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									                                                                           Job Description
                                                                    Associate Professional
                                                               Intensive In-Home Services

                         Family Services for Adult & Children, LLC
                                     Job Description
Position:           Intensive In-Home Associate Professional (AP)
Supervised by:      Intensive In-Home Team Lead
Summary: The primary purpose of this time-limited intensive service is assist the child
and family dealing with emotional and/or behavioral issues through formal and informal
supports. Children and teens benefiting from this service ranges in age from 5-20 years,
with the majority falling within the 10-17 year range. Individuals receiving intensive
services may be coping with emotional stress, exhibiting behavior problems, or strongly at-
risk for out-of-home placement.
The primary purpose of the Intensive In-Home Services Team Member is to work as a
team providing time-limited intensive family preservation interventions intended to
stabilize the living arrangement, promote reunification or prevent the utilization of out-of-
home therapeutic resources (i.e., psychiatric hospital, therapeutic foster care, residential
treatment facility) for the identified youth through the age of 20.
    The intensive In-Home services will provide services for adolescents who are
        transitioning from out of home placements or are at risk of out-of-home placement
        and need intensive interventions to remain stable in the community.
    These services are delivered primarily to children in their family's home with a
        family focus and in a face-to-face manner. Services are primarily provided in a
        range of community settings (recipient's home, school, homeless shelters, libraries,
    The team member as part of a team will provide services as one organizational unit
        and is available to intervene on a 24/7/365 basis and serves as "first responder" in
        a crisis situation. Team services are individually designed for each family, in full
        partnership with the family, to minimize intrusion, and maximize independence.
The Intensive In-Home Services Team is limited to a case load of no more than eight (8)

Intensive In-Home Services are provided to:

1.    Diffuse the current crisis, evaluate its nature, and intervene to reduce the likelihood
      of a recurrence;
2.    Ensure linkage to needed community services and resources;
3.    Provide self help and living skills training for youth;
4.    Provide parenting skills training to help the family build skills for coping with
      the youth's disorder;
5,    Monitor and manage the presenting psychiatric and/or addiction symptoms; and
6.    Work with caregivers in the implementation of home-based behavioral supports.
      Services may include crisis management, intensive case management, individual
      and/or family therapy, substance abuse intervention, skills training, and other
      rehabilitative supports to prevent the need for an out-of-home, more restrictive

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                                                                              Job Description
                                                                       Associate Professional
                                                                  Intensive In-Home Services

Work schedule is flexible to include availability on a 24/7/365 basis as needed. Services
are generally more intensive at the beginning of treatment and decrease over time as
the youth and family's coping skills develop. A minimum of twelve (12) contact hours
must occur within the first month and an average of six (6) during the second and
third months. One contact will equal all visits occurring in a 24 (twenty-four) hour
period of time starting at 7a.m. Thereafter, the service frequency will be expected to
be reduced gradually over the next two months. Services are not delivered in a group
Core Competencies:
Technical knowledge in the use of relevant counseling and psychotherapy
techniques that apply to the services authorized. Understands and can articulate
technical concepts and information that relate to the disorder(s) treated and the
therapies used to provide treatment. Recognize signs and symptoms of mental health
needs and co-occurring disorders related to the population served.
Cultural awareness in the delivery of service to a diverse population. Understands
and can articulate the psychological, sociological and political aspects of providing
MH/DD/SA services to diverse populations. Ability to communicate and provide
competent and appropriate services to a diverse population.
Analytical skill in screening, assessing and evaluating persons receiving services.
Understanding psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and
developmental issues, determines accurate diagnosis and/or assessment, and
interprets evaluative instruments correctly in order to accurately reflect the
individual's strengths, preferences, and needs.
Decision making in the accurate appraisal of problems and conditions of person
being served in a variety of settings and systems. Ability to synthesize individual's
information from involved agencies or sources, and to formulate and implement an
appropriate clinical course of action in collaboration with these agencies and sources.
Ability to recognize person's needs and to refer individual to appropriate professionals
and resources. Makes appropriate decisions and/or referral in a timely manner.
Interpersonal skills is the ability to establish rapport, openness, and trust. Ability to
interact effectively with individuals, families, and involved agencies to promote active
treatment and relapse prevention.

Communication skills ability to effectively formulate and clearly articulate ideas in
both verbal and written form. The ability to effectively interpret and convey verbal
and non-verbal information through appropriate means for the individual and the
population served.
Clinical skills ability to successfully assess, evaluate and provide individuals with
the treatment and therapies appropriate to the person's identifies needs and

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                                                                            Job Description
                                                                     Associate Professional
                                                                Intensive In-Home Services

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
Implementation of Person Centered Plan: The Associate Professional will have an
active role on the three-person team to provide direct and indirect periodic services,
including arranging, coordinating and monitoring services on behalf of the recipient.
Interventions shall include support and guidance to the youth and family in all areas of
functional domains: adaptive, communication, psychosocial, problem solving, behavior
management, etc. The team will work with caregivers in the implementation of home-
based behavioral supports. Services may include crisis management, intensive case
management, individual and/or family therapy, substance abuse intervention, skills
training, and other rehabilitative supports to prevent the need for an out-of-home,
more restrictive service.
Child and Family Teams: The team will schedule and facilitate Child and Family
Teams, including inviting all relevant stakeholders.
Supervision: The licensed professional position, which is considered the team leader,
is responsible for supervising Associate Professional members of the team. The licensed
professional in conjunction with the Executive Director will also provide direct
supervision of the non-licensed members of the team in accordance with their
individual supervision plans and the requirements of 10A NCAC 27G .0104. (LP-10%)
The QP/AP/provisional licensed members shall consult with the licensed professional for
training and evaluation of services.

Documentation: Minimum standard is a daily note for services provided that
includes the consumer’s name, Medicaid identification number, date of service,
purpose of contact, describes the provider’s interventions, the time spent
performing the intervention, the effectiveness of interventions and the signature of
the staff providing the service. All documentation of services provided shall be
submitted in a timely manner per Family Services for Adult & Children, LLC policy.
Agency Responsibilities: These include attendance at required meetings (include
peer and clinical supervision, supervision meetings) and trainings to keep abreast of
agency regulations and procedures, increase knowledge and skills in clinical areas, and
provide needed agency services, documentation of clinical work with clients and
keeping of medical records per agency and Medicaid standards. Family Services for
Adult & Children, LLC requirements include annual Blood Borne Pathogens training for
all staff and NCI training.
Authorization of service is required. Initial authorization of service may not exceed
thirty (30) days, and reauthorization within sixty (60) days.

Other Position Characteristics

    Accuracy of work by the individual in this position will have a tremendous impact
     on treatment outcome for clients and parents/families. Exact accuracy with
     respect to the management of emergencies and the diversion of inappropriate

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                                                                                Job Description
                                                                         Associate Professional
                                                                    Intensive In-Home Services

       hospitalizations are required. Effective as well as efficient direction of allocation
       of fiscal resources is mandatory in supporting and realizing the primary goals
       and objectives of children's services. This accuracy requires visual/perceptual,
       verbal and written communication skills.

    Consequences are commensurate with the error, ranging from inconsequential
     to severe.
    Knowledge of Family Services for Adult & Children, LLC guidelines and
     policies, confidentiality guidelines, professional standards for
     treatment, DSM IV, and LME Program guidelines.
    Ongoing supervision meetings with supervisor, staff meetings, and Child and
     Family Team meetings.
    Regular contact with Family Services for Adult & Children, LLC staff (clinical
     and administrative) some contact with parents/guardians and extensive
     contacts with staff from other community agencies, schools, and juvenile
     justice staff.
    Minimal physical effort should be required for the fulfillment of the requirements
     of this position.
    The tasks of this position generally will be performed in a community setting.
    Basic office equipment, including personal computer and materials used in the
     community based therapeutic practices.
    Visual observations of staff's interactions with clients and peers is essential for
     training and ongoing evaluation purposes. Visual observation is also essential to
     the client's treatment and proper allocation of resources. Intense mental
     concentration is necessary for the following: managing a client through crisis,
     fulfilling medical record requirements and other essential paperwork,
     communicating with officials in the community, evaluating potential emergency
     placements, etc.

    All possible safety measures will be met to protect clients and other staff if the
     need should arise.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
This position requires a thorough knowledge of evidenced based therapy techniques
(specifically community and home based practices); broad knowledge of principles of
child development, positive behavioral supports and interventions, and life skills
activities; in depth knowledge about community mental health and related health
systems; minimal competency with personal computing; and skills in the planning,
development and implementation of programming goals and objectives. Effective
communication skills, both within house, staff and in the community, are essential.

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                                                                             Job Description
                                                                      Associate Professional
                                                                 Intensive In-Home Services

Minimal qualifications are:

Associate professional: Education sufficient to meet State requirements for an
Associate professional, i.e., Master's in human services field with less than one year of
post-graduate experience with the population served; or Bachelor's in human services
field with less than two years post-graduate experience with population served; or
Bachelor's in any field with less than four years post-graduate experience with the
population served.
All staff providing intensive in home services to children and families must have the
knowledge, skills, abilities and a minimum of one year documented experience with
this population and must complete intensive in-home services training within the first
90 days of employment.
This training and experience should fully prepare an individual for this work. There is no
informal training and experience that could substitute for these qualifications.
Individual must also have a valid North Carolina Driver's license, auto insurance, and
a driving record that is acceptable to Family Services for Adult & Children, LLC
insurance carrier.

I have received and understand these job responsibilities.
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         *****All personnel must receive a copy of their signed job description.*****

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