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					                                  WGS Family Conference Call
                                      December 5, 2010

I.     Introductions/ Attendance
       - The following people were on the conference call: Benjamin Pass, Ceanna Shack-Black,
          Caroline Shack, Dara Tabor, Patricia Cobb, Curtis Smith, Shone Hawkins-Moore, Ondrell &
          Tylon Jackson, Mary Mark, Beverly & Charles McCurry, Leonard Quarterman, Elmaria
          Jordan, Morgan Alex Jordan, Curley McKenzie, Lydia Stephens, Berthann Hawkins, Calvin
          Brantley, Donald Jordan II, Justina Hemphill, Willie James Stephens, Rudy & Ruby Warner,
          & Willie Denard Hemphill.

       - The WGS Executive Board Members- Calvin Brantley (President), Willie Stephens
       (Treasurer), and Catherine Jackson (Chaplain/Historian) greeted everyone and shared thoughts
       regarding the future of the WGS Family.

II.    Purpose of Proposed Bylaws
       - Proposed Bylaws were reviewed.

III.   WGS Executive Board
       - Below is a list of the WGS Executive Board:
         Position                    Name
         President                   Calvin Brantley of Jacksonville, Fl.
         Vice- President             VACANT
         Secretary                   VACANT
         Treasurer                   Willie Stephens of Panama City, Fl.
         Chaplain/Historian          Catherine Jackson of Olmsted Falls,
         Northeast Chapter Rep.      VACANT
         Southeast Chapter Rep. #1 VACANT
         Southeast Chapter Rep #2 VACANT
         Midwest Chapter Rep.        VACANT
         West Chapter Rep.           VACANT

       -   We discussed the creation of Chapter Representatives, which will be based on the
           geographical location of the family. The Chapter Representatives will serve as liaisons
           between the Executive Committee and the local members of that chapter by providing
           updated contact information and information regarding births, deaths, graduations, etc. The
           following is a breakdown of what states are included in the chapters:

       Northeast Chapter: Connecticut, Maine, Massuchusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont,
       New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland & Virginia

       Southeast Chapter: North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee,
       Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

       Midwest Chapter: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,
       Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
       West Chapter: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Nevada,
       Utah, Wyoming, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

       -   Please let us know if you or if you would like to nominate someone to fill one of the 7 Vacant
           WGS Executive Board Positions by sending an email to We will be
           voting to fill the positions at the next WGS Business Meeting, which will take place aboard
           the Carnival Sensation Cruise Ship on Wednesday, 6/22/11.

IV.    WGS Family Finance/Collection of Dues
       - Included in the Proposed WGS Bylaws is a Section requiring each family member over the
         age of twenty-one (21) to pay annual dues in the amount of $10. These dues would cover
         postage, supplies, website costs, bereavement flower arrangements, and seed money to be
         presented to the Reunion Host Committees. As the WGS Treasury increases, we hope to be
         able to begin a scholarship fund.

       -   There will be a formal vote on whether we will begin assessing Family Dues at the 6/22/11.

V.     The WGS Family Reunions
       - At this time, the WGS Reunions are held in odd numbered years; however, there was a
          suggestion to consider having reunions every year. We will vote on this issue at the 6/22/11
          Business Meeting.

       -   Please begin thinking about whether you would like to host the 2013 Family Reunion in your
           Home City. There was a suggestion that the 2013 Reunion take place in Panama City, with a
           Special Trip to visit Marianna, Fl, where our family began. If you would like to host the 2013
           Reunion, please send an email to We will vote on the place of the
           2013 Reunion at the 6/22/11 Business Meeting.

       -   Everyone was reminded that the Reunion Host Committee is free to plan the itinerary/agenda
           for the reunion as they would like. For example, there does not have to be activity on that
           Thursday of a reunion.

VI.     The Williams-Grant-Stephens Family Website
       - The new WGS Family Website is at Please continue to visit
          the Website frequently as all Family News, Reunion Updates (specifically, updates regarding
          the 2011 Reunion in Tampa/on the Carnival Sensation Cruise Ship), Prayer Requests, and
          other pertinent information will be posted on the Website. Also, please post your Contact
          Information, RSVP for the 2011 Reunion Activities, and participate on the Family Message

VII.    The WGS Family Contact Sheet
       - A rough draft of the WGS Family Contact Sheet will be emailed to family members. Please
          take a few minutes to review the Contact Sheet and see if 1) your name is on the sheet/email
          or 2) other family members that you know are included. Specific full addresses and phone
          numbers are not included on the list. If you do not mind your full address and/or phone
          numbers being on the list, please send an email to to provide your

       -   It is very important that we have everyone’s correct contact information, especially all home
           addresses and email addresses as postal mail and email are our primary forms of
           communication. It is especially important that we have the correct home address of those that
           do not have access to email.

VIII.    Updates Regarding the 2011 Reunion
        - The Host of the 2011 Reunion provided details/updates regarding the upcoming 2011 WGS
           Family Reunion. The Conference Call Participants asked many good questions regarding the
           Reunion. The following is a list of the pertinent items discussed:
            The Reunion will take place from Saturday, 6/18/11, to Sunday, 6/26/11. The Itinerary
              for the Reunion is attached to these Minutes.
            Curley & Ruby McKenzie and the Tampa Host Committee are covering all costs for the
              Fish Fry on Saturday, 6/18/11, the Barbeque on Friday, 6/24/11. Special thanks to the
              Tampa Host Committee!!!
            The Cruise portion of the Reunion is from Sunday, 6/19/11, to Thursday, 6/23/11. If you
              are unable to go on the Cruise, please try to attend all of the events that will be in Tampa,
              i.e. the Fish Fry, the Barbeque, trip to Busch Gardens, etc.
            Curley & Ruby McKenzie and the Tampa Host Committee will be providing
              transportation to/from the hotel for family flying into Tampa International Airport for the
              Fish Fry and Post-Cruise Activities. Please be sure to contact Curley at (813) 781-2662 if
              you will need transportation to/from the Tampa Airport.
            For those attending both the Fish Fry and the Cruise, there will be roundtrip transportation
              from Curley & Ruby’s House to Port Canaveral aboard a Coach Bus. The estimated cost
              per person for the roundtrip will be $40. Again, please make sure you let Curley know if
              you will be taking the bus from his house to/from Port Canaveral. The money for the bus
              will be due to Curley no later than 3/15/11.
            There are currently 99 family members and friends going on the Reunion Cruise. A few
              spots have opened up, so if you would like to attend the cruise, please call Curley and let
              him know as soon as possible.
            The next payment for the cruise of at least $150 per person is due NO LATER THAN
              2/15/11. All Cruise Participants are strongly encouraged to make payments prior to the
              official due dates. To make payments towards your cruise, please call our Cruise Travel
              Agent, Debbie Stewart, at (813) 978-0877.
            The money for the 2011 Reunion T-Shirts is due to Curley on 6/1/11. We will be wearing
              the T-Shirts on the first full day of the Cruise, Monday- 6/20/11, and will be taking a
              group picture that day as well. The prices and Order Forms for the T-Shirts are on the
              WGS website (
            There will be another Mass Mailing to all family members around the beginning of March
              providing all Updates and Forms for the 2011 Reunion. Please be sure that we have your
              and your family’s correct home addresses so that everyone will receive the Information.

IX.     Family Goals for 2011
        - The main goal of the Family is active participation by all living members of the Williams-
          Grant-Stephens Families. In addition, we would like to see more participation from our
          younger family members between the ages of 18-40. Please encourage all family, i.e. yours
          children, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc., to attend the reunions and be an active member of the
          WGS Family.

X.      Family Announcements
        - The family was requested to continue to keep Queen Williams Masslieno Patton in our daily
          prayers as she is not doing well at this time.
       - The family was also requested to keep Lorraine McKenzie Reid in our daily prayers as she was
       not doing well. Unfortunately, Lorraine passed away two weeks after the meeting. Please keep
       her siblings and family in our thoughts and prayers.

XI.    Next Meeting
       - As noted above, the next WGS Business Meeting will take place aboard the Carnival
          Sensation on Wednesday, 6/22/11. For those that will be unable to attend the Cruise, Voting
          Sheets will be provided in March for you to provide your votes so that your voice will be
          heard at the meeting.
       - The next Family Conference Call will take place on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 8:00 pm.

XII.   Benediction
       - Catherine Jackson, our Chaplain/Historian, closed the meeting with a beautiful prayer.

                  "Unity is strength, division is weakness."