     Unmar   30   Ag Lab             Hants, Mottistone

44                Charles Young       Head       Mar     72   Ag Lab             Hants, Shalfleet
                  Charlotte Young     Wife       Mar     71                      Hants, Carisbrooke

45                David Thompson      Head       Mar     22   Ag Lab             Hants, Mottistone
                  Jane Thompson       Wife       Mar     26                      Hants, Isle of Wight
                  Edwin Young         Son                9    Scholar            Hants, Shalfleet
                  George Young        Son                7    Scholar            Hants, Shalfleet
                  Celia Thompson      Daur               1                       Hants, Shalfleet

46 Clay Lane      Joseph Salter       Head       Mar     54   Mason Unemployed   Hants, Shalfleet
                  Harriet Salter      Wife       Mar     44                      Hants, Calbourne
                        Thomas Salter            Son      Unmar   23    Mason              Hants, Calbourne
                        Elizabeth May Salter     Daur             9     Scholar            Hants, Calbourne
                        Charles M Salter         Son              6     Scholar            Hants, Calbourne
                        Jacob Salter             Father   Widr    82    Mason              Hants, Areton

47 Clay Lane            Henry Harding            Head     Mar     54    Ag Lab             Hants, Shorwell
                        Mary Harding             Wife     Mar     47                       Hants, Shorwell
                        Louisa Harding           Daur     Unmar   17                       Hants, Brixton
                        Edith Hendy              Niece            8     Scholar            Hants, Shorwell
                        Alfred J Harding         Grandson         5     Scholar            Hants, Shalfleet
                        Agnes S Harding          Grandaur         1                        Hants, Shalfleet
                        William J Harding        Grandson         1                        Hants, Shalfleet

48                      William Dove             Head     Mar     54    Thatcher           Hants, Shalfleet
                        Ann Dove                 Wife     Mar     58                       Hants, Shalfleet
                        Henry Dove               Son              15    Mason's Labourer   Hants, Shalfleet
                        Albert Dove              Grandson         8                        Hants, Carisbrooke
                        Florence M Dove          Grandaur         1                        Hants, Shalfleet

49                      James E Gubbins          Head     Mar     35    Carpenter          Hants, Calbourne
                        Ellen Gubbins            Wife     Mar     37                       Hants, Newport
                        Fanny Gubbins            Daur             8     Scholar            Hants, Portsea

50                      John Gubbins             Head     Mar      29   Grocer and Coal    Hants, Calbourne
                        Jane J Gubbins           Wife     Mar      27                      Hants, Northwood
                        Alice J Gubbins          Daur              9    Scholar            Hants, Northwood
                        Elizabeth Gubbins        Daur              8    Scholar            Hants, Shalfleet
                        Jane Gubbins             Daur              6    Scholar            Hants, Shalfleet
                        Sarah A Gubbins          Daur              4    Scholar            Hants, Shalfleet
                        Samuel William Gubbins   Son               3    Scholar            Hants, Shalfleet
                        Isaac J Gubbins          Son              11m                      Hants, Shalfleet

51 Clay Lane, Newbridge Richard Buckett          Head     Mar     67    Ag Lab             Portsmouth
                        Agnes Buckett            Wife     Mar     59    Charwoman          Hants
                        Sarah A Buckett          Daur     Unmar   26    Charwoman          Hants
               Agnes Buckett       Grandaur           9                 Hants
               Agnes Buckett       Grandaur           5                 Hants
               Frank Buckett       Grandson           2                 Hants

52             Henry Buckett       Head       Mar     58   Ag Lab       Landport, Portsea
               Fanny Buckett       Wife       Mar     58                Hants, Shalfleet

53             Robert Buckett      Head       Mar     19   Bricklayer   Hants, Shalfleet
               Sara A Buckett      Wife       Mar     19                Hants, Whippingham
               Sara A Buckett      Daur               3m                Hants, Shalfleet

54             George Buckett      Head       Mar     36   Mason        Hants, Shalfleet
               Ann Buckett         Wife       Mar     36                Hants, Shalfleet
               Jane Buckett        Daur               14                Hants, Shalfleet
               Jane A Buckett      Daur               10   Scholar      Hants, Shalfleet
               Isaac A Buckett     Son                 8   Ag Lab       Hants, Shalfleet
               Sarah A Buckett     Daur                5                Hants, Shalfleet
               Egar E Buckett      Son                 3                Hants, Shalfleet
               Walter J Buckett    Son                2m                Hants, Shalfleet

55             Jeremiah Redstone   Head     Mar       63   Mason        Hants, Brooke
               Agnes Redstone      Wife     Mar       63                Hants, Gatcombe
               Frank Cooper        Grandson           5                 Hants, Brixton

56 Clay Lane   William Lutton      Head       Widr    60   Ag Lab       Hants, Calbourne
               Emily Lutton        Daur       Unmar   22                Hants, Shalfleet

57             Henry Stone         Head       Mar     39   Ag Lab       Hants, Christchurch
               Frank Stone         Son        Unmar   19   Ag Lab       Hants, Shalfleet
               Grace Stone         Daur               17                Hants, Shalfleet
               Ned Stone           Son                10   Scholar      Hants, Shalfleet
               Hugh Stone          Son                7    Scholar      Hants, Shalfleet

58             William Long        Head       Widr    80   Carpenter    Hants, Godshil

59             William Edmunds     Lodger     Mar     40   Ag Lab       Hants, Carisbrooke
                Sarah Edmunds        Lodger   Mar     35                        Hants, Shalfleet
                Ellen Edmunds                         12                        Hants, Shalfleet
                Edgar Harding                         9m                        Hants, Shalfleet

60              Hannah Hendy         Lodger   W       75                        Hants, Arreton

District 6

 1 Portsfield   John Holbrook        Head     Mar     33   Labourer             Shalfleet
                Jane Holbrook        Wife     Mar     28                        Shalfleet
                Mary Holbrook                 Daur    7    Scholar              Shalfleet
                Kate Holbrook                 Daur    5                         Shalfleet
                Millicent Holbrook            Daur    2                         Shalfleet

 2 Portsfield   Edith Aughe          Head     W       64   Domestic Servant     Shalfleet
                James Aughe          Son              11   Scholar              Shalfleet
                Henery Aughe         Son              15   Labourer             Shalfleet

 3 Portsfield   Henery Ford          Head     Mar     40   Labourer             Calbourne
                Caroline Ford        Wife     Mar     39                        Shalfleet
                James H Ford         Son      Unmar   18   Labourer             Calbourne
                Charles W Ford       Son              13   Labourer             Shalfleet
                Louisa C Ford        Daur             9    Labourer             Calbourne
                Mary A Ford          Daur             5                         Calbourne

 4 Bunes Hill   James Saunders       Head     Mar     42   Farmer of 50 acres   St Nicholas
                Sarah A Saunders     Wife     Mar     34                        Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
                David J Saunders     Son              15   Labourer             Shalfleet
                Minnie Saunders      Daur             10   Scholar              Shalfleet
                Phobe Saunders       Daur              8   Scholar              Shalfleet
                Louise Saunders      Daur              5                        Shalfleet
                Annie Saunders       Daur              3                        Shalfleet
                Pascall A Saunders   Son              6m                        Shalfleet
                Elizabeth Pitman     Serv             15   General Servant      Shalfleet

 5 Portsfield   Jacob Hayward        Head     Mar     30   Labourer             Calbourne
                Eliza Hayward       Wife   Mar   32                                    Carisbrooke
                Elizabeth Hayward   Daur         10   Scholar                          Shalfleet
                Esmele Hayward      Daur         5    Scholar                          Shalfleet
                Simeon Hayward      Son          3                                     Shalfleet
                George Hayward      Son          1                                     Shalfleet

6 Portsfield    David Dunford       Head   Mar   27   Labourer                         Northwood
                Elizabeth Dunford   Wife   Mar   22                                    Calbourne
                Elen Dunford        Daur         2m                                    Shalfleet

7 Portsfield    William Jollife     Head   Mar   36   Labourer                         Chale, I.W
                Harriet Jollife     Wife   Mar   44                                    Shalfleet

8 Portsfield    Frank Sheath        Head   Mar   39   Painter and General Compositor   Carisbrooke, I.W.
                Emma Sheath         Wife   Mar   29                                    Whitwell, I.W.
                George F Sheath     Son           8   Scholar                          Carisbrooke, I.W.
                Mary A Sheath       Daur          7   Scholar                          Carisbrooke, I.W.
                Frank A Sheath      Son           5   Scholar                          Carisbrooke, I.W.
                Walter D Sheath     Son          1m                                    Carisbrooke, I.W.

9 Portsfield    Moses Grist         Head   Mar   56   Shoemaker                        Areton, I.W.
                Eliza Grist         Wife   Mar   54   Laundress                        Carisbrooke
                Matilda Grist       Serv         15   General Servant                  Thorley, I.W.

10 Portsfield   Jacob Dore          Head   Mar   70   Retired Farmer                   Southampton, Shalfleet
                Catherine Dore      Wife   Mar   71                                    Nottingham

11 Portsfield   John Goodwin        Head   Mar   34   Labourer                         Wolveby, Worcestershire
                Eliza Goodwin       Wife   Mar   37                                    Gt Addington, Northamptonshire
                William Goodwin     Son          10   Scholar                          Wolveby, Worcestershire
                George Goodwin      Son           7   Scholar                          Franch Kinmister, Worcestershire
                Hellen Goodwin      Daur          5   Scholar                          Cartmel, Lancashire
                John Goodwin        Son           3                                    Cartmel, Lancashire
                Maude Goodwin       Daur         8m                                    Shalfleet, I.W.

12 Portsfield   Henry Edward Mew    Head   Mar   37   ? 60 acres, 1 dairyman, 1 boy    Shalfleet
                          Louisa Mew         Wife     Mar     29                Northwood, I. W
                          Henrietta L Mew    Daur             9    Scholar      Shalfleet
                          Gertrude M Mew     Daur             7    Scholar      Shalfleet
                          Edward M Mew       Son              5    Scholar      Shalfleet
                          Eva M Mew          Daur             2    Scholar      Shalfleet
                          William M Mew      Son              1                 Shalfleet
                          Maria Mew          Mother           73                Calbourne

13 Portsfield             William Flay       Head     Mar     30   Labourer     Suffolk
                          Martha Flay        Wife     Mar     31                Shalfleet
                          Emma Flay          Daur             6                 Shalfleet
                          Henry Kidd         Lodger   Unmar   36   Labourer     Shalfleet
                          Benjamin Kidd      Lodger   Unmar   26   Labourer     Shalfleet

14 Portsfield             Benjamin Ford      Head     Mar     26   Labourer     Shalfleet
                          Ellen Ford         Wife     Mar     22                Calbourne

15 Sportmans Rest         Isac Arnold        Head     Mar     49   Bricklayer   Calbourne
                          Fanny Arnold       Wife     Mar     48                Calbourne
                          Frank Arnold       Son      Unmar   24   Carpenter    Shalfleet
                          Fanny Arnold       Daur             16   Scholar      Shalfleet
                          Samuel Arnold      Son              9    Scholar      Shalfleet
                          Jabela Arnold      Daur             3    Scholar      Shalfleet

16 Portsfield             Emmanuel Bagnell   Head     Mar     62   Brickmaker   Newport, I.W.
                          Eliza Bagnell      Wife     Mar     57                Shalfleet
                          Prudence Richart   Niece            11                Shalfleet

17 Portsfield             Mary Arnold        Head     W       82                Calbourne

18 Portsfield             Lotte Arnold       Head     W       60   Nurse        Whitwell, I.W.
                          Mary J Arnold      Daur     Unmar   29   Dressmaker   Calbourne

19 Portsfield Clay Lane   Barnabas Downer    Head     Mar     53   Labourer     Chillerton, I.W.
                          Eliza Downer       Wife     Mar     55                Shorwell, I.W
20 Portsfield Clay Lane   Robert Atkins      Head     Mar     48   Labourer    Shalfleet
                          Fanny Atkins       Wife     Mar     42               Northwood, I.W

21 Portsfield Clay Lane   Charles Denneys    Head     Mar     48   Labourer    Gatcombe, I.W.
                          Emolia Denneys     Wife     Mar     45               Calbourne
                          Mary Denneys       Daur             12               Shalfleet
                          Minnie Denneys     Daur             9                Shalfleet

22 Portsfield Clay Lane   William Holbrook   Head     Mar     42   Labourer    Gatcombe, I.W.
                          Marriah Holbrook   Wife     Mar     40               Gatcombe, I.W.
                          Harry Holbrook     Son              12   Labourer    Shalfleet
                          Walter Holbrook    Son              9    Scholar     Shalfleet
                          Aurthur Holbrook   Son              6    Scholar     Shalfleet
                          Edwin Holbrook     Son              3                Shalfleet

23 Portsfield Clay Lane   Henery Holbrook    Head     Mar     30   Labourer    Carisbrooke, I.W
                          Jane Holbrook      Wife     Mar     29               Carisbrook, I.W
                          George Holbrook    Son              5    Scholar     Carisbrook, I.W
                          Emily Holbrook     Daur             3                Carisbrook, I.W
                          Frank Holbrook     Son              1                Shalfleet

24 Portsfield Clay Lane   Jonathan Punch     Head     Mar     54   Shoemaker   Shalfleet
                          Eliza Punch        Wife     Mar     52               Carisbrooke, I.W
                          Harry Punch        Son              10               Carisbrooke, I.W
                          John Punch         Son              8                Shalfleet
                          Hannah Punch       Mother   W       89               Calbourne
                          Emma J Punch       Niece            4                Carisbrooke

25 Portsfield             Andrew Downer      Head     Mar     55   Labourer    Calbourne
                          Caroline Downer    Wife     Mar     47               Mottistone
                          Thomas Downer      Son      Unmar   17   Labourer    Calbourne
                          Louisa Downer      Daur             12   Scholar     Calbourne
                          Matilda Downer     Daur             8    Scholar     Calbourne
                          Frederick Downer   Grandson         7    Scholar     Calbourne
                          George Downer      Grandson         3                Newport, I.W.
26 Portsfield             David Saunders       Head       Mar     71   Retired ? Merchant   Northwood
                          Amelia Saunders      Wife       Mar     69                        Godshill
                          Elizabeth Saunders   Daur       Unmar   21   Servant              Calbourne
                          John H Saunders      Son                18   Labourer             Shalfleet

27 Portsfield             David Holbrook       Head       Mar     45   Labourer             Godshill
                          Ann Holbrook         Wife       Mar     43                        Carisbrooke
                          Charles Holbrook     Son        Unmar   18   Labourer             Carisbrooke
                          Rachael Holbrook     Daur               10                        Carisbrooke
                          Caroline Holbrook    Daur               6                         Shalfleet
                          Fanny Holbrook       Daur               2                         Shalfleet

28 Portsfield             Charlotte Bennett    Head       W       48   General Servant      Mere, Wiltshire
                          Albert Bennett       Son                11   Scholar              Shalfleet
                          Caroline Bennett     Daur               9    Scholar              Shalfleet

29 Portsfield Clay Lane   Phillip Fallick      Head       Mar     42   Labourer             Brook, I.W.
                          Edith Fallick        Wife       Mar     44                        Godshill
                          Ann Fallick          Daur       Unmar   20   General Servant      Shalfleet
                          James Fallick        Son        Unmar   17   Labourer             Shalfleet
                          Phillip Fallick      Son                11   Scholar              Shalfleet
                          Henery Fallick       Son                 8   Scholar              Shalfleet
                          Frank Fallick        Son                 6   Scholar              Shalfleet
                          Alfred Fallick       Son                 2                        Shalfleet
                          Frederick Fallick    Grandson           6m                        Shalfleet

30 Portsfield             Charles Osbourne     Head       Mar     56   Labourer             Sandown. I.W
                          Mary A Osbourne      Wife       Mar     49                        Shalfleet
                          Harry Osbourne       Son        Unmar   20                        Shalfleet
                          Eliza Osbourne       Daur               14   Servant              Shalfleet
                          Joseph Osbourne      Son                11                        Shalfleet
                          Laura Osbourne       Daur               7                         Shalfleet

31 Portsfield Little Locks Henery Bloomfield   Head       Mar     60   Labourer             Eling, Hampshire
                           Eliza Bloomfield    Wife       Mar     56                        Battersea, London
                        Elizabeth Bloomfield    Daur      Unmar    26   Servant                         Millbrook, Hampshire
                        Robert Bloomfield       Son                11                                   Millbrook, Hampshire
                        Fanny Bloomfield        Daur               9                                    Carisbrooke

32 Coleman              Robert Osman            Head      Mar      31   Timber Hewer                    Eling, Hants
                        Georgina Osman          Wife      Mar      28                                   Doughton, Wilts
                        Robert Osman            Son                5                                    Southampton, Hants
                        James H Osman           Son                4                                    Eling, Hants
                        Sarah A Luffman         Niece              11   Scholar                         Doughton, Wilts

33 Coleman              Charles Jolliffe        Head       Mar     72   Labourer                        Carisbrook
                        Elizabeth Jolliffe      Wife       Mar     70                                   Newchurch
                        Caroline Jolliffe       Niece              8                                    Shalfleet
                        Jacob Cooke             Grandchild Unmar   21   Labourer                        Shalfleet

   Durrance             Unoccupied

34 Heath Cottage        Charles Rann            Head     Mar       53   Labourer                        Godshill
                        Martha Rann             Wife     Mar       51                                   Lymerstone
                        James Rann              Son      Unmar     17   Labourer                        Carisbrooke
                        Henery Rann             Son                14   Labourer                        Carisbrooke
                        Alfred Rann             Son                12   Labourer                        Arreton
                        Alice Rann              Daur               10   Scholar                         Arreton
                        Francis Rann            Daur               5                                    Carisbrooke
                        Alfred James Saunders   Grandson           7    Scholar                         Whippingham

35 Lower Watchingwell   Richard Brown           Head      Mar      55   Farmer 140 acres, 1 man         Portsmouth
                        Ann Brown               Wife      Mar      53                                   Bristol, Gloucs
                        Henery Brown            Son                18   Watchmaker                      Newport, I. W.
                        Henrietta Brown         Daur               15                                   Newport, I. W.
                        Lousa Brown             Daur               12                                   Newport, I. W.

36 Upper Watchingwell   William George Young    Head      Mar      27   Farmer 350 acres 7 men 3 boys   Shalfleet
                        Mary A Young            Wife      Mar      27                                   Norton, Dorset
                        Sarah Bernick           Serv      Unmar    18   General Servant                 Leomister, Herfordshire
                        Emma Eveleigh           Serv      Mar      31   Dairywoman                      Axmouth, Devon
                      William Eveleigh       Serv       Mar     36   Groom                                Hawkchurch, Dorset

    Dinglers          Unoccupied

37 Portsfield         John Dennys            Head       Mar     76   Labourer                             Godshill
                      Rachael Dennys         Wife       Mar     71                                        Whitwell
                      Louisa Hayward         Niece              8    Servant                              Shalfleet

38 Mud Walls          Andrew Fullick         Head       Unmar   39   ?                                    Brook, I.W
                      Aron Fullick           Brother    Unmar   47   Greenish Pensioner                   Brook, I.W

39 Portsfield         William Osman          Head       Mar     67   Labourer                             Arreton
                      Jane Osman             Wife       Mar     62                                        Carisbrooke
                      Harriot Osman          Daur               23   General Servant                      Shalfleet
                      Emily Flux             Niece              14   Dairy Servant                        Shalfleet

District 8

 1 Fullholding Farm   Thomas Westmore        Head       Mar     34   Farmer of 550 acres, 7 men, 4 boys   Calbourne, Hants
                      Ellen Mary Westmore    Wife       Mar     32                                        Arreton, Hants
                      Mary Ann Westmore      Daughter   Unmar   8                                         Calbourne, Hants
                      Alice Clara Westmore   Daughter   Unmar   3                                         Calbourne, Hants
                      Fanny Daker            Serv       Unmar   15   Domestic Servant                     Shorwell, Hants

 2 Five Houses        Isaac Whittington      Head     Mar       43   Under Gardener                       Calbourne, Hants
                      Ann Whittington        Wife     Mar       45                                        Brixton, Hants
                      Emily Whittington      Daughter           12   Scholar                              Calbourne, Hants
                      Lucy Whittington       Daughter           10   Scholar                              Calbourne, Hants
                      Jacob Whittington      Son                 7   Scholar                              Calbourne, Hants
                      George Whittington     Son                 4   Scholar                              Calbourne, Hants
                      Eliza Whittington      Daughter            1                                        Calbourne, Hants
                      Fred Whittington       Son                6m                                        Calbourne, Hants

 3 Five Houses        Andrew Long            Head     Mar       56   Builder                              Calbourne, Hants
                      Mary Long              Wife     Mar       54                                        Calbourne, Hants
                      Emily Long             Daughter Unmar     25                                        Calbourne, Hants
                Herbert Long           Son         Unmar     23    Carpenter         Calbourne, Hants
                John Long              Son         Unmar     21    Butcher           Calbourne, Hants
                Charles Long           Son         Unmar     18    Sawyer            Calbourne, Hants
                Andrew Long            Son         Unmar     16    Dairyman          Calbourne, Hants
                George Long            Son         Unmar     13    Scholar           Calbourne, Hants
                Frank Long             Son                   11    Scholar           Calbourne, Hants

4 Five Houses   James Elderfield        Head       Mar       52    Labourer          Carisbrooke, Hants
                Harriet Elderfield      Wife       Mar       53    Labourer's Wife   Carisbrooke, Hants
                Harriet Elderfield      Daur       Unmar     19                      Calbourne, Hants
                James Elderfield        Son        Unmar     17    Labourer          Calbourne, Hants
                Frederick GeorgeElderfield                   7m                      Calbourne, Hants

5 Five Houses   Abraham Quick          Head        Mar        38   Dairyman          Devon
                Rebecca Quick          Wife        Mar        41   Dairyman's Wife   Isle of Wight
                Charles Quick          Son         Unmar      14   Scholar           Isle of Wight
                Fanny Quick            Daur                   11   Scholar           Isle of Wight
                George Quick           Son                    9    Scholar           Isle of Wight
                Edwin Quick            Son                    7    Scholar           Isle of Wight
                Herbert Quick          Son                    6    Scholar           Isle of Wight
                Kate Quick             Daur                  14m                     Isle of Wight
                George Harding         Father      Widower    72   Labourer          Isle of Wight

6 Five Houses   Charles Rashley        Head        Mar       56    Gardner           Calbourne, Hants
                Sarah Rashley          Wife        Mar       51    Gardner's Wife    Carisbrooke, Hants
                William Rashley        Son                   13    Scholar           Calbourne, Hants
                Thomas Rashley         Son                   8     Scholar           Calbourne, Hants

7 Five Houses   George Ridett          Head        Mar       62    Labourer          Carisbrooke, Hants
                Mary Ridett            Wife        Mar       55    Labourer's Wife   Calbourne, Hants

8 Stone Steps   Maurice Rogers         Head        Mar       30    Labourer          Newtown, Hants
                Francis Jane Rogers    Wife        Mar       28    Labourer's Wife   Shalfleet, Hants
                Harry William Rogers   Son                   5     Scholar           Calbourne, Hants
                Minnie Maria Rogers    Daur                  1                       Calbourne, Hants
9 Stone Steps     Alfred Saunders         Head       Mar         41   Dairyman of 7 acres                    Carisbrooke, Hants
                  Edith Saunders          Wife       Mar         46   Dairyman's Wife                        Brading, Hants

10 Stone Steps    Thomas Saunders         Head       Mar         79   Labourer                               Carisbrooke, Hants
                  Ann Saunders            Wife       Mar         74   Labourer's Wife                        Calbourne, Hants
                  Eleanor Saunders        Daur                   32   Dressmaker                             Calbourne, Hants

11 Langbridge     William Hooker          Head       Mar         34   Farmer of 34 acres                     Epsom, Surrey
                  Mary Ann Hooker         Wife       Mar         36   Farmer's Wife                          Shalfleet, Hants
                  John Duke               Son                    10   Scholar                                Whippingham, Hants
                  Cornelius W Hooker      Son                     3                                          Calbourne, Hants
                  Robert Hooker           Son                    1½                                          Calbourne, Hants

12 Bank Cottage   Daniel Tharle           Head        Mar        63   Retired Farmer                         Arreton, Hants
                  Eliza Tharle            Wife        Mar        50                                          Newchurch, Hants
                  Thomas Gatrell                      W
                                          Father in law idower   81   Annuitant                              Brading, Hants

13 Village        William Cooper          Head     Mar           61   Farm Labourer                          Calbourne, Hants
                  Elizabeth Cooper        Wife     Mar           57   Laundress                              Bittern, Hants
                  Ellen Cooper            Daur                   15                                          Calbourne, Hants
                  Kate Cooper             Granddaughter          4                                           Calbourne, Hants

14 Village        Winifred Long           Head       Unmar       62   Grocer and Farming 4 acres             Calbourne, Hants
                  Anne Long               Sister     Unmar       56                                          Calbourne, Hants
                  Albert Long             Brother    Widower     40   Master Builder employing 3 men         Calbourne, Hants
                  Mabel Long              Niece                  14                                          Calbourne, Hants
                  Austin Urry             Nephew                 22   Assistant                              Shorwell, Hants
                  Gertrude Mildred Urry   Niece                  15                                          Carisbrooke, Hants

15 Village        Daniel Gustar           Head       Mar         79   Builder and Wheelwright                Carisbrooke, Hants
                  Jemima Gustar           Wife       Mar         75                                          Calbourne, Hants
                  John Gustar             Son        Unmar       33   Builder and Wheelwright, 1man, 1 boy   Calbourne, Hants

16 Glebe          William Phillips        Head       Mar         43   Gardener                               Freshwater, Hants
                  Fanny Phillips          Wife       Mar         26                                          Brixton, Hants
                  Henry Phillips          Son                    5    Scholar                                Brixton, Hants
                  Mary Jane Phillips      Daur               2                            Brixton, Hants
                  William Phillips        Son                1                            Calbourne, Hants

17 Quarry         Anthony Hendy           Head       Mar     46   Labourer                Freshwater, Hants
                  Maria Hendy             Wife       Mar     47   Labourer's Wife         Brook, Hants
                  Sidney Hendy            Son                15   Plough Boy              Shalfleet, Hants
                  Ann Hendy               Daur               12   Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants
                  Harry Hendy             Son                7    Scholar                 Shalfleet, Hants

18 Taggs          Joseph Munt             Head       Mar     59   Agricultural Labourer   Brixton, Hants
                  Harriet Munt            Wife       Mar     59   Labourer's Wife         Shalfleet, Hants
                  Joseph Munt             Son                35   Labourer                Shalfleet, Hants
                  Charles Munt            Son                22   Labourer                Calbourne, Hants

19 Taggs          Robert Burt             Head     Mar       66   Labourer                Calbourne, Hants
                  Ann Burt                Wife     Mar       67   Labourer's Wife         Shalfleet, Hants
                  Robert Burt             Grandson           25   Labourer                Shalfleet, Hants

20 Street Place   William Roach           Head       Mar     29   Dairyman                Arreton, Hants
                  Charlotte Maria Roach   Wife       Mar     30   Dairyman's Wife         Arreton, Hants

21 Mill Green     James Long              Head       Mar     56   Sawyer                  Newport, Hants
                  Jane Long               Wife       Mar     60   Seamstress              Shalfleet, Hants
                  Alfred Long             Son        Unmar   31   Sawyer                  Lymington, Hants
                  Eliza Long              Daur       Unmar   25   Seamstress              Shalfleet, Hants
                  Charles Long            Son        Unmar   23   Sawyer (unemployed)     Shalfleet, Hants
                  Frederick Long          Son        Unmar   21   Labourer                Shalfleet, Hants
                  William Long            Grandson            6   Scholar                 Calbourne, Hants
                  Sidney Long             Grandson           7m                           Calbourne, Hants

22 Mill Green     Charles Chick           Head       Mar     58   Pauper                  Calbourne, Hants
23                Mark Chick              Lodger     Unmar   62   Labourer (Unemployed)   Calbourne, Hants

24 Lower Mill     Charles Elderfield      Head       Mar     25   Labourer                Shalfleet, Hants
                  Alice E Elderfield      Wife       Mar     21                           Whitwell, Hants
                  James D Elderfield      Son                3                            Whitwell, Hants
                     Alfred F Elderfield   Son                  2                                          Calbourne, Hants
                     Kate Jane Mosses      Visitor   Unmar     20   Servant                                Whitwell, Hants
                     Rosina Mosses         Visitor             3m                                          Godshill, Hants

25 Sisford Cottage   Isaac Taylor          Head      Widower   68   Labourer                               Calbourne, Hants

26 Cottage           John Groves           Head      Mar       66   Labourer                               Calbourne, Hants
                     Ann Groves            Wife      Mar       49                                          Calbourne, Hants

27 Shalfleet         Joseph H Westman      Head      Widower   46   Labourer                               Calbourne, Hants
                     Joseph Westman        Son                 14   Labourer                               Calbourne, Hants

28 Shalfleet         Mary Squibb           Head      Widow     50   Pauper                                 Ireland

29 Cottage           Charles Ford          Head       Mar      32   Labourer
                     Ellen Ford            Wife       Mar      29                                          Salisbury, Wilts
                     Robert W Westmore     Nurse child         2                                           Calbourne, Hants

30 Shalfleet         Jane Pitman           Head     Widow      42   Pauper                                 Thorley, Hants
                     James Pitman          Son      Mar        12   Labourer                               Thorley, Hants
                     Frank Pitman          Son                 9    Scholar                                Calbourne, Hants
                     Eliza Pitman          Daur                6    Scholar                                Calbourne, Hants
                     John Pitman           Son                 4                                           Calbourne, Hants
                     Alfred Pitman         Grandson            4                                           Calbourne, Hants
                     Alice Pitman          Grand-daughter      2                                           Calbourne, Hants

31 Shalfleet         James Sanctuary       Head      Mar       46   Groom                                  Tatterford, Norfolk
                     George H Thompson     Lodger    Unmar     28   Labourer                               London

32 Elm Farm          Edmund Stark          Head      Widower   53   Farmer of 230 acres, employing 4 men   Calbourne, Hants
                     Elizabeth Stark       Daur                12   Scholar                                Calbourne, Hants
                     Celia Jane Stark      Daur                8    Scholar                                Calbourne, Hants
                     Frank Downer          Lodger    Unmar     20   Farm Labourer                          Calbourne, Hants

33 Pound Cottage     Rosa Dora Cross       Head      Unmar     36   Annuitant                              Whippingham, Hants
34 Pound Cottage     Jeremiah Parsons    Head      Mar     52   Labourer                              Newport, Hants
                     Eliza Parsons       Wife      Mar     43                                         Newport, Hants
                     Arthur P Parsons    Son       Unmar   18   Labourer                              Whippingham, Hants
                     Richard Parsons     Son       Unmar   16   Labourer                              Whippingham, Hants
                     Charles H Parsons   Son       Unmar   14   Labourer                              Calbourne, Hants
                     George A Parsons    Son               12   Scholar                               Calbourne, Hants
                     Emma Parsons        Daur              7    Scholar                               Whippingham, Hants
                     William Fiander     Visitor   Unmar   27   Labourer                              Newport, Hants

35 Flat Brooks       James Milmore       Head      Unmar   29   Labourer                              Calbourne, Hants

36 Flat Brooks       George Bennett      Head      Mar     36   Labourer                              Shalfleet, Hants
                     Anne Bennett        Wife      Mar     28   Labourer's Wife                       Shalfleet, Hants
                     Agnes Bennett       Daur              1                                          Calbourne, Hants
                     Mary Jane Laurett   Boarder           3                                          Portsmouth, Hants

37 Heberden's Farm   Jane Stark          Head              42   Occupier 200 acres, employing 2 men   Calbourne, Hants
                     Emma Plumbley       Serv              15   Dairy Servant                         Freshwater, Hants
                     Charles Pitman      Lodger    Unmar   26   Labourer                              Shalfleet, Hants

38 North Park        Luke Barton         Head      Mar     46   Game Keeper                           Calbourne, Hants
                     Ann Barton          Wife      Mar     47                                         Calbourne, Hants
                     Ellen Barton        Daur              13   Scholar                               Calbourne, Hants
                     Charles Barton      Sob               8    Scholar                               Calbourne, Hants
                     Sarah Barton        Daur              4    Scholar                               Calbourne, Hants

39 Heath Field       James Ash           Head      Mar     38   Farm Servant                          Gunville, Hants
                     Martha Ash          Wife      Mar     37   Farm Servant                          Mottistone, Hants
                     Charles Ash         Son       Unmar   16   Farm Servant                          Gunville, Hants
                     Sarah A Ash         Daur      Unmar   11   Scholar                               Carisbrooke, Hants
                     Emily Ash           Daur      Unmar   7    Scholar                               Calbourne, Hants
                     William J Ash       Son       Unmar   3    Scholar                               Calbourne, Hants

40 Swainstone        James Gosden        Head      Mar     57   Labourer                              Brixton, Hants
                     Fanny Gosden        Wife      Mar     62                                         Bishops Waltham, Hants
                     Emily Gosden        Niece     Unmar   21                                         Shorwell, Hants
41                James Cooper      Lodger   Unmar   53   Labourer   Calbourne, Hants
42                Nenry Pybus       Lodger   Unmar   24   Gardener   Bishops Monckton, Yorks

43 Village        Edward Breech     Head     Mar     41   Labourer   Calbourne, Hants
                  Rosa Breech       Wife     Mar     39              Sussex
                  Mary Ann Breech   Daur             2               Calbourne, Hants

44 Nr Shalfleet   Alice Gubbins     Head     Widow   55   Huckster   Shalfleet, Hants
                  Thomas Westmore   Lodger   Unmar   68   Butcher    Newchurch, Hants

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