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									Site Plan
A p p ro v a l
 Application Packet

          Syracuse City
Community Development Department
     1979 West 1900 South
      Syracuse, UT 84075
         (801) 614-9626

        Approved 12/23/08
         Ordinance 08-11
Dear Applicant,

This application packet should assist you, the applicant, in understanding the steps and requirements to
apply for Site Plan approval. It includes all the necessary information you need to prepare and submit a
complete application for timely processing and review. The packet includes the following materials for
your convenience:

             •    Site Plan Application Form
             •    Site Plan Application Checklist
             •    General Site Development Guidelines
             •    Site Plan Application Review Process Chart

City staff will not accept incomplete applications. In order for staff to receive and process a site plan
application, it must include the following materials at the time of initial submission:

             •    Completed Site Plan Application Form
             •    All items listed on the Site Plan Application Checklist
             •    Application and Noticing Fees as specified in the current Syracuse City Fee Schedule
             •    Other supporting materials as applicable.

Contact the Community Development Department at the address or phone number below with questions
regarding the application materials, procedures, or laws and ordinances governing site development. You
may also download these forms or view the Syracuse City Municipal Code and Fee Schedule on the
internet at

Thank you for your interest in developing in Syracuse City. We look forward to working with you and
providing a pleasant and productive atmosphere in order to build a project that will ultimately be an asset
to the community.


Syracuse City
Community Development Department
1979 West 1900 South
Syracuse, UT 84075
                         Syracuse City Community Development Site Plan Application
                         1979 West 1900 South, Syracuse, UT 84075
                         Phone: (801) 614-9657 FAX: (801) 614-9657

Project Information
Date of Submission:           Property Zone:                 Parcel ID #:                                                              Acres:

Project Name:                                                                 Project Address:

Project Description:

Property Owner(s) Information
Name:                                                                         Name:

Address:                                                                      Address:

City:                            State:                      ZIP:             City:                                 State:              ZIP:

Phone (Day):                     Phone (Evening):                             Phone: (Day):                         Phone (Evening):

Primary Contact/Representative Information

Address:                                                                      City:                                 State               ZIP:

Phone (Day):                                                                  Phone (Evening):

NOTE: The applicant is hereby asked to furnish the information on this form for the purpose of identification and to expedite the processing of their
request in full knowledge of the following information. The applicant is aware that this application and all information contained herein may become part
of the public record pursuant to the provisions of the Utah State Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). The information on this
application will be used only so far as necessary for completing and executing the requested transaction. If the applicant so chooses not to supply any
requested information, the applicant should be aware that the application may take longer than normal to process or may ultimately be impossible to
process. If the applicant is considered an “at-risk government employee” as defined in Utah Code Ann. § 63-2-302.5, please inform a member of the
Community Development Department staff at the time of submittal. Syracuse City does not currently share any private, controlled, or protected
information with any other person or government entity.

I hereby certify that this Site Plan application complies with all required conditions and standards of the Syracuse City
Land Use Ordinance. I understand that submitting this application does not guarantee approval and that such approval is
subject to the discretion of the Syracuse City Land Use Authority, in that the plan must meet all requirements of the
Syracuse City Code, Title X. I hereby accept responsibility for meeting all the requirements as outlined herein, including
the payment of all fees and attending all City Land Use Authority meetings as notified by the City Community
Development Department, and that failure to attend such meetings may result in postponement of any action by said Land
Use Authority. The applicant acknowledges that any approval of Site Plan by City Council is valid for a period of twelve

Applicant Signature:                                                                                            Date:

                                                              FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
Date Received:                            Fees paid:                        $575 + $55.00/acre 0-5 acres or $650 + $55/acre with conditional use
                                                                            $1,585 + $173/acre 5.01-10 acres
                                                                            $2,450 + $144/acre 10.01-15 acres
                                                                            $3,170 + $115/acre 15.01-20 acres
Received by:                                                                $3,745 + $100/acre >20 acres
                                                                            $250 + $50/acre revised plan or $35 nonconforming use/lot review
                                                                            $100 minor site plan amendment
                                                                            $6/public hearing sign and 90¢/mailing notice
Land Use Authority Decision Date:         Building Official Review Date:    Fire Official Review Date:
                           Syracuse City Community Development Site Plan Application Guidelines

DISCLAIMER: The City is providing the following information as a service to those wishing to apply for a site
plan review within Syracuse City limits. No one shall consider this section as comprehensive in representing
the obligations of the applicant. In the event of a conflict or discrepancy between this document and City
Ordinances or State or Building Codes, the more strict rules shall apply.

    Fee Description                        Fee      + Fee Per Acre                 Comments
                                           $575     $55/acre 0-5 acres
                                           $1,585   $173/acre 5.01-10 acres        Fee includes initial City Planning and Engineering Staff
    Application Fee                        $2,450   $144/acre 10.01-15 acres       review and ONE review of initial site plan corrections
                                           $3,170   $115/acre 15.01-20 acres       as identified by City Planning and Engineering Staff
                                           $3,745   $100/acre >20 acres
    Residential Multi-family Application   $750     1% of bond
                                                                                   Fee for EACH additional City Planning and
    Site Plan Amendment (Minor)            $100                   -
                                                                                   Engineering Staff review
    Mailing List and Noticing Fee          $6 for each required public hearing sign and 90¢ per mailing notice

Mailing List and Noticing Fee

For the purposes of noticing the public of a land use decision related to a conditional use, the applicant shall
provide the Community Development Department, as required by City Ordinance, with:

•      An approved list of all owners of real property located within three hundred (300) feet of the boundary of
       the subject property, as shown on the latest assessment rolls of the County Recorder (applicant shall
       bear sole responsibility to ensure accuracy of the property owner list).
•      A noticing fee in the amount of the actual costs incurred by the City in providing the notice

Prior to submittal, applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Syracuse City Community Development
Department for assistance in addressing and understanding all requirements for any site plan application.

Plans and Drawings

Complete applications are a requirement of the office of the Community Development Department in a form
established by the Department along with any fees adopted by City Council in the City’s fee schedule. Each
application shall consist of one (1) hard copy plan set of 22 inch x 34 inch (22” x 34”) drawings, three (3) hard
copy plan sets of 11 inch x 17 inch (11” x 17”) drawings, and an electronic copy.

The application and plan sets shall also include the following documents and information:

1. A plan set cover sheet drawn to scale that shows the entire site plan; a title block identifying the name,
   address, and phone number of the applicant, designer, engineer, and any other professionals who
   contributed to the production of the plans and drawings; the name and address of the proposed project;
   the plans and drawings date of preparation; and an inset of a general vicinity map.

2. A detailed boundary survey sheet drawn to scale showing the following information:

       a. The location and width of existing and proposed abutting streets

       b. All property and lot lines

       c.   Existing and proposed easements and dedications, adjacent property owners, and holding strips

       d. The location of all existing and proposed structures on the property, including building heights and
          any provisions to screen roof-based mechanical equipment, and the location of existing structures on
          adjoining properties

       e. The location of existing fences and significant existing trees and shrubbery

       f.   The location of off-street parking, driveways, loading facilities, and hard-surfaced areas
    g. The location of existing and proposed curb, gutter, sidewalk, and curb cuts (If property abuts a State
       highway, applicant must obtain approval for location and number of curb entrances from the Utah
       Department of Transportation and approval for location of curb, gutter, and sidewalk from their Right-
       of-Way Engineer)

    h. The location of refuse container(s) [Trash collection sites shall be within an area enclosed by a fence
       or wall at least six (6) feet in height and adequately impervious to sight as to conceal such facilities
       from adjacent properties and streets (Ord. 06-17)]

    i.   The location of vehicular and pedestrian access and circulation including all existing and proposed
         traffic, pedestrian, and road-safety signs

3. A detailed utilities site plan sheet drawn to scale showing the location and size of all existing or proposed
   utilities that will provide service to the project (including location of nearest fire hydrants consistent with
   design standards as approved by the City)

4. A detailed landscaping site-design plan sheet drawn to scale that shows the following information:

    a. Proposed landscape, including identification of plant species and fencing in enough detail that the
       Planning Commission can review the screening and aesthetic qualities

    b. Irrigation-sprinkler designs that indicate the location and service size of secondary-water connections,
       except in a General Commercial zone where the site shall have a minimum ten (10) percent of the
       total lot area landscaped

    c.   Location and design of all exterior lighting that will not operate in any way that permits the rays of light
         to penetrate beyond the property on which such light emanates

    d. Data table showing parcel, building, landscaping, parking areas and percentages, and number of
       parking stalls required and provided

5. Floor plans and elevations, including exterior finishes and colors

6. Required engineered drawings drawn to scale for on- and off-site improvements as directed by the City

7. Traffic and geotechnical studies as directed by the City Engineer

8. Each sheet signed and stamped by a professional Engineer

9. Cover sheet with signature boxes for each public utility

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