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					New Freedom, PA                                   December 2008                                            Vol 25 Issue 12

 Grand Knights Message
      We are now coming into the joyous season of Christmas. This year, with the US Economy being in a recession, it
 may be hard to feel excited about celebrating Christmas. But I believe this is an opportunity to be able to concentrate
 more on the true meaning of Christmas and less on the materialistic aspects of the season that society tries to push on us.
 This Council is a charitable one, as it shows so often. Just two General Meetings ago, we banded together with what we
 had in our pockets and gave Fr. Bernard Wamayose over $300 to give to his parents’ village in Uganda for water as he
 was leaving to visit them the next day. Fr. Bernard now has returned (and I want to thank him for saying our Council
 Memorial Mass Nov. 18th). He advised me that he was able to use the money to obtain water for the village of 70 people
 from a source over 3 kilometers away that would supply the village for some substantial time. The people of the village
 were very appreciative and wanted to give something back to the Council in return. He advised them that we would
 accept their prayers. So we are now blessed to have a village of people on the other side of this world, praying for us as
 a Council. That, my brother Knights, is a gift I will accept anytime.
      We now have a chance again to show our charitable giving on December 13th at our Annual Christmas Party for
 New Life for Women and Children and York County Social Services. Charity, the basic principal of our Order, is the
 greatest of all virtues. Charity comes from rich AND poor men alike. Just because you, along with many others, may
 be struggling financially right now, does not mean that you cannot be “charitable” in your time and energy towards
 others. Let us all be thankful for what we currently have (including each other as brother Knights) and help out those
 who are in a greater need for help than we are. I hope to see all of you in your charitable spirit at the Christmas Party.
      The project we have been working on for over a year, the 10 Commandments Memorial Monument, has finally
 been installed on the parish grounds of St. John the Baptist. I just received word that Bishop Kevin Rhoades has agreed
 to dedicate this monument on the same day he is visiting our parish to dedicate the new rectory. This date is Sunday,
 December 28th. I strongly request to see every and all Brother Knights of Council #8891 to be in attendance for this
 ceremony if you have not already made plans that day. We have requested the presence of SK State Deputy Wayne
 Freet and Archbishop William Keeler (along with others). This is the first 10 Commandments Monument in York
 County and much of the surrounding area. Bishop Rhoades (as he has personally told me) is very excited that we have
 completed this project. This is a great moment of victory for Council #8891 – please share and enjoy it with your fellow
      These are not the easiest of times. I don’t have to tell you what you already know and hear from the news and
 from the pulpit. Yet, we as a Council, still come together as one group of men who support each other, and still are
 successful in carrying out our Lord’s wishes. The perseverance that this Council shows me time and time again just
 simply amazes me.
    Vivat Jesus,
    Greg Gering, Grand Knight of Council #8891

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  1     Grand Knights Message                           5   Fundraising $ $ $ $
  2     Deputy Grand Knights Message                    5   10 Commandments Monument Dedication – Dec 28th
  2-3   Faithful Navigator’s Message                    5   Quest for Masculine Spiritually Conference Follow-Up
  3     On The C.O.A.L Front                            6   Sweetheart Dance on the Horizon - Feb 14th
  3     Upcoming Card Social & Luncheons                6   P.V.K. Memorial Scholarship
  4     Band of Brothers                                7   Knight Edition Sponsors
  4     Christmas Party                                 7   For the Good of the Order
  4     Assembly #944 Officers                          7   Roster of Council Officers and Activity Director
  5     Free Throw Championship – Jan 17th              8   Calendar of December 2008 Events
New Freedom, PA                                  December 2008                                                      Page 2

Deputy Grand Knights Message
My brother Knights, here is our schedule of upcoming events:
     Activity                           Date                               Time                      Location
     Men’s Spirituality Meeting         Wednesday, December 3rd            7:30 PM                   Neuman Hall
     Business Meeting (Nov)             Thursday, December 4th             8:00 PM                   Neuman Hall
     Card Social & Luncheon             Sunday, December 7th               1:00 PM – 5:00 PM         Parish Center
     Christmas Party                    Saturday, December 13th            4:00 – 8:00 PM            Parish Center
     Men’s Spirituality Meeting         Wednesday, December 17th           7:30 PM                   Neuman Hall
     4th Degree Meeting                 Thursday, December 18th            8:00 PM                   McSherrystown
     Monument Dedication                Sunday, December 28th              TBD                       New Church
     Free Throw Competition             Saturday, January 17th             TBD                       S. Middle School
 Further building on GK Greg Gering’s comments, the holiday season brings many good (but some bad) emotions for
 people, and more and more, our society has in fact truly forgotten the true sense of the season. This Christmas season
 is going to be very challenging for many both financially, and emotionally, but it is also an opportunity for us to remind
 ourselves of those things that are most important in life. As Knights, Charity (our first degree) is one of the primary
 objectives of our organization and many of us routinely participate in various group activities throughout the year to
 raise funds, and to volunteer our time for good causes. There are also a number of things that we can do as individuals
 that can help those in need (not necessarily financial need) and we should be looking for those opportunities to make a
 difference in someone’s life. There are always things that we can do that costs us very little, or nothing other than our
 time. Assist the elderly in your area with a ride to the grocery store, or church, clean their drive way or sidewalk areas
 after a snowfall or ice storm, invite them to a family meal, or just spend time with them having conversation; especially
 those in nursing homes. For younger families and children in need, do your spring cleaning early to gather unused
 clothing, coats, kitchenware, and of course non-perishable foods, and toys for the young ones and donate them, or give
 them directly to individuals or families that you know need some assistance. Your time is one of the most important
 gifts that you can give to someone. Take some time this season to make a difference in someone’s life. Those good
 deeds will not go unrewarded. Have a blessed holiday season!
   Esto Dignus
   Tony Steinauer - Deputy Grand Knight

 The Faithful Navigator’s Message
 My Brother Sir Knights,
 Many thanks to all the Sir Knights who participated in the Color Corp for the Diocese of Harrisburg Memorial Mass at
 St. Patrick Cathedral on November 2nd. Of the approximately 40 Sir Knights in attendance, 11 were from Assembly
 #944. This was a very good showing by our Assembly and most appreciated by Bishop Rhoades. Also, thank you to Sir
 Knights Greg Gering, Dan Beck, Barry Price and Jim Hintenach for their participation in Council #8891’s Memorial
 The Color Corp has been requested for the Ten Commandments Memorial Dedication, and The New Rectory Dedication
 at St. John the Baptist on December 28th. Those Sir Knights planning to participate should contact Rick Corriveau at
 (717) 227-2728. Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades will be in attendance and Cardinal Keeler has been invited. More
 information will be forthcoming as received.       The Color Corp has also been requested for the Blue Mass at
 Annunciation on February 16th tentatively at 7:00 PM.
 The Review Committee had its second meeting after the November Assembly meeting. As with our first meeting, lively
 and animated discussions took place on a wide range of topics. Although no final recommendations have been put forth,
 the committee is expected to finalize proposals for Revenue and Patriotism. The committee’s next meeting will be after
 the December Assembly meeting. As stated before, all are welcome to attend.
 Any Sir Knight interested in attending the Saint Martin Assembly #2708 annual Christmas party on Friday, December
 12th in Carlisle, PA should contact Sir Knight Rene Lavoie, FN at (717) 423-5771. The cost is $30.00 per person.
 Regarding the three missing jewels for Faithful Pilot, Faithful Outer Sentinel and Faithful Trustee mentioned in last
 month’s newsletter, I have not heard from anyone. If any Sir Knight is in possession of one or more of these jewels,
 please contact me at (717) 235-3917.
                                                   Continued on Page 3
New Freedom, PA                                                 December 2008                                                                         Page 3

 The Faithful Navigator’s Message (Continued from page 2)
 Last but not least, regarding the position of Trustee, left vacant due to the death of Ed Jarosick, congratulations to Sir
 Knight Greg Gering on his election to said position.
 December’s meeting will be in McSherrystown. I look forward to seeing everyone there.
    Vivat Jesus
    Al Saenz, Faithful Navigator
    Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944

             A Message for the Fourth Degree Sir Knights of Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944
 Our Fourth Degree Assembly needs the names of members and their immediate family who are serving, or who
 have served, in any of our military services.
 The Fr. Alwien Assembly in an attempt to better serve our members and our veterans, requests members of the
 councils that we serve to submit the names, branch of service, and years of service of members and your
 immediate family. We would also like to know of anyone that is currently serving overseas, or is scheduled to be
 deployed overseas, or to return back home, and of any way that we can be of service. These individuals need not
 be Fourth Degree Knights; they just should be Knights or their immediate family members. Please send all
 information to our Faithful Pilot, Sir Knight Daniel Beck at 3 Freedom Avenue, New Freedom PA 17349. Any
 information that you provide will be kept confidential within the Assembly. Your cooperation with this effort is
 greatly appreciated, so that we can better serve those who serve us and our country. Vivat Jesus!

                                                             ON THE C.O.A.L. FRONT
 This year, the Council has sold 288 C.O.A.L. Raffle Ticket Books and has exceeded the budgeted income projection by
 21%. I appreciate the efforts of all the Brothers who have sold the tickets that were mailed to them. Additionally, I
 would like to thank those members who took the time to buy and/or sell additional books. A special thank you goes to
 Brother Pete Peterson who sold 55 books of the raffle tickets. If it were not for him, the Council would not have met its
 goal and due to Brother Pete, the Council was able to exceed its goal. The result of the sales at Saubel’s in Shrewsbury
 on Saturday, October 25 was sales of 36 books of tickets. Thanks to Brothers Dan Beck, Al Saenz, Bill Casseday,
 Brendan Crimmins and Steve Udzinski for their help in the sales. The proceeds that the State Council receives from the
 sale of the C.O.A.L. Tickets go toward the K of C State Scholarship Fund of which several of you have taken
 advantage of. Thanks again to all those who helped support this activity and make it successful for the Council.
      Tim Schott, 2008 COAL Chairman

                            Building Fund - Upcoming Card Socials & Luncheons
                                                  December 7th & February 1st
                                         Starting Promptly at 1:00 in the Parish Center
                        Benefits St. John the Baptist Knights of Columbus Council #8891 Building Fund
  • Each player starts with $500 in chips                                             • The winners from each table play for 90 minutes for
  • Two poker sessions lasting 90 minutes each & a                                      a Grand Cash Prize
    half-hour food break                                                               • A roll of the die will determine Lucky Losers.
  • At the end of 90 minutes, the winners of each table                                • The lucky losers play for approximately 90 minutes
    will be refunded their entry fee.                                                    for a Lucky Loser Cash Prize
                         (Entry fee is $20.00 per player & Beverages and a light meal will be provided)
                                (No Smoking in Parish Center & Tickets are Non-Refundable)
                        Contact Barry at (717) 428-0365 or John at (717) 235-3721 for tickets or information

 Knight Edition - Published by St. John The Baptist Knights of Columbus Council #8891, P.O. Box 219, New Freedom, Pennsylvania 17349.
 This publication is the instrument of Council #8891 and not of the order at large. Some articles included in this publication may reflect the views of individuals
 and not that of the Council as a whole. Although the information contained herein is deemed accurate and publication worthy, the Council and Editor(s) are not
 responsible for its content. Articles are due via e-mail to Barry Price bapent @
New Freedom, PA                                December 2008                                                   Page 4

                                              BAND OF BROTHERS
        To those of you who attended the “Quest for Masculine Spiritually” Conference at St. John the Baptist
 Church presented by our fellow council member and priest, Father Phillip Chavez on Saturday, November 8, I hope
 that you found Father’s message fulfilling and enlightening. Father Chavez’s mission is to have men band together
 to assist each other and mentor younger men into becoming men who get involved to help change society for the
 better and to mold them to become leaders beneficial their faith. As Catholic men we should realize our duties to
 and understand our responsibilities to promote morality, improve our society, and to defend our families and our
       As a follow-up to the conference, Brother Tony Steinauer (DGK) and I will be organizing men’s group
 meetings on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month beginning with this month. The group will be known as “St.
 John’s Band of Brothers” and will begin meeting on December 3 at 7:30 pm in Neumann Hall. Whether or not you
 attended the initial conference, all men are invited to attend these meetings which will begin with a 30-minutes talk
 by Father Phillip Chavez. Non-Catholic men are invited to attend these meeting as well, so if you know anyone who
 may be interested, please bring them along. You can contact me via telephone at 717-993-8593 or via e-mail at I hope to see you there on December 3.
       Tim Schott - PGK

                        CHRISTMAS PARTY – DECEMBER 13th
        As of the writing of this article we are still 3 weeks away from our annual Christmas
 Party, which is December 13, in the Parish Center at 4pm. We have 5 families from New Life,
 three families from Social Services of SYC and I am currently waiting for the Lutheran Home
 to let me know how many of their folks will be joining us. They should be calling me by the
 first week of December. The reason for the last minute notification is they are waiting to see
 who will not be visited by their family. I know times are tough financially for some of us but
 the one way you can help out is to just be there for the party. There is no need to make or buy
 anything. Your presence would be appreciated and our guest would really feel wanted if we have many of our
 people there to greet them. Also I could use help in the kitchen, cleaning up afterwards or whatever you can do.
 Plus you’ll have a great time. Let’s face it folks, how many of you remember what you got for Christmas when you
 were 7, 10 or 12 years old. But I am sure you remember moments with your family or close friends. It’s all about
 memories we’ve accumulated over our lifetime that makes Christmas such a special time of the year. Let’s all try
 to give something money can’t buy, ourselves and our time. The joy you bring to the party will only be a small
 portion of the joy you will receive from being there. Many of you men I have never met or barley know. It would
 be great to have you participate in this event. If you haven’t really been involved with other council activities than
 this is the one activity I suggest you make if you can. Your spouse is welcomed also.
       Merry Christmas & God Bless,
       Chuck Carey 235-0866,

           Fr. Cyril J. Allwein Assembly #944 2008 – 2009 Officers
                                                                                          - - NOTICE - -
                       Faithful Navigator        Al Saenz               235-3917
                       Faithful Comptroller      Ronald Funk            632-6359         Want to help save
                       Faithful Friar            Fr. Lawrence Sherdel   637-1191        your Council money
                       Faithful Captain          Mark Bruder            637-6202
                       Faithful Admiral          John Schwarzman        235-6220         and also be green,
                       Faithful Purser           Raymond Pesta          235-1515
                       Faithful Pilot            Daniel Beck            235-4604        receive only an e-mail
                       Faithful Scribe           Nathaniel Fissel       646-9255      copy of the Knight Edition
                       Inner Sentinel            Timothy Schott         993-8593
                       Outer Sentinel            David Gamache          993-8994               monthly.
                       One Year Trustee          Greg Gering            993-2800       If I don’t already have your
                       Two Year Trustee          James Hintenach        235-6117
                       Three Year Trustee        Dennis Cooper          993-6973
                                                                                       e-mail address, e-mail me at
                       Color Corp Commander      Richard Corriveau      227-2728            bapent @
New Freedom, PA                                   December 2008                                                Page 5

                             Basketball Free Throw – January 17th
 The annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championship is slated for January 17th at the
 Southern Middle School. It’s a great way for us to help the youth of the community and get some
 exercise as well. Sign up sheets for the event will be available at the December regular meeting.
 We've been well represented the last few years with two State Champions and an International
 Champion, Alex Fancier Boys 14.
   Kevin Quinn 235.0745

                                           $ $ $ $ - Fundraising - $ $ $ $
 The York Revolution has announced its 2009 schedule and has invited us to come back and work the concession
 stand. We'll be looking for a few good men, probably wives too, to volunteer their time selling refreshments. Even
 though baseball season and the great smell of a ballpark hot dog are months away, the Revolution catering
 service, Centerplate, is hard at work scheduling groups. We'll have the opportunity to work more than just the one
 game we did last year.
 This kind of fundraiser doesn't rely on us selling chances to parishioners and coworkers, rather, the amount of
 money we make is related to the time and effort we put forth. Of course, prayers for nice weather and thirsty
 patrons will also help. More to follow....

                            10 Commandments Memorial Monument
 The 10 Commandments Memorial Monument has finally been installed on the parish grounds of St.
 John the Baptist. Bishop Kevin Rhoades has agreed to dedicate this monument on the same day he
 is visiting our parish to dedicate the new rectory, which is date is Sunday, December 28th. SK State
 Deputy Wayne Freet and Archbishop William Keeler have been asked to attend, along with the
 Dundalk Council in which the Monument had originally came from. The Offices of Project Moses,
 which is the organization that is pushing as a goal to have 7000 10 Commandment Monuments
 erected in the USA, has also been notified. The Monument will in the spring be a center of a BSA Eagle Scout
 project – it will be landscaped, etc. The bronze plaque that dedicates the Monument for Fr. Capitani’s years of
 service to the Parish has been ordered (but will take 3 months to complete). Bishop Rhoades is very excited to
 attend AND to meet the members of Council #8891 (remember what he said about us in May at Confirmation?).
 Watch the Weekly Bulletin for further details. What a great moment for Council #8891! Come enjoy the moment
 with your fellow Brothers!
     Greg Gering, Grand Knight of Council #8891

                          Quest for Masculine Spiritually Conference Follow-Up
 My Brother Knights,
 I’m writing to express my deepest gratitude for all the support Father Chavez and I received from those of you who
 understand the importance of the mission we are embarking upon. We both appreciate the outstanding effort put
 forth to prepare for and maintain this event. It was a great success!
 The Amator Institute has been Father’s dream for many years and with the participation of over 130 men on
 November 8th, 2008, we all experienced the realization of the first step in a journey that will continue to assist men
 in developing their masculine spirituality over the course of their lives.
 Our country is in great need of spiritually sound and morally determined men to lead those who may be
 overwhelmed in times of turmoil. I believe we are entering into exceptional times that will require men to stand up
 for what they know in their hearts to be true. This means we will have to be diligent in our efforts to train ourselves
 for the mission God intended. Not memorizing sports scores or stock trades. We must focus on the aspects in life
 that truly matter and reach out to our fellow man to share life experiences and hard earned knowledge for the
 betterment of us all. We’re all in this together.
 Consider this statement you will NEVER hear a man utter with his last breath on this earth: “If I only would have
 spent more time at the office…”
 Carpe Diem: Seize the day
   Paul Waclo
   Program Manager
   Amator Institute,, office (717) 235-8584, cell (410) 925-8883
New Freedom, PA                               December 2008                                                  Page 6

                            Sweetheart Dance Quickly Approaching
                         It’s only two months away from our annual Sweetheart Dance
                         on Saturday, February 14th in the Parish Center. And yes, it’s
                         actually on Valentines Day this year!
                        As usual, the music will be provided by the band Clockwork, it
                        will be a BYOB event, and the ticket price is $35 a couple.
                        Tickets for the Knights have been available since the November
 General Meeting, and then on January 1st just after the strike of midnight at the New Years Eve Dance, tickets will
 open to the general public. So tickets are available to the Knights two month prior to being offered to the general
 public, so GET YOUR TICKETS NOW. As usual, this event will sell out, so don’t wait till the last minute to get
 your tickets.
 If you remember what happened in previous years, only a handful of Knights purchased their tickets prior to
 January 1st, and then by January 3rd we were SOLD OUT. Needless to say we had a waiting list with 25+ couples
 on it, and many Knights were upset that they could not get tickets. SO DO NOT WAIT TO PURCHASE YOUR
 TICKETS!!! Its first come first served, and the Knight now have the opportunity to get their tickets prior to the
 General Public. Remember, since the dance falls in Valentines Day this year, we expect the demand to be high.
 Also, another item that helps makes this event so successful are the door prizes we give away during the band
 breaks. So we need your help for the solicitation and/or collection of door prizes so we won’t need to cut into the
 dance proceeds to purchase them. Door prize contributors will be recognized at the dance, in our March and April
 Knight Editions, and also in the Community Courier. Door prizes can be gift cards, gift certificates, items from
 different establishments, bottles of cheer, or anything anyone or any business would like to donate.
 As with every large event, we need a setup crew, cleanup crew, and a couple workers to collect tickets, staff the
 bar, and sell raffle tickets. (Preferably those that do not attend the dance.)
 We’ve already started planning and we need a couple additional Knights on the committee to make this event run
 smoothly. Tickets and additional information will be available at the General Meetings. If you have any questions,
 need tickets or would like to help out, let me know at the General Meeting, give me a call at 717-428-0365 or e-
 mail me at
      Barry Price - 2009 Sweetheart Dance Chairman

             P.V. King Scholarship
 P.V. King Memorial Scholarship application packages           are available
 in the parish office or from local school guidance              counselors.
 Any graduating senior who is a parishioner of St. John        the Baptist is
 eligible for this scholarship to earn $1,000 toward           college costs.
 Anyone with questions can call me at 717-227-2728 or          by E-mail at
     Rick Corriveau, PVK Scholarship Chairman

          Help Us Decorate St. John’s Worship Space
               after the 11am Mass on the 28th
                 Brother Knights and your families, after
                 the Sunday 11am mass on the 28th,
                 please stick around after mass and help
                 us decorate the worship space. It only
                 takes around 30 minutes when we have a
 good group, and it is a very rewarding experience. The Knights and their
 families for the last number of years have decorated the worship space
 the Sunday prior to Christmas with those hundreds of beautiful
 poinsettias that you experience around the alter on Christmas day. This
 is a great experience for all ages……..
New Freedom, PA                                         December 2008                                                           Page 7
     Please Support Our Sponsors                                                                                                        Oct -08
    (Your Business Card size add can be here
    for only $5 a month or $60 for 13 months)                                       Wila’s Eggroll’s Etc…
E-mail your add to bapent @ & send a check to: K of C
       Council 8891, P.O. Box 219, New Freedom, PA 17349
                                                                                     Order the area’s best egg rolls and other
                                                                                            Outstanding Thai Food !!!
                                                                                   For full menu and prices, call 717-235-4604
                                                                                     (Leave a message on the answering machine)
                                                                                              Delivery or pick-up only
                                                                                  (Traditional Thai Therapeutic Massage also available)
    Chuck Carey
  ` Comfort Consultant
                                                                                                                                     Mar 09
      7389 Washington Boulevard, Elkridge, Maryland 21075
          Mobile: 443-324-9465     Tel: 410-803-4274
                 E-mail: ccarey @                        Feb 09

                                                                     Feb 09
                         115 West 25th Street
                      (Howard and 25 Streets)
                   Baltimore, Maryland 21218-5005

                                                                                                    DAVID B. TAYLOR
                   Phone No. (410) 467-8800                                                         Investment Advisor Representative
                                                                                                    Investment Executive
                                                                                                    Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)
                                                                                                       Ferris, Baker, Watts, Incorporated
                                                                                                       Member N.Y. Stock Exchange, SIPC
          Business Card Add Space Available                                                            201 International Circle, Suite 100
                                                                                                       Hunt Valley, Maryland 21030
                     $60 per year                                                                      (410) 785-6000
                                                                                                       (800) 950-6001
                                                                                                       Fax: (410) 785-1428
     ½ Business Card Add                  Space $35.00 per year                                        Email: dtaylor @

                                     ¼ Business card Add Space
                                              $20 per year
                                                                                                   COUNCIL 2008 - 2009
                                                                                     GRAND KNIGHT - Greg Gering 717-993-2800
Please keep the following in your prayers:                                           DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT – Tony Steinauer, 443-257-0053
Our Priests                 Don Christensen             Fr. Ken Gering               CHAPLAIN - Fr. Sylvan Capitani 235-2156
                                                                                     CHANCELLOR - Kevin Quinn 235-0745
Our Seminarians             Tom Trimble
                                                                                     RECORDER - Steve Udzinski 993-9601
Our Military                Francis Schwarzman Jr.
                                                                                     TREASURER – John Schwarzman 235-6220
Our Veterans                Diana Schwarzman                                         ADVOCATE – Rick Corriveau 227-2728
Our Country                 Charles & Helen Uzel                                     WARDEN – Chuck Carey 235-0866
                                                                Feb 08               INSIDE GUARD – Gene Kornak 235-0322
      ACTIVITY DIRECTORS                            BUILDING FUND                    OUTSIDE GUARD – Dominick Pennella 227-1152
                                                                                     TRUSTEE 1 YEAR – Dan Beck 235-4604
CHURCH – Tim Schott 717-993-8593              CHAIRMAN
                                                 Barry Price 428-0365                TRUSTEE 2 YEAR –Ron Seufert 235-5317
COMMUNITY – Paul McMurtrie 410-357-0195
                                                                                     TRUSTEE 3 YEAR – Tim Schott 717-993-8593
YOUTH – Kevin Quinn 235-0745                  ASSISTANT CHAIRMAN
                                              (Fund Raising)                         FINANCIAL SECRETARY - Al Saenz 235-3917
COUNCIL – Barry Price 428-036
                                                  Eugene Kornak 235-0322             SPIRITUAL ADVISOR - Fr. Phil Chavez
FAMILY - Sam Bongiovano 235-9930
                                              (Investment & Home Opportunities)      DISTRICT DEPUTY – Dennis Cooper 993-6973
APPARAL - - Dan Beck 235-4604                     Ron Seufert 235-5317
MEMBERSHIP - Dan Beck 235-4604                EX-OFFICIO COMMITTEE                   INSURANCE AGENT – Marc Misiti 717-637-0095 or
VOCATIONS - Chuck Carey 235-0866                 Greg Gering 717-993-2800  
PRO-LIFE - Tom Evans 235.8833                    John Schwarzman 235-6220
         St. John The Baptist                                                                                  Non Profit Org.
Knights of Columbus Council No. 8891                                                                           U. S. POSTAGE
             P.O. Box 219                                                                                             PAID
      New Freedom, PA 17349                                                                                     Permit No. 48
                                                                                                               Shrewsbury, PA

 New Freedom, PA                                    December 2008                                                            Page 8

                                     Knights of Columbus December 2008 Calendar
           Sunday                Monday   Tuesday    Wednesday               Thursday            Friday                 Saturday
                             1            2         3                  4                  5                                             6
  30                                                      Men’s        November
       Don’t forget your                                Spirituality   Business Mtg
      Sunday Obligation                                  Meeting       8pm NH
                                                         8pm NH
  7                          8            9         10                 11                 12                      13
        Card Social          C.O.A.L.                                  Rosary 7:30                                Christmas Party
   Parish Center, 1pm                                                  General Mtg 8:00                               4:00-8:00 in PC
                             Drawing                                   NH
      Barry Price 428-0365                                                                                            Chuck 235-0866
                             15           16        17                 18                 19                      20
  14                                                      Men’s
                                                                       4 Degree Mtg       January 2009
       Don’t forget your                                Spirituality   8:00pm             Newsletter
      Sunday Obligation                                  Meeting       McSherrtstown      Article Due
                                                         8pm NH
  21                         22           23        24                 25                 26                      27
  Help Decorate St.                                 CHRISTMAS                MERRY
   John’s Worship                                      EVE                 CHRISTMAS
   Space after the
     11am Mass
  28                         29           30        31                 1                  2                       3
   10 Commandments                                      New Years          NEW YEARS           Sweetheart             JANUARY
       Monunment                                          Eve                                 Dance Tickets
                                                                              DAY             open to Public

      Saturday January 17th - Free Throw Championship, Southern Middle School, 9am
      Sunday February 1 – Card Social & Luncheon, Parish Center, 1pmM
      Saturday February 14th – Sweetheart Dance, Parish Center , 9pm-1am