Experience by wulinqing


Professional Experience
Sylvia has been involved in Education since 1995 when she was a substitute at The Grier
School. As a practicum student, Sylvia was involved with Cen-Clear Child Services, the
Easter Seals, and the Infant Evaluation Program. She was a Graduate Assistant to the
Special Education Department at Pennsylvania State University from 1996-1998. Since
1998, Sylvia has been Co-Director of the Juniata College Early Childhood Education
Center as well as a Lecturer in the Juniata College Department of Education.

Undergraduate Education
Sylvia McDowell started her education at Millersville State University. As an
undergraduate at Millersville, Sylvia studied Foreign Languages from 1971-1973.
She continued her studies at Phillips Universitat in Marburg, Germany from 1973-1974,
then received her Bachelors Degree in General Studies from Louisiana State University
in 1976.
Postgraduate Education
Sylvia began her postgraduate education where she finished her undergraduate, at
Louisiana State University in 1977. She received her Masters Degree from L.S.U. in
Food Service/ Biochemistry in 1979.

Sylvia began her study of Education at Juniata College in 1995 and she received her
Masters Degree in Education from Pennsylvania State University in 1998. Her degree in
Special Education and Early Intervention led her to the Juniata College Early Childhood
Education Center in 1998.

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