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					                                              Special Conditions
                                                     for a
                                         State Purchasing Agreement
                                  Telecommunications Calling Cards 2006-2007
                                       Commodity Code: 991-805
                                         SPA #:         9913224
                          Begin Date: 10/31/2006           End Date:   10/30/2007

The purpose of this eQuote is to establish a one (1) year State Purchasing Agreement (SPA) for the purchase of
Telecommunications Calling Cards 2006-2007; by all State of Florida agencies and other governmental Eligible
Users. There are no existing quantities or orders known.

Prices on the equote must reflect F.O.B. Destination, delivered to the ordering entity’s location.

Vendor must contact all State of Florida agencies and other governmental Eligible Users (Customers) to sell
these products or services, if this Agreement is awarded. Vendor, please be aware that this eQuote is not for
any specific quantities for an actual order, Purchase Order (PO), or Direct Order (DO). All State of
Florida agencies and other governmental Eligible Users will provide that information when you contact them.

The Department of Management Services, Division of State Purchasing, reserves the right to make multiple
awards of this State Purchasing Agreement, if found that it is in the best interest of the State, and/or other
governmental Eligible Users.

There is no annual cap on purchases made from this Agreement. All Purchase Orders issued from the ensuing
SPA, individually must not exceed Category II ($25,000.00). Please reference Florida Statute 287.042(2)(a) and
Florida Administrative Code 60A-1.025.

It is anticipated that award of the SPA shall be as quickly as possible and shall be in effect for one year from
date of issue, providing satisfactory performance by the Vendor(s). For any issues pertaining to the equote,
please contact Kimberly Jones, Purchasing Agent, at 1-850-488-7996.

Additional Products/Services Not Listed
Any and all additional products/services (equipment, parts, etc.), that are not listed on the Price Sheet (Exhibit
A), but needed in conjunction with those items to complete the performance/usage of this State Purchasing
Agreement, will be provided by negotiation between the Customer (End User) at no less than the percent
discount offered for each item on the Price Sheet, and as referenced on the Savings/Price Reductions page.

Insurance Requirements
The Vendor shall secure and maintain for the effective period of the Agreement the following types of
insurance necessary to protect the Vendor and any of their subcontractors performing work under the

             A.       If applicable, Worker’s Compensation Insurance to cover all of its employees during the life
                      of the Agreement in accordance with Chapter 440, Florida Statutes. In case any work is
                      sublet, the Vendor must require the subcontractor similarly to provide Worker’s
                      Compensation Insurance for all of the latter’s employees unless such employees are covered
                      by the protection afforded the Vendor. Such insurance must comply fully with the Florida
                      Worker’s Compensation law. In case any class of employees is to be engaged in hazardous
                      work and is not protected under the Worker’s Compensation statute, the Vendor must
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                    1
                      provide, and cause each subcontractor to provide, adequate insurance, satisfactory to the
                      agency, for protection of employees not otherwise protected. Minimum limits of $100,000
                      per accident, $100,000 per person, and $500,000 per policy aggregate.
             B.       Commercial Comprehensive General Liability, Bodily Injury and Property Damage with
                      minimum limit of $500,000 for each occurrence.
             C.       Automobile Liability Insurance with minimum combined single limit of $500,000 and
                      $5,000 medical for any one person, and for each occurrence. Coverage must include all
                      vehicles that transport Vendor’s workers or supplies.

Only upon award of this Agreement, the awarded Vendor(s) must file Certificates of Insurance with the actual
Customer (State of Florida agencies or other governmental Eligible User) using this Agreement evidencing the
above coverage, and the holder shall be named “the actual customer” (State of Florida agencies or other
governmental Eligible User) on the certificates. Any cancellation or modification of insurance must be
presented in writing to the actual customer (State of Florida agencies or other governmental Eligible User) for
approval within ten (10) working days of cancellation or modification.

Vendor must have all necessary insurances including automobile and general liability where the State is named
as the prime insured. This information must be provided to the State of Florida agencies and other governmental
Eligible Users upon request. Please see Section 16 (b) MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS, Independent
Contractor Status of Vendor of PUR 7722.

Installation and/or Maintenance
If installation and/or maintenance are required by the Customer (end user) then the following applies:

The Vendor shall secure and maintain, for the effective period of the Agreement, the following contractual
documents: a P-Card Order or a Purchase Order issued against this Agreement.

Where installation is required, Vendor shall be responsible for placing and installing the product in the required
locations, unless otherwise designated on the purchase order. Installation will be identified and charged
(independently) on a separate line of the invoice, if applicable. Vendor’s authorized product and price list
shall clearly and separately identify any additional installation charges. All materials used in the installation shall be
of good quality and shall be free of defects that would diminish the appearance of the product or render it
structurally or operationally unsound. Installation includes the furnishing of any equipment, rigging, and materials
required to install or replace the product in the proper location. Vendor shall protect the site from damage and shall
repair damages or injury caused during installation by Vendor or its employees or agents. If any alteration,
dismantling, excavation, etc., is required to achieve installation, the Vendor shall promptly restore the structure or
site to its original condition. Vendor shall perform installation work so as to cause the least inconvenience and
interference with Customers and with proper consideration of others on the site. Upon completion of the
installation, the location and surrounding area of work shall be left clean and in a neat and unobstructed condition,
with everything in satisfactory repair and order.

The purpose of this section does not include Travel for this State Purchasing Agreement. But, if authorized by
Customer, then “Travel” must be paid according to Florida Statute 112.061 Per diem and travel expenses of
public officers, employees, and authorized persons. Travel expenses, if applicable, will be paid pursuant to the
provisions of Section 112.061, Florida Statutes.

If “Travel” is to be included then the order must state: “Travel is not included on this order but is allowed.”

Reference last sentence in Section 6 (b), Invoicing and Payment on PUR 7722.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                        2
Delivery and Shipping
If applicable for this Agreement, shipping or transportation of goods shall be “F.O.B. Destination” delivered to
the ordering entity (Eligible User), which means to any point within the State of Florida.

Delivery shall be made to the ordering State of Florida agency or other governmental Eligible User, 15 to 30
days after Customer places an order, and upon receipt of purchase order, or as agreed. A Vendor, within five
(5) days after receiving a purchase order, shall notify the Customer of any potential delivery delays. Back
ordered items shall be delivered within 15 additional days or as agreed to by the ordering agency. Evidence of
inability to deliver, or intentional delays, shall be cause for Agreement cancellation and Vendor suspension.

Response Time
Once a problem is reported, and if the Vendor is absent, the Vendor shall call back within two (2) hours of
initial call. Onsite response shall be within four (4) hours of initial call.

If applicable for the Agreement, any cartons may be delivered on standard GMA double entry pallets. Size of
pallets must be 40” x 48” with entry on the 40” side. Pallets shall be loaded no higher than 48” including the

Certification and Electronic Signature
By completing and responding to this eQuote, Vendor is agreeing to all terms and conditions, of the Agreement,
including those of PUR 7722. A copy of PUR 7722 may be obtained at:

Price decreases are acceptable on invoice(s) presented for payment. Vendor will assume all responsibility for
damages due to faulty equipment. The Vendor certifies that the discounted prices stated will hold for the
duration of the Agreement, if awarded, and that the State Purchasing Agreement products/services quoted meet
or exceed manufacturer’s warranty requirements. Warranty information must be made available to the
Customer. Customer must review the warranty information for the specific details of maintenance and
repair requirements, if applicable.

Technical Documentation & Price List
All products/services quoted must meet or exceed all requirements of this eQuote. The Vendor must provide an
electronically scanned copy of their current catalog showing equipment or products/services being
quoted; or a website address where their products and price list can be viewed. Please indicate this web site
address in #3 of Minimum Requirements section below and on Price Sheet, if indicated. The effective date and
the discount off list price should be shown on the Price Sheet pages for each quoted response. The purpose of
this request, for technical documentation and/or price list, is required to demonstrate compliance of the
product/service quoted and to allow a technical evaluation and verification of a true savings to the State of
Florida agencies and other governmental Eligible Users.

Purchasing Card Program
The State has implemented a purchasing card program through the Bank of America, using the VISA network.
Vendors will receive payment from the purchasing card in the same manner as other VISA purchases.
Accordingly, Vendors must presently have the ability to accept VISA or take whatever steps necessary to
implement the ability before the start of the Agreement term. The State reserves the right to revise this program
in conjunction with implementation of an on-line procurement system. VISA acceptance is mandatory but is not
the exclusive method of payment. Please indicate your ability to accept VISA in the space provided on the
Ordering Instructions page of the eQuote.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                  3
When an ordering State agency makes a purchase using the State Purchasing Card as method of payment, the
language in paragraph 7, Transaction Fee, on the attached form PUR 7722 does NOT apply. When the State
Purchasing Card is not used as a method of payment, or a purchasing card other than the State Purchasing Card
is used, paragraph 7 DOES apply.

Minimum Requirements
Respondents shall:

    1.       Quote a discount off list prices (price charged to customer off the street) of the products that you are
             quoting on the pricing page(s). Price quoted should include: List Price, Percent Discount given, and
             SPA Discounted Price.
    2.       Indicate length of time your company has been providing these products/services.
    3.       Electronically provide literature of products being quoted showing the List Price or a website URL
             where the products and pricing can be viewed.

      Website Address:_http://www._________________________________________________________
        (Also required for specifications of other quoted brand(s) you submit on Price Sheet pages.)

    4.       Electronically submit specifications for brands quoted for on the Price Sheet. This information may
             or may not be the same as requested for in #3 above.
    5.       Installation charges provided on the Price Sheet, if required, for the products quoted for in this
             Agreement, if awarded.
    6.       Estimated Delivery and Shipping charges provided on Price Sheet, from where you are to
             Tallahassee, Florida.
    7.       Compliant Vendor(s) are those who offers a cost proposal by completing the Price Sheet (Work
             Sheet), resulting in the lowest net price to the State and meet the technical requirements.

Failure to submit the information required in this section, will be grounds for disqualification of your quote
and/or removal from any resulting Agreement.

If you have questions regarding how to use the eQuote tool (i.e., review a quote, submit a supplier response,
download an attachment, etc.), please contact the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Customer Service Desk at 1-
866-352-3776 or at

If Agreement is Awarded
Award will be made to the lowest responsive and responsible supplier(s) who offers the highest discount from
their list price, resulting in the lowest net cost (Discounted SPA Price) to the State of Florida agencies and other
governmental Eligible Users of the ensuing Agreement, if awarded. This means that the lowest price(s) will be
determined by applying the discount offered to the list price to get the lowest net price. Possible Eligibility for
Award will be based on the Vendor’s submission of their eQuote response for Telecommunications Calling
Cards 2006-2007 as depicted in this document. Additional items/services which may be needed, but not listed
on this Agreement, will be negotiated between the ordering agency and the Vendor at the same, or greater,
discounted prices. A manufacturer’s brand of products quoted for on the Price Sheet page(s) can only be
awarded once on each item and will be awarded to the Vendor with the best pricing.

The Department of Management Services, Division of State Purchasing, reserves the right to make multiple
awards of this State Purchasing Agreement, if found that it is in the best interest of the State, and/or other
governmental Eligible Users.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                    4
Vendors may respond and receive awards in all geographic districts (regions) or statewide, as depicted on the
enclosed map. The district response shall be at the Vendor’s option (discretion). All other provisions of this
document shall prevail.

Current SPA Expiration or Cancellation
As a result of this eQuote, the new Agreement, if awarded, will replace the present or current upon its
expiration, if one exists. If at any time, a State Term Contract is established, in whole or in part, subsequent to
this eQuote, for like items or services, it will cancel this State Purchasing Agreement.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                   5
                                                   Technical Specifications

1. Definitions
2. Statement of Services Required
3. Calling Cards
4. Billing Information


    1. 1-800-XXX: Non-live Operator assisted call. Initial access to mechanized Operator to allow for
       automated entry of Calling Card number with time out to live Operator.

    2. 10-XXX-XXXX: Awarded Vendor(s) proprietary Non-Live Operator assisted call. Initial access to
       allow for automated entry of Calling Card number with time out to live Operator.

    3. Vendor(s): the firm, partnership or corporation to whom these specifications are submitted and from
       whom quotes are solicited and received.

    4. Awarded Vendor(s): the firm, partnership or corporation to whom the Agreement is awarded by the
       State of Florida and who is subject to the terms thereof.

    5. Fraudulent Calls: Calls made by someone who has stolen or found a Calling Card, and calls made from
       an illegally used Calling Card that was not from a lost or stolen card.

    6. Intra-Lata: Service provided by a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) that does not cross Lata lines.

    7. Inter-Lata: Service provided by an Interchange Carrier (IXC) that crosses Lata lines.

    8. International: Service provided by an IXC that extends beyond the geographic boundaries of the United
       States and its territories.

    9. Intra-Mainland: Service provided by an IXC that extends beyond the geographic boundaries of the
       State of Florida (also called Interstate).

    10. Lata (Local Access and Transport Area): a geographic area in which certain local exchange
        companies provide communication services. Lata’s are based on a concept called standard Metropolitan
        Statistical Area (MSA) that divides the country into common and social geographic areas called
        Communities of Interest.

    11. Subscriber: The State of Florida or any other governmental Eligible User.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                              6
                                              Statement of Services Required

Service Area Requirements – The successful Awarded Vendor(s) shall be able to provide long distance calling
service to and from the following areas:
        All telephone companies located in the State of Florida (Intra-LATA and Inter-LATA)
        All Telephone companies located in the USA (Intra-Mainland: the lower 48 states, including Alaska and
        All other countries - Since less than 2% of the Calling Card will be international, the term “All” is
        applicable to all the countries that the Vendor(s) can provide service to.

New NPA’s (area codes) and NNX’s (local exchange numbers) - New NPA’s area codes and NNX’s must be
added or changed in a timely manner. NPA and NNX changes will be made to the routing database prior to
actual change.

Blocked Calls - all calls to the 700 and 900 NPA and the 976 NNX must be blocked by the Vendor(s), unless
the Enterprise Information Technology Services requests otherwise.

Outside Blocked Calls - the Awarded Vendor(s) shall have the ability to block all calls by NPA and/or NNX.

Voice Compression - facilities must not include any type of voice compression devices. Echo canceller devices
will be permitted on long haul facilities provided they can be disabled by a 2100 Hz signal.

The Billing Cycle - the billing cycle shall be a maximum of 31 days from date of first bill.

Grade of Service - An original grade of service of Poisson one (P.01) or better shall be provided by the
Vendor(s) to all service areas regardless of the end termination grade of service.

Directory Assistance Service - The Awarded Vendor(s) will provide access to directory assistance services.
The cost for directory assistance calls shall be provided as part of this quote. This rate can not exceed the
current rate ($.40/call). These charges must be provided as a separate item on the bill.

Operator Services and Assistance - The Awarded Vendor(s) shall be able to provide Operator services. The
criteria for compliance to the Operator service requirements are as follows:
         A. Ownership - The Awarded Vendor(s) shall have majority interest in, or a contractual agreement with
             its Operator services. This requires that the Operator service function as an integral part of the
             contracted service. All Vendors that have contractual agreements for their Operator services shall
             submit a copy of the portion of the contract that will verify compliance.
         B. Location - The Operator services for this quote may be located anywhere in the United States as long
             as access to the Operator is provided through 0+ and/or the carrier’s 10-XXXPIC code. The Operator
             services should be backed up by at least one service center located in a different geographic area, so
             that in case of a disaster the integrity of the services is not compromised.
         C. Capacity - A grade of services of Poisson one (P.01) or better shall be given on all originating and
             terminating Operator-assisted calls (live and automated). Switch set-up time for automated dialed
             calls shall be an average of twelve (12) seconds or less. Switch set up time for the purpose of this
             quote refers to the time it takes an end user to receive automated or live Operator functions. If the
             call is not set up a live Operator shall intervene within an average of three (3) seconds or less for a
             total of fifteen (15) seconds or less for a call set up and live Operator intervention. Intervention by a
             live Operator on direct dialed calls shall not be cause for operated assisted call charges to be applied.
             A live Operator shall come on line within an average of seven (7) seconds or less when an end user
             dials for a live Operator.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                    7
        D. Bilingual Communications – the Awarded Vendor(s) shall provide a minimum of two languages:
           English and Spanish. Also the Awarded Vendor(s) shall be able to provide call set up to non-
           English or Spanish speaking countries without added cost to the user.
        E. Hours of operation - Operator services are required on 24-hours a day, seven days a week basis,
           including holidays.

Operator Assisted Calls - The Operator services (automated or live) shall be available to process the following
types of calls and bill the subscriber the appropriate rates for such calls by dialing 0+ and any other toll free

        Directory Assistance (local and long distance)
        Process calls to non-direct distance dialing countries.

Failed or Overflow Operator Service - In the event that services fail or overflow, the Awarded Vendor(s)
shall have alternate routing to other facilities or to another provider of Operator service. This change will be
transparent to the user and with minimum interruption in service.

Answer Supervision/Disconnect Supervision – Answer Supervision and Disconnect Supervision is a
requirement of this Quote. Awarded Vendor(s) shall not charge or bill for incomplete or hung calls. Calls are to
be billed only from the time that the end user answers the call until either the called or the called party hangs up.

Billing Corrections - Awarded Vendor(s) shall provide automatic credits to the Customer for incorrectly dialed
or disputed calls, and shall have one (1) billing cycle to confirm the disputed call as billable and re-bill.

Fraud - The State of Florida will bear no responsibility for fraudulent calls. The Awarded Vendor(s) network
should offer security features to detect potential abuse of the State Calling Cards. Fraudulent calls shall be the
sole responsibility of the Awarded Vendor(s).

Inspection Audit and Maintenance Reports - Representative of the Department, Comptroller of the State of
Florida, or the Auditor General of the State of Florida or their duly authorized representatives, for any purposes,
shall have access to any books, documents, papers, letters, and records or other material of the Awarded
Vendor(s) as they may relate to this Agreement. The Awarded Vendor(s) shall maintain books, records and
documents in accordance with acceptable accounting principles and practices that sufficiently and properly
reflect charges made using Calling Cards issued pursuant to this Agreement.

Cancellation - The Department shall unilaterally cancel any resultant Agreement for refusal by the Awarded
Vendor(s) to allow public access to all books, documents, papers, letters, and records or other material
originated or received by the Vendor(s) in conjunction with this Agreement subject to the provisions of Florida
Statute Chapter 119.

Management Reports - Submit with the quote a sample of the monthly traffic summary reports from your

Trouble Shooting Reports - The Awarded Vendor(s) must provide a centralized trouble reporting and
maintenance system that is manned 24-hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Upon notification
by phone the Awarded Vendor(s) must respond to trouble reports within one hour of notification.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                    8
                                                         Calling Cards

Database - the Awarded Vendor(s) shall maintain a database that tracks State of Florida Calling Cards,
maintains an updated record of which agencies have Calling Cards, how many, and within the agency to whom
the cards are issued. The information must include the account number, Calling Card number and authorization
code. The Agreement requires that the database be organized in an industry format acceptable to State
Purchasing and the Enterprise Information Technology Services. The database, or any portion thereof, should
be furnished at anytime upon Customer request or at the end of the Agreement period. Customer data, number
of cards, individual names, authorization codes (14-digit), validation (issuance) date, and class codes associated
with each Calling Card must also be provided in industry standard format. The provision of the database shall
be at no cost to the State. Failure to comply with these requirements shall cause the Awarded Vendor(s) to be in
default, and in reference to form PUR 7722, number 2, Term/Termination, “….Vendor’s failure to perform in
any aspect of this Agreement may result in immediate termination of this Agreement, in addition to those
remedies laid out in the relevant sections of the Florida Administrative Code.” applies.

The database for in service cards will be made available to the Awarded Vendor(s). The Awarded Vendor(s)
may utilize the database by either honoring the existing card, or issuing a similarly set-up new card.

Database Changes - Database changes (Format, Platform, etc) deemed necessary by State Purchasing must be
offered by the Awarded Vendor(s). The cost of the database Format/Platform change must be included in the
price of the services provided.

Calling Card Design - The Department shall have the option to choose the design applied to the face of all
Calling Cards. The Awarded Vendor(s) shall work with the Department and/or the Enterprise Information
Technology Services to develop a design acceptable to the State. After a design has been issued, it is not to be
changed unless there is a mutual agreement between the Department and the Awarded Vendor(s). The cost of
developing and issuing the Calling Cards shall be borne by the Awarded Vendor(s).

Personalized Calling Cards - Calling Cards issued shall include the Calling Card number, user name (i.e.,
John Doe) and the Customer (i.e., Department of Management Services) requesting the Calling Card.

Class of Service Class Code - the Awarded Vendor(s) shall be able to provide Class of Service Codes.
Customers will specify the Class of Service Code for each Calling Card ordered. Requests without a Class of
Service Code shall be given a “State of Florida” only Class of Service Code. Customers will not be charged for
Class of Service Code changes. The Awarded Vendor(s) shall agree to restrict 700, 900, 976 and any other pay
per call numbers’, Awarded Vendor(s) shall provide Customers with the added ability to request a Calling Card
with additional levels of restrictions such as, limits to certain phone numbers. The three (3) types of required
Class of Service Codes for this quote are:

        Intra-LATA and Inter-LATA: State of Florida Only.
        Intra-Mainland: United States including Hawaii and Alaska and its territories.
        No Restrictions: Global Connectivity.

Issuance of Calling Cards - The Awarded Vendor(s) shall be responsible for direct issuance of all Calling
Cards to each requesting Customer. Accountability of all Calling Cards issued shall be between that Customer
and Awarded Vendor(s). Calling Cards are to be issued to the requesting Customer within a maximum of fifteen
(15) calendar days after receipt of request.

Customer will issue Calling Card forms directly to Awarded Vendor(s). For Customers requiring a purchase
order in order to acquire services, a blanket purchase order may be sent along with these required forms. Calling
Cards shall remain valid unless the Customer requests cancellation in writing and/or the Agreement expires.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                9
Lost or Stolen Cards - The Customer/Calling Card user to whom the Calling Card is issued is responsible for
reporting lost or stolen Calling Cards within twenty-four (24) hours. The Awarded Vendor(s) is then required to
void the Calling Card immediately after receipt of the report by the Customer/Calling Card user. The Awarded
Vendor(s) shall have a toll free number printed with the Calling Card users’ instruction sheet, on every monthly
bill, and on the back of the Calling Card, along with information regarding the illegal and or unauthorized use
of the Calling Card. The State will not be responsible for calls made from stolen or lost Calling Cards that are
reported as such.

Rate Types and Structures - The rates associated with the Calling Card are to be in a flat rate format structure.
The rate plan shall identify per minute use for all Calling Card services, only. A surcharge for Operator assisted
(station or person-to-person) calls or international calls may be applied. No additional charge, such as surcharge
per call, or 1-800 charges associated with calls made from public pay phones, shall be accepted without prior
approval by State Purchasing. Per minute use rate may be broken to Domestic Florida Only and Domestic
National. Since international calls constitute less than 2% of the traffic, they will not be evaluated. However, the
State shall utilize a percentage discount savings over the best rates (at any time during the Agreement period)
the Awarded Vendor(s) offers any Customer.

Customer Calling Card User Data - The Awarded Vendor(s) will be able to directly provide to the Customer,
by Calling Card user, a detailed monthly bill that gives, but not limited to, the following information:

        Originating Phone Number
        Terminating Phone Number
        Call Origin Location
        Call Terminating Location
        Time of Call
        Date of Call
        Call Duration
        Call Cost (including discount if applicable)
        Account Summaries (including, but not limited to, previous balance, modifications, and adjustments,
        applicable taxes, surcharges, and new balance)
        Calling Card Number and User Name

Billing Format - Calling Card bills shall be the paper bills and/0r (upon Customer requirements) non-
proprietary computer stored disks (CD), floppy disk, Zip disks or electronic file format, in accordance with the
Customers requirements. Bills shall be scaleable to several granularity levels to meet the Customers’ needs.

        Individual User Level: shall be similar to the individualized Calling Cards with all required

        Sub-Aggregate Level: Within a State agency, various Divisions/Bureaus/ Sections may order Calling
        Cards autonomously and require billing accordingly. In such cases sub-aggregated monthly bill with the
        summary of the total transaction for the division/bureau/section as well as the detailed individual level
        billing separated by each card user and card number shall be provided.

        Aggregate Level - a monthly invoice, including the lower delineated levels.

        All higher levels shall include information about lower levels.

Service Area/Traffic Patterns - The traffic areas for State agencies using telecommunications cards are
anticipated as follows:

        Intra-State (Florida Only Inter-LATA and Intra-LATA): 70%.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                 10
        Interstate (Continental US including Alaska, Hawaii and its territories): 30%.
        International: Less than 2%.

                                                      Billing Information

Billing Format - A copy of the proposed billing format must be submitted as par of the quote package.

Call Length - Calls will be billed in six (6) second increments. Initial periods up to eighteen (18) seconds are

Rounding Calls - Calls can be rounded to the next six (6) second increment.

Lengthy Calls - Lengthy calls (in excess of 119 minutes) shall be included in the Billing. However, they shall
be investigated as to their validity and if proven to be invalid, the cost shall be borne by the Awarded Vendor(s).

Directory Assistance Calls - Directory Assistance Calls details and charges must be included in the bill

Monthly Billing Statement - Monthly Billing Statements must be current. The State will not be obligated to
pay for calls made earlier than one billing cycle prior to the current month unless agreed upon in advance.
Billing in arrears (more than one bill cycle) or in advance is not acceptable and the State will not be obligated to
pay unless agreed upon in advance.

Format Requirement - the billing format shall be in accordance with the agency or Customer required format
(industry standard).

Paper Bill Requirement - the bill date and invoice number must cover the same 30-day period.

Invoices – Invoices must be issued consistently (same period, same day) for each month.

Bill Due Date – Both a paper bill and a readable complete computer stored disk, and electronic file must be
received no later than the 10th day of the month following the month of usage billed.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                 11
                                              Price Sheet (Exhibit A)
                                     Telecommunications Calling Cards 2006 2007

                                                                      Discount from SPA Price
Service                                           List Price          List Price    (C Below)

Domestic Florida Calls                            $0.12               $0.071                $0.049

Domestic National Calls                           $0.12               $0.091                $0.029

Directory Assistance Calls                        $N/A                $N/A                  $0.40

* NOTE: All pricing rounded to the third decimal place. Actual price per minute charged
to Customer will be as indicated below:

Intra-State Calls                                 $0.12               $0.071                $0.049

Interstate Calls                                  $0.12               $0.091                $0.029

Worksheet -- Cost Proposal                                   VENDOR FILL IN “C” BELOW ONLY

                          A                                       B                     C
     Service                                        Weight Factor                  Price
1    Domestic Florida Calls                         .65                        $0.049

2    Domestic National Calls                        .30                        $0.029

3    Directory Assistance Calls                     .05                        $0.40


The information above is strictly used for evaluation of the quotes and has no relevance with actual
usage. The awarded Agreement Vendor will be given the opportunity to offer additional services &
features. The Division of State Purchasing in conjunction with the Enterprise Information Technology
Services, in the best interest of the State, will determine additional services & features and accept or
reject them, accordingly.

Any additional products/services not listed above, but needed in conjunction with the items on the Price
Sheet, will be provided by negotiation between the ordering agency and the Vendor at no less than the
percent discount offered for each item, or greater discount.

How Long has Your Company been Providing these Products/Services:                             Months 3 Years to the State
of FL. RNK has been in the Calling Card business for 8 years.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                       12
According to the District/Region/Section Map, Vendor will provide service coverage Statewide or these

X Statewide                          Western                      Northern      Central      Southern

           Section 1                 Section 2                    Section 3    Section 4     Section 5
           Section 6                 Section 7                    Section 8    Section 9     Section 10
           Section 11                Section 12                   Section 13   Section 14    Section 15
           Section 16                Section 17

Please respond above and do NOT return the MAP AND TERMS document to me.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                     13
                                      SAVINGS/PRICE REDUCTIONS

                                   Telecommunications Calling Cards 2006-2007

 Respondent is required to furnish the percent (%) savings in prices offered in this eQuote compared to
 retail, list, published or other usual and customary prices that would be paid by the purchaser without
 benefit of an Agreement resulting from this eQuote.

 DATE                                      10-13-06

 COMPETITIVE PRICES OFFERED AVERAGE                               67                                   % SAVINGS.
                                                                  (59% and 75% Savings respectively)

 HOW CAN WE VERIFY THE CLAIMED SAVINGS (example: retail or other usual and customary
 prices published at (url), or other source of benchmark prices)?
 RNK Telecom Florida Tariff No. 1, Revised Sheet 29, 4.1.14. On file with the Florida Public Service

 Commission. RNK’s international rates are posted at

 RNK is offering an approx. 25% discount off its standard international rates, depending on region and country.

 RNK has global coverage. RNK will provide both upon request.


 RESPONDENT NAME:                                 Michael S. Tenore
                                                                           (typed or printed)

 COMPANY NAME:                                    RNK, Inc.
                                                                           (typed or printed)

 TELEPHONE NUMBER:                                781-613-6119

 EMAIL ADDRESS:                         

 Do Not Write in Area Below:


 WHAT WERE THE RESULTS?                                  67.50% average

 PURCHASING ANALYST/SPECIALIST/AGENT:                             Kimberly Jones
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                               14
                                                   Ordering Instructions

                VENDOR/COMPANY NAME:                       RNK, Inc.

 SPURS VENDOR NUMBER(FEIN/FEID):                           F043149565

 eQuote/Agreement Administration

 Please identify the person who will be responsible for administering the Agreement on your behalf if award
 is made, and include an emergency contact phone number:

                                           Name: Mauricio R. Puente
                                            Title: Major Carrier Account Manager
                                  Street Address: 333 Elm Street, Suite 310, Dedham, MA 02026
                                  Email Address:
                                Phone Number(s): 781-613-6212 Cellular: 617-968-4120
                                    Fax Number: 781-297-2091

 If the person responsible for answering questions about the eQuote is different from the person identified
 above, please provide the same information for that person.

                                                          Name: Michael Tenore
                                                          Title: Senior Counsel
                                                          Street Address: Same
                                                          Email Address:
                                                          Phone Number(s): 781-613-6119
                                                          Fax Number: 781-297-9836

 Direct Orders
 Please provide the following information about where the Customers should direct orders. You must
 provide a regular mailing address. If equipped to receive purchase orders electronically, you may also
 provide an Internet address.

                                                          333 Elm Street, Suite 310
                     Street Address or P.O. Box:
                                City, State, Zip:          Dedham, MA 02026
                                Phone Number:              781-613-6110
                              Toll Free Number:
                         Ordering Fax Number:       781-297-9836
                                           (specific to Florida) or
                                Internet Address:
                              Federal ID Number: 04-3149565
                                  Remit Address: Same
                                  City, State, Zip: Same
                                  Email Address: or


 Attach additional addresses for all locations in Florida authorized to perform services under this Agreement.
 All locations must be registered in MyFloridaMarketPlace.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                                  15

                    Telecommunications Calling Cards 2006-2007



C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\47b2f116-1574-4f45-9a84-fd8af69011b7.doc                                 16
                                         EMERGENCY SITUATIONS

 Emergency situations, resulting from events such as natural disasters, may require immediate supply of
 commodities and services to various government entities.

 If your firm is capable and willing to supply item(s) offered in this solicitation during an emergency,
 please complete the following:

                                                                           Telecommunications   Calling
                                                           AGREEMENT TITLE Cards 2006-2007

                                            CONTACT PERSON (24 HOURS)        Mauricio Puente

                                    EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBER               781-613-6212

                                             PAGER TELEPHONE NUMBER          N/A

                                       CELLULAR TELEPHONE NUMBER             617-968-4120

 ANSWERING SERVICE / AFTER HOURS TELEPHONE NUMBER                            781-613-6115

 The above information will be used by this office should the State of Florida determine an emergency
 situation exists.

                                                VENDOR COMPANY NAME:         RNK, Inc.

                                                  17 of 20
                                                VENDOR COMPANY NAME: RNK, Inc.
                                                  Credit Card Charge Authorization

Note to Customer: Please complete the following form on your computer, print it, sign it, and fax it to the
awarded Vendor.
For the following Vendor information, please see the Ordering Instructions page:
Attn:                       (Accounts Receivable). If you have any questions call
and ask for                       (Accounts Receivable). \

I hereby authorize                                                  to charge my credit card as described below:

Amount of Charge(US$):

Description of Goods or Services:

Customer Name:

MC / Visa / Amex:                       _

Credit Card Number:                         _

Security Code:

Expiration Date (MM/YYYY):                      _

Credit Card Billing Information:

First Name as it appears on card: _

Last Name:                      _

Company Name:                       _

Card Address:                   _

City:                   _

State:                  _

Card Zip Code:                      _

Country:                    _

Email:                   _

Signature of Authorized Cardholder
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              (MAXIMUM 28 CHARACTERS)












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                                      AGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION










                 BETWEEN ORDERS.


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