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Visit Kasargod Kerala for a Memorable Holiday


Kasargod is a famous tourist destination of Kerala where tourists can see the interwoven charm of nature and culture. The serene and scenic ambiance of this place lures large number of tourists from several parts of the globe.

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									                              Visit Kasargod Kerala for a Memorable Holiday

Kasargod is a popular tourist destination of Kerala. It is renowned for its rivers, forts, hills and beautiful sea
shore. The juxtaposed beauty of natural splendours on one side and historical monuments on the other makes
it an enthralling destination. This place is bounded by the Western Ghats in the east and the Arabian Sea in
the west which blessed it with a number of scenic places. An unending stretch of coconut palms, undulating
green hills and crystal clear rivers heighten the scenic charm of this place.

The well known tourist attractions of Kasargod are

Ananthapura Lake Temple
It is the only lake temple in Kerala situated 30 km from Bekal. This temple is the original seat of
Ananthapadmanabha, the deity of Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple.

Bekal Fort
This is the largest and best preserved fort in Kerala perched atop a hill. It is renowned for its magnificent and
robust structure made up of laterite. This fort offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. Large number of
tourists comes here to explore and experience the lost glory of the erstwhile dynasties who ruled this fort for

Chandragiri Fort
This is another popular tourist attraction which is located south east of Kasargod town. It is a large square
shaped fort situated beside a river. It was built in the 17th century by Sivappa Nayak of Bedanore. The fort is
famous for its architectural beauty and rich collection of preserved artefacts which give tourists a chance to
see the glory of yesteryears.

Pallikere Beach
This beach is famous for its serene and scenic beauty which calls on large number of tourists throughout the
year. It is among the popular beaches of Kerala where tourists come to spend their holidays amidst natural
beauty. The interwoven charm of natural beauty and adventure sports activities make this beach a popular
destination among tourists.

Kappil Beach
It is another popular beach of this place which is ideal for swimming and sand sporting. The Kodi Cliff is a
popular scenic spot of this place where tourists can enjoy the awe inspiring sunset views against the backdrop
of Arabian Sea.

Ranipuram Hill Station
This is a small hill station visited by large number of tourists because of its scenic charm. It is the place where
one can spend their time amidst serene and scenic ambiance. This place is also known for its unending stretch
of rubber and spice plantations. During the visit to this place tourists can also visit several spice gardens and
see spice cultivation. This hill station is also famous for its folk performances.

Kasargod Tour is for those tourists who want to spend their vacations amidst calm and scenic nature. It is one
of the popular destinations of Kerala Tourism where tourists come in large number from across the globe.

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