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									                                    H. Dave


Over seven years of IT experience in Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Testing
of Web-based applications with expertise in Manual and Automation Testing, System
Testing including Integration and Regression Testing in Telecom and Financial
industries business applications on Windows/Unix based Platforms.
Proficient in manual and automated testing. Excellent analytical skills coupled with
interpersonal, communication and self-organizing skills. Assertive, committed and
motivated team player.

      Proficient in analyzing the Business Requirements, System Requirement
       Specifications (SRS), Functional Requirement specification (FRS) & design
       documents to formulate Test Plans, Test Strategies, and Test Cases.
      Excellent knowledge and implementing skills in complete Software
       Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using Agile methodology.
      Experienced in manual testing with the focus on Functional Testing,
       Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Load Testing and System Testing.
      Experience in working with analysts, developers, and testers for complex
       projects during the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
      Expertise in creating Test Plans and executing Test Cases/Test Scripts.
      Testing Client/Server and Web-based applications and performing Manual
      System level knowledge about O/S architecture Windows & UNIX
      Prepared and documented Test Cases and Test Scenarios for both Manual and
       Automated testing.
      Experience in conducting Black box, White Box, Integration, System,
       Functional, Regression, GUI Testing and UAT and Database Testing.
      Experience in automated test tools like WinRunner, TestDirector, Quality
       Center and Quick Test Pro.
      Extensive use of defect tracking tools Mercury Test Director, Quality Center.
      Experience in performing back-end testing using T-SQL, PL/SQL and SQL
      Experienced in testing and validating ETL Processes in data warehouse
       applications, Used ETL tools SSIS, for Extraction, Transformation and loading
       data into Data Warehouse
      Used tools like Sqlplus, TOAD, Enterprise Manager, sql developer for
       interfacing with backend & analyzing the physical model.
      Expertise in meta data driven QTP testing and creating reusable functions.
      Expertise in end-to-end and integration testing.
      Personal skills including Excellent Communication, strong sense of
       organization and effective time management and have the ability to work in a
       team as well as independently.

Operating Systems           : UNIX, MS DOS and Windows 2000/XP/2003.
Languages                   : C++, C, PL /SQL, Visual Basic, VC++, VB Script.
Database                    : Oracle 9i ( & 10g (, Microsoft Access
2000, SQL server 2000.
Applications                : Telegence, CARE, TOAD, SQL Developer, Enterprise
                            Manager, MS Office, MS Power Point.
Internet Tools              : HTML, XML.
Automated Test Tools        : Quick Test Pro 6.5/8.2, Win Runner 7.5.
Test management Tool        : Test Director, IBM Rational ClearQuest,
                              HP Quality Center 10.0, MS Sharepoint.


AT&T, Richardson, TX (Feb 2008 – Nov 2009)
Sr.QA Analyst

Project: Uverse
AT&T is the largest provider of both local and long distance telephone services. Also
provides High speed Internet service and cVOIP. The project is regarding converting
various applications running in different markets/submarket using different backend
to a common middleware and backend. Testing of a retail application which
ultimately to be used (by External clients) at point of sale terminal across various
retail chain stores.

    Involved in mapping testcases with RTM(Requirement traceability Matrix).
    Involved with Integrated Systems Testing team for testing of various retail
     applications like Phoenix, POS, and OPUS for the external clients like
     RadioShack, Wal-Mart, Best buy etc.
    Testing of actual ordering of services and equipments like Set top
     boxes(STB’s) w/wo DVR, Cell phone with issuing of SIM cards, Order check
     through Order management system(OMS).
    Tested Interactive Voice Response system(IVR) for Uverse Order entry,
     Credit card processing, Order status taking 100,000 Calls per day.
    Communicated daily with business management, Q&A test teams, program
     operations, and IVR Ops to configure, deploy, and test new IVRs for
    Authored the testcases for PDA and i-Phone testing.
    Worked on Mobile device(PDA and i-Phone) related web based testing.
    Knowledge of J2ME, BREW,symbian s60 technologies.
    Simulation of ordering of services and products in Partial integrated
     environment (PIE) and Fully integrated environment (FIE).
    Involved in Regression testing of middleware viz; API and XML interfaces.
    Developed testcases, test conditions and method validation for API testing.
    Used SSIS Data Conversion tool, Exporting data from heterogeneous data
     forms to XML formats.
    Validated Data Warehouse ETL processes, XML, XML Schema structure and
     mapping extensively validated product catalog via XML.
    Involved in Conversion, Migration, Data Integrity testing and Database and
     data integrity validation.
    Product catalog testing consists of Cross Product Package promotion (CPP),
     Coupons, various permutation and combination of services for underline rules.
    Extensive rule testing of XML for IPTV, HSIA and cVOIP. For example,
     credit history of customer, connected community, STB with DVR.
    IPDSLAM customer self install testing for services like HSIA and cVOIP.
    Rule testing for connected community. For example St. Jose
    Extensive testing of Network Interface Device (NID) for IPDSLAM. For
     example, Customer Self Install and FTTN, GPON protocols.
    Detail understanding of XML Flow from Gateway -> SPM -> CSI -> ACS ->
    Validate the Billing history for Change of Bill Cycle BANs to check for Errors
     once the Invoicing was done and Send the BANs for IR Processing and
    Pulling and analyzing UNIX logs for the defects from various gateways and
    Gathering various resources viz; Developers and Business Analyst on the
     bridge to resolve the defect via LiveMeeting and T-meetings.
    Experience preparing Metrics(RTM, RCA, S Curve).
    Experience in preparing written requirements, test plans, project
    Involved in data input(Man hours,Cost,actual % of work fulfillment) for S
     curve report at various stages eg Initiation phase, Planning, Executing &
     Production and Closure.
    Responsible for creating wireless accounts in Telegence and setting the
     BAN’s with Bill Cycle, Adding Deposit, Collections, Past Due Balance,
     and Autopay etc.
    Organizing and meeting with different teams to gather test data.
    Used TOAD to connect to Oracle to run SQL query the database for creating
     data-set for test cases to be run.
    Backend DB Validations for parameters updation.
    Participating in weekly meeting to track the progress of testing effort.
    Actively involved in identifying the test scenarios, test case writing as per
     the specifications and wireframes given.
    Designed scenarios and testcases for front end applications (PDC, OPUS,
     Phoenix) for various Network types like FTTN, GPON, IPDSLAM etc.
    Performed Positive and Negative Testing on the application.
    Involved in Smoke Test and opening tickets using IBM Rational Clearquest,
     testing fixes.
   Created Virtual Objects for application testing using Quick Test Pro (QTP).
   Done Data driven testing using Quick Test Pro (QTP).
    Escalating & Filing Defects, tracking the defects using HP Quality center.
    Involved as managing defects for User Acceptance Team, Designed
     prototypes for UAT testers, organizing meetings, resolving defects and
     retesting fixes.
    Deployed and customized collaborative and publishing site collections,
     sites, web parts, document libraries, lists, and views
    Knowledge of content organization techniques such as metadata, content
     types and navigation.
    Set up permission levels and permissions for individual users, SharePoint
     and Active Directory groups, libraries, and lists.
    Developed procedures and guidelines for SharePoint usage.
    Set up and provided day-to-day end-user support through email, desktop,
     and telephone support in a highly collaborative team environment.
    Created Virtual Objects for application testing using Quick Test Pro (QTP).
      Worked with Test environment team for sorting out various issues related to
       hardware like bouncing of servers, memory issues, jolt errors etc.
      Actively involved in creation and execution of QA and testing processes such
       as test planning, test case writing, test case execution, bug documentation
       and issues investigation.
      Organizing meetings with Team lead, Developers, and QA team members for
       bug tracking, resolving and distribution of resources to meet the deadline.
      Designed various scenarios based on the different business rules of Uverse
       combined billing. eg: Wireline and wireless.
      Experience in working on AMDOCS CIM billing module, Telegence CSM
      Conducting planning meetings with onshore and offshore AMDOCS team for
       various issues and solutions.

Environment: Oracle 10g, DB2, SQL server 2005, Java, XML, SQL, IBM Rational
ClearQuest, IBM Rational Performance Tester, Crystal reports, Z-tracker reporting
tool, UNIX, HP Quality Center 10.0, Load Runner, QTP, Microsoft SSIS(ETL),
Microsoft Visual studio, MS Sharepoint, Agile Methodology, Change Request Tool,
TOAD, MS Sharepoint 2007, Telegence, CARE, XMLSpy, WinSCP.

Citizens Bank, Medford, MA (Feb 2007 – Jan 2008)
Sr.QA Lead Consultant-UAT

Citizen Financial Group (CFG) is one of the 10 largest commercial banking companies
in the United States ranked by assets and deposits. CFG is owned by RBS (The Royal
Bank of Scotland Group). It is headquartered in Providence, R.I. and they operate a
13-state branch network under the Citizens Bank brand and Charter One brand.
Extensive work experience on Mortgage loans, second mortgage loans in various
markets viz; MA, NY, PA, Delaware etc. and also Debit Card Conversion and
Relationship Rewards Program projects.


      Analyzed functional requirements and documented the user specifications and
       business rules.
      Involved in Functional and Regression testing of site.
      Writing and executing test cases based on FSD (Functional Specification
      Participating in weekly meeting to track the progress of testing effort.
      Analyzed the Business requirements and flow of the business processes.
      Involved in writing Test Plans, identifying the test scenarios and writing the
       test cases.
      Participated and lead reviews of test strategies, seeking sign off from
       customers or customer proxies to mitigate business risks and create business
      Respond to issues raised by customers during customer acceptance testing.
      Analyzed the mapping between the test cases and requirements.
      Used the automated tool Quick Test Professional for regression testing.
      Acted as the point of contact for all testing related activities for the project.
      Designed scenarios, testcase based on borrowing objectives for First time
       home buyer, Moving or relocating, lower monthly payment, fixed rate &
       consolidate existing loan/debt, ARM.
    Designed testcases on mortgage points calculator for new home, taxes, line
       of credit obtain etc with reference to Fixed rate mortage vs Interest only
    Created Demand deposit Account (DDA), Saving Account (SAV) and Money
       Market Account (MMA), linked to the Existing cards and did transactions
       on ATM, POS Terminals network.
    Worked with 3270 (CICS) and conditioned the card accounts according to
       the Relationship rewards test scripts and Validated the Test results in 3270,
       FDR and STAR.
    Used CMOD for cross data verification.
    Used Swipe machine with test VISA/Master cards to check the actual data
       transaction in controlled situation.
    Involved in validating Card transactions data (Authorization and Response
       codes, Amounts, SEQ Numbers, Bin and account numbers etc) and Different
       Error message codes for invalid transactions.
    Used Navigator for Backend data validation by running SQL queries.
    Running few batch jobs (all details like program name, parameters were
       provided by developers) and validate the updates.
    Used Extensive SQL in validating backend testing
    Used DBU utility to Query the database files mainly for record updating.
    Used AS400 FTP to either transmit or receive the files where AUTOMATIC
       TRANSFER was not available, as in end to end testing requires complete
    Also used to create input files on AS400 using DB2/400 where ever they are
       not available.
    Interacted with developers to resolve technical issues and provided
       production support.
    Involved in setting up workflow for the automation team using Quick Test
    Participating in weekly meetings to track the progress of testing effort.
    Written Testplan in excel imported in Quality center.
    Used IBM Rational ClearQuest as bug tracking tool and defect escalation is
       done in Quality Center.
    Used Quality Centre as to centralize the bugs and also to follow up the bug
Environment: CICS, FDR, STAR, IBM Mainframes, AS/400, DB2/400, OS/400,
iSeries Navigator, SQL/400, Mercury Quality Center 9.0, Quick Test Pro 8.2,
IBM Rational ClearQuest, ATM terminals, POS terminals.

Nokia Inc., Mountain View, CA (Dec 2005— Jan 2007)
Sr.QA Tester

Project :Anchor systems
Anchor is 3 tier system architecture. CNM is a gui based application developed in
VC++. Involved in testing of R/F antenna controller and Nokia handheld devices. The
corresponding R/F Board will receive the request and will check all security related
aspects and build the response and sends it to the R/F Antenna Controller. R/F
Antenna Controller will forward the response to CNM. CNM will receive the response
and will parse the message and if the parsing is success, then it will display the
response otherwise it will discard the message.


      Tested the web-based application manually and used Quick Test Pro (QTP)
       for Automation.
      Performed Functional, GUI, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Regression
       Testing of the Application at different levels.
      Prepared test plan, test cases and test scenarios.
      Testing done for parsing the messages coming from R/F Antenna
       Controller and analyzing them and display.
      Tested loading of screen, frozen screen, games, text scrolling, accesss to
       main menu via sub menu’s.
      Testing of soft keys,key pressing.
      Tested for application can handle clam shell or flip flop closing while loading,
       Main Menu, sub menus.
      Performed System, Functional, and regression testing.
      Involved in Requirement Review meetings.
      Designed Test Cases and Test Scenarios based upon the Use Cases.
      Update the test cases according to the change requests approved.
      Performed back-end testing using extensive SQL queries.
      Reported and tracked defects identified using Test Director. Verified changes
       and closed bugs.
      Documented all data discrepancies identified during testing and communicate
       local issues/concerns to the business unit.

Environment: Windows VC++, Test Director, XML, SQL, UNIX, Windows server

Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, OH (Aug 2004 – Nov 2005)
QA Tester

Fifth third bank provides 24 hour banking through ATMs and over the Internet. With
more than 27 consecutive years of record earnings, Fifth Third Bank has long been
recognized as one of the most sound and profitable banks in the United States. This
application is designed for instant credit approval for online applications. An
individual can apply for the credit card online by entering the required details. An
instant credit card number, credit limit, expiration date, rewards and a welcome kit
are released to the member after satisfaction of the requirements.


      Performed manual and automated testing and defect tracking and
       resolution of applications and solutions.
      Coordinating in the preparation of Test Plan/ Test Strategy for the
       application after careful analysis of requirements and specifications.
      Created and executed detail function test script and test cases based on the
       business requirements.
      Tested the functionality of different screens by performing object testing &
       functionality testing.
      Automated the test process by developing scripts using Win Runner as per
       test cases.
      Performed Track Record defect process flow in Test Director.
      Test Director used as Central Repository.
      Assisted in running automation scripts using Winrunner application.
      Created scripts for the running of various Matrices using Winrunner
      Used Winrunner for testing the compatibility of the application with different
      Used Test Director as a repository for Test Cases and for Defect Tracking.
      Performed Ad-hoc testing, Integration testing, End-to-End testing, Function
       testing, Performance testing, System testing, User Acceptance
       testing, Black box testing.
      Regression Testing was done at various phases of the project development.
      Worked with developers using Test Director to fix the defects.

Environment: Oracle, java, Win Runner 7.5, Quick Test Pro (QTP), Test Director,
Java, HTML, UNIX, IIS 6.0, Windows 2003.

Vasu Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Baroda, India                (Mar 2002 – Jul 2004)
Analyst Programmer
Project: Database Customization & Management.

      Involved in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
      Participated in the Oracle 7.3 database design.
      PL/SQL was extensively utilized for coding and writing Simple-complex
       database triggers.
      Involved in writing stored procedures and packages.
      Created tables, views, procedures, SQL scripts.
      Extensive testing was done on the programs for achieving accuracy, timely
       processing of data.
      Designing & implemented the supply chain management in-house system viz;
       Purchase, Inventory and Sales Management System, Doctor Call Report
       Analysis System, Secondary Sales system.
      Designed and developed Management Information Systems reports in crystal
       reports/Excel for Actionable sales in terms of product, Region, Performance of
       new product, Field force, Region performance, Sales Vs Physician Sample
       ratio Analysis, Cost effective areas.
      Implemented the standards for testing and quality assurance of the software
       for testing team.

Environment: Oracle 7.3, PL/SQL, stored procedures, triggers and packages
& SQL * Loader, Crystal reports.

     Bachelors in Accounting.
     Diploma in Computer Applications.


     Microsoft certified professional(MCP)
     Professional Training in Oracle 8.0.
     Professional Training in Windows NT 4.0 Administration.
     Professional training in SQL Server Integration Services, SSRS and SSAS.

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