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My name is Dwight Heaster and I am the Coordinator for International Student Services
at Mountain State University. It is my pleasure to welcome you as an international student
to our website.
The following slide show is designed to give you information about Mountain State
University, West Virginia, and your upcoming travels to the United States.
Remember that you are embarking on a new and exciting adventure and there will be
obstacles that you will face. These obstacles are part of life but I am here to assist you
through them.
Welcome to Mountain State University!
           About Mountain State
Today, Mountain State University is a dynamic, four-year institution that also offers graduate
programs. MSU has become the University of choice for many individuals throughout West
Virginia, the nation, and the world.
During the first half-century, the College experienced slow, but steady increases in enrollment,
staff, facilities, and programs. In 1990, five presidents and 57 years later, President Charles H.
Polk took on the challenges of leading Beckley College into a new and exciting era.
The decade of the 1990s brought an era of tremendous change, including the transition from a
two-year to a four-year college, and then to a master's level institution. New buildings were
erected and degree program offerings were expanded to include high-demand professional and
technology fields, as well as the humanities, arts, and sciences.
The global view taken by the new administration resulted in the need for a name change, thus
Mountain State University was born in August 2001. The University is a not-for-profit, independent
institution serving more than 6,000 students from 43 states and a host of other countries. Its
offerings include not only traditional, classroom-based academic studies, but also innovative
programs in distance learning, nontraditional credit options, and collaboration with a variety of
industry and education partners.
Mountain State University continues its mission of providing quality programs designed to lead to
gainful employment for its graduates. The University remains committed to its founding
philosophy that every individual should have the opportunity to obtain an education and maximize
his or her human potential.
About Beckley West Virginia
Southern West Virginia culture and history is kept alive by means of
numerous community organizations. The Beckley Exhibition Coal
Mine and Coal Camp Restoration give visitors a glimpse of life during
the mining industry's early years. The nearby Youth Museum of
Southern West Virginia offers a kaleidoscope of exhibits for young and
old alike. Theatre West Virginia, the state performing arts company
entertains thousands each year with the outdoor historical dramas
"Honey in the Rock" and "Hatfields and McCoys." Artisans and
craftsmen at work, as well as their wares, can be seen at Tamarack,
the Best of West Virginia.
Raleigh County is an ideal place to live. A low crime rate, beautiful
surroundings, and strategic location make the area an attractive
center for tourism, technology, and industry. This makes Beckley a
perfect place for internships and job placement opportunities. For
more information, visit the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of
Commerce's website at www.brccc.com.
Climate in West Virginia
West Virginia is a state with four distinct seasons. West Virginia
         Winter – 30 degree Fahrenheit 1 degree Celsius
         Spring – 60 degree Fahrenheit 15 degree Celsius
         Summer – 80 degree Fahrenheit 26 degree Celsius
         Fall – 70 degree Fahrenheit 21 degree Celsius
How do I get to Campus
Here are a few of the options when making your travel arrangements:
Beckley Raleigh County Airport – (Airport Code BKW) this airport has
flights into Beckley from Dulles regularly. This airport is closest to the
main campus of MSU. www.flybeckley.com
Charleston Yeager Airport – (Airport Code CRW) this airport is
approximately 1 hour from Mountain State University. This airport would
necessitate a taxi to the campus which would be an additional charge.
Greyhound – this bus service is throughout the United States and can be
located at www.greyhound.com.
 What Should I Bring With Me?
• Clothing – Remember to look at the time
  of year you will be arriving. This may need
  to include a heavy coat
• A traditional dress
• A few dollars in Cash – you never know
  what unexpected expenses that might
  arise before you get to campus
• A phone card
When should I get to Campus

The earlier you can arrive the
better. You can begin arriving 30
days before classes begin.
Arriving early gives you a chance
to assess housing needs as well as
get acquainted with the area.
   Don’t forget your Paperwork
• You Academic Records
• Your TOEFL or IELTS scores
• A book with family and friends phone
  numbers and e-mail addresses
• If require daily medications remember to
  refill the prescription before you leave and
  bring your medical records for the
  physician here to see.
   Remember Safety First
• Don’t get into a vehicle with a stranger.
  – Use public transportation
  – Use cabs
• Provide a copy of your flight schedule to
  your family, your friends, and the school
  – Don’t forget to let everyone know if you have
    a change in your schedule
• Always remember to be observant of the
  world around you.
    Contact Information:

 Dwight W. Heaster
      304-929-1551 Work
        304-252-2896 Fax
      Location of my office:


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