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					                                        Plan of the Month
                                                        April 2008
                                                 Training Ship Spokane
                                                  Naval Operational Support Center
                                                      5101 N. Assembly Street
                                                     Spokane, WA 99205-6199
                                     APRIL 18-20, 2008 – COMMANDERS’ CUP WEEKEND
                       Commanding Officer                                     Executive Officer
                            LT Terri Fitch                                   INST Shane Gladden
                           (509) 328-8990                                        (509) 263-4853
                        (509) 701-1812 - Cell                   

                                                           Uniform of the Day
                        NSCC Officers/Chief                                                      NLCC Cadets
               BDUs – Friday & Saturday / Khaki - Sunday                                          Dungarees

 Training Officer:                                LT Marc Fitch (509) 328-8990 / (509) 844-8791 (cell) /
 Operations Officer:                              WO Joe Nechanicky (509) 939-0489 /
 Ship Instructor:                                 INST Lisa Meyer (509) 475-4784 /
 Supply/Recruiting/PAO:                           INST Crystal Gladden (509) 263-4537 /
 X-Division Instructor:                           MIDN Amanda Harvey /
 X-Division Chief:                                CPO Marlena Smith /
 LPO:                                             PO3 Mayer
 PRT Cadet:                                       LC2 Betts
 Supply Cadet:                                    LC2 Kargenian
 Master-at-Arms:                                  LC2 Anderson
 Cadet Corpsman:                                  LC3 Logerwell
 Yeoman Cadet:                                    LC2 Nechanicky

Drill dates and events for fiscal year 2008 (tentative dates only – subject to change for operational commitments)
May 17-18 (Lilac Parade & Poppy Fundraiser)           May 19-22 (Poppy Fundraiser)            May 24-25 (Poppy Fundraiser)
June 21-22 (Drill)                                    June 28-29 (Hoopfest)                   July 19-20
August 9-10 (Fairchild Air Show)                      August 16-23 – League Orientation in Fort Lewis ($75.00)
September 20-21

Hello to Everyone! I’m INST Shane Gladden, your new XO and I’m excited to be joining such a fine group of cadets. I look forward
to meeting each one of you and answering any questions or listening to comments regarding our unit. Do not hesitate to give me a call
(509-263-4853) or drop me an email ( This is a major learning experience for me, so if I don’t have an
answer to your question immediately, I will do my absolute best to find it as soon as possible. I look forward to working with each of
you in the months ahead!

Excellent training in March! We have a lot of new ribbons to award so be prepared for a LONG ceremony on Sunday. We have
advancement testing, new cadets arriving, new parents to introduce and just in case you are thinking of calling me, no it’s not a
mistake, we do have a new Executive Officer! WO Messing will be traveling the world and will attend drills when he’s in town, but
INST Gladden is excited to be filling his shoes and continuing in the fine military tradition of training and bearing established by WO

                                        LT TERRI FITCH, USNSCC - - Commanding Officer
                                                   Training Ship SPOKANE
                           PLAN OF THE MONTH FOR APRIL 2008
                                                 Friday, April 18, 2008
                                                 Muster at the NOSC
                                       The cost of this training is $25 per participant –
                             if you need scholarship assistance, please contact LT T. Fitch asap.

                                                  Prepare for Arrival of guests
                                                Saturday, April 19, 2008

                                                     Chow / Cleanup
                           Commanders Cup Weekend – Muster and Opening Remarks
           Teambuilding Group 1 / Weapons Training Group 2 / Hand-to-Hand Combat Group 3
           Teambuilding Group 2 / Weapons Training Group 3 / Hand-to-Hand Combat Group 1
                                                     Chow / Cleanup
                                                        Drill Down
           Teambuilding Group 3 / Weapons Training Group 1 / Hand-to-Hand Combat Group 2
                                                     Chow / Cleanup
                                                      Cadet Jeopardy
                                                    Awards / Surveys
                                         Change into PROPER civilian attire
                                               Dance / Free Time / Movie
                                                 Wind down / Clean up
                                                    Sunday, April 20, 2008

                                                Parents Meeting / PRT Test
                                                           Clean up
                                                 Recap of Weekend Events
                                             Commanders Cup guests depart
                               Cadet of the Quarter board / Cadet Advancement testing
                                            Jr. Lilac Parade Marching Practice
                                                Final Clean up / Admin time
                                             Muster / Awards / Advancements
Word of the Month: Shoal - Shallow water that is a hazard to navigation.

Knot of the Month: Bowline - The bowline is an ancient but simple knot used to form a fixed
 loop at the end of a rope. The structure of the bowline is identical to that of the sheet bend,
except in the bowline the end and the standing part are used to form the knot rather than two
 ends, as in the sheet bend.
                                      Calendar of Upcoming Events

April 26 – Extra marching practice for the Junior Lilac Parade. Muster at the NOSC parking lot at 10:00 am
to drill for approximately 4 hours.

May 10 – Junior Lilac Parade – details will be coming on this parade. 100% participation is required! Parents
are encouraged to attend and have recruiting flyers available to pass out to anyone interested. Please direct
questions to INST Crystal Gladden as she is the coordinator for this event. Uniform will be Winter Blues – so
make sure your uniform is ready to go.

May 17 – 18 – Regular Drill Weekend – However – this is also Lilac Parade weekend and the kickoff of the
Poppy Sales. This is a very important Fundraiser for us and again maximum participation is needed to make
this successful. Sign up and return the sheet to LT T. Fitch ASAP – Vouchers will be available to cadets
working these shifts. We will work Poppy sales on Saturday, May 17 and have regular drill schedule on
Sunday, May 18 that includes Aviation training and a trip to Spokane International Airport Control Tower.

May 19 – 22 – Poppy Sales – see sign-up sheet
May 24 – 25 – Poppy Sales – see sign-up sheet

June 21 – 22 – Regular Drill Weekend

June 28 – 29 – Hoopfest Fundraiser – we make mega-bucks off this two day event. A sign-up sheet will be
available as soon as we confirm our zones. We have asked to double our zones this year as our cadet numbers
have improved significantly and we feel that we can cover more areas without difficulty. Don’t let us down!
This fund-raiser alone covers our unit expenses for the winter months!

July 19 – 20 – Regular Drill Weekend

August 9 – 10 – Fairchild Air Show – featuring the US Navy Blue Angels! This is the first show they’ve
done in Spokane in years! We have several contacts in place to allow the cadets to actually meet the Blue
Angel Pilots! Our primary responsibility is crowd control and we hope to set up a recruiting booth – more
details will be coming on this fantastic event!

August 16 – 23 – Navy League Cadet Orientation at Fort Lewis, WA. Cost is $75 per cadet. Use your hard
earned vouchers to pay for this training! Transportation to the training will be via a chartered bus (if we have
enough cadets going to Orientation) – transportation home is up to the parents, but attendance at graduation is
one of the most rewarding events in a cadet’s career! Sea Bag list has been provided – so start getting items
now – don’t wait until August! You must be 11 years old to attend Orientation – no exceptions/no waivers!
                                              Poppy Sales
May 17
Wal-Mart - Valley
      0900 – 1300 INST Meyer, Cadet Meyer______________________________________
      1230 – 1630 LTs Fitch ___________________________________________________
      1600 – 2000 WO Messing_________________________________________________
Rosauers – North Division Y (not yet confirmed)
      0900 – 1300 INSTs Gladden, ______________________________________________
      1230 – 1630 INSTs Gladden, ______________________________________________
      1600 – 2000 MIDN Harvey, _______________________________________________

May 18
Wal-Mart - Valley
      0900 – 2000 Sea Cadets
Rosauers – North Division Y (not yet confirmed)
      0900 – 2000 Sea Cadets

May 19
Wal-Mart – North Division Y
     1600 – 1800 WO Messing________________________________________________
     1800 – 2000 LTs Fitch__________________________________________________

May 20
Wal-Mart – North Division Y
     1600 – 1800 WO Messing________________________________________________
     1800 – 2000 LTs Fitch__________________________________________________

May 21
Wal-Mart – North Division Y
     1600 – 1800 WO Messing________________________________________________
     1800 – 2000 LTs Fitch__________________________________________________

May 22
Wal-Mart – North Division Y
     1600 – 1800 WO Messing________________________________________________
     1800 – 2000 LTs Fitch__________________________________________________

May 24 – Sea Cadets available – Turcott, Eng A & B, Logerwell, Beckmann A & W, Anderson, Turnbough,
Bowes, Vasquez
Wal-Mart – Airway Heights
      0900 – 1230 INSTs Gladden, Cadet Gladden __________________________________
      1200 – 1530 INSTs Gladden, Cadet Gladden __________________________________
      1500 – 1800 INSTs Gladden, Cadet Gladden __________________________________
Wal-Mart – Shadle Center – Sea Cadets Only

May 25 – Sea Cadets available – Mundy, Logerwell, Watkins, Baump, Landreth
Wal-Mart – Airway Heights
     0900 – 1230 INSTs Gladden, Cadet Gladden __________________________________
     1200 – 1530 INSTs Gladden, Cadet Gladden __________________________________
     1500 – 1800 INSTs Gladden, Cadet Gladden __________________________________
Wal-Mart – Shadle Center – Sea Cadets Only
                                              The story
        Legion Auxiliary                       poppy

  Each year around Memorial Day, Veterans of Foreign Wars members and American Legion
Auxiliary volunteers distribute millions of bright red poppies in exchange for contributions to assist
disabled and hospitalized veterans. The program provides multiple benefits to the veterans and to the
community. The hospitalized veterans who make the flowers are able to earn a small wage, which helps
to supplement their incomes and makes them feel more self-sufficient. The physical and mental activity
provides many therapeutic benefits as well. Donations are used exclusively to assist and support
veterans and their families. The poppy also reminds the community of the past sacrifices and
continuing needs of our veterans. The poppy has become a nationally known and recognized symbol of
sacrifice and is worn to honor the men and women who served and died for their country in all wars.

 A brief history of the artificial poppy:

  In the World War I battlefields of Belgium, poppies grew wild amid the ravaged landscape. How
could such a pretty little flower grow wild while surrounded by death and destruction? The overturned
soils of battle enabled the poppy seeds to be covered, thus allowing them to grow and to forever serve
as a reminder of the bloodshed during that and future wars.

  The poppy movement was inspired by the poem "In Flanders Fields" written by Lieutenant Colonel
John McCrae of the Canadian forces in 1915 before the United States entered World War I. Selling
replicas of the original Flanders' poppy originated in some of the allied countries immediately after the

 No definite organized sale of poppies on a nationwide scale was conducted in America until 1921,
when the Franco-American Children's League sold poppies ostensibly for the benefit of children in the
devastated areas of France and Belgium.

  Madam Guerin, who was recognized as "the poppy lady from France", sought and received the
cooperation of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. early in 1922, after the Franco-American
Children's League was dissolved. The VFW conducted a poppy sale prior to Memorial Day, 1922, using
only poppies that were made in France. In the 1923 poppy sale, due to the difficulty and delay in
getting poppies from France, the VFW made use of a surplus of French poppies that were on hand and
the balance was provided by a firm in New York City manufacturing artificial flowers.

  The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States was the first veteran organization to promote a
nationally organized campaign for the annual distribution of poppies assembled by American disabled
and needy veterans. In 1924, the VFW patented the name "Buddy Poppy" for their version of the
artificial flower. Buddy Poppy proceeds represents no profit to any VFW unit. All the money
contributed by the public for Buddy Poppies is used in the cause of veteran’s welfare, or for the well
being of their needy dependents and the orphans of veterans.

  Following the 1924 sale, the VFW believed it would stimulate local sales if the poppies they used were
assembled by disabled veterans in hospitals within their own jurisdiction. The 1924 encampment of the
VFW at Atlantic City granted this privilege, under the provision that all poppies would be produced
according to specifications set forth by the National Buddy Poppy Committee, and that all poppies
would be assembled by disabled veterans in government hospitals and by needy veterans in workshops
supervised by the VFW.

  Around the same year, the American Legion Auxiliary adopted the poppy as the organization's
memorial flower and pledged its use to benefit our servicemen and their families. Today, the poppy
continues to provide a financial and therapeutic benefit to those hospitalized and disabled veterans who
construct them, as well as benefiting thousands of other veterans and their families.

  Each nine-piece poppy is made by veterans for veterans in Auxiliary sponsored Poppy Shops that
supplement physical and psychological therapy needed by hospitalized and disabled veterans. The
Auxiliary provides the materials and the volunteers. The veteran makes the poppy and is paid a small
amount for each painstakingly made flower. For some it is their only income.

  No matter what the cost of maintaining and supplying the Poppy Shops, the memorial poppy is never
sold, but given in exchange for a contribution.

                                      In Flanders Fields
                               In Flanders fields the poppies blow
                                 Between the crosses, row on row
                               That mark our place; and in the sky
                                The larks, still bravely singing, fly
                               Scarce heard amid the guns below.

                                We are the Dead. Short days ago
                              We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
                              Loved and were loved, and now we lie
                                       In Flanders fields.

                               Take up our quarrel with the foe:
                              To you from failing hands we throw
                              The torch; be yours to hold it high.
                                If ye break faith with us who die
                             We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
                                        In Flanders fields.