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					                                                                              Hillside PTA
                                                                                              Reg Charity 1056388


                                 AGM – 6th October 2010
                            7.30pm in the Hall, Hillside School
Lucy Andrews Roger Withey. Alison Milward, Natasha Bedward, Samantha Isles, Keeley
Wilding, Lynn Arnold, Sue O’Hare, Melissa Strong, Claire Burch, Gill Clark, Anna
Andrews, Hannah Seabright, Ellen Witt, Melanie Jones,
Helene Gee, Pat Dover, Julz Stone, Sarah Childs, Kelly Riley, Lydia Lungley

Treasurers Report


                      Income from activities      Gross             Cost      Net
     632.5            100 Fundraising Club                    381                       381
   1454.92            Christmas Bazaar                    1923.39    663.87         1259.52
                      2009 Sponsored Bounce                286.58                    286.58
                      Halloween Disco                      470.89       91           379.89
     169.2            Christmas Cards                       1442      1194              248
    232.04            Pamper Evening                        333.5     58.6            274.9
     67.14            Christmas Shop                        356.9      300             56.9
                      Charities Aid Foundation                100                       100
                      Leavers Party                             8       50              -42
                      Valentine Disco                       343.4     101.6           241.8
                      Cake Sale - Haiti appeal               83.6                      83.6
                      Mothers Day Shop                        176      78.1            97.9
   1872.69            2010 Sponsored Bounce               1151.89      42.5         1109.39
                      Summer Fayre and Big
   1318.21            Sleepover                           1976.96    986.94          990.02
                      Easter Egg Pictures                      29                        29
    173.08            Quiz Night                            409.1    276.46          132.64
                      Uniform Sale                           36.4                      36.4
                      Sports Day Refreshments                79.8                      79.8
                      Charities Trust                         500                       500
     149.9            Toy Sale                             139.22                    139.22
    485.62            Easter Pots
      72.4            Other                       ______________________________
    6627.7                                             10227.63 3843.07     6384.56
         25            Donation received
       3.74            Interest
_________                                                                    __________
    6656.44            TOTAL INCOME                                             6384.56

               32.74   Post & Stationery                             41.22
              150.17   Equipment & Resources                        290.26
                  91   Charitable Donation/Gifts                      83.6
                 110   NCPTA Subscription                               92
                10.3   Sundries                                       24.5
                       Leavers Presents                             158.04
     394.21            Lottery License                                  41       730.62
_________                                                                    __________
    6262.23            NET INCOME                                               5653.94

                       Donations to School
                       Classroom Presents                             950
                       SEAL Books                                   179.95
                       Party Entertainer                                95
                       Pre-School Outdoor Equipment                 179.95
    9206.23            Reading Books                                 4200        5604.9

      -2944            SURPLUS FOR YEAR                                           49.04

     918.38            Bank Accounts 31 Aug 2010         100 Club               1299.38
    2720.85                                              Current                1806.74
__________                                                                   __________
    3639.23                                                                     3106.12
                       Petty Cash                                                    50

       100             Amount due to PTA

                       Stock of Leavers Presents - 4 years                       632.15
__________                                                                   __________
    3739.23            Assets at 31 Aug 2010                                    3788.27

    6683.23            Less assets at 01 Sept 2009                              3739.23
__________                                                                   __________
      -2944                                                                       49.04
Chairpersons Report
As always the PTA year was a busy and fruitful one. We held our usual
events and added some new items to the calendar.

This year has proved a challenge with regards to fundraising; it is
understandable that in an uncertain financial climate any non-essential
expenditure moves down the list of priorities. With this in mind the PTA have
devised small income low expenditure ideas to fundraise such as the Easter
colouring competition and the more recent Teachers Pet competition. The
children really enjoyed taking part.

The larger fundraising events were also affected by the times, the PTA have
as a committee discussed the problems encountered and are planning on
moving forward with new ideas to move with the times. Standing still and
doing things just because that’s how they are always done is not always the
right way.

This apart it has been a fantastic year for the PTA, we reached our goal of
£5000 for the reading Books well before the end of the school year and also
intend to provide £1000 more to give the school a really good stock of new

Along with the reading books we donated £100 per class for Christmas
presents and also purchased Autograph books for the Leavers for the next 5

The diary was full as usual with lots of fun events for both children and
parents; the themed discos were extremely popular. The quiz night in May
was even more popular this year; it was great to see so many parents in a
social capacity.

We saw a re-launch of the newly named Hillside Hundred Fundraising club in
April which worked well to encourage new members to join. The draw is now
held on the Patio on the First Monday of the Month.

The year was rounded off on a lovely summers day with the fete and then
later that night the Giant Sleepover. I don’t think that many adults slept too
well but the children were fantastically well behaved and really enjoyed
letting their hair down in a place they feel happy and secure with those they
enjoy spending time with. It is great to know that Hillside First School is part
of an entry in the Guinness Book of World records.

It is only with the full support of such a fantastic committee that we have
had over the last year that has made these and all the other events a
success and I would like to express a big THANK YOU to them all. I have had
a fabulous time in the position of Chairperson of Hillside PTA and am
honoured to have held the post. It is time for me to hand on the gauntlet to
a new ambassador and wish them every bit as much fun as I have had. I
know it will be in safe hands.

Once again big thanks to all.

Message from The Head
Mr Withey thanked the committee, and gave thanks to the future committee
and all parents for any and all time given up to help school. As Ofsted are
due this year the school are looking forward to sharing good news and
showing evidence of enormous progress. School will be focussing on
attendance, a letter has been sent out already to parents.

Huge thank you to PTA for reading books. Mr Withey pleased with progress
of children when he listens to them read. New Books are really helping
encourage children to read. Teachers and children very pleased. £1000 more
to books will complete the replenishment of new books.
Last Ofsted picked up on the writing skills of the children, lots of training has
taken place to encourage children’s writing skills –providing a model which
grows as they progress through school. We are now above the Dorset
average and above the average in reading and writing in Ferndown pyramid.
Now working hard on bringing maths in line this year.

Electronic newsletters have been requested, the school is awaiting parental
responses to the questionnaire that went out recently.

Storage – this has reduced around the school after demolishing Resources
room and using Little Owls as teaching space not for tables and chairs along
with kitchen extension. School has put design out for planning permission
and quotes for building storage space between the Hall and the tennis
courts. Hopefully work will commence in November. This will have huge
impact on space in school.

   Sport is very well supported at Hillside. Lots of extra activities – netball,
   football, tag rugby. Please ensure PE kits always in school. Mr Withey is
   very proud of the team spirit at Hillside. Last year we won many
   tournaments and the children enjoyed it a lot.

   Music – the music extravaganza went well last year. Year 4 are currently
   having special music lessons – the Flute! On a Friday morning as part of a
   Dorset initiative.

   Finances – the spending review will be published at the end of October.
   Hopefully school budgets will not be affected, as not well funded in
   comparison to other counties. Dorset county support services will
   probably reduce further, as opposed to frontline school budget.
Resignations & Appointments

Lucy – Chair - to stand down
Claire -Vice Chair - to stand down
Alison – secretary - to stand down

Sarah – Treasurer – Happy to stay in post

Lucy proposed Lynn Arnold for Chair
Sue O’Hare Seconded

Lynn Arnold Proposed Melissa Strong for Vice Chair
Keeley Wilding Seconded

Alison proposed Sue O’Hare for Secretary
Lucy Seconded

  Bag to School – Ellen presented cheque for £84 after clothes recycling at
  end of June, just by everyone decluttering! Next pick up on 3oth
  November – bags to be distributed 3 weeks prior. Need to ensure bags
  don’t come in early this time.

  Christmas Card Update
  Keeley and Melissa volunteered to help sort and collate Christmas Card
  orders at 1pm on Monday 11th October with Alison. Whole school has
  completed pictures and parents viewed cards. Collection from School on
  Weds 13th October.
  Business Christmas Cards
  Lucy asked committee to sign up to list and choose local businesses to
  approach with sample cards and letter explaining how to order and cost
  and benefits. (all available in school office) Letter has been mailed round,
  hard copies at office too. (Please see below)

  Business                                  Name

  Maddisons                                 Lucy
  Beyond the Fringe                         Hannah
  Joanne Hair and Beauty                    Melissa
  Truman Moore                              Helene
  The Flower Corner                         Helene
  The Hub                                   Claire
  Baileys of Verwood                        Keeley
  Ebblake Auto Centre                       Claire
  Iseard and Partners                       Lucy
  Goadsby                                   Natasha
  Connells                                  Natasha
  M D Guy and Son                              (Unclaimed)
  Andrews Butchers                              Samantha
  Cedar Vets                                    Hannah
  Verwood Ford                                   Samantha
  Irving and Sons                                Melanie
  Verwood MOT Centre                            Ellen
  Harold G Walker and Co                         Anna
  Nicholas O’Hara Funeral Directors              Melanie
  Lynwood Vets                                   Alison
  Digitone                                       Keeley
  Verwood Tyre and Exhaust                       Ellen
  Verwood FM                                     (unclaimed)

Any queries with cards please contact Alison

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