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									              Adventures In Paradise… An Introductory Tour
                       Subic Bay, Philippines… Your Adventure Destination

Adventures In Paradise is a Group Tour Package designed for successful men and women who
have worked hard and deserve some time off and to explore the possibility of living their dreams,
in an exotic and secluded, “American” setting, outside the United States. Our desire… introduce
Subic Bay and Our Philippines as a destination of choice for leisure, possible early retirement
and investment… to share a secure and healthful locale, with World Class facilities


Departure and Day 1 in Paradise

This sample tour is from Las Vegas departing on a Sunday flight using PAL. The flight arrives at
approximately 0430 on Tuesday morning, Manila time.
Arrangements shall be made to facilitate immigration and customs at Manila NAIA International
All Airport / hotel transfers are included as is transportation for listed activities.
Hotel being used is Arizona International Hotel in Deluxe room including daily breakfast. Other
meals are included as indicated on schedule.
Deluxe transport shall be provided from airport arrival to the Arizona Hotel… airconditioned
with comfortable “sleep-able” seats.
The road travel time to the Arizona Hotel – Resort is estimated at two hours. Including airport
processing time ETA at the hotel is at about 0830. Guest will be pre-registered, requiring just a
signature on the bus when receiving the room keys..
Upon arrival at the Arizona, a welcome, healthful brunch shall be provided… focusing on juices,
fruits, salads, fish and chicken. This shall be provided poolside…
During dinner a general welcome orientation shall be given.
   Each Adventurer shall be provide with an Reinvent your Retirement; renew yourself in subic
    Bay book prior to leaving the USA .

   Each Guest shall be provided with a cell phone. These shall be provided during the diner
    orientation. The cell phone will have some numbers programmed into the phone that may be
    useful to the Guests… hotel, tour GM, local taxi, police, information, etc..
The Adventure Group shall have some time to themselves to walk around the Arizona Hotel –
Resort and acclimate themselves with the amenities of the Arizona and the local city.
                   Adventure In Paradise Orientation Tour
                           Subic Bay… Your Adventure Destination
                                             10 day trip
Sunday (1): Depart Las Vegas 7:30 PM on PAL airlines. (18 hour flight)
      4:40 am, Arrive Manila,clear immigrations and customs, meet tour guide
      6:00 am, Depart Manila for Subic Bay, refreshment stop on the way
      9:00 am, arrive Olongapo/ Subic bay check in to hotel Breakfast Available
      free time (lunch own expense)
      5:00 pm, Welcome drinks (included) at hotel, Meet Orientation staff
      6:00 pm, Welcome Dinner (included)
      8:00 pm, Nightlife tours (own expense)
                     Gentleman clubs
                     Couple Orientated

      6:00 am to 9:30 am Open Breakfast (included)
      9:30 am, Tourism Overview
      10:00 am, Day Tour (admissions and lunch included)
       4:00 pm, return to hotel free time
       6:00 pm, Speed dating * (singles) (Alternate activity if under 10 singles)
       8:00 pm, Dinner and Beach Party (included)

      6:00 am to 10:00 am Open Breakfast (included)
      10:00 am, Expat Living seminar
      12:00 noon Introduction to Filipino food Lunch (included)
      2:00 pm PRA Visa Services Insurance explained
      4:00 pm Health and Wellness, tour
      6:00 pm Dinner Gerry Grill
      8:00 pm Ritz Spa
      Open Breakfast (included)
      Free time optional tours

      6:00 am to 10:00 am Open Breakfast (included)

      10:00 am to 3:00 pm Housing overview and visits (optional)
      4:00 pm, cocktails/ Wine tasting Cruise ( Included, guest welcomed at nominal charge)
      8:00 pm Angles city nightlife ( own expense)

Open Breakfast (included)
      Free time optional tours
8:00 pm Farewell dinner (included)


       6:00 am to 10:00 am Open Breakfast (included)
      10:00 am Subic hotel check out/ Manila tour
      overnight in Manila/ Resort world optional tour

      10:00 am hotel Check out
      10:30 intramours and Mall of Asia
      2:00 pm depart for Manila airport
      4:50 pm Departure time arrive same day las Vegas 6:20 pm local time
Speed dating comment:
Speed dating is a concept very popular in the US for those who seem to be to busy to meet
members of the opposite sex. It is offered on a limited bases in Manila.
Very simply, members of one sex, normally the females are seated at numbered small tables for
two. At the start a man would sit down and introduce themselves. A set time limit for the
interaction is set at the end of that time a bell is rung and the man gets up and moves to the next
table and the process is repeated.
Our version will be modified slightly. Our guest will be the ones seated. Each gentleman will be
given a number of “introduction” cards, similar to a business card that will have a small photo of
him, his name, age , local phone number and a dating email address. We will pre-screen a
number of ladies of different ages and backgrounds, each lady will answer a questionnaire that
will help in the selection and be used to produce a profile card. These profile cards will include a
photo, a few comments by the girl, martial status, children status, employment status and
education level. The ration of daters will be 1.5 locals for every one of our guest. Each of our
guest will meet 15 girls, having 5 minutes of speed date time each with 3 minutes of time
between dates for notes and repositioning. If our guest is interested in future contact he will give
one of his introduction card to the girl. All the girls will be invited to the dinner so our guest has
further opportunities to talk with those that interest him or to meet others that he had not speed

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