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									                                                                            Sony Ericsson WTA Tour Fact Sheet
                                                                          TELECOM ITALIA MASTERS ROMA 2005
                                                                                         Rome, Italy
                                                                            May 9 - 15, 2005 - $1,300,000 - Tier I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Revised as of April 1, 2005

                                                                                                         TOURNAMENT FACTS
  Draw Size                     Surface                        Tournament Owner                           Prize Money                    Tournament Director                                                Proposed Television Schedule
 56M/32Q/28D               Red Clay / Outdoors              Italian Tennis Federation              Paid Out by the Tournament Sergio Palmieri    PH: 39 06 3283 7204
                                                                      (F.I.T.)                           on-site in USD.      Foro Italico        FX: 39 06 3263 8550                                   Eurosport
  2004 Cutoffs                   Tennis Ball                                                                                                  Viale Dei Gladiatori, 31                                  May 11-May 15, Mon-Sun
 48 Q draw in ‘04                                                                                  Local taxes to be deducted:                00194 Rome, Italy                                         SKY Italia (cable)
                                                                 Tournament’s                                                                                        May 9-15, Mon-Sun, live
MD= 53 Q= 144                Dunlop Fort Duck                30th year on the Tour.                           30%                   
D= 158 DQ= 250
                                                                                                   TOURNAMENT DATES
           Main Draw & Qualifying Dates                                                    Sign-In                      Finals                                                        Main Draw Ceremony                    Withdrawal Deadlines
Qualifying: May 7 - 8, Saturday - Sunday                                        Singles Qualifying Sign-In:         Singles Final
Start Times: 10:00am                                                            May 6, Friday between 1-4pm     May 15, Sunday, 12:45                                                   May 7 th , Saturday,                   Main Draw – Apr 4
Main Draw: May 9 - 15, Monday – Sunday                                                                                                                                                  12:00 noon, on-site                    Qualifying – Apr 25
Start Times: Mon-Fri 1:00pm; Sat 2:30pm, Sun 12:45                                    Doubles Sign-In:                                      Doubles Final
pm; Night Sessions: Tue-Fri 8:30pm                                                May 8, Sunday by 12 noon                               May 15, Sunday, TBC
                                                             TOURNAMENT HOTELS                                                                                                TRANSPORTATION                                    TOURNAMENT
 Hotel Name & Address                              Rates                                          Reservations                                                                    Airport Pickup                               Address & PH/FX
GRAND HOTEL PARCO DEI                  Double as Single = € 275             Contact Laura Marani before the tournament at                                              Fly into the Leonardo Da Vinci
PRINCIPI (Official Hotel)              (approx. $360 USD)                   Tournament Office PH 39 06 3283 7239,                                                      Fiumicino airport. For airport pickup               Foro Italico
Via G. Frescobaldi, 5                  Double = € 330                                                                                                                  and transportation prior to the
                                                                            FX 39 06 3263 8550 or                                             tournament, contact Alessandra                      Viale Dei Gladiatori, 31
00198 Rome Italy                       (approx. $430 USD)
                                                                            Contact Cristina Cimino from May 9 th onward on-site                                       Fracassini in the Tournament Office                 00198 Rome, Italy
PH: 39 06 854 421                      Rates include all taxes and
FX: 39 06 884 5104                     American Breakfast.                  39 06 3283 7261. Reservation form attached.                                                at                                                  PH: 39 06 3283 7204
                                                                                                                                                                       PH: 39 06 3283 7204,                                FX: 39 06 3263 8550
Distance: 10-15 min by car                                                  Hotel Reservation Deadline is April 9 th.                                                  FX: 39 06 3263 8550 or                              Sony Ericsson WTA Tour
                                                                                                                                                                                     PH: 39 06 3283 7241
COLONY HOTEL (Alternate)               Single = € 125                       Per Diem: Back to Back event with ATP, per the ATP per diem rule:                          For airport pickup and transportation
Via Monterosi, 18                      (approx. $165 USD)                   Main Draw Singles Players will receive a minimum of 7 nights                                                                                   FX: TBA
                                                                                                                                                                       during the tournament, contact
00191 Rome, Italy                      Double = € 150                       continuing through the night of a player’s last match. Qualifying                          Giorgio Donato
PH: 39 06 3630 1843                    (approx. $200 USD)                   Players will receive 2 nights. Main Draw Doubles Players: Rooms for                        PH: 39 06 32837265/6
                                                                            doubles players who stay in individual rooms should be available
FX: 39 06 3630 9495                    Triple = € 170                                                                                                                  FX: TBA
                                                                            beginning Saturday for a minimum of 2 nights or until the player loses                     Transportation starting from
Distance: 10 min by car                (approx. $225 USD)
                                                                            whichever is later or; if doubles players share a room, hospitality
                                       Rates include all taxes and                                                                                                     Thursday, May 5th.
                                                                            should be available on Saturday of a minimum of 4 nights or until the
                                       Continental Breakfast.               doubles team loses, whichever is later.

       WTA Tour All-Access Hour                                                       FITNESS CENTER                                VISAS                             Sony Ericsson WTA TOUR STAFF
           SPECIAL 10, 3:00pm, on-site media center, Top
       - Monday, MayEVENTS                                                                                                    Contact Alessandra                      TOUR SUPERVISOR                                    MARKETING
       eight seeds with byes                                                         Technogym area on-                                                               Laura Ceccarelli, Fabrice Chouquet
                                                                                                                               Fracassini in the                                                                         Annabel Jefferson, Annie Adam
       -Visit to Holy Pope                                                             site and a fitness                                                             PRIMARY HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS
                                                                                                                              Tournament Office
       Wednesday, May 11, 10:30am, St. Peter/Vatican,                                 area at the Circolo                                                             Kerri Whitehead, Maureen Olejar, Phillipa Stewart
                                                                                                                             39 06 32837204 or at
       Please contact Allesandra Fracassini before Tuesday                            Tennis Due Ponti.                                                               MASSAGE THERAPIST
       morning, May 10                                                                                           
                                                                                     Contact Alessandra                                                               Annie Turner, Tour Locals
       -Players Party                                                                                                      for a letter of invitation if
                                                                                           Fracassini.                                                                COMMUNICATIONS                             PLAYER RELATIONS
       Wednesday, May 11, 9:00pm, On-site VIP Village                                                                                needed.                          John Dolan, Roger Gatchialan               Natasha Kalashnikova

  Fact Sheet information was provided by the Tournament Director at the time of the entry deadline. The Sony Ericsson WTA Tour is not responsible for any changes hereafter, but will make every effort to notify players of any additions or corrections.
 Did you know…. Sergio Palmieri served as Tournament Direc-
 tor in 1979 and 1980 and again since 2003….. He was the num-
 ber 3 ranked player in Italy in 1968… Sergio looked after
 players such as John McEnroe and Yannick Noah during his
 time at IMG.
                                                                                                                         Did you know…. Rome's
                                                                                                                         city centre is divided neatly
                  Tournament Website:                                                                                    into distinct blocks….. The

                                                                                   Did you
                                                                        warren of streets that
                                                                                                                         makes up the centro storico
                                                                                                                         occupies the hook of land
Did you know…. The                                                                                                       on the left bank of the
Foro Italico stadium                                                                                                     River Tiber, bordered to

was built in 1928/29,                                                                                                    the east by Via del Corso
                                                                                                                         and to the north and south
in a park which also
                                                                                                                         by water.
includes the Olympic
Stadium     and   the
Stadio dei Marmi…
It is located down-
town near the fa-
mous Tiber River.

                                                                                            Did you know…. The Rome Tournament was held for
                                                                                            the first time in 1930 as Campionati Internazionali
                                                                                            d’Italia….. It is now called Telecom Italia Masters by
                                                           Past Champions in Rome:
                                                                                            the name of its Title Sponsor, the Italian major Tele-
                                                    2004    Amelie Mauresmo
                                                            N. Petrova/ M. Shaughnessy      phone Company,…. The Tournament history began in
                                                    2003    Kim Clijsters                   Milan but it was moved to Rome in 1950 at the present
                                                            S.Kuznetsova / M. Navratilova   venue, called Foro Italico.
                                                    2002    Serena Williams
                                                            V. Ruano Pascual / P. Suarez
                                                    2001   Jelena Dokic
                                                            C. Black / J. Husarova
                                                    2000    Monica Seles
                                                            L. Raymond / R. Stubbs
May 9 - 15, 2005
TOURNAMENT HOTEL:                                      QUALIFYING HOTEL:
Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi                          Hotel Colony
Via G. Frescobaldi, 5 00198 Rome                        Via Monterosi, 18 00191 Rome

Rates: Double as Single € 275,00                             Rates: Double as Single € 125,00
       Double           € 330,00                                    Double           € 150,00
                                                                    Triple           € 170,00

             American breakfast included                                Continental breakfast included

                   q Main Draw                         q Qualifying Draw

Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Surname: __________________________________________________________________________

Room type:     q Double as Single       q Double    q Triple

Special requests: _____________________________________________________________________
Arrival date: __________________________Arrival time:_____________________________________
From: _______________________________ Flight n.: _______________________________________

Airport pick up:              q Yes q No             How many persons: ___________________________

Accompanying persons:
      Name & Surname               Function        Arrival            Arrival Time            Room type
                                                    Date                Flight n.
                            q Coach q Other                                                q Single q Double

                            q Coach q Other                                                q Single q Double

                            q Coach q Other                                                q Single q Double

Total rooms required: _____________________

Your fax number for confirmation: ___________________________________________________

Please contact Laura Marani Tel. +39 06 32837239 fax: +39 06 32638550 e-mail
and Cristina Cimino from April 28th onward(Tel. +39 06 32837261).

                                   DEADLINE APRIL 9, 2005
Re: Official invitation to the TELECOM ITALIA MASTERS ROMA 2005

Player name:


To whom it may concern.

Dear Sirs,

This letter will certify that the Telecom Italia Masters Roma 2005, part of the WTA
professional tennis circuit, distributing USD 1.300.000 starting on May 9th th, and
finishing on May 15 , will be held in Rome, Italy, and will host a singles and doubles
qualifying competition gathering 32 players starting Friday, May 7 , 2005 and a singles
and doubles main draw competition of 56 players.

I, Tournament Director of the Telecom Italia Masters Roma 2005, officially invite the
above mentioned player to our tournament.

Per the rules of the WTA Tour, the Tournament offers hospitality to main draw players.

Yours sincerely,

Sergio Palmieri
Sergio Palmieri
Telecom Italia Masters roma 2005

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