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RCCC Tuition _ Fees


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									                                                           TUITION and FEES
                                                        2010 – 2011 Academic Year

TUITION CHARGES – Required of ALL Students
          North Carolina Residents:                               Non-Resident Students:
     Credit Hour        Tuition      75% Refund             Credit Hour       Tuition      75% Refund
         1             $ 56.50         $ 42.37                   1          $ 248.50        $ 186.37
         2             $113.00         $ 84.75                   2          $ 497.00        $ 372.75
         3             $169.50         $127.12                   3          $ 745.50        $ 559.12
         4             $226.00         $169.50                   4          $ 994.00        $ 745.50
         5             $282.50         $211.87                   5          $1,242.50       $ 931.87
         6             $339.00         $254.25                   6          $1,491.00       $1,118.25
         7             $395.50         $296.62                   7          $1,739.50       $1,304.62
         8             $452.00         $339.00                   8          $1,988.00       $1,491.00
         9             $508.50         $381.37                   9          $2,236.50       $1,677.37
         10            $565.00         $423.75                  10          $2,485.00       $1,863.75
         11            $621.50         $466.12                  11          $2,733.50       $2,050.12
         12            $678.00         $508.50                  12          $2,982.00       $2,236.50
         13            $734.50         $550.87                  13          $3,230.50       $2,422.87
         14            $791.00         $593.25                  14          $3,479.00       $2,609.25
         15            $847.50         $635.62                  15          $3,727.50       $2,795.62
         16            $904.00         $678.00                  16          $3,976.00       $2,982.00

STANDARD FEES – Required of ALL Students
CAMPUS ACCESS FEE:                                  $ 15.00 Flat Fee per Semester / Term

ACTIVITY FEE – Fall and Spring Semesters            $25.00 Flat Fee
ACTIVITY FEE – Summer Term                          $ 6.00 Flat Fee

TECHNOLOGY FEE: Charges per Credit Hour (Fall / Spring / Summer)
1 – 6 Credit Hours                                  $ 8.00 per Semester / Term
7 + Credit Hours                                    $16.00 per Semester / Term

    TUITION and FEES (2010 – 2011) as of 07/07/10                                                   Page 1
    Campus Access Fee: All students pay a campus access flat fee of $15.00 per semester/term which supports,
    parking, security systems, student accident insurance, remote notification and public safety infrastructure, and other
    enhancements of access to college facilities. This fee is refundable only if the student completely drops all courses by
    the refund deadline as published in the Academic Calendar.
    Accident insurance, covering hours in school, is required of all students and is included in the Campus Access Fee. All
    enrolled students of RCCC are eligible. Students are covered while participating in scheduled, sponsored, and
    supervised activities of RCCC.
    Student Activity Fee: Students at RCCC are required to pay a $25.00 activity fee for fall and spring semesters
    (regardless of the number of credit hours enrolled). This fee covers student activities coordinated by the SGA. Students
    pay a $6.00 activity fee for summer term, regardless of the number of credit hours for which the student is enrolled.
    Technology Fee: Students at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College pay a technology fee for each of the fall and
    spring semesters, and summer term. Technology fees cover the cost of instructional supplies, materials, computers and
    other technology support. Technology fees are charged on a pro-rata basis depending on the number of credit hours for
    which the student is enrolled.

SPECIFIC FEES:                    These fees are charged at the time of registration, event and/or request.

    LAB FEE: $15.00. Curriculum students will pay a lab fee for courses that have an associated lab.
    NURSING TESTING FEES: Fall / Spring Semesters
    All Nursing students are required to pay a fee for testing services. This fee is billed for the NUR course at the time of
    registration. Please refer to the individual Nursing Programs of Study for estimated program costs by semester.
    PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE: Cosmetology, Early Childhood Education, Dental, Nursing, and
    Radiography students are required to purchase student professional liability insurance which is available for
    approximately $13.00 per year. Students in Continuing Education courses which require patient care or direct client
    service are also required to have professional liability insurance. The RCCC Cashiers Office can provide additional
    information about this fee.
    ART/Photography FEE: Students choosing to enroll in ART 261 - Photography I will be charged a material fee of
    $170 to cover expenses including, but not limited to, film, printing paper, chemistry, and facility rental.
    GRADUATION FEE: $40.00. Curriculum students will pay a $40.00 fee per graduate, regardless of participation in
    the ceremony, to offset the costs of degree, diploma, or certificate production and diploma cover. This fee does not
    cover the cap and gown costs for the ceremony. This fee is non-refundable.
    OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT FEE: (3rd Request) Students can receive two official transcripts at no charge by
    completing the transcript request form. The third transcript and each official transcript thereafter will be acknowledged
    upon receipt of payment at a rate of $8.00 per document. This fee is non-refundable.
    RE-TEST FEE: Students choosing to retest will pay a fee to cover at minimum the actual cost of the test. The cost will
    vary depending on the test or inventory type. A minimum fee of $5.00 will be charged for each retest session. This fee
    is non-refundable.

Senior Citizens (age 65 or older):
Tuition shall be waived for up to six credit hours per academic semester for senior citizens age 65 or older who are
qualified as legal residents of North Carolina. If an eligible senior citizen enrolls in more than six (6), but less than sixteen
(16) credit hours in a given semester, he/she shall be charged the regular tuition rate for each credit hour above six credit
hours. If an eligible senior citizen enrolls in more than 16 credit hours in a given semester, he/she shall be charged the
regular tuition rate for a maximum of 10 credit hours. Senior Citizens will be charged fees as any other regularly enrolled

    TUITION and FEES (2010 – 2011) as of 07/07/10                                                                       Page 2

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