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AP Lang & Comp

2 November 2007

                              Diabolical Dialectical Journals

                  Text                                   Response/Rebuttal
―Ethics committees and experts exist in          What, then, is the point of having ethics
our hospitals, but what they have to say         committees in hospitals? If what they
counts precious little down in the               have to say does not matter in the
trenches, where intercoms fail and               operating rooms, why have those people
human minds treat human minds, in real           on the pay roll? When the
time‖ (Haig 4).                                  anesthesiologist deliberately went
                                                 against the patient‘s wishes and gave her
                                                 the shot of propofol, putting her to sleep,
                                                 he erased her memory of the last ten
                                                 minutes of her life. While this caused
                                                 her to receive the news about her cancer
                                                 in a calmer, less frightening way, he had
                                                 no right to erase her memory. That part
                                                 of her life was not his to do with what he

                                                 Of course there is a difference. Moods
―If an hour of psychotherapy                     can be controlled with medications, but
accomplishes the same thing as 20mg of           that should only be a last resort. If we
Prozac – that is, a boost in mood and            medicated for every bump, bruise, or
serotonin levels – is there a difference?‖       harsh word we encountered during the
(Haig 4)                                         day, not only would our systems be
                                                 clogged with many types of medicines
                                                 that don‘t react well with each other, but
                                                 we would not be able to afford these
                                                 meds. Natural healing of the mind is
                                                 better than medicating. It also lessens
                                                 the risk of dependency on a drug like
                                                 Prozac, the long-term effects of which
                                                 we are not yet certain.
―I found such value and such meaning in     Ellen, the patient who was sedated
the way Ellen clung to her consciousness,   against her will, was afraid of being
the personhood she needed to care for       under the general anesthesia because she
her family‖ (Haig 4).                       was worried that she would never wake
                                            up. She needed to be there for her kids.
                                            But when the anesthesiologist drugged
                                            her, he took that away from her. He
                                            took away what made Ellen, Ellen. She
                                            no longer worried about her kids, she
                                            was a vegetable. Going against a
                                            patient‘s express wishes should never be
                                            done, especially to cover a blunder made
                                            by the hospital staff.

―We can trace the brain pathway of a        Humans have the ability to be happy
drug ‗high‘, we can call it pleasure, but   naturally without drug intervention.
that tells us nothing about what so many    However, once this ability is lost due to
people choose instead – deeper things       lifestyle or illness, it cannot be restored
that somehow beat out mere pleasure as      to precisely what it was. Those little
the reasons for doing what we do. Those     molecules can bring some of it back, but
comforts – of ultimate meaning, virtue,     they cannot help humans to appreciate
peace and joy – have little to do with      the smaller things in life. The
molecules‖ (Haig 4).                        medications can help a patient feel better,
                                            but may not truly replace enjoyment in
                                            simple things, like dancing in the rain,
                                            planting flowers, or playing with puppies.

―The use of blood pressure medicines        At first glance, these statistics are
increased 21%...[which] translates into     unbelievable. 8.5 million people in this
about 8.5 million Americans in that age     country between the ages of 20 to 44
group [people aged 20 to 44] taking         have high blood pressure? But this is a
drugs to lower their blood pressure‖        combined result of lifestyle and diet.
(Johnson 2).                                When one looks at how many people in
                                            this country are stressed out and
                                            overweight, this number looks a bit too
                                            small. High blood pressure, while fairly
                                            dangerous, is also fairly common.
―Dr. Howard Weintraub, the heart             While this article starts out seeming to
disease prevention expert at the             condemn America for this new pattern in
American College of Cardiology, said         high blood pressure, this quote turns the
he‘s ‗thrilled‘ by the dramatic increase,    whole purpose around. After throwing
which he says is tied to requests from       scary readers with the statistics showing
patients with "a brand new sense of          a good percentage of young adults on
urgency‘… ‗If you wait until a heart         these medications, the same group is
attack or stroke, it's a little bit late‘‖   praised for taking preventative measures
(Johnson 2).                                 for their own health. More people
                                             should be encouraged to join this trend,
                                             taking their health in their own hands.

―Patients with problems should first         Taking a medication for a condition that
work with their doctors on lifestyle         can be controlled through a change in
changes – more exercise, a better diet       diet and additional exercise should be a
and weight loss. But Weintraub said          last resort. These medications have
many people need medication to achieve       some pretty serious side-effects, and if
and maintain the ever-lower levels of        taken for too long could become
blood pressure and cholesterol that          addictive. However, it is wonderful that
experts now recommend‖ (Johnson 2).          they exist, and are helping people stay
                                             healthy. Some people have high blood
                                             pressure because of their genetics. This
                                             is harder to control with lifestyle,
                                             making medications the only way to stay
                                             healthy. Reducing blood pressure any
                                             way possible is very important in
                                             preventing a heart attack or stroke. You
                                             could live through a heart attack or
                                             stroke, but quality of life would change.
                                             You might be exactly the same, but you
                                             could lose some brain function, resulting
                                             in impaired vision, speech, or movement.
                                             Truly, getting in charge of your health is
                                             the most important lesson that can be
                                             learned from this article.
―Patients with problems should first            Taking a medication for a condition that
work with their doctors on lifestyle            can be controlled through a change in
changes – more exercise, a better diet          diet and additional exercise should be a
and weight loss. But Weintraub said             last resort. These medications have
many people need medication to achieve          some pretty serious side-effects, and if
and maintain the ever-lower levels of           taken for too long could become
blood pressure and cholesterol that             addictive. However, it is wonderful that
experts now recommend‖ (Johnson 2).             they exist, and are helping people stay
                                                healthy. Some people have high blood
                                                pressure because of their genetics. This
                                                is harder to control with lifestyle,
                                                making medications the only way to stay

―Somewhere in your brain, there‘s a             This is so beautifully written and
cupcake circuit. How it works is not            absolutely true. Cravings for certain
entirely clear, and you couldn‘t see it         foods that we have eaten since infancy
even if you knew where to look. But it‘s        are rooted deep in our being. There is
there all the same – and it‘s a powerful        nothing we can do but to help ourselves
thing. You didn‘t pop out of the womb           to that cupcake, or is there? If you‘re
prewired for cupcakes, but long ago,            dieting, you need to do your best to curb
early in your babyhood, you got your            those urges.
first taste of one, and instantly a series of
sensory, metabolic and neurochemical
fireworks went off…A lifetime love
affair – perhaps pleasant, perhaps
tortured – began‖ (Kluger 1).

Human history has usually been                  Our bodies were built to go for long
characterized by too little to eat rather       times without food. Like a camel, we
than too much. Nature never planned for         store excess as fat to be burned for
what could happen when unchecked                energy when we haven‘t eaten in a while.
appetites were suddenly matched by              When food was scarce, we would just
unchecked resources. But we‘re seeing           burn that extra fat. Today, in the time of
it now‖ (Kluger 1).                             fast food and grocery stores, food is
                                                rarely scarce. So we rarely burn off that
                                                excess fat, because instead of waiting for
                                                the burst of energy from that, we just
                                            help ourselves to another pop tart,
                                            adding to the fat we are lugging around.

―By some estimates, Americans are           The first few numbers are just a
collectively more than 5 billion lbs.       disgusting revelation of exactly how
overweight. While in a population of        overweight America is as a country.
300 million people that‘s a more or less    But 17 pounds per person, while still a
manageable 17 lbs. apiece, the weight is    lot, does not seem too bad. That could
not distributed equally. Those of us who    be worked off with a nice little diet, or
are overweight are often grievously so‖     spending a little extra time each day on
(Kluger 2).                                 the treadmill. But I see exactly what
                                            Kluger says when he writes that the
                                            weight is not distributed equally. This is
                                            sad, but very true.

―We are programmed not only to overeat      Now those who gorge themselves will
but also to fail to recognize immediately   probably live shorter lives than those
just when we‘ve reached that                who know when to stop. Very ironic.
point…Those people who didn‘t               Because we probably will not be caught
immediately loose their appetites, who      in a famine anytime soon, eating large
could gorge themselves and keep going,      meals will just give us health issues
those people would survive longer           (diabetes, heart disease to name only two)
during the next famine…‖ (Kluger 3).        that reduce our chances of living longer

―Over the course of a year, the average     How could this possibly be? If we come
adult male consumes about 900,000           ―within a potato chip a day of matching
calories, yet his weight may not rise or    intake with expenditure‖ how do we gain
fall by more than a pound. Since a          any weight at all? If we eat the same
pound equals about 4,000 calories, that     amount of calories that we burn off
means his annual intake is just 0.4% - or   every day, wouldn‘t everyone stay at the
11 calories a day – above or below          same weight? Dieting would be
precisely what he needs to keep going.      unnecessary, because we apparently eat
‗You are precisely within a potato chip a   just what we need. This is not true. We
day of matching your intake with            don‘t need that extra cookie, that bag of
expenditure,‘ says Randy Seeley,            M&Ms from the vending machine. In a
professor of psychiatry and associate       perfect world, we would automatically
director of the Obesity Research Center     know when enough was enough.
at the University of Cincinnati‖ (Kluger    However, we keep snacking, and those
3).                                         little snacks are not given enough credit
                                              for the amount of weight they cause
                                              people to have to lug around.

 ―Like other animals, we are creatures of     Again, this is so true. During the
dietary habit. Feed us at 8 a.m., 1p.m.       summer, my mom and I would stay up
and 7 p.m., and we learn to get hungry as     late into the night, watching TV and
those hours approach. Throw in a snack        eating popcorn, pretzels, and cheese.
at 3:30 or before bedtime, and we get the     Not only do I start craving these salty
itch then too‖ (Kluger 3).                    things late at night now, but also
                                              whenever I watch TV. I used to get
                                              myself through math homework by
                                              keeping a bag of M&Ms open on my
                                              desk. When I finished one problem, I
                                              would give myself one M&M. Now,
                                              whenever I do math, I get a craving for
                                              M&Ms. Dietary habit.

―If despite all those obstacles in the path   A common theme I am seeing in these
of overeating you still pack in too much      articles is humans trying to take the easy
food – and as a result pack onto much fat     way out. Again, lifestyle change can
– the body has one other, much bigger         help with weight loss. People need to
gun it can roll out: leptin. And appetite-    stop dreaming up ways to instantly
suppressing hormone…leptin is                 change their lives. Life is not easy, you
produced by body fat itself, usually in       have to work hard. In actuality,
direct proportion to how much of the          injecting leptin does not magically melt
tissue you‘re carrying. The fatter you        away fat, except for people who are
are, the more leptin you produce…The          leptin deficient. And those people are
result is, or should be, that fatter people   not very common. Imagine if injections
want to eat less. Not surprisingly, the       of this hormone did work. Eating
discovery of leptin was huge news in the      disorders would take an entirely
diet community. Maybe obese people            different shape. People could eat as
were simply suffering from a shortage of      much as they wanted, of whatever food
leptin; supplement the hormone with           they wanted, then shoot up with leptin
periodic injections, and the fat would        and get rid of all that fat they put on.
dissolve away‖ (Kluger 5).                    Disgusting. Horrifying. Just imaginary.
Some recent laboratory studies suggest        I have long had doubts about whether
that antibacterial products containing        my friend‘s little, very expensive bottle
triclosan may not be the best way to stay     of Bath and Body Works antibacterial
clean. Instead of wiping out bacteria         hand lotion was actually a valid way to
randomly the way regular soap or              kill germs. I couldn‘t see how
alcohol-based products do, triclosan may      something that smelled like sweet pea
inhibit the growth of bacteria in a way       could actually be deathly to germs. It
that leave a larger proportion of resistant   just didn‘t seem intimidating enough. I
bacteria behind, according to lab studies     prefer my bottle of Purell. It smells
at Tufts and Colorado State Universities,     clean and strong. Germ-killer. This
among others … Alison E. Aiello, an           article also questions whether products
assistant professor of epidemiology at        that contain ―antibacterial‖ ingredients
the University of Michigan School of          actually kill germs. But it doesn‘t stop
Public Health, says the laboratory            at their germ killing abilities, it goes on
evidence against triclosan is compelling      to state that the antibacterial ingredients
enough to raise questions about the           may actually be causing more resistant
products‖ (Parker-Pope 1).                    strains of bacteria. I, for one, am
                                              sticking with my Purell.

―Soap companies say the worry about           With all this controversy, some people
triclosan takes the focus away from the       might be scared away from even the
real culprit: the abuse of antibiotics and    beneficial hygiene products. But better
the need for better hygiene in general.       to make a big deal over the ones that are
‗The last thing we want to see is people      not helping, and actually hindering
discouraged from using beneficial             public health, then to have mega viruses
hygiene products,‘ said Brian Sanson, a       caused by antibacterial products. One
spokesman for the Soap and Detergent          would think that the spokesman for the
Association‖ (Parker-Pope 2).                 ―Soap and Detergent Association‖ would
                                              be trying to remedy this situation by
                                              getting those harmful products off the
                                              market instead of pointing the finger at
                                              the media and consumers.

―If you‘re a runner, do a backbend of         Runners may not suffer from back
thanksgiving: runners statistically have a    problems, but they are not exempt from
lower risk than most athletes of              health problems because of their running.
developing back problems‖ (Reynolds 1).       Stress fractures, twisted or broken ankles,
                                              and joint problems are common among
                                            the running population. So they can do a
                                            backbend of thanksgiving that their
                                            backs are not acting up, but they‘d better
                                            be careful that they don‘t drop their

―Without endurance, what you often see      The author states this and then moves on
is that near the end of the game, the       to the next topic being addressed in the
muscle can‘t quite control the movement     article. As the reader, I did not
of the spine adequately anymore‖            understand how the spine is not being
(Reynolds 2).                               controlled without endurance. What
                                            happens when the spine is not being
                                            controlled? This was not a good thing to
                                            say without any support in the form of
                                            quotes, examples or statistics or
                                            something to explain what this means.

―If you‘re a bad golfer, like me, and you   This is so ironic. A good golfer will
use your shoulders to power the swing,      have a good swing and a bad back, while
instead of your back, you probably          a bad golfer will have a back swing but a
won‘t hurt yourself,‖ says Christopher      good back. This sport should be
Bono, an assistant professor of             redesigned as far as talent goes so that
orthopedic surgery at Harvard Medical       the athletes who participate are not
School and the chief of spine services at   falling apart because of the demands of
Brigham and Women‘s Hospital in             the game. Swinging well should entail
Boston. ―If, though, you‘ve got a good      not only to get the ball as close to the
swing, you‘re probably going to hurt        hole as possible, but doing so without
your back‖ (Reynolds 2).                    injuring the player. It seems silly to
                                            have it set up any other way.

―As the authors of the British study        This quote seems to break down this
pointed out, those young tennis players     author‘s entire argument. Throughout
were strong. But they were strong only      the entire article, she has been
in terms of their tennis muscles,           explaining the way different sports are
particularly those in the shoulders.        detrimental to the athletes. Then she
Compared with their counterparts in         isolates one case, and explains that it is
other national junior programs, British     only this one group of people who are
players rarely visit the weight room.       throwing their backs out by improper
They typically don‘t stretch or cross-      exercise regimens. Because they do not
train. Instead, they hit and hit and hit,   take care of their bodies, their bodies are
repetitively, propulsively, their strokes
coming faster and sharper, even as their    not taking care of them. Previously, the
backs insidiously break down‖               reader thought, ―Oh, those poor tennis
(Reynolds 3).                               players. They sacrifice their bodies for
                                            their sport.‖ Now the reader thinks,
                                            ―That‘s just stupid. By spending more
                                            time in the weight room and working
                                            other muscles, they could avoid having
                                            ‗backs 60 years older than they [are]‘
                                            like the article says‖ (Reynolds 1).

―Despite an explosion of news on autism     This is shameful. Pediatricians screen
in recent years, pediatricians are not      for things like vision and hearing
currently doing an optimal job of           problems and should definitely screen
identifying the spectrum of conditions      for problems that affect children in
now believed to affect as many as 1 in      greater ways, like autism. Autism is not
150 children. A 2004 survey of primary      as widespread as the need for glasses, for
care pediatricians found, for instance,     example, but it is a condition that calls
that only 8% were routinely screening       for more extreme treatment. The fact
for autism, even though 44% said they       that autism has been in the news so often,
saw at least 10 kids with autism in their   as the article states, should make
practice‖ (Wallis 2).                       pediatricians extra sure to screen for this
                                            disability. If public service does not
                                            appeal to them, the fact that they will
                                            face bad publicity and potential loss of
                                            clientele should motivate them to pay
                                            closer attention to their patients.

Meyers, a neurodevelopmental                The author uses these sentences to show
pediatrician with Geisinger Health          why it is important to catch autism early.
System in Danville, Pa., wrote the AAP's    However, when she writes that there is a
new survey of research on managing the      lack of rigorous research on what works
care of children with autism. His report    best, the reader begins to wonder if
                                            catching autism early actually is
supports intensive behavioral and speech
                                            beneficial to the patient in question.
therapy — at least 25 hours a week —
beginning as early as possible. But, he
concedes, there's a lack of rigorous,
randomized research on what
interventions work best‖ (Wallis 2).
―By focusing on self-esteem and              When teaching children, teachers and
confidence building, parents and             parents should make sure to balance
teachers may be giving real goals and        actual learning and praise. Unearned
achievement short shrift‖ (Washington        praise should never be given. If praise is
1).                                          being used to encourage a child who is
                                             struggling with a certain concept, it
                                             should be worded, ―You are such a hard
                                             worker!‖ instead of ―Wow, you are so
                                             good at this!‖ The difference is that the
                                             child knows he is having trouble
                                             grasping the concept, and telling him
                                             that he is good at something he is, in
                                             truth, not very good, will encourage false
                                             pride. He will stop striving for
                                             improvement and will settle for
                                             mediocrity. But telling a child he is a
                                             hard worker will prompt him to try even
                                             harder at whatever he is having trouble

―Kids who receive general praise about       I know this from personal experience.
their abilities are more likely to exhibit   People always told me that I was so
‗helpless‘ behavior when they encounter      smart, that I could do anything. My
problems with learning, compared with        geometry class last year was such a
                                             shock to my over-praised system. Here
kids who receive specific praise about
                                             was a class that I didn‘t understand, that
heir achievement on a task‖ (Wallis 2).
                                             I quickly began failing. I started
                                             becoming disinterested in the class,
                                             giving up on problems on the homework
                                             that were too difficult. Luckily, I was
                                             able to pull myself out of that downward
                                             spiral, but others may not be able to
                                             salvage their egos after being crushed.
                                             Children should be praised, but not to
                                             the point where the slightest setback
                                             feels like major defeat.
                           Working Vocabulary List
      Amplified - made larger, greater, or stronger; enlarged; extended
      Anesthesia - general or local insensibility, as to pain and other sensation,
       induced by certain interventions or drugs to permit the performance of surgery
       or other painful procedures.
      Beleaguered - harassed; beset
      Contingent - happening by chance or without known cause
      Ethics – moral principal
      Heresy – any belief that is strongly at variance with established beliefs
      Immunology - the branch of science dealing with the components of the immune
      Lumbar vertebrae – part of spine found beneath ribcage
      Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician – doctor who specializes in brain development
       and disorders in children
      Prevalence – widespread
      Sated – satisfied
      Sedentary – accustomed to sitting or taking too little exercise
      Septuagenarians – old people
      Sine qua non – ―without which it could not be‖ (Latin legal term)

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