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					Human Capital Management

Time Reporting and Approval
                 Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor and Standards Act is administered by the U.S. Department
of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes minimum wage, overtime
pay, recordkeeping, and child labor standards affecting full-time and part-
time workers in the private sector and in Federal, State, and local
governments. Covered nonexempt workers are entitled to a minimum wage
of not less than $5.15 an hour. Overtime pay at a rate of not less than one
and one-half times their regular rates of pay is required after 40 hours of
work in a workweek.
         There are two kinds of Employees:

• FLSA Exempt – (non-covered) employees only accrue
  overtime after they have worked in excess of 80 hours in a pay
  period. These employees receive comp-time after 80 hours.
  FLSA exempt employees are generally managers or personnel
  in security sensitive positions.

• FLSA Non-Exempt – (covered) employees accrue overtime
  after they have worked in excess of 40 hours in a week. These
  employees receive either comp-time or overtime pay at a rate
  of 1.5 their hourly salary (Provided they have not utilized
  administrative, compensatory time, sick leave or have been
  Absent without Leave. However, if this is the case,
  compensation is straight time, hour for hour.)
   Important information about SHARE/HCM:
• Employees have a pre-determined work schedule that is
  recognized in SHARE.
• Most employees have a normal schedule; five eight hours
  days for both weeks of the pay period.
• Only supervisors can change a work schedule through the
  Manager Self Service Menu.
• SHARE is an exception based time keeping system
   – You do NOT have to enter anything if you worked your normal
     hours without any deviation.
   – If there was some deviation in your schedule, you must enter the
     proper Time Reporting Code.
          Time Reporting User Preferences
  and viewing the Time Reporting Code descriptions:

• Choosing the appropriate Time Reporting Code (TRC) when
  entering exceptions is difficult because the default TRC
  dropdown setting shows a code followed by the description.

• Often the description is too long to see. You may want to
  change the default TRC dropdown setting to show the
  description first and then the TRC code.
Time reporting is recorded in the SHARE system by accessing
  Human Capital Management. (
After logging into SHARE :
1. Click on Self Service.
2. Click on Time Reporting.
3. Click on User Preferences.
                                                   Time Prepopulation Method
                                                   and Task Group fields MUST
                                                   be left blank to avoid creating
                                                   problems with payable time

From the drop down menu for the TRC Code or Description choose;
Display TRC Description/TRC and Save.
             Most commonly used TRCs for FLSA Exempt
                  and FLSA Non-Exempt personnel:
 TRC    Description                                      Definition/Use of Code
ADCTT   Administrative Comp Taken      The use of Administrative Compensatory Time Previously
ADMLV   Administrative Leave Taken     The use of Administrative Leave granted

ANLDT   Donated Annual Used            The use of donated leave while on approved extended absence
                                       from work
ANNLV   Annual Leave Taken             Use of earned annual leave. Must have a sufficient balance
AWOLV   Absent without Leave           Used for unauthorized absence on unpaid status

BRVLV   Bereavement Leave              Used for time off required due to the death of a family
                                       member, as provided by HSD policy
CBP10   Call Back Paid at 1.0 (FLSA    Used to request payment of call back hours recorded by
CBP15   Exempt) or Paid at 1.5 (FLSA   CLLBK
        Non-Exempt)                    *HSD does not use this code.
CLLBK   Call Back Hours Worked         Used for hours worked while on stand-by status (2 hours for
                                       one call within a 2 hour period)
COMPT   Comptime Taken                 The use of earned comptime. Paid from the Comptime Bank
                                       (must have a sufficient balance available)
TRC     Description                     Definitions/Use of Code

CTPAY   Comptime Paid                   Used to request the payment of comptime balance
                                        as allowed by HSD policy. Requires Director
                                        approval for FLSA Exempt personnel. Does not
                                        require Director approval for FLSA Non Exempt
EXMLU   Extended Military Leave Unpaid To record extended unpaid military leave

FLSAT   Overtime Taken                  The use of overtime earned. Paid from the
                                        Premium Overtime Bank @ 1.5 (FLSA Non-
                                        Exempt. Must have a sufficient balance available.
FMLAN   Family Medical Leave Annual     The use of annual leave while on approved Family
                                        Medical Leave
FMLSK   Family Medical Leave Sick       The use of sick leave while on approved Family
                                        Medical Leave
FMLUP   Family Medical Leave Unpaid     To record time while on approved Family Medical
                                        Leave, but you are not using FMLAN or FMLSK

HCMPT   Holiday Comp Time Taken         The use of holiday comp time previously earned
HOLAT   Holiday Accrued Taken           To use accrued holiday (HOLAC)
TRC     Description                    Definition/Use of Code
HOLCB   Holiday Call Back              To record call back hours on a holiday as allowed by
        *this code does not work       HSD policy
HOLWK   Holiday Worked                 To record hours worked on a state holiday, as allowed
                                       by HSD policy
JURYD   Jury Duty/Court Leave          To record hours spent on Jury Duty or Court, as allowed
                                       by HSD policy
LWOPA   Leave without Pay-Authorized   To record authorized absence from the job on unpaid
LWPHL   No Holiday Pay                 To record holiday when an employee is on AWOLV the
                                       working day immediately preceding or subsequent to
                                       the scheduled state holiday
MILVT   Military Leave Taken           To record military leave
OFFCL   Office Closure                 To record an office closure as allowed by HSD policy

OTPAY   Over Time Pay                  To request over time pay. Paid from the Premium Over
                                       Time Bank.
PRSNT   Personal Leave Day Taken       To record use of personal holiday, as allowed by SPO
                                       and HSD policy
REGHR   Regular Hours Worked           To record hours different from scheduled hours when
                                       flexing within an 80 hour pay period (FLSA Exempt) or
                                       40 hour pay period (FLSA Non-Exempt)
TRC     Description              Definition/Use of Code
SB170   Standby Hours @ $1.70    To record the payment of stand-by hours earned
                                 (STBYE) as allowed by HSD Policy
SCKDT   Donated Sick Used        To record the use of donated leave, as allowed by
                                 HSD policy. (Must have a sufficient balance)
SICKT   Sick Leave Taken         To record the use of earned sick leave. Must have a
                                 sufficient balance available.
STDBY   Stand By Hours Worked    To record the use of stand-by hours worked as
                                 allowed by HSD policy
SUSNP   Suspension without Pay   To be used to record hours while on suspension
                                 and approved for payment through the disciplinary
SUSPY   Suspension with Pay      To be used to record hours while on suspension
                                 and not approved for payment through the
                                 disciplinary proceedings
TRAIN   Training                 To record time at HSD required trainings

TRAVL   Travel                   NOT USED BY HSD

UNION   Union Activities         To record time on union activities as allowed by
                                 HSD policy
TR           Description                        Definition/Use of Code

VOTES        Voting Time Paid                   To record allowed voting time as provided by SPO
                                                or HSD

WKRCP        Worker’s comp Paid                 To record hours not worked by paid from an
                                                approved Worker’s Comp claim. Must contact the
                                                Office of Human Resources prior to use

WKSHP        Workshop                           To record time at HSD required workshops

XHRWK        Extra Hours Worked                 To record additional hours worked in excess of
                                                your scheduled work day

 There are other TRCs in the SHARE system, but they are system generated or are for use only by the
 Office of Human Resources.
 **Most TRCs ending in an A mean awarded and are for use by Office of Human Resources and
 Payroll only.
 **Most TRCs ending in L mean lost and are for use by Office of Human Resources and Payroll
        Recording Overtime in SHARE/HCM:
Enter the number of additional hours worked over the regular
scheduled hours in one day. (It is strongly suggested that this
process be done daily.)
The proper TRC to be used is: XHRWK

Click the Submit button.

A new screen will open; you must click on the OK   button if you want your time
exception to be accepted.
 You will be returned to the exception reporting page.

                                                         Click the call out symbol
                                                         to add comments
You are required to provide a comment that explains the time frame you worked
the additional hours and what tasks were accomplished.
You must click Save                 to save the comment.
You can also click Cancel                to cancel the comment.

If you need to add remarks to an already saved comment, use the Plus
sign to add a new line where the additional information can be entered.
The system must now run through the nightly batch process before your supervisor
can approve the time exceptions entered.
  If you want your extra hours to be paid:
• Go into your timesheet and add a line   and code the number of
  hours you want to be paid as OTPAY (overtime paid). Hours that are
  not requested to be paid are banked.

• If you would like your comp-time hours to be paid, add a line and
  code the number of hours you want to be paid as CTPAY (comp-time

• If you are non-exempt and you have chosen to bank your overtime
  instead of being paid and would like to use your comp-time hours, use
  the code FLSAT (FLSA overtime taken) for the days you would like to
  use your time.

 *If you have worked extra hours during the second week of a pay period,
  and you would like for those hours to be paid out, you will have to wait
  for the following pay period to change these hours to OTPAY.
  *Payment of overtime must be in accordance with HSD policy.
Important Things to Remember:
Exception hours must be entered on Thursday and approved by Friday of
every week at 5:00 p.m.
Since SHARE is an exception based time keeping system, you only
have to enter and specifically code any hours that deviate from your
regular schedule.
Using the REGHR TRC will override your predetermined
schedule and you will only get paid for the number of hours
entered as REGHR.

An employee can view the exception (error) by clicking on the
clock icon. They can then make the correction and resubmit the
time for approval.
If an employee is out on a Friday, the Supervisor must enter the
exception by Friday at 5:00 p.m. when they are approving other
time sheets.
If exceptions are entered on Friday, then Supervisors must
approve by Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. If deadline is not met, you must
submit a Leave Adjustment. Contact the payroll office to do this.
Payroll Distribution:
Employees may elect to either; have their paychecks directly deposited into
their bank account or have a warrant cut from DFA.
• For employees who elect direct deposit, a payroll advice will be
  distributed by your Time Administrator.
     – Direct Deposit is strongly recommended.
     – Direct Deposit information supplied to the Payroll Bureau must be correct
       and complete.
     – Report closing a bank account to your Time Administrator so that the
       information can be relayed to the Payroll Bureau.
• For employees who elect to be paid by warrant, a warrant will be
  distributed by your Time Administrator.

Santa Fe area Time Administrators pick up advices Friday (payday) at 10:00
a.m. and then distribute to employees.
All other area Time Administrators will receive their division advices and
warrants by regular mail. These are mailed out by the Payroll Bureau on
Thursday afternoon before payday.
           Introducing Your Payroll Bureau…
Mary Drake, Supervisor         827-9461

Consuelo Pineda                 827-9470   Child Support               MAD
                                           Behavioral Health
                                           ISD Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Alb.

Eric Martinez                  827-5909    ASD                  Office of Inspector General
                                           Office of General Council
                                           Office of the Secretary
                                           Fair Hearings
                                           ISD except Santa Fe, Bernalillo, Alb.
Time Approval Process for Managers
Make sure that you are using the correct start date and end date for the pay period
you want to approve. Pay periods start on Saturdays and end on Fridays.

Check and approve time every Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Otherwise a backlog is
created and processing the payroll is delayed. (10:00 a.m.Tuesday is the cut off to
approve time)

Always designate a back up to approve time in your absence.

Have the Time Administrator email the Payroll Analyst with any open item issues ahead
of time.
-It is more efficient to present the Payroll Bureau with questions by providing total
-Do Not send inquiries to the General Services Department
-Specify Employee ID numbers for all questions asked and information provided.
     Viewing Employees in SHARE/HCM:

There are two ways to locate your employees; by an entire group or individually.

    1.   Log on to SHARE.
    2.   Click on Manager Self Service.
    3.   Click on Time Management.
    4.   Click on Approve Time and Exceptions.
    5.   Click on Payable Time.
To locate a group of Employees:

 Click on the Group ID magnifying glass. The group shown is what you
 are authorized to approve. If you have more than one group of employees
 that you need to access, click the specific group ID you want to access.

 Click on Get Employees.
 If all of your employees do not appear, scroll to the right and click on View All
 at the top right of the screen.
To locate a single Employee:
 If you know the Employee’s ID number:
 1. Make sure your start and end dates are correct.
 2. Enter the Employee ID number in the EMP ID box.
 3. Click on Get Employees

 If you do not know the Employee’s ID number:
 1. Make sure your start and end dates are correct.
 2. Click on the EMP ID magnifying glass.
 3. From the dropdown box next to Search By choose Display Name.
 4. Click Look Up.
 5. Click the Employee’s Name.
 6. A screen will show saying no employees were returned for the
     time period specified. Click Get Employees.
If you are approving time for your employees and the employee’s
name does not appear in your list to approve, their time may have
already been approved.

 1.   Click the magnifying glass next to Department.
 2.   Click the link for the unit you want to approve.
 3.   Click Get Employees.
 4.   If all of your employees do not appear, scroll to the right and
      click on View All.
 By clicking on the Employee’s name, you will be able to see what time has been
 processed and if it has been approved or not. You will also see a note about
 whether or not it has gone to Payroll for processing.
Approval of Overtime in SHARE/HCM:

1. Access the employee(s) timesheets that need to be approved.

2. Update the start and end dates.

3. Click Get Employees.

4. Select the Employee and the approval screen will appear.
5. Review the time entries and the related comments. Related comments can be
   accessed by clicking on the call out symbol.

6. If the entries are okay, select the XHRWK entry or entries and click the
  Approve button (the system will change this code to either Compe or FLSAE).

7. A new screen will appear and you must click OK            . If you don’t click
   OK the approval will not be accepted.

*If you don’t see all your employees, scroll to the right and click on View All.
System Generated entries that require approval:
 1. FLSA Non-Exempt (covered):
     FLSAE must be approved. The system creates this entry once
     the employee has reached 40 hours for the week. The entry then
     becomes the additional hours that are available to be paid the
     following week at the premium rate of 1.5 times their hourly

     *Note: The addition to the PREMBANKOT balance seen after
     payroll runs is the over time hours worked times 1.5.
2. FLSA Exempt (not covered):
   COMPE must be approved. The system creates this entry
   once the employee has reached 80 hours for the two-week
   period. The entry then becomes the additional hours that are
   available to be banked in the employee’s comp bank after
   payroll runs.

   *Note: If an employee works over time but also takes sick or
   comp time, or administrative leave in the same week, the over
   time is earned at straight time and the system generated code is
   COMPE which must be approved. This is banked in the
   COMPTIME bank.
   Important things to Remember:
• All changes made by the Supervisor must be made by 5:00 p.m. on Friday.
• All approvals must be entered by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday. After this time,
  contact the Payroll office for time adjustments
• DFA will not do a mass approval for time reporting.
• Using REGHR will overlay an employee’s schedule and the employee will
  only get paid for the number of hours entered as REGHR.
• Use XHRWK for overtime and comp-time. The system will determine the
  overtime status (based on FLSA) and adjust accordingly.
• If you have an employee who is no longer employed you must change their
  time to 8.0 LWOPA (leave without pay authorized) for each day within the
  current pay period. If a holiday falls in the current pay period, you must enter
  8.0 LWPHL (no holiday pay) on that day. DO NOT enter anything beyond
  the current pay period. Doing so will not allow Payroll to delete them from
  your list.
• Manage your exceptions (errors) on a daily basis. Particularly, keeping in
  mind your time frames for approvals. The system must batch overnight in
  order for changes to be accepted and processed in SHARE/HCM.
• There must be payable time showing for each employee for each day.

           *Click on the SHARE link