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Invoice - Brad Hatfield


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Tunes          Style        Edit       Arrange                                 Keys    Add Inst    Concerns
Weaver of                                                             need Bb          sax -       Day 1
Dreams         Med-swing    C to Bb    Vox, Piano, Sax, Vox DONE      part    Piano    Houston     midway
               Down Home                                              need Bb Piano B- intro/sol   Day 1
Black Coffee   12/8         C to Bb    Fix tag-Intro? DONE            part    3?       o           midway

                            New lead
                            sheet     Vox-sax solo then up 1/2 step
I Wish I       Rubato-Med   w/Modul for last vox out 3625 end         need Bb          Sax-
Knew           up Swing     ation     w/new ending DONE               part    Piano    Jerry       Day 2 2pm
                                      Add some sus chord build
                                      intro for sax tag plus
East of the                 No        chords/hits sax/vox lines?      need Bb          Sax-
Sun            Swing        bass/vox DONE                             part    Piano    Jerry   Day 2 2pm
                                      Tweak Changes/end Get                            Sax-
You Don't                             original Ray Charles Sheet      need Bb          Houston Day 1
Know Me        Slow 12/8    No Intro Music DONE                       part    Piano    solo    midway
                            bass Dm
                            1625      Bass/vox til B 2nd chorus vox
                            then      sax fills to bass solo on A's
                            Bridge    Sax B and A Vox Chorus. For
Alone                       w/Scat to ending vamp 1625 drop out       need Bb          Sax-
Together       Slow         top       leave bass/vox DONE             part    Piano    Jerry     Day 2 2pm
                                       Start w/vox trio in on B Scat                   Houston
                                       chorus sax 2x chorus Vox out need Bb            intro/sol Day 1
Honeysuckle    up           up a 4th   tag out DONE                  part   Piano      o         midway
                             Yesterda                                                      Fake
Yesterdays/                  ys as is,   Vox in on B of We'll Be.. Then                    Nylon      SAX ON
We'll be                     We'll be    to top 1x with Yesterdays sax                     Gtr and    SHORT
Together                     together    quote on B, modulate up for      need Bb          strings    QUOTE?
Again           Slow Latin   up 1 step   last A DONE                      part    Piano    post-pro   OVERDUB
                             Intro       Vox, 4's vox/drums, 1/2 pno,             Piano/
I didn't Know                Tweak       1/2 sax, vox out w/ Block        need Bb Wood     Sax-
what Time     Up Swing       Chords      ending DONE                      part    Block    Jerry      Day 2 2pm
Here, There
and           slow latin                                                                   Vibes-
Everywhere    mm=60          G to Eb     Discover??? Maybe Vibes                           Gary?
I Thought
about you
How do you
Lush Life
You Don't
Know what
Love Is
My Romance

Too Late Now

I Didn't Know
About You
I have The
feeling I've
Been here

You'd Be So
Nice to Come
Home to
Dolphin St
Star Dust     Latin              76
Don't go To
Darn That
Old Black
                                      Gary      Late July
My ship       Ballad   F to Eb        Burton?   Session
                           Name       Brad Hatfield
                     Address 1       624 Hartford St
                     Address 2     Westwood, MA 02090
                       Phone #        781-461-4565
                         Email bradhatfield@comcast.net
                           DateMay 29, 2006
                     Invoice # 37404

 Date         Song title          Job description          {Hourly rate x Time spent}   Song Total
29-May   Weaver of Dreams         Arrange, Chart in C and Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.50          $75.00
30-May   Yesterdays_We'll Be      Arrange, Chart in C and Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.50          $75.00
30-May      Black Coffee          Arrange, Chart in C and Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.25          $62.50
30-May     I Wish I Knew          Arrange, Chart in C and Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.25          $62.50
 1-Jun   You Don't Know Me        Fix, get MX, Chart in C/Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.50          $75.00
 1-Jun    Honeysuckle Rose        Transpose, fix Chart in C/Bb, pdf   $50.00   1.25          $62.50
 1-Jun     Alone Together         Arrange, Chart in C and Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.25          $62.50
 2-Jun     East of the Sun        Arrange, Chart in C and Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.25          $62.50
 2-Jan    I Didn't Know ….        Arrange, Chart in C and Bb, pdf     $50.00   1.25          $62.50
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      $50.00                  $0.00
                                                                      Invoice Total      $600.00

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