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Lesson Plan Rubric Name by neolledivine


									Lesson Plan Rubric                                                                                                   Name__________________________________
         Dimensions                         Developing (0-6)                              Acceptable (7-8)                            Exemplary (9-10)                   Points
Overall organization/          Lesson not clearly articulated and            Lesson somewhat articulated but lacks        Lesson plan is clearly articulated with
appearance/presentation/       insufficient detail for someone else to       sufficient detail for someone else to        enough detail that someone else could
mechanics                      teach the lesson.                             successfully teach the lesson.               teach it. Virtually no grammar or
                               Many grammar or mechanical errors.            Few grammar or mechanical errors             mechanical errors are present. Approving
                               Approving signature(s) (if required) was      Approving signature(s) (if required) was     signature(s) (if required) was included
                               included before the lesson was taught.        included before the lesson was taught.       before the lesson was taught.                  _______

Learning Focus                 Focus is not clearly explained and does       Focus is somewhat questionable but           Focus is clearly explained including the
                               not include specific content to be            includes the content to be addressed.        content to be addressed. Focus is clearly
                               addressed. Focus is not clearly connected     Focus is somewhat connected to all           connected to all objectives and
                               to all objectives and assessments.            objectives and assessments.                  assessments.
Materials                      Appropriate materials, (including media,      Appropriate materials (including media,      Appropriate materials (including media,
(including media and           and technology if appropriate) are not        and technology if appropriate) are           and technology if appropriate) are
technology if appropriate)     clearly identified and do not make a          identified but do not make a contribution.   identified, are integrated into the lesson,
                               contribution – or inappropriate materials     Advanced preparation is partially            and make a contribution. Thorough              _______
                               were selected. Directions for advanced        complete. Safety issues (if needed) are      advanced preparation is evident including
                               preparation are incomplete. Safety issues     not thoroughly addressed.                    the placement of students in the room.
                               (if needed) are not addressed.                                                             Safety issues (if needed) are addressed.
Prerequisites                  Skills and concepts needed are not            Some skills and concepts are articulated     All skills and concepts are correctly
                               complete and/or correct for lesson            and correct for lesson objectives.           identified and clearly articulated.

Learner Differences            A description of learner population is        A vague description of learner population    A complete description of learner              _______
                               incomplete.                                   is provided.                                 population is provided, i.e. grade level,
                                                                                                                          special needs (IEPs, 504 plans, ESL),
                                                                                                                          developmental levels, learning styles,
                                                                                                                          prior experiences, SES, religions,
                                                                                                                          cultures, races, genders, family structures,
                                                                                                                          prior experiences.
State Standards & Objectives   Standards are not clearly identified and/or   Standards are somewhat identified but not    Standards are clearly identified and
(Including Technology          inappropriate for content and students.       entirely appropriate for content and         appropriate for content and students.
Standards if appropriate)      Limited relationship to lesson objectives.    students. Adequate relationship to lesson    Strong relationship to lesson objectives.
Objectives                     The objectives are unclear, do not identify   Some of the objectives are stated in terms   All of the objectives are stated in
                               the measurable behaviors that will take       of student behavior, identify the            behavioral terms; identify the measurable
                               place, are not appropriate to content or      measurable behaviors that will take place,   behaviors that will take place; are
                               student population or are missing             are appropriate to the content or student    measurable or observable; and are
                               important aspects of the content for          population.                                  appropriate to the content and student
                               complete learning.                                                                         population.
Assessment / Objective       Assessments are not aligned with the           Assessments are somewhat aligned with        Assessments are aligned with the
Alignment                    objectives and do not provide evidence         the objectives and provide evidence that     objectives and provide clear evidence of
                             that students will achieve the lesson’s        students will achieve the lesson’s           whether or not lesson objectives have         _______
                             objectives. Modifications are not              objectives. Insufficient modifications are   been met. Modifications for special
                             included for special populations.              included for special populations.            populations are evident in the assessment.
Formative/ Embedded /        Formative, embedded and/or summative           Some formative and embedded                  Formative and embedded assessments are
Summative Assessments        assessments are largely missing.               assessments are indicated. Summative         present and appropriate. Summative
                                                                            assessments are present, if appropriate,     assessment is present, if appropriate, and    _______
                                                                            but in traditional formats.                  authentic in nature.
Procedures – Introduction    Activity is not imaginative, thoughtful, or    Activity is reasonably interesting and       Activity is relevant to lesson objectives,
                             creative. Does not build on prior              engaging. Provides limited student           interesting, engaging, and provides for
                             knowledge. Does not make a connection          participation. Builds on prior knowledge     active student participation throughout.      _______
                             to real life of students. Does not stimulate   and provides a bridge to new knowledge.      Builds on prior knowledge and provides a
                             students to want to learn the topic.                                                        bridge to new knowledge. Makes a
                                                                                                                         connection to students’ life or previous
                                                                                                                         learning experiences.
Procedures – Development     Procedures neither detail teaching             Procedures somewhat detail teaching          Procedures detail teaching strategies and
                             strategies nor are they relevant to lesson     strategies and are somewhat relevant to      are relevant to lesson objectives and
                             objectives and student population. (For        lesson objectives and student population.    student population. (For example,
                             example, only teacher-centered activities      (For example, some student-centered          numerous student-centered activities and
                             are included. Activities are not designed      activities are included. Higher-order        activities where students collaborate are
                             to help students reach objectives.)            thinking is somewhat limited. Activities     included. Activities engage students in       _______
                             Content and skills lack sequential             are designed to help students reach          inquiry, problem-solving, and higher-
                             presentation. Scaffolding is not               objectives.) Activities are somewhat out     order thinking,) Activities are sequenced
                             provided. Inaccurate information is            of sequence. Needed scaffolding is           appropriately. Information provided is
                             provided. Transitions are not provided.        partial or missing. Transitions are          accurate/appropriate. Transitions are
                             Sufficient time is not allotted.               provided. Sufficient time is allotted.       provided. Sufficient time is allotted.
                                                                            Information is accurate.
Procedures – Modifications   Modifications are not provided.                Modifications are not clearly articulated.   Modifications are explicitly described.
                                                                            (A substitute would know to provide          (A substitute could easily provide them.)
                                                                            them.)                                                                                     _______
Procedures – Management      No alternative activities given for students   Some alternative activities are given for    More than two alternative activities are
Strategies                   who may complete the lesson or the             students who may complete the lesson or      provided in the event that some, or all, of
                             lesson ended earlier than planned.             the lesson ended earlier than planned.       the students complete the lesson earlier
                                                                                                                         than planned.
Procedures – Closure         Closing activities are missing or poorly       Closing activities are relevant to the       Closing activities are relevant to the
                             developed and fail to review the major         objectives and provide a clear opportunity   objectives and provide a clear opportunity    _______
                             objectives of the lesson taught that day.      to conduct a final check for                 to conduct a final check for
                                                                            understanding, but are primarily teacher-    understanding. Students are active
                                                                            centered.                                    participants. Closing provides a
                                                                                                                         connection to other content areas and         Total:
                                                                                                                         students’ experiences.                        _______

10 points:      Overview and Learning Focus
10 points:      Materials
10 points:      Prerequisites and Learner Differences
10 points:      State Standards and Objectives
10 points:      Assessment / Objective Alignment
10 points:      Formative / Embedded / Summative Assessment
10 points:      Procedures – Introduction
10 points:      Procedures – Development
10 points:      Procedures – Modifications and
                Procedures – Management Strategies
10 points:      Procedures – Closure

100 possible points possible.
90-100 = A
80-89 = B
70-79 = C
60-69 = D
Below 60 = F

A range of scores is possible at each of the levels (developing, acceptable, and exemplary). The reviewer will assign a score within the range of choice based
on how many of the elements included in the dimension are met. Unmet elements will be circled to help the student understand the scoring decision. A
comments area will be provided for narrative feedback.

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