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									Target Audience
• Our target audience for ‘Abduction’ was males aged 16 -25
  interested in crime and thriller dramas. This meant we
  could apply more advanced conventions to our drama, as
  with an older audience, comes a more mature mind. It was
  because of this that we could add intellectual substance to
  our radio drama. We met the needs of our target audience
  by giving them excitement (What did George do that
  imprisoned Michael?) and uncertainty (Who was shot at
  the end, if anyone?). These are just a few things that our
  target audience would want in a drama. I think the only
  problems we would have had with regulation would have
  been the light swearing, the violent content and the police
  car sirens. This would place our radio drama at a certificate
  close to our target audience.
                   Pembroke Gardens
Our main target audience consisted of Women, aged 35-55, C1C2DE, who would
   generally listen to Radio 7 (Radio 4extra). The choice of T.A. influenced the
   development of the script writing, the content and the timing that it aired. We
   decided that we wanted mass appeal and deal with an important issue that
   needs a raising of awareness, yet in a way that would still be able to be played
   before the watershed – graphic and real, yet not too full-on. In some respects
   our radio drama episode would be a ‘poor’ example of the overall series as it
   was the finale of an ongoing plot arc, not every episode would be like that; our
   aim was to present something that would be able to aired at a time when the
   audience would be on their way home from work, and much as with television
   soaps, provide a sense of escapism to help them wind down and detach from
   a busy day. The main regulation issue we would have faced was due to the
   time of air, some of the language that was used may be deemed inappropriate
   had it been taken out of context, i.e. the use of “slut”. The narrative may also
   have been seen as being too raw to air before watershed or on the BBC.
       Lisa West: Music magazine
My aim was to target a section of the market that had not
 already been targeted by a music magazine. Therefore I
 came up with the genre underground alternative. This
 is a genre that has not been included in any music
 magazines before so it was a challenge. However, the
 conventions I used in my magazine met my audiences
 wants as it was extremely bright and colourful and fun
 to read, which reflects this type of genre. I did a survey
 to see what kind of people would read my magazine
 and my results were mainly both males and females
 aged 17-25. This is exactly the audience I was aiming
Lorraine’s music magazine
    Our target audience was teenagers between
the age of sixteen and nineteen. They influenced
the writing of our drama because we originally
wanted to do a straight up horror story. But to
appeal to our target audience more, we added in
elements of teen dramas and more social
situations. It worked well combined with the
horror elements. We met our audiences needs by
providing a drama that entertained with the
horror elements but also a drama that they could
easily relate to. This was our attempt at appealing
to our target audience on two levels.
     Jack Parker Music Magazine
    My target audience was of the same age as
the radio drama I was a part of. This is because
I found it easier to appeal to my own age
group. At the same time as appealing to a
specific age group however, I had to appeal to
a certain musical taste within said age group.

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