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					Kentucky Wesleyan
  College Online
 Evaluating a New Online
    Academic Venture
      Why KWC Online?
To increase student enrollment
To provide non-traditional
 students with opportunities to
 complete their degrees
To offer residential students
 additional course sections to aid
 in scheduling
To provide additional funding for
 the College
           Why evaluate?
To create and uphold a program
 of highest rigor
To obtain and maintain program
 accreditation through SACS
To determine if KWC Online is
 worth the College’s investment
 of time, personnel, and finances
What needs evaluating?
 Quality of courses
 Overall student learning
 Student reactions to online
 Effect degree completion
  has had in lives of students
 Return on Investment (ROI)
  for the College
Applying Kirkpatrick’s
Level   1:   Reaction
Level   2:   Learning
Level   3:   Behavior
Level   4:   Results

   All of these levels are
   important in evaluating
         KWC Online.
       Level 1: Reaction
What do students perceive to be
 the strengths of the programs
 as well as the weaknesses?
According to the students, how
 reasonable are the tuition and
 related fees?
How satisfied are the faculty
 with their selection of courses?
       Level 2: Learning
Is course content similar in rigor
 as comparable face-to-face
To what degree are the online
 students learning the necessary
 knowledge and skills needed for
 their chosen fields of study?
Are instructors employing
 research based strategies for
 teaching and learning in the
 online environment?
      Level 3: Behavior
How are students applying
 course material to job
Has their behavior changed
 as a result of being a part of
 KWC Online?
        Level 4: Results
What is the Return on
 Investment for the College
 in maintaining an online
Has a degree through KWC
 Online impacted job and
 career advancement
 opportunities for graduates?
Strengths of Using this
Applies to multiple facets of
 online program, including
 administrative, academic, and
Offers clear direction to
 stakeholders regarding areas of
 focus for evaluation
Provides necessary information
 for program improvement
 Weaknesses of Using
          this Model
Level 3 - Behavior is
 difficult to determine in this
Intense administrative
 emphasis on Level 4 -
Will require additional time
 to gather data from all
For more information:
 Kirkpatrick, D. L. (1998). The four
  levels: An overview. In Evaluating
  training programs: The four levels
  (2nd ed.) (pp. 19-24). San Francisco:
  Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
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