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									IT CV (Shortened) of: Bryan White, B. Sc. (Hons)

Personal Details
  Postal Address:    13 Connell St, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland 0600, New Zealand
           Phone:    Mob: (+64) 021 176 7222        Home: +64(9) 627 1416
   Marital Status:   Married, 2 adult children
     Nationality:    British / New Zealand (both)
             Age:    Varies each year. Born 09/04/1953.
      Languages:     English, French, some Maori.
  Tertiary Quals:    B.Sc(Hons) Chemical Engineering (1971-74, UMIST).
Psychometric Profile - Employee Aptitude Survey (EAS) (tested Sept 1999):
EAS 7 - Verbal Reasoning:                            Raw Score 21; 98th percentile (in top 3%)
(Measures ability to combine separate pieces of information and form conclusions on basis of that.)
EAS 6 - Numerical Reasoning:                          Raw Score 15; 99Th percentile (in top 2%)
(Measures ability to analyse logical numerical relationships and to discover underlying principles.)
Wonderlic Personnel Test (Cognitive Ability):         Raw Score 42;100th percentile (in top 1%)
(The test measures general intellectual ability and, while it is not specifically an “IQ test”, scores closely
correspond to such measures.)
Summary: “Bryan‟s scores for each of the tests were exceptional when compared to both a general and analyst
norm, suggesting he will handle the mental requirements of the most complex positions comfortably.”
(emphasis mine)
Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel
“Creator-Innovator” - Imaginative; Future-oriented; Enjoys complexity; Creative; Likes research work.
(cf Team Management Systems -

Main Skills I expect to use in positions I am seeking
NB: This is a small subset of my skills acquired in over 30 years of IT work - more details later
C# / Visual Studio dotNET, 2/3D graphics(Cadenza, GDI, OpenGL, VRML), C++ (Borland, MS, etc), Delphi
5, GUIs, DLLs, ISAPI filters, OO Building blocks, MFC, STL, ATL, POSIX, XML, SOAP [Google ‘soap
serialization brewmanz’ (that’s me!) for dotNet2.0 SOAP workaround].
VB/VBA (incl MS Excel/Access/Word & dotNet) – GUIs, Class/OO Building blocks, turnkey applications,
control of other processes.
OO (UML, VB, VBA, VC++, C#) – Design, Programming & Implementation of Classes & Objects, including
use of virtual functions, multithreaded techniques & Multi-Tier.
Design Patterns: MVC (Model View Controller), [Acyclic] Visitor, Factories, Proxy/Adapter/Bridge,
Observer, Dual Inheritance, Cross Casting, Façade. „has-a‟ vs „is-a‟, Delegate Callbacks.
ADO, SQL (Oracle, PL/SQL, MS Server 6.5/7/2000/2005, DB2) queries, DTS/SSIS, Database table set-up,
Table normalisation, Data warehousing & SQL statement optimisation, XML. [Active in SqlServerCentral
forums – e.g. search ‘network protocol brewmanz’ etc]
InstallShield, QA & Testing (Automated (NUnit, CPPUnit, etc), Manual, Regression), code and analysis
inspections, source control, spotting & fixing bugs.

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Windows (3.X, 9X, NT, 2K, XP, CE), UNIX & LINUX, IBM (MVS, VM, VSE & AS400), PL/I, CICS,
COBOL, Assembler, SysProg, ISPF, VSAM, DL/I
Real-time Data Stream Scanning & Converting, Multithreading, Critical Sections, Embedded, Memory
allocation & other Operating System interfaces
Flight Planning, Financial, Navigation, GIS/GPS, 3D RealTime Graphical & other algorithms: understanding,
creating, and implementing.

WORK EXPERIENCENB This CV has been reduced from 13 pages, so some detail has gone.
SIMPL, Auckland (Jul 2008 – Dec 2008; 4 weeks extended to 5 months)
Given the task of helping to get an Online Transaction/WEB Server GUI system (SQL Server2005 backend)
project back on track because of excessive bugs and missing functionality. Using MS VS/TFS to create Unit
Tests, tracking & fixing bugs, regression testing, C#/SSRS/SSMS. Real-time debugging of Web Services.
Also refactoring existing code to improve maintainability & performance via Agile & Iterative methodologies;
e.g. optimising SQL SP cursor queries to reduce run time from c.4 hours to c.6 minutes with same results,
fixing GUI data validation, rewriting SSRS list-within-list multi column reports. Assisting junior members of
the team.
Brycom Data, Auckland (Apr 2008 – Jun 2008)
GIS/GPS C# dotNet 2.0/3.0 NUnit 2 GUI – develop realtime Procol converter (SONY IPS to NMEA),
map scroller with 12 zoom scales, trip recording, satellite display, etc.
Convert 3D OpenGL animated graphics package (that I wrote!) from C# dotNet 1.1 to 2.0. Refactored
interfaces via Unit and Regression Testing.
Auto-download Stock Exchange price information to SQL DB, Technical Analysis via MetaStock emulator.
Enterprise IT, Auckland (Mar 2008)
[Kordia] Create C# dotNet GUI for examining Timesheet data (read via Oracle Data Provider) and exporting
to Excel. [North Shore City Council] Set up Kaseya alerts/reports for remote monitoring of SQL Servers.
Northland District Health Board, Whangarei & Auckland (Oct 2007 - Feb 2008)
Converting SQL Server 2000 DTS packages over to SQL Server 2005 SSIS. Particular skills were fixing
„Ragged Right‟ ETL flat file imports (SSIS does not handle these) and changing Table array handling from
Field00 – Field59 to use a single XML field.
Modify existing C#/ASP.NET GUI + DB to cater for changes to National Screening Program requirements.
SoftTech NZ, Albany (Jul 2004 – Dec 2007)
Working as Senior Developer (and “Mr. Unit Tests & Regression Tester”) on Saturn (a Configuration
system) SmartClient project. Designing 3D CAD event-driven asynchronous Controls (using VectorDraw)
to be dropped onto custom GUI forms, and creating various graphical tools and Unit Tests, developing
automated Build system, combining multiple InstallShields into one directory (technically impossible!).
Using dotNet, NUnit, C#, Design Patterns (MVC, Observer, Visitor, etc), C++, VectorDraw, XML,
Delphi, SQL 2005, Dunit, InstallShield 2008 premier.
StraightEdge, Auckland (October 2002 – July 2004; started as 1-week contract!)
(Oct 2003 – July 2004) Working as Lead Developer to bring a 3D Graphical Garage Design Tool to market.
This involved: Developing realtime Multi-tier MVC 3D graphics, deployment. Using dotNet, NUnit, C#,
OpenGL, SOAP, XML, WebBrowser, Install Shield.
(Oct 2002 – Sept 2003) Working with a small multi-national team on developing Shrink-wrap CAD
programs for Decking, Fences, Pagolas & Garages for a variety of building codes and measurement bases.
These included:

Condensed CV of Bryan White. NZ Mob: 021 176 7222                            Page 2 of 6
- Develop algorithms for converting hardware items (e.g. nails) into containers (e.g. 5Kg box).
- Using XP (Extreme Programming) development techniques & peer-to-peer code reviews.
- Advising & assisting on conversion of products to bilingual and multilingual versions.
This started off as a one week contract „problem fixing‟, and became a series of back-to-back contracts, on a
project-by-project basis, and then permanent (whatever that means). Company „restructuring‟ resulting in
about 90% redundancies.
Skills used: C#, Visual Studio dotNET, Cadenza, OpenGL, Borland C++ Builder 6, WIN NT Local
Admin/User Product Installation issues, MS MFC, MS Registry internals, e-Mail/SMTP issues, C++
Exception handling, C++ pre-processor macros, Symantec Ghost, GNU awk, Automated testing
(CppUnit), (Win)CVS, 3D Geometry/Trigonometry/Graphics, Multilizer, XML.
ExecuTrain, Wellington (October 2002 – November 2002)
Tutoring two Microsoft Courses - Mastering Microsoft MFC Fundamentals and Mastering Microsoft
MFC Development. This was a specific two-week contract, training developers in MFC, GUI, ActiveX, ATL,
Internet, registry, object persistence.
Actions taken above and beyond the contractual terms included: sorting out compatibility issues between
Microsoft-supplied materials and Microsoft supplied operating environment.
Skills used: MS MFC, lecturing, tutoring, impromptu problem solving (a 'make it happen' attitude).
Navman, Auckland (Mar 2002 – August 2002; started as 3-month contract, lasted 6)
Working in a small team developing GUI interfaces in a mixture of Delphi, Borland C++ Builder and MS
Embedded VC++ for Desktop and Windows CE ARM PocketPC GPS application (SmartStreet) in English
and French, analysing real-time GPS NMEA data streams to display graphical status in a variety of formats.
Also reading and writing to the WinCE Registry (locally and remote).
Tasks also included using FME 2002, Manifold 4.5 & bespoke conversion between different ESRI/GIS data
formats, verification of accuracy or otherwise of ESRI/GIS data (e.g. road, coastline and postcodes) supplied
by third parties.
Skills used: ActiveSync, VC++, Borland C++ Builder, DLLs, Delphi, WinCE, MFC, PocketPC2002
Emulator (English and French), QVCS, Visual Studio, Spherical trigonometry, FME, Manifold.
Central Appliance Rentals, Auckland (Dec 2001 – June 2002)
Very part-time work (less than a month's work in total) converting an Access 2(16-bit) application to Access
2000 (32-bit).
This work had been attempted by others, including Microsoft NZ, who spent longer on it than I did and
concluded that a complete rewrite was needed. I proved them otherwise.
Skills used: Access2, Access95, Access2000, knowledge of Windows 3 DLLs, Windows ME DLLs and
Windows 2000 DLLs, general tenacity and understanding how computers work.
Sept 2001 - Jan 2002
Arrived in Auckland September 10; then "adjusting to job market" post-September 11.
SITA, London (Mar 2001 – Sep 2001)
Worked as Senior Developer developing Flight Planning software. In charge of converting NT development
platform from static library to DLL & optimising it; writing statement parsers; developing and optimising
Oracle table set-up and writing SQL statements (PRO*C)
Skills used: VC++, MVS, ISPF, CICS, ENDEVOR, WIN4, Oracle, PRO*C, SQL, (g)awk & other GNU
utilities, Visual Studio, SourceSafe, Spherical trigonometry.
RSC Technology SA [Ganymede], Suisse (Jul 2000 – Feb 2001)
This was a six-month contract, extended by a further 8 weeks.

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Developing Ganymede software – manager of multi-platform SDK project.
Skills used: VC++, WIN2000, LINUX, POSIX, ODBC, DB2, Oracle, UML, CVS, X-Win, COM+, MTS,
Powerpoint, QA/testing.
Worked as Senior Developer with team of other managers for different facets of e-Commerce development.
Tasks included: Designing (UML), programming (C++), porting existing WINAPI code to POSIX under
LINUX, developing “smoke test” platform for both WIN2000 & GNU/LINUX platform, producing
documentation (MS-Word & HTML) and training presentations (PowerPoint).
Designer Technology Ltd [Marshal Software], NZ (Sep 1999 – May 2000; started as 3 mths,
lasted over 6 mths)
GroupMarshal NT Admin utility (VC++): Add SCM capability by adding extra RPC functions and GUI.
Billing Interface MailMarshal & WebMarshal(VC++): Specify & write ISAPI, CLI and DLL/COM using
MFC & STL to create programs to bill Internet access to users via SQL Stored Procedures.
Write ISAPI filter (VC++) to operate as a „Reverse Proxy‟, taking URLs and conditionally converting them
to call ISAPI Extension based on path matching.
Install MS SQL Server 6.5 and 7, design, normalise and create tables for a Manufacturing Quotation System.
Then, create Excel Spreadsheet with UDFs & add VB/VBA/COM GUI interface with MS SQL Server via
ODBC, DAO & ADO, investigate Pager Protocols (R&D).
This was a 3 month contract, extended by a further 3 months, and then extended by several weeks.
Sarasin, Private Swiss Investment Bank, London (Feb 1999 – Jul 1999; started as 2 wks, then
extended to over 4 mths)
Conversion of Pascal Portfolio Performance to MS Access with VBA modules. Amalgamation of Investment
Holdings from separate sources into a single MS-Access Database with Excel GUI Front End (with VBA
UDFs and macros). This was a two-week contract, extended by a week, then by 3 months, then some more.
Southern Cross Healthcare, NZ (Dec 1998 – Feb 1999)
Part of small team working on Y2K issues (VSE, COBOL, Assembler).
Repco, NZ (Jul 1996 – Dec 1997, + projects 1998, 1999)
Project management, business analysis, design & implementation for warehouse barcode systems
Add ad-hoc DL/I & CICS queries for Inventory Manager.
Manukau Institute of Technology, NZ (Part time 4 hours/wk, Feb 1996- Nov 1998)
Lecturing to 3rd year tertiary students on IS Management, DSS and End User Computing. Used many
platforms such as MS Access/Excel, C, C++, VB, UNIX/LINUX.
Countrywide Bank, NZ (Feb 1998 – Sep 1998)
Team Leader of 2 to 4 people. Project management of data purging in preparation for conversion to new
banking system. Audit of Marketing database (PL/SQL, MS-Access).
Also found bug in Banking Package Check Digit Routine, when I wasn‟t looking for one.
Southern Cross Building Society / System Support Group, NZ (Apr 1996 – Aug 1996)
Oversee QA & reconciliation of replacement banking system (Sovereign).
Foodtown/Progressive Enterprises, NZ (May 1995 – Apr 1996)
Assist with file conversion of AS400 COBOL programs. Develop a 'Where Used' report for file objects.
Aotea Souvenirs, K & K, Frankham Express/NZ Post, Norwich Union, Auckland University
(ACTE), Placemakers, Telecom et alia (Mainly PC-based work), NZ 1990 - 1995
Create sales data warehouse for trends by nationality, product and time.
R & D with mobile digital networks via phone modems over standard truck radio communication (NZ Post).
Condensed CV of Bryan White. NZ Mob: 021 176 7222                           Page 4 of 6
Develop FOREX interface for overseas order/stock system.
Design and build real-time IBM PC MIDI interface, for synthesiser & internal PC speaker (interrupt driven).

Postbank, NZ (Apr 1988 – Nov 1990)
Support & improvements of legacy online banking system. Involved with code inspection (Fagan).
Continuum (was PAXUS Computer Services), NZ (Occasional work, 1987 – 1992)
IBM S370 & PC Assembler. IBM mainframe network trouble-shooting & support multithreaded & event
driven applications (CICS/VTAM/BSC) and OpSys (DOS/VSE, VM/CMS).
Peterborough Software, NZ (1987 – 1989)
Unipay/Unipersonnel(-TP) support. IBM mainframe Assembler. Batch and CICS troubleshooting from dumps
(when NZ, Aus & UK unable to!).
Other work (generally PC Based):
Install several variants of LINUX (both GUI & non-      Programming in Visual Basic for Windows
GUI) from scratch, and customise hardware (e.g.         applications (spreadsheets, databases, financial
sound card, video card) drivers.                        systems)
Generate where-used and hierarchical structure of       Developing banking and customer statement system
MS-ACCESS systems (which reports and macros             on PCs.
use which queries use which tables use which            Designing and programming PC interface
attached databases .. Both ways).                       (ASSEMBLER) over X.25 link with ICL mainframe
Generate material requirements, componentry and         for insurance company.
purchase orders for garment manufacturer.               Retail, financial & service applications (FoxBASE,
Generate Data Warehouse from retail POS system to       DBASE 2/3/4).
provide:                                                Developing C compiler in C.
-sales by time of day and nationality                   Protocol conversion (SDLC/ASYNC, ASYNC to
-open ended enquiry system driven by end user.          X.25).
Design solar heating system using:                      File format conversion (AUTOCAD/punch tape).
-astronomy (solar navigation and terrestrial seasons)   Trouble-shooting & installing PC hardware.
& surveying and geographical information                Assist state broadcasters with radio & TV
-real-time panel temperature data stream to program     transmissions (including repairing their equipment!)
-heat transfer coefficients and fluid dynamics          Dbase and hardware articles for Bits and Bytes
information                                             magazine.
To specify:                                             Design & building real-time audio visual computer
-heat output with date and time of day                  control equipment and optics (Heritage Park).
-pumps requirements.                                    Live concert IT Timing & Control of show.
Modify existing MS-ACCESS system to selectively         CP/M, DBASE 2 & other diskette conversion
copy report info from Windows 3.11 format to
ASCII text on diskette.
Computer-based Video Editing & Timing.
PAXUS Computer Services, NZ (1981 - 1987)
(Now Continuum, once IDAPS Computer Science)
IBM S370 & PC Assembler. Senior Systems Programmer(VM, VSE, CICS). Integrating 'impossible'
hardware and software. Developing TNT Compiler to run under CICS; add CICS sub-tasking to allow LTA
use inside CICS. Provide CICS expertise for developers with application programming. Making CICS (print
& screen) programs transparently format 3270 data streams to line printer.
Universal Data Systems, Auckland, NZ (1980 – 1981)
PRIME COBOL; S370 Assembler. UNIPAY and Manufacturing Systems.
Computer Consultants Ltd, NZ & Australia (1978 – 1980)
UNIPAY/UNIPERSONNEL Australian & NZ development. Pre-sales support, implementation, help desk

Condensed CV of Bryan White. NZ Mob: 021 176 7222                            Page 5 of 6
Peterborough Software, Peterborough, England & NZ. (1976 - 1978)
UNIPAY/UNIPERSONNEL development, pre-sales support, implementation, help desk.
Eastern Computer Services, Peterborough, England. (1974 – 1976)
Manufacturing and financial systems. Some scientific work on vibration analysis in FORTRAN IV.
Organisations overview:
Auckland University (ACTE), Aotea Souvenirs, A G Frankham Properties, Astley Leathers, BCNZ, CBA,
Cardlink, CHH(StraightEdge), CCL, Computertime, Countrywide Bank, Designer Technology Ltd (Marshal
Software), DSIR, Freight Care, NZ Post, Postbank, PAXUS, Peterborough Software, Placemakers,
Progressive Enterprises, Repco Automotive Products, RSC Technology (aka AccSell), Sarasin Investment
Bank, SITA, SSG, Southern Cross Building Society, Southern Cross Healthcare, Telecom, UDS.
There are some gaps in the dates – Any Skeletons in the Cupboard?
The gaps were either time with family or looking for work (not all contracts run back-to-back, although I
have had some overlap!). I have never been convicted of any offence, other than fines for minor traffic
offences in the past. Never been accused or arrested, either. My current driving licence is very clean.
Experience & Detailed Skills : [approximate Years Experience]
Airline, Astronomy, Automotive, Banking (Investment, Retail, Building Society), Broadcasting, Building,
Bureau, Chemical, Distribution, E-Commerce, Education, Engineering, ERP, Finance (Risk Analysis,
Brokering, Performance Monitoring), Flight Planning, Food, Freight, Government, GIS, GPS, Graphics,
Health, Hospitality, HR, Insurance (Life, F&G), Internet Software (email, Web browsing), Manufacturing,
MRP, Navigation, Payroll, Pension, Personnel, Petrochemical, Property, Radio, Retail, Sales, Solar Heating,
Telecommunications, Y2K.
IBM Mainframe (360/370/43xx/...) : [20+] IBM AS400 : [2] ICL 1900, 2900, 3900 : [6]
NCR 9800, Mid-range UNIX Boxes : [1] PCs (PC/XP/AT/PS2 ...) : [20+]
Operating Systems:
ICL SYS4, VME : [8] UNIX, LINUX : [4]            CP/M, MS-DOS : [18]
WIN 1/2/386/3 : [11] WIN95/98 : [5] WINT 3/4/2000/XP/Vista : [7]            WINCE : [1]
DBMS, Filing Systems
CVS[1], DATAEASE:[1], DB2:[1], DL/I:[2], IDMS:[1], MS-ACCESS:[8], OpenGL[2], ORACLE:[2] ,
QVCS[1], SourceSafe[4], SQL Server:[5] (incl DTS, SSIS, SSRS), SubVersion[2], VSAM:[9].
Ethernet : [5] WIN95/98 : [4] WINT 3/4/XP : [9] DDE, OLE : [3] TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3 : [2]
ALGOL : [1] ASSEMBLER (IBM Mainframe, 80x86, Embedded 6805) : [25] (g)awk[1]                     BASIC,
VB, VBA (many variants) : [8] C/C++ /VC++(several variants)/C# : [10] COBOL (many variants) :
[8] DBASE II, III, IV, Clipper, FoxBASE, FoxPro : [15] FORTRAN (several variants) : [4]         Paradox :
[1]    Pascal/Delphi: [1] PL/I : [3] RPG : [1] SQL, Oracle PL/SQL : [5] UML[1]
Compilers I have written: various ASSEMBLERs, C, Java, TNT, MetaStock.
Reverse Engineering with no outside assistance (should I be mentioning this?)
Generate source from compiled programs in: many ASSEMBLERS, BASIC, Clipper, DBASE (III, III+, IV
1.1), FoxPro for Windows, Paradox • Disable (with my own code) copy protection • Decrypt an encoded IBM
mainframe file • „Unhide‟ IBM mainframe storage areas • Create Database read utilities for DataEase,
DBASE II, III, IV • Patch InstallShield Installs
Non-Platform specific
Calendars, Dates & Multi-Century issues (Y2K is a subset of these) [20]
Amazing cross platform (H/W, S/W), file conversion, debugging and proof reading capabilities : [25]
Other Interests.
Christian Church (local & national), Public Speaking, AV & Hi-Fi, Theatre & Video (both sides of
camera/lights), Freelance writing, Astronomy, Classical music, Logic games, Chess, Design & construction
of analogue & digital electronic devices.
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