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					                   Krewe of Blazzues
            Meeting Minutes – January 11, 2011
1. Meeting called to order. President Shawn Dennis (SD) presided. 44
   attendees listed on attached sign-in sheet.

2. November 30th meeting minutes reviewed and approved.

3. Before opening the discussion portion of the meeting SD congratulated the
   krewe for 12th night celebration and the fact that the krewe made the front
   page of the Pensacola News Journal. SD recognized Jim Pilcher for his
   efforts and then reminded the krewe of Pat Gaal’s contribution to the float as
   the “silent builder.”

4. Treasurer Report: Treasurer Randy Porto (RP) provided a summary of the
   current financial posture of the krewe. RP reviewed the balance sheet that
   was provided to the entire crew. Reserves for both insurance and parade
   entries we discussed.

5. Report of Officers: President Shawn Dennis (SD) asked each of the Board
   members for comments. Vice President Patrick Nichols (PN) commented on
   the successful 12th Night event and the float. All board members commented
   on the event and the Christmas party as well.

6. Committee Reports: Membership Committee – Committee Chairman Shawn
   Dennis informed the membership that the Krewe membership remains closed
   at 109. No resignations. A waiting list has begun. SD encouraged members
   who know of future applicants to go ahead and encourage those applicants to
   put their applications in so they can get on the waiting list now. There was a
   brief discussion about possibly expanding the overall membership to 125 for
   the coming year.

7. Committee Reports: Float Committee – SD recognized Jim Pilcher (JP) from
   the float committee who provided an update. JP informed the krewe of the
   substantial progress made on the float including the detailed painting and iron
   rails. JP informed the krewe that the sound system had been purchased and
   asked members to provide music for the ipod that will be used for the parade.
   JP informed the krewe that outriggers for walker’s beads had been installed.

8. Committee Reports: Float Committee – JP mentioned “bead buckets” for
   those that want to organize their throws in a compact way. He then
   suggested creative throws such as small plastic fedoras should be
9. Committee Reports: Float Committee – After the report JP began the 50/50
   raffle however this time 100% of the proceeds would go to the krewe as the
   evenings raffle would be for a donated mardi gras seasonal wreath donated
   to the krewe by JPs sister. Bob Maynard commented on the progress that
   has been made on the float since the first day when the float committee
   looked at the bare frame. The krewe once again congratulated the builders.

10. Committee Reports: Charity Committee – Committee Chairman Damian
    Zimmerman (DZ) was not present. This report was postponed.

11. Committee Reports: Entertainment and Marketing – Romona Mills (RM)
    informed the board that the committee is still actively planning the Mardi Gras
    party tentatively scheduled for 7 or 8pm until midnight on Saturday February
    19th at Liberty Lanes Gutter Lounge. RM indicated it would be an informal
    party with Krewe members wearing mardi gras costumes and guests could
    dress casual. She also informed the krewe that the price would be the same
    as the Christmas party, $10/member, $20/guest. SD reminded the krewe that
    at the last meeting the krewe voted to have an informal party rather than a
    formal ball for the inaugeral year.

12. Committee Reports: Charity Committee (out of sequence) – SD recognized
    Judy Wade from the floor who commented on the Gulf Coast Kids house
    drive. She then asked that if members had childerens clothing that the House
    needs donations.

13. Committee Reports: Charity Committee (out of sequence) – SD explained to
    the krewe what Gulf Coast Kids House does and informed the krewe that they
    operate entirely on private donations and support and encouraged all to visit
    the GCKH.

14. Committee Reports: Fund Raising – Committee Chairman Nancy Porto (NP)
    introduced the “grill raffle” and listed numerous other items being raffles with
    the grill which has been donated by member Renae Rollo. Items such as gift
    certificates, $200 auto detailing certificates, 3 free bowling games,and an
    assortment of items makes the $1 tickets very easy to sell. NP informed the
    krewe that she had prepared envelopes for the krewe with 10 tickets in each
    and told the krewe she would distribute to all.

15. Committee Reports: Fund Raising – Committee Chairman Nancy Porto (NP)
    then informed the krewe about the ARC as a possible source for beads. She
    provided business cards and stated that they are very reasonable. The
    question was posed as to whether or not the tickets were winner take all or
    not. NP clarified that a $1 ticket would be drawn and every item would go to
    the single winner. The drawing will be March 22nd. The krewe was very
    excited about the raffle.
16. Committee Reports: Charity Committee – Committee Chairman Damian
    Zimmerman (DZ) entered and SD recognized him to provide the Charity
    committee report. DZ commented on the Gulf Coast Kids House successful
    diaper drive. DZ informed the krewe that the next event would likely be a
    service event such as cleaning up a park or working in support of a “soup
    kitchen” type organization.

17. New Business: Float Ride Criteria – SD introduced the method and process
    that the board developed and approved for the selection and assignment of
    float riders. He confirmed that the float would hold 30 and with three parades
    most members should be able to ride at least one parade. SD read the
    ridership assignment process steps then reviewed the participation criteria to
    be used in the event the three parade rider lists end up unbalanced. He
    informed the krewe that an email containing both would be sent out and that
    the deadline for submissions would be the next meeting, January 25 th. He
    reiterated repeatedly that a no submission would be treated as the krewe
    member has no desire to ride. He also emphasized “no exceptions” to the
    submission deadline.

18. Unfinished Business - SD informed the krewe that they have been invited to
    participate in the annual Escambia Westgate Center mardi gras parade for
    the students who attend the special needs center. He briefly described the
    school, the stuents served, and the small but very moving parade. He
    informed the krewe that the parade would be Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 9:30
    (8:30 stage). He also stated that the parade is just minutes from the float
    barn and that the float would be entered. The parade would also serve as a
    dry run for the float. SD informed the krewe that an email would go out
    asking for members to participate and ride in the float.

19. Unfinished Busines - SD informed the krewe that some research had been
    done to help determine how many beads would be needed by krewe
    members during a parade. He shared that throwing the standard 33inch
    beads, three (3) cases would be sufficient for a parade. There are 5 gross in
    each case. He then reminded the members that the krewe would receive a
    discount from A&E if they purchase their throws there. There was
    considerable discussion about the volume and weight of the throws. SD
    cautioned the krewe not to purchase excessive throws and asked they be
    considerate of space on board.

20. New Business – SD commented about the parade application status and
    informed the krewe about the spotter requirements. Various parades have
    different spotting requirements. A minimum of six (6) will be necessary for the

21. New Business – SD informed the krewe about the general liability insurance
    requirements necessary to parade and have functions. He then informed the
   board htat a quote was forthcoming from the firm Underwood Anderson who
   specializes and provides general liability insurance to many of the major
   krewes in the area. Because securing the GL insurance will require
   expenditure of krewe funds, SD asked for a motion to secure GL insurance.
   The motion was made, seconded and ratified unanimously.

22. New Business – SD then notified the krewe of the puller/truck requirements
    for the parade. He also indicated that the first attempt to secure a tow truck
    and driver fell through and that the krewe will need to work together to identify
    a tow vehicle and drivers as soon as possible. All parade applications require
    driver information and insurance. SD informed the krewe that the first parade
    application deadline is February 1st. He reaffirmed the krewe’s intention to
    parade in all three parades. Several members volunteered to drive. SD
    asked those volunteers to meet with him after the meeting.

23. 50/50 raffle was drawn. The winner won the donated wreath. $150 was collected for
    the E&M fund.

24. Announcements From the Floor - Pat Spillers provided a briefing on the krewe
    “bling” pins. She shared three drawings and informed the krewe of the urgent order
    time line. She shared the minimum order requirements and set-up costs. Sign-up
    would take place after th meeting followed by a series of emails.

25. Open Discussion - SD recognized Judy Wade who asked about riding for part
    of a parade then jumping off and giving the spot up to another. SD informed
    the krewe that the idea had been considered but the concern is how practical
    it would be to get off and get another person with throws on the float. He
    shared that at this time the objective is to parade with the same riders
    throughout the parade until the krewe gets a little more experience.

26. Open Discussion - SD recognized Jackie Evers from the floor who suggested
    the krewe make it mandatory that every member be required to sell at least
    one envelope of tickets. There was discussion and the the suggestion was
    moved, seconded and approved.

27. Next Meeting: The next meeting date was established.

       Next Meeting Date:           Tuesday January 25th
       Time:                        6:30
       Location:                    Blazzues

28. Adjournment: SD asked if there was any other business to come before the Krewe.
    Hearing none the meeting was adjourned.

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