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					                      Gateway Babe Ruth Baseball League
                                           P.O. Box 564
                                         Marion, MA 02738

          Serving the communities of Bourne, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester and Wareham


Name:____________________________Date of Birth______ Current Age___ Age on May 1st, 2011:___

ADDRESS: _______________________________________                     TOWN: __________________________

Home Phone: _____________________________Cell Phone: _________________________________

E-mail: ________________________________________

Did your child played on a Gateway BR baseball team in Spring 2011? (YES) (NO)

If “yes”, on which team? ______________________________________________________

Have you previously submitted a birth certificate to Gateway Babe Ruth Baseball League? (YES) (NO)

If “NO”, please staple a copy of your child’s birth certificate to page 2. New players who do not submit copies
of birth certificates or passports will not be eligible to try out.
Does your child have insurance coverage? (YES) (NO)
If “YES” - Insurance Company and Policy Number:______________________________________________
Are you willing to:      ______Head Coach          ______Asst. Coach       ______ Be a Team Parent
 ______Assist with field clean-up in March ______Willing to serve on various league projects/committees

                                   The registration fee is $160.00

                         Please fill out consent for completely and return.
                                     Gateway Babe Ruth League, Inc.
                                  INFORMED CONSENT AND RELEASE FORM

My child, _______________________________________________ and I are aware that participation in baseball is a potentially
hazardous activity. We assume all risks associated with participation in the sport, including, but not limited to: falls, contact
with other players, being struck by the ball or bat and other reasonable risk conditions associated with baseball. All such risks
to my child are known and understood by me. We agree to abide by the rules of the league and acknowledge the right of the
league to exclude the player and/or his parents from games for violation of these rules.

I, the undersigned, being parent or guardian of said child, do hereby release and forever discharge the said Gateway Babe
Ruth Baseball League Inc., its officers, managers, coaches and staff, Rochester Baseball, Wareham Baseball, Marion and
Mattapoisett Recreation Departments, the Towns of Bourne, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester and Wareham, their officials,
agents, Boards of Directors, officers, representatives, successors, and demands for and upon, or by any reasons of damage, loss,
injury or suffering sustained by my child as a result of any aspect of a baseball activity or practice in which said child shall

Signed (Parent/Legal Guardian)_________________________________________________________

Player/Child: ________________________________________________________________________

I certify that my child is in good health and may participate in physical activities associated with Gateway Babe Ruth League,
Inc.’s practices and games without limitation(s). The staff, managers or coaches of gateway Babe Ruth League, Inc. have my
permission to arrange for and provide medical care in the event my child is injured.

Signed (Parent/Legal Guardian)__________________________________________________ Date: ___________________

                       Please mail BOTH pages of this registration form to:

                                    Gateway Babe Ruth League, Inc.
                                            P.O. Box 564
                                         Marion, MA 02738

Staple check or money order for $160.00 in this space.
If your child is new to GBR, please staple a copy of birth certificate or
passport to this page.
    1. Is your check or money order made payable to: Gateway Babe Ruth Baseball
       League, Inc.?
    2. If new to Gateway, did you include a copy of your child’s birth certificate or
    3. Are you including both pages of this registration form?
    4. Please continue to visit our web site for information regarding field clean-up and
       try out information.

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