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									                                      HALL COUNTY FAIR OPEN CLASS
                                           2011 LIST of CLASSES
                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
Page #
1        Hogs                              2       Agricultural Education            8       Arts & Crafts - Photography
1        Rabbits                           3       Saddle Horses                     10      Foods
2        Pigeons                           4       Farm Produce                      13      Junior
2        Poultry                           6       Needlework                        16      Flowers

                                                   ENTRY DATE and TIME
                                         Horses arrive and leave on Saturday, July 16
                          Enter static (stand alone) exhibits Wednesday, July 20 from 4 - 7:30 p.m.
                                      Enter hogs Wednesday, July 20 from 4 – 7:30 p.m.
         Enter rabbits, pigeons and poultry Wednesday, July 20, 4 -7:30 p.m. OR Thursday, July 21, 7:30 - 9 a.m.

                         Superintendent: Albert Moeller, 7582 So Engleman Rd, GI 384-0979
                              Assistant: Albert W Moeller, 3029 So Blaine, GI 382-8831
General Information: Enter hogs Wednesday, July 20 from 4 -7:30 p.m. Barrows and Gilts must be 240-300 lbs. for the
show. Open Class Show Thursday, July 21 (8 a.m. Livestock Arena) All entries in the purebred classes must be from
registered animals.
A1       Barrow Poland China                                     A10   Gilt Poland China
A2       Barrow Duroc                                            A11   Gilt Duroc
A3       Barrow Hampshire                                        A12   Gilt Hampshire
A4       Barrow Berkshire                                        A13   Gilt Berkshire
A5       Barrow Chester White                                    A14   Gilt Chester White
A6       Barrow Yorkshire                                        A15   Gilt Yorkshire
A7       Barrow Landrance                                        A16   Gilt Landrance
A8       Barrow other established breed                          A17   Gilt other established breed
A9       Barrow Crossbred                                        A18   Gilt Crossbred

                        Superintendent: Paddi Mack-Fieldgrove, PO Box 91 Chapman, 379-8771
General information: Enter exhibits: Wednesday, July 20, 4 - 7:30 p.m. OR Thursday, July 21, 7:30 - 9 a.m.
✖      Judging: Thursday, July 21 at 1 p.m., Sheep Barn
✖      Trophy awarded for: Best 4 class, Best 6 class, Best of Show - ribbons will also be awarded
✖      NO 4-H rabbits
✖      Exhibitor must bring feed, dish for feed and dish for water
✖      Exhibitor is responsible for feeding/watering their rabbit(s)
✖      May exhibit five of any pure or mixed breed, limited to the following classes
✖      Rabbits will be released 5 - 7 p.m., Sunday, July 24
4 Class- 6 Months &Younger                6 Class- Intermediate 6 to 8 Months    6 Class- Over 8 months

         5401   Jr. Buck                           5601    Buck                     5603   Jr. Buck
         5402   Jr. Doe                            5602    Doe                      5604   Jr. Doe
         5403   Sr. Buck                                                            5605   Sr. Buck
         5404   Sr. Doe                                                             5606   Sr. Doe

                       Superintendent: Shannon Ahlman, 402 Loup River Rd, St Libory 370-2605
General information: Enter exhibits: Wednesday, July 20, 4 - 7:30 p.m. OR Thursday, July 21, 7:30 - 9 a.m.
✖      Judging after the open class poultry
✖      Classes open to all ages
✖      Bird must be banded with recognized band of any club
✖      Bird must be a breed recognized by the National Pigeon Association
✖      If entered in young bird class, bird must have a 2011 seamless band
✖      Bird must be kept in coop opening day of fair
✖      Awards: Champion Senior, Reserve Senior, Champion Junior (awarded only if 2 or more Junior exhibitors, under
       age 18, are entered in class)
✖      Decision of the judge is final
✖      Diseased bird(s) will not be allowed in the building
✖      Hall County Fair and/or superintendent(s) are not responsible for any loss or accident resulting from unforseen
✖      Pigeons will be released and absolutely must be picked up from 5 - 7 p.m., Sunday, July 24
7401   Old hen         7402     Old cock                7403    Young hen               7404   Young cock

                         Superintendent: Shannon Ahlman, 402 Loup River Rd, St Libory 370-2605
                             Assistant: Paddi Mack-Fieldgrove, PO Box 91, Chapman 379-8771
General information: Enter exhibits: Wednesday, July 20, 4 - 7:30 p.m. or Thursday, July 21, 7:30 - 9 a.m. - no late
✖       Judging: Thursday, July 21, 10 a.m., Sheep Barn
✖       As per the Nebraska Poultry Disease Act, all poultry exhibited must be Pullorum-Thyphoid clean. Proof of
        compliance must be presented to the superintendent when poultry is entered at fair.
✖       Poultry must be free of lice and mites - only healthy birds will be accepted
✖       Exhibitor is responsible for cleaning cages daily
✖       Exhibitor must supply adequate food and water.
✖       Exhibitor must know breed and age of poultry, based on calendar year
✖       Each breed will be judged separately
✖       Trophy awards: Grand Champion, Best Standard, Best Bantam, Best Water Fowl, Best Other, Champion Junior
         st  nd  rd   th
✖       1 , 2 , 3 , 4 places will receive a ribbon
✖       Poultry will be released 5 - 7 p.m., Sunday, July 24
8001   Cock                     8002   Cockrel          8003    Pullet                  8004   Hen

                                           AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION
                                Jessica Hermansen, Northwest High School 385-6394
General information: Enter exhibits from 4 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 20
✖      Open only to students enrolled in Agricultural Education
✖      Superintendent will determine eligibility of exhibitor/exhibit
1801   Corn, six ears                      1807   Alfalfa, one quart             1819    Sudan, one 4" sheaf
1802   Popcorn, six ears                   1808   Soybeans, one peck             1820    Bromegrass, one 4" sheaf
1803   Winter wheat, one peck              1812   Corn, three plants             1821    Alfalfa, one 4" sheaf
1804   Sudan, one peck                     1814   Popcorn, three plants          1822    Soybeans, three plants
1805   Sorghum, one peck                   1816   Forage sorghum, six plants
1806   Bromegrass, one quart               1818   Oats, one 4" sheaf

               Superintendent: Catrina DeLosh, 3011 Sunflower Dr, GI 383-7015
                 Assistant: LaTonna Brand, 2941 Roselawn Dr, GI 380-0804

General Information: Judging of horses: Saturday, July 16, 9 a.m.
✖      Open class horses arrive and leave on Saturday, July 16. Open show horses will not use
✖      Open class horses limited to Hall County residents or affiliated with Hall County horse
       clubs only.
✖      Register for classes the day of the show.
✖      Classes will be closed to registration as the class ahead of it enters the arena.
✖      We reserve the right to split a class if more than six are registered (for that class).
✖      Horses that are 4-H registered AND being shown in 4-H classes are NOT eligible to show
       in open class.
✖      No riding of horses on track.
✖      Horse may be used by more than one family member but only once in each age group.
✖      West boundary for horses is the first hardtop road west of horse barns. Any signs stating
       boundaries by fair superintendent or fair board members must be observed.
✖      No crossovers between class B225 and B226.
✖      Appropriate attire required.
Halter - All Breeds                                 B223 English Pleasure
B201 2011 filly                                     B224 English Equitation
B202 Yearling filly                                 B225 Lead line rider 6 years or younger
B203 Two & three-year old filly                     B226 Walk-trot rider 10 years or younger
B204 Four-year old filly                            B227 Open walk-trot
B205 Aged Mare                                      B228 Snaffle bit pleasure horse 2 years
B206 Pony mares under 14 hands                             old
B207 Grand & reserve mare                           B229 Western pleasure 18 & under
B208 Yearling gelding                               B230 Western pleasure 19 & over
B209 Two & three-year old gelding                   B231 Pony pleasure rider 15 years or
B210 Four-year old gelding                                 younger
B211 Aged gelding                                   B233 Horsemanship 18 & under
B212 Pony gelding under 14 hands                    B234 Horsemanship 19 & over
B213 Grand & reserve gelding                        B236 Reining 18 & under
B214 2011 stallion                                  B237 Reining 19 & over
B215 Yearling stallion                              B238 Keyhole 15 & under
B216 Two & three-year old stallion                  B239 Keyhole 16 & over
B217 Four-year old stallion                         B240 Barrel Racing 15 & under
B218 Aged stallion                                  B241 Barrel Racing 16 & over
B219 Pony stallion under 14 hands                   B242 Pole Bending 15 & under
B220 Grand & reserve stallion                       B243 Pole Bending 16 & over
B221 Showmanship 18 & under                         B244 Team Roping all ages (Starts at 3
B222 Showmanship 19 & over                                 PM)

                                 Superintendent: Rena Kjar, 2922 W 10 St, GI 382-7023
                                 Assistant: Linda Sander, 4320 Claussen Rd, GI 384-6749
General Information: Enter exhibits from 4 - 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 20 - none accepted after deadline.
✖      Awards will be made according to merit but no awards to articles not worthy
✖      Articles must be removed from 5 - 7 p.m. Sunday, July 24
✖      Exhibits should be dirt free and attractive
✖      Paper plates and containers will be furnished
✖      All articles must be grown by exhibitor in the 2011 crop year except where noted and sworn to requested.
Field Corn
C301 Yellow dent, ten ears               C302       Calico, any color (squaw), ten ears

Sweet Corn, may be mature, not dry
C305 Sweet corn, ten ears

C315 Strawberry popcorn, ten ears                 C316     White, ten ears                    C317    Yellow, ten ears
Threshed Grains, one peck
C323 Winter wheat            C324        Winter Rye                   C325          Oats             C326   Barley

Field Seeds, 2010 crop may be exhibited if 2011 crop is not harvested
C331 Sorghum (Kaffir, etc), one peck                     C332 Soybeans, one peck

Grain Sheaves, should be three inches in diameter and neatly bound with leaves stripped off
C333 Oats                         C334 Wheat                      C335 Rye                      C336 Barley
Forage Sheaves, at least three inches in diameter, neatly bound and well cured, will not be scored on leafiness, color,
general quality for forage. Soybeans should be of sufficient maturity to show head or seed characteristics.
C341 Alfalfa                                 C344 Sweet clover                        C347 Red clover
C342 Blue stem                               C345 Soybeans
C343 Brome-grass                             C346 Tall wheat grass
Stalk Display, entries will be judged for forage value as well as grain, except bromecorn. Stalks, three or more, may be
shown freshly cut. Exhibitors must have rooted stalks and others enclosed in plastic bags.
C352 Field corn, best, three stalks                               C356 Sorghum forage, five stalks
C353 Field corn, tallest, one stalk                               C357 Sunflower, best tame, head only w/short stem
C354 Grain milo, five stalks                                      C358 Sunflower, tallest tame
C355 Corn forage, five stalks

Beans, dry beans may be from previous years’ crop
C363 Green beans in pods, plate of 18                               C367       Colored dry beans, dry pint
C364 Yellow beans in pods, plate of 18                              C368       Lima dry beans, dry pint
C365 Lima beans in pods, plate of 18                                C369       Any other, plate of 18
C366 White dry beans, dry pint

Beets, wipe clean, do not wash
C373 Red table, three          C374      Beet, largest

Cabbage, one head
C379 Cone shaped                C380     Flat                         C381          Red              C382   Largest

Carrots, wipe clean, do not wash
C387 Half long, three           C388     Long, three                  C389          Largest

C401 Slicers, three                  C403       Pickling, plate of 12, short                  C404    Dills, plate of 6
C402 Yellow seeds, three                        stem                                          C405    Burpless slicers, three

C410 Round, one                 C411     Long, one               C412     Largest specimen

Muskmelon, display one
C417 Muskmelon                  C418     Honeydew                C419     Cantaloupe

Onions, three, mature, clean - not washed
C422 Sweet, (Spanish, Bermuda, etc.)         C424 Yellow                            C426     Largest
C423 Red                                     C425 White                             C427     Very largest,1 on plate
Peppers, plate of three
C432 Red, sweet                          C435 Pimento                               C438     Green, hot
C433 Green, sweet                        C436 Yellow, hot                           C439     Largest, one only
C434 Yellow, sweet                       C437 Red, hot                              C440     Any other
Potatoes, one peck, clean - not washed
C445 White              C446 Red              C447 Russett                C448    Largest single single specimen

Pumpkins & Squash, display two except for largest or as indicated
C453 Sweet pie, small, 8"                                     C463 Zucchini
C454 Field pumpkin                                            C464 Largest pumpkin, one
C455 Hubbard squash, any color                                C465 Largest squash, one
C456 Crookneck squash                                         C466 Gourds, six or more
C457 Summer squash                                            C467 Largest banana squash, one
C458 White scallop squash                                     C468 Largest hubbard squash, one
C459 Table or acorn squash                                    C469 Ornamental pumpkins, plate of six
C460 Banana squash                                            C470 Ornamental corn, plate of ten ears
C461 Butternut squash                                         C471 Any other squash
C462 Buttercup squash
C475 Red, four                         C478 Preserving, yellow pear             C480 Roma, four on plate
C476 Yellow, four                               shape, ten on plate             C481 Largest, one only
C477 Red cherry, ten on plate          C479 Grape, ten on plate

Miscellaneous, roots need NOT be washed (dirt free)
C501 Eggplant, three                                            C510    Parsley, potted plant
C502 Kohlrabi, three                                            C511    Any other herb, potted plant
C503 Parsnips, three                                            C512    Broccoli, three stalks
C504 Turnips, three                                             C513    Cauliflower, one head
C505 Swiss chard, three leaves in jar                           C514    Brussel sprouts, six
C506 Rhubarb, six stalks, leave 1" green tops                   C515    Dill
C507 Red sweet rhubarb, six stalks, leave 1" tops green         C516    Celery
C508 Radish, five on a plate                                    C517    Garlic
C509 Okra, three on a plate                                     C518    Any other vegetable

Special Class Vegetables, naturally grown, dirt free, not dressed up
C522 Unusual variety vegetables

Fresh Fruit, must be raised by exhibitor, five on plate - apples must have stem left on
             C530 Apples, early harvest                            C540 Plums, tame red
             C531 Apples, winter                                   C541 Plums, tame blue
             C532 Apples Whitney crab                              C542 Plums, wild
             C533 Apples Dolgo or smaller crab                     C543 Blue grapes
             C534 Apples, red delicious                            C544 White grapes
             C535 Apples, yellow delicious                         C545 Red grapes
             C536 Fall apples, best display, 20 or more            C546 Wild grapes
             C537 Winter apples, best display, 20 or               C547 Raspberries
                    more                                           C548 Wild elderberries
             C538 Peaches                                          C549 Unusual fruit
             C539 Pears
Feature Exhibit
C555 Feed Basket - one per family - entry will be shown in bushel basked turned on side. Basket furnished by the
        superintendent. Entry to be an assortment of edible garden vegetables consisting of six or more varieties in a
        suitable amount to exhibit in a bushel basket. Judged for quality and general appearance. No canned goods.
        NOTE: All basket displays to be in place before 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 14.

                             Superintendent: Sandy Leiser, 4425 N Engleman Rd, GI 381-2888
                              Superintendent: Marlene Mader, 4124 N Webb Rd, GI 382-5838
General information: Enter exhibits from 4 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 20
✖      Articles must be in the hands of the superintendents at entry time - no exhibits accepted after 7:30 p.m.
✖      All articles must be the work of the exhibitor
✖      Any articles which were awarded a prize in previous years may not be entered again for another prize
✖      Soiled articles will not be awarded premiums
✖      All picture entries must be framed and must have a hanger or easel with a dust cover
✖      Wall hangings must have loops or a pocket
✖      All work must be completed
✖      No article can compete for more than one premium
✖      One entry per class - if an exhibit is listed by class, it cannot be entered under miscellaneous
✖      All exhibits must be picked up from 5 - 7 p.m. Sunday, July 24
D701 Hand quilting of any quilt                                 D703   Hand quilting only of an article
D702 Machine quilting (by exhibitor) of quilt                   D704   Machine quilting (by exhibitor) of an article
Bed Coverings
D710 Baby blanket or throw, appliqued                           D715   Quilt, embroidery
D711 Appliqued quilt                                            D716   Baby blanket or throw, machine embroidery
D712 Baby blanket or throw, cross-stitch                        D717   Quilt, machine embroidery
D713 Quilt, cross-stitch                                        D718   Baby blanket or throw, patchwork or pieced
D714 Baby blanket or throw, embroidery                          D719   Quilt, patchwork or pieced
D725 Afghan, crocheted                                          D743   Doily, knitted, up to 18"
D726 Afghan, knitted                                            D744   Doily or centerpiece, knitted, over 18"
D727 Afghan, novelty                                            D745   Rug, crocheted or knitted
D728 Baby blanket, crocheted                                    D746   Christmas item, crocheted or knitted
D729 Baby blanket, knitted                                      D747   Toy, crocheted or knitted
D730 Spread, crocheted or knitted                               D748   Tablecloth over 36"
D731 Sweater for baby or child                                  D749   Tablerunner, crocheted or knitted
D732 Sweater for lady                                           D750   Potholders, set of two
D733 Sweater for man                                            D751   Dishcloths, set of two
D734 Vest or shell                                              D752   Doll clothing
D735 Outfit for child                                           D753   Holiday article, crocheted or knitted
D736 Baby article (cap, booties, etc.)                          D754   Ornaments, set of three, crocheted or knitted
D737 Adult article made on knitting machine                     D755   Pillow, crocheted or knitted
D738 Baby article made on knitting machine                      D756   Pillowcase, pair, lace trim
D739 Misc. Article made on knitting machine                     D757   Picture, crocheted
D740 Doily, crocheted, up to 12"                                D758   Misc. crocheted
D741 Doily, crocheted, 12" to 18"                               D759   Misc. knitted
D742 Doily or centerpiece, crocheted, over 18"

D760   Sleepwear                                                  D776     Placemats, set of four
D761   Clothing for baby                                          D777     Potholders, set of two
D762   Clothing for child                                         D778     Bag for shopping or knitting
D763   Article for lady                                           D779     Play toy
D764   Article for man                                            D780     Decorative doll, stuffed
D765   Vest                                                       D781     Play doll, stuffed
D766   Doll clothing                                              D782     Stuffed bear
D767   Any sewn accessory (purse, apron, etc.)                    D783     Stuffed animal
D768   Preprinted fabric item                                     D784     Tree skirt
C769   Preprinted holiday fabric item                             D785     Holiday article, stuffed
D772   Bathroom accessory                                         D786     Holiday article
D773   Coasters, set of four                                      D787     Misc. Sewn article
D774   Kitchen accessory                                          D788     Article made with serger
D775   Lunch set, tablecloth & napkins

D791 Pillow           D792    Tablerunner                  D793    Wallhanging                 D794   Appliqued, other

D795 Christmas stocking                D796      Wallhanging                 D797     Beaded, other

D801 Picture          D802    Pillow             D803      Candlewicking

D805 Picture          D806    Pillow             D807      Crewel, other

Counted Cross-Stitch
D809 Christmas stocking                  D814     Picture 12-18"                        D819    Tablerunner
D810 Dresser scarf                       D815     Picture, over 18"                     D820    Tea towels, set of seven
D811 Picture, under 3"                   D816     Pillow                                D821    Cross-stitch, other
D812 Picture, under 8"                   D817     Pillowcase, pair
D813 Picture, 8-12"                      D818     Tablecloth
D824 Dresser scarf                       D828     Tablecloth                            D832    Embroidery
D825 Picture                             D829     Tablerunner                           D833    Swedish weaving on article
D826 Pillow                              D830     Tea towels, set of seven
D827 Pillowcase, pair                    D831     Wallhanging
Machine Embroidery
D835 Dresser scarf                D839    Tablecloth                                  D843   Machine embroidery, holiday
D836 Picture                      D840    Tablerunner                                 D844   Machine embroidery, other
D837 Pillow                       D841    Tea towels, set of seven
D838 Pillowcase, pair             D842    Wallhanging
Long Stitch
D846 Picture          D847    Pillow             D848      Long stitch

D850 Christmas stocking                D851      Picture           D852      Pillow            D853   Needlepoint, other

Patchwork or Pieced
D855 Article of clothing                 D858     Pillow                         D861    Wallhanging
D856 Christmas stocking                  D859     Tablerunner                    D862    Placemats, set of four
D857 Doily or centerpiece                D860     Tree skirt                     D863    Patchwork or pieced
Plastic Canvas
D864 Doorstop                                                     D866     Ornaments, set of three
D865 Holiday                                                      D867     Plastic canvas, other

Rag Articles
D869 Pillow              D870    Quilt              D871   Rug                D872      Rag article

Tatted Articles
D875 Christmas ornaments, set of four               D876   Doily, over 6"               D877     Tatted, over 3"

D879 Wallhanging                 D880     Article          D881    Weaving, other

Miscellaneous Handwork
D882 Chenille pillow                                       D885 Decorated sweatshirt
D883 Chenille quilt                                        D886 Decorated t-shirt
D884 Stitch writing                                        D887 Misc. Handwork
Handwork, Exhibitor over 75 years old
D890 Pillow or picture, crocheted, knitted, embroidered    D892 Quilt
        or macrame knickknack                              D893 Baby blanket or throw
D891 Crocheted or knitted article                          D894 Miscellaneous handwork
D895 Article           D896 Clothing                   D897 Spinning, other

                                         ARTS & CRAFTS, PHOTOGRAPHY
                             Superintendent: Angie Gill, 14150 W Guenther Rd, WR 583-2440
                   Superintendent: Jane Rickert, 4813 So Nebraska Hwy 11, WR 583-2487 cell 390-7314

                                                     General information:
✖      Enter exhibits from 4 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 20.
✖      Articles shown and awarded prizes previously are not eligible
✖      Amateurs and professionals will be judged separately
✖      One entry per class - if an exhibit is listed by class, it cannot be entered under miscellaneous
✖      All exhibits must be picked up from 5 - 7 p.m. Sunday, July 24
E901   Picture, original oil painting, still life                 E914      Picture, original acrylic, portrait
E902   Picture, original oil painting, landscape                  E915      Picture, mixed media
E903   Picture, original oil painting, animal                     E916      Pen and ink drawing
E904   Picture, original oil painting, portrait                   E917      Pencil drawing
E905   Still life, watercolor                                     E918      Magic marker drawing
E906   Landscape, watercolor                                      E919      Charcoal
E907   Animal, watercolor                                         E920      Scratchwork
E908   Portrait, watercolor                                       E921      Stained glass, wood frame
E909   Flowers, watercolor                                        E922      Stained glass, metal frame
E910   Picture, pastel                                            E923      Stained glass, pattern
E911   Picture, original acrylic, still life                      E924      Stained glass, original
E912   Picture, original acrylic, landscape                       E925      Abstract art, any media
E913   Picture, original acrylic, animal

Decorative Art
            E926     Pencil drawing, colored                       E933       Sculpture
            E927     Tole, floral                                  E934       Wheat weaving
            E928     Tole, animals, birds                          E935       Miscellaneous
            E929     Tole, still life                              E936       Weaving
            E930     Tole, landscape                               E937       Decorated clothing
            E931     Tole, centerpiece                             E938       Art, any media
            E932     Fabric painting

E940    Floral                                                   E946      Wreath
E941    All natural, dried                                       E947      Beads, buttons, doilies or lace
E942    Novelties, wood cutouts                                  E948      Crazy & fun
E943    Novelties, fabric dolls, rabbits, etc.                   E949      Misc.
E944    Holiday, no Christmas                                    E950      Wallhanging, any kind
E945    Christmas

Decorative Accessory, handmade
E960 Holiday centerpiece, no Christmas                    E969    Christmas accessory
E961 Centerpiece, Christmas                               E970    Hat
E962 Centerpiece, any kind                                E971    Fabric doll
E964 Silk flower arrangement                              E972    Fabric animal
E965 Floral arrangement, any kind (dried, straw,          E973    Decorative novelties (beads, buttons, ribbon, doily, lace)
       plastic, fiber)                                    E975    Birdhouse
E966 Driftwood arrangement                                E976    Angel
E967 Accessory, red, white & blue                         E977    Misc.
E968 Holiday accessory, no Christmas

Miscellaneous Crafts
E980 Scrapbook                                             E984       Necklace, handmade
E981 Dolls, ribbon, net, yarn, styrofoam, plastic,         E985       Misc. handwork
        etc.                                               E986       Recycled product, metal, cloth, plastic
E982 Models, kits                                          E987       Recycled product, miscellaneous
E983 Bracelet, handmade

Wood Craft
E988 Woodburning, pattern                                        E995      Wood toy
E989 Woodburning, original                                       E996      Wood furniture (magazine rack, table, small
E990 Woodburning, any kind                                                 cabinet, etc.)
E991 Wood carving, figurine, etc.                                E997      Wood accessory (tie rack, bookend, bowl, plate,
E992 Wood carving, painted                                                 frame, etc.)
E993 Wood carving, stained or natural                            E998      Misc. wood article
E994 Wood carving, miscellaneous                                 E999      Wood cutout, holiday or seasonal
E1     Ceramic piece, one firing                                 E5        Unusual finish
E2     Ceramic piece, two firings                                E6        Porcelain doll
E3     Ceramic piece, three firings                              E7        Christmas
E4     Ceramic, stained                                          E8        Holiday, no Christmas
China Painting
E12    Flowers                                                   E18       Animals, wildlife
E13    Still life                                                E19       Jewelry and small pieces
E15    Landscape                                                 E20       Miscellaneous
E17    Portrait

Plaster Craft
E21     Animal figures                                           E23       Child or comical plaque/statue
E22     Human figures                                            E24       Miscellaneous

Amateur Photography - Snapshots, black/white or colored, must be mounted on 14X22 stiff cardboard. There must be
five pictures in a series which tell a story. The pictures must be captioned and attached to the exhibit. Attach a hanger for
appropriate hanging. The same photographs may NOT be entered in both 4-H and open class.
E32      Animal                                                   E36     Human interest, people as subject of photo
E33      Landscape                                                E37     Inanimate, still life, machinery, other
E34      Nature                                                   E38     Flowers
E35      Seascape                                                 E39     Picture story

Amateur Photography - Snapshots, 5X7 or larger, black/white or color. Must be framed and have a hanger for hanging.
E40   Animal                                                 E45     Birds
E41   Seascape                                               E46     Insects and fish
E42   Human interest                                         E47     Anything antique
E43   Still life                                             E48     Landscape
E44   Flowers                                                E49     Computer photo, graphics w/original picture
Amateur Age 75+
E50   Art             E51    Decorative Accessories         E52         Wood Craft            E53     Miscellaneous

Professional Photography - Snapshots, black/white or colored, must be mounted on 14X22 stiff cardboard. There must
be five pictures in a series which tell a story. The pictures must be captioned and attached to the exhibit. Attach a hanger
for appropriate hanging. The same photographs may NOT be entered in both 4-H and open class.
E60      Animal                                                 E64      Human interest, people as subject of photo
E61      Landscape                                              E65      Inanimate, still life, machinery, other
E62      Nature                                                 E66      Flowers
E63      Seascape                                               E67      Picture

Professional Photography - Snapshots, 5X7 or larger, black/white or color. Must be framed and have a hanger for
E68     Animal                                               E73      Birds
E69     Seascape                                             E74      Insects and fish
E70     Human interest                                       E75      Anything antique
E71     Still life                                           E76      Landscape
E72     Flowers                                              E77      Computer photo, graphics w/original picture
Professional Age 75+
E78     Art            E79     Decorative Accessories        E80         Wood Craft             E81    Miscellaneous

                               Superintendent: Kendra Ostermeier, 617 W 16 , GI, 383-1981
General information: Enter exhibits from 4 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 20 - all entries must be in the hands of the
superintendent by this time - none accept after this time.
✖       All canning must be done within the year of the fair
✖       Any entry that is duplicated by a member of the same family will be disqualified
✖       No canned food will be opened except in case of doubt
✖       Jellies may be opened and cut to show consistence
✖       All baked goods, except pies, must be wrapped in plastic bags or be disqualified
✖       One entry per class
✖       Exhibitor’s name will be covered at time of judging
✖       Placings/awards are at the discretion of the judge
✖       All exhibits must be picked up from 5 - 7 p.m. Sunday, July 24
✖       Judges reside outside of Hall County
Bread Basket - Bake bread in regular loaf pan, bring 5/8 of a loaf; machine bread, bring entire loaf
F101 Rye                                  F111 Zucchini                             F121 Plain muffins, five
F102 White                                F112 Cornbread                            F122 Fruit muffins, five
F103 Whole wheat                          F113 Coffeecake                           F123 Biscuits, five
F104 Nut                                  F114 Dinner rolls                         F124 Yeast bread
F105 Banana                               F115 Cinnamon rolls, five                 F125 Quick bread
F106 Rhubarb                              F116 Kolaches, five                       F126 Men only, any entry listed
F107 Pumpkin                              F117 Cinnamon crisp                       F127 Machine bread, white
F108 Pumpernickel                         F118 Cake doughnuts, five                 F128 Machine bread, whole wheat
F109 French                               F119 Raised doughnuts, five               F129 Machine bread, misc
F110 Strawberry                           F120 Cream puffs, fill, five

Cake - place on foil wrapped cardboard and wrap in plastic bag - exhibit should be 5/8 of a cake - no mixes - do not frost
F131 Angel food cake                    F140 Spice cake                             F149 Upside down cake
F132 Angel food, chocolate cake         F141 Marble cake                            F150 Bundt cake
F134 Chocolate layer cake               F143 Fruit cake                             F151 Carrot cake
F135 German chocolate cake              F144 Applesauce cake                        F152 Zucchini cake
F136 Nut cake                           F145 Raw apple cake                         F153 Poppy seed cake
F137 White layer                        F146 Chiffon cake plain                     F155 Cupcake, any, five
F138 Sponge cake                        F147 Jelly roll                             F156 Cake, misc
F139 Burnt sugar cake                   F148 Banana cake

Decorated Cake, experienced - artificial cake/cake mixes allowed
F160 Birthday cake for child              F164 Cake for bridal/baby shower           F168     Decorated cupcakes, five
F161 Birthday cake for adult              F165 Cake for Mother’s Day                 F169     Decorated cookies
F162 Cake for holiday                     F166 Cake for anniversary                  F170     Sugar molding
F163 Cake for graduation                  F167 Novelty cake                          F171     Gingerbread table decoration

Decorated Cake, amateur - artificial cake/cake mixes allowed
F175 Birthday cake for child                              F181       Cake for anniversary
F176 Birthday cake for adult                              F182       Novelty cake
F177 Cake for holiday                                     F183       Decorated cupcakes, five
F178 Cake for graduation                                  F184       Decorated cookies
F179 Cake for bridal/baby shower                          F185       Sugar molding
F180 Cake for Mother’s Day                                F186       Gingerbread table decoration

“The Goodie Shop” Pies - display in disposable aluminum pie tin
F201 Apple                               F207 Chocolate                              F213     Blueberry
F202 Cherry                              F208 Butterscotch                           F214     Rhubarb
F203 Peach                               F209 Pecan                                  F215     Strawberry
F204 Raisin                              F210 Pie crust, unfilled                    F216     Custard
F205 Pumpkin                             F211 Sour cream raisin                      F217     Fruit pie
F206 Lemon                               F212 Coconut cream                          F218     Cream pie

Cookies - four on a large plate placed inside a ziploc bag
F220 Sugar, plain                          F228 Peanut butter, unbaked               F236     Snickerdoodle
F221 Oatmeal                               F229 Chocolate, unbaked                   F237     Oatmeal raisin
F222 Ice-box                               F230 Peanut bars                          F238     Peppernuts
F223 Peanut butter                         F231 Chocolate drop                       F239     Biscotti
F224 Filled                                F232 Butterscotch                         F240     Handy mix treats, include
F225 Brownies, chewy                       F233 Bar                                           recipe
F226 Brownies, cake                        F234 Lemon bar                            F241     Cookie, misc
F227 Chocolate chip                        F235 Ginger snaps

Secretary’s Cookie Jar - a gallon jar of assorted cookies to contain not less than six kinds of cookies. Bring one of each
kind of cookie in a small box so the judge does not need to open the jar. The blue ribbon jar will be given to the Secretary
of the Fair - jar to be returned to exhibitor. The Treasurer will receive second place jar - jar to be returned to exhibitor.
F242 Secretary’s Cookie Jar

Candy, homemade - exhibit six pieces
F245 Fudge, chocolate                     F251     Mints                             F256     Praline
F246 Coconut                              F252     Caramels                          F257     Toffee
F247 Divinity                             F253     Covered candy (cream              F258     Pretzel, dipped
F248 Fondant                                       center, cherries, etc.)           F259     Peanut cluster
F249 Hard                                 F254     Fudge, peanut butter              F260     Candy, misc
F250 Peanut brittle                       F255     Penuche

“The Pantry”
Canned Fruit (quarts or pints) - The jar should be clean so that the glass shines. New lids/bands give better appearance
to the exhibit.
F301 Cherries                              F309 Pears                          F317 Spaghetti sauce
F302 Apples                                F310 Cherries, bing                 F318 Tomato sauce
F303 Applesauce                            F311 Pineapple                      F319 Chili sauce
F304 Grapes                                F312 Raspberries                    F320 Salsa
F305 Peaches                               F313 Fruit cocktail                 F321 Gooseberries
F306 Plums                                 F314 Tomatoes, whole                F322 Chokecherry syrup
F307 Rhubarb                               F315 Tomatoes, stewed               F323 Canned fruit, misc
F308 Apricots                              F316 Taco sauce

Canned Vegetables (quarts or pints)
F326 String beans, yellow               F332 Sauerkraut                         F338     Pumpkin
F327 String beans, green                F333 Cauliflower                        F339     Potatoes
F328 Beets                              F334 Peppers, red                       F340     Potatoes, sweet
F329 Carrots                            F335 Vegetables, mixed                  F341     Pepper, jalapeno
F330 Corn                               F336 Peppers, green                     F342     Canned vegetable, misc
F331 Peas                               F337 Turnips
Emergency Dinners
F343 Five (quart) jars canned food, for a complete meal

Canned Soup (quarts or pints)
          F345 Chili                              F347   Tomato                      F349     Soup, misc
          F346 Chicken                            F348   Vegetable

Juice (quart)
F355 Tomato                                F359    Plum                                F363   Raspberry
F356 Grape                                 F360    Cherry                              F364   Blueberry
F357 Apple                                 F361    Chokecherry                         F365   Juice, misc
F358 Crabapple                             F362    Elderberry

Meat (quart or pint)
F369 Beef, canned                   F374     Metwurst,                   F377    Fish, canned
F370 Chicken, canned                         smoked/homemade             F378    Meat or jerky, dried, two 6" strips
F371 Pork, canned                   F375     Liver-sausage,              F379    Canned meat, misc
F372 Turkey, canned                          smoked/homemade
F373 Bacon, home-cured              F376     Meat, smoked

Pickles and Relish (quart or pint)
F401 Pickle, peach                         F409    Pickle, sweet, whole                F417   Piccalilli
F402 Pickle, crab apple                    F410    Pickle, sweet, chunk or sliced      F418   Relish, corn
F403 Pickle, dill, whole                   F411    Pickle, bread & butter              F419   Relish, pickle
F404 Pickle, dill, hamburger, sliced       F412    Pickle, sliced, Virginia            F420   Relish, cucumber
F405 Pickle, dill, spear                   F413    Pickle, cinnamon                    F421   Tomato catsup
F406 Pickle, mustard                       F414    Pickle, beet, whole                 F422   Vegetables, mixed
F407 Pickle, sweet & lime                  F415    Pickle, beet, sliced                F423   Pickles, misc
F408 Pickle, watermelon                    F416    Pickled green beans

Jelly, Jam, Butter, Syrup - MUST be displayed in regular, standard jelly glass - new lid preferred - label each glass with
contents - judge may open glass
F429 Apricot                             F432 Orange marmalade                       F435 Pear
F430 Cherry                              F433 Pineapple                              F436 Plum
F431 Grape                               F434 Peach                                  F437 Rhubarb
F438    Raspberry                          F442      Chokecherry                          F446   Syrups
F439    Strawberry                         F443      Elderberry                           F447   Misc
F440    Rhubarb/strawberry                 F444      Blueberry
F441    Rhubarb/apricot                    F445      Apple

Dried Fruit
F501 Peach                      F504     Banana                   F507    Grape                    F510     Misc
F502 Apple                      F505     Pear                     F508    Fruit leather
F503 Apricot                    F506     Cherry                   F509    Strawberry

Dried Vegetables
F515 Onion                      F518     Carrot                   F521    Bean
F516 Pepper                     F519     Celery                   F522    Mushroom
F517 Potato                     F520     Jalapeno pepper          F523    Dried, misc

Dried Herbs
F526 Parsley                    F529     Dill weed                F532    Seed                     F535     Oregano
F527 Sage                       F530     Basil                    F533    Spearmint                F536     Dried Herb, misc
F528 Chives                     F531     Thyme                    F534    Mint

Wine Cellar Wines - MUST be displayed in labeled, clear bottle - list ingredients
F537 Apple                  F540 Dandelion                    F543 Elderberry                      F546     Raspberry
F538 Chokecherry            F541 Grape                        F544 Cherry                          F547     Beet
F539 Crabapple              F542 Rhubarb                      F545 Peach                           F548     Wine, misc

Liqueur - MUST be displayed in labeled, clear bottle - list ingredients
F550 Kahlua                              F552 Drambuie                                    F554   Cream de menthe
F551 Bailey’s Irish cream                F553 Apricot brandy                              F555   Liqueur, misc

F560 Processed                   F561     Honeycomb

                                                    Under 16 Years of Age
                             Superintendent: Keri Stofer, 3133 W. Hwy 34, GI, 308-440-8936
                                     Superintendent: Leslie Vollnogle, 308-380-5676
                                      Superintendent: Jessica Waite, 402-750-1351
General information: Enter exhibits from 4 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 20
✖      Junior Department is for exhibitors under 16 years of age
✖      4-H members may exhibit in any category that is different than the 4-H project(s) they are enrolled in
✖      One entry per class - if an exhibit is listed by class, it cannot be entered under miscellaneous
✖      Items that have been entered in any other county fair or show are not eligible
✖      Exhibit must be made, not purchased, by child in the last year
✖      The superintendent reserves the right to decline any entry determined to be too large to display safely or entered
       in previous year
✖      All exhibits must be picked up from 5 - 7 p.m. Sunday, July 24
✖      Include recipe with baked item
                           Junior Foods - include recipe with baked item
Bread - all rules in the corresponding adult class apply - include recipe
G1      rye or whole wheat, 5/8 loaf       G6       Coffeecake, 5/8 of pan                G10    Muffins, plain, four
G3      Banana, 5/8 loaf                   G7       Dinner rolls, four                    G11    Muffins, fruit, four
G4      Zucchini, 5/8 loaf                 G8       Cinnamon rolls, four                  G12    Bread, misc
G5      Cornbread, 5/8 loaf                G9       Kolaches, four

Cake - display on foil wrapped cardboard and wrap in plastic bag(s) - Exhibit 5/8 of a cake or four cupcakes - no cake
mixes - do not frost cake - all rules in the corresponding adult class apply - include recipe
G17     Chocolate layer                       G21    Spice                              G24   Zucchini
G19     White layer                           G22    Applesauce                         G25   Cake,misc
G20     Sponge                                G23    Banana                             G26   Cupcake, misc

Decorated Cake - artificial cake/cake mixes allowed
G30    Cake                               G31     Cupcakes, four                        G32     Cookies, four

Pie - display in disposable aluminum pie tin - include recipe
G37      Any pie

Cookie - display four on a small plate inside a ziploc bag - include recipe
G42     Sugar cookie, plain                 G46     Chocolate drop                      G50     Brownie, cake
G43     Oatmeal                             G47     Butterscotch                        G51     Any other bar cookie
G44     Peanut butter                       G48     Snickerdoodle                       G52     Any unbaked cookie
G45     Chocolate cookie                    G49     Brownie, chewy                      G53     Any other

Candy, homemade
G58    Any candy, 6 pieces

G65    Any canning

Dried Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs - place 1/4 cup of vegetable or herb or 6-10 pieces of fruit in a small glass jar - label with
G70     Any dried item

Arts & Crafts
Homemaking Sewing
G101 Blouse or skirt                       G103     Sports clothing                     G105    Sewing, misc
G102 Dress                                 G104     Sleepwear

Miscellaneous Article
G110 Knitted or crocheted                  G114     Needlepoint                         G118    Doll clothing
G111 Embroidered or liquid emb.            G115     Pillow                              G119    Decorated t-shirt, any clothing
G112 Play toy, decorated toy               G116     Quilted or patchwork                        item
G113 Tie blanket, fleece                   G117     Counted cross-stitch                G120    Any other article

Miscellaneous Craft
G200 Coiling                                    G207    Bead, jewel, sequin work        G214 Holiday decoration
G201 Weaving, any kind                          G208    Shell craft                     G215 Tin punch
G202 Leather craft, any article                 G209    Jewelry                         G216 Misc. Handwork
G204 Scrapbook                                  G210    Dough art                       G217 Paper mache
G205 Novelties, ribbon, net, yarn, felt,        G211    Craft sticks, any article       G218 Plastic canvas
        styrofoam, artfoam, etc.                G212    Stained glass                   G219 Misc. handwork made from
G206 Dolls                                      G213    Picture Frame                   recycled materials

Wood Crafts, Other Accessories
G220 Wood carving, figurines                                         G226   Wood furniture, constructed
G221 Woodburning                                                     G227   Wood furniture, painted/finished
G222 Wood toys, constructed                                          G228   Bird house, constructed
G223 Wood toy, painted/finished only                                 G229   Bird house, painted/finished
G224 Wood accessory, constructed                                     G230   Other woodwork
G225 Wood accessory, painted/finished

Models - mount on board or cardboard - may not enter work that has been previously exhibited
G231 Car                                G232 Truck                               G233 Boat
G234    Aircraft or spacecraft            G235   Other

Art - all framed pictures should be ready to hang - mount drawings/pictures on construction paper/cardboard for hanging
G240 Picture, original oil painting                            G255 Sand painting
G241 Picture, original watercolor                              G256 Print - potato, silkscreen, linoleum, etc.
G242 Picture, original pastel or chalk                         G257 Computer original drawing
G243 Picture, original acrylic                                 G258 Abstract art, any media
G244 Picture, mixed media                                      G259 Watercolor picture
G245 Tempera painting                                          G260 Crayola picture
G246 Pencil, original drawing                                  G261 Magic marker picture
G247 Crayola, original drawing                                 G262 Mosaic
G248 Colored pencil, original drawing                          G263 Collage
G249 Magic marker, original drawing                            G264 Magic marker, velvet picture
G250 Ink drawing                                               G265 Holiday picture
G251 Charcoal drawing                                          G266 Colored pencil picture
G252 Finger painting                                           G267 Scratch art
G253 Paint by number                                           G268 Any other picture
G254 Tole painting                                             G269 Any other art

Wall Plaque/Hanging - must be able to hang
G273 Counted cross stitch hanging       G275     String art                       G277     Wall hanging, misc
G274 Seed plaque                        G276     Fabric wallhanging               G278     Plaque, misc

Additional Items
G279 Ceramic                              G281   Plastercraft                     G283     Stepping stone
G280 Pottery                              G282   Original sculpture               G284     Painted rock/landscape rock

Legos & K-NEX - Contact Superintendent for 2010 theme - display exhibit on board or tray no bigger than 15"X15" X15" -
NO kits, MUST be original design
G290 Legos                     G291 K-NEX

Junior Story-Penmanship-Poetry

G300 Original Short Story, Handwritten
G301 Original Short Story, Illustration
G302 Original Short Story, Typed
G303 Penmanship Display
G304 Poetry

Junior Photography

General information for classes G305 to G308
✖      Five snapshots, black/white or colored, must be mounted on posterboard 14"X22"
✖      If you wish, pictures may be captioned
✖      Neatness is a factor in judging
✖      The same photograph may NOT be entered in both Open Class and 4-H
✖      Must be original work of exhibitor - exhibitor may
       not be in photograph
G305 Nature
G306 Human interest
G307 Inanimate
G308 Picture story, misc
G309 Individual snapshop, 5X7 or larger, mounted

                               Superintendent: Donna Sharp, 145 L Rd St. Libory, 687-6001
                              Assistant: Melissa Hardesty, PO Box 627, Genoa 402 993-2455
General information: Enter exhibits from 1:00 - 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 20
✖      Arrangements will be judge on: distinction 25%, proportion/balance 25%, color harmony 25%, condition of
       material 25%
✖      Vases/containers must be furnished by exhibitor - use a suitable container - be sure it is heavy enough so it will
       not topple over
✖      Exhibitor name should be written on adhesive tape and placed on the bottom of the container
✖      Any exhibit including material(s) other than those specified will be disqualified
✖      Pick flowers the night before entry or early on the morning of entry
✖      Floral specimens will be judged on the condition of the flowers
✖      Only insect and disease free specimens will be accepted
✖      Classes are for amateurs - exhibits must be grown/owned by the exhibitor - any amateur may enter whether a
       garden club member or not
✖      Clerks will supervise the placing of all exhibits in the area under their care
✖      If there is only one exhibit in a class, the judge will award the merited premium
✖      Only the show chair, clerks and judge(s) will be permitted in the area during judging - the judges decision is final
✖      4-H members not eligible for junior classes in flowers
✖      All exhibits must be picked up from 5 - 7 p.m. Sunday, July 24
✖      Props/accessories are allowed, however, they are the responsibility of the exhibitor. The flower department is not
       responsible for damage or theft.
✖      Special prizes will be awarded
Bouquet or Arrangement - “Say It With Flowers”
✖      A bouquet is considered to be flowers set in a container; an arrangement is flowers arranged in the container. If
       exhibit is not specified as bouquet or arrangement, either could be used.
H501 Parade of Roses, all roses, bouquet                             H509 Zinnias on Parade
H502 Candle floral arrangement                                       H510 America the Beautiful, use red, white & blue
H503 Beauty of petunies, bouquet                                     H511 Miniature arrangement, 5" or under
H504 State flower, goldenrod and greenery                            H512 Go Big Red
H505 Hike/bike, use wild flowers, wood, dried arrangement            H513 Anything Goes
H506 My Garden, flowers and vegetables                               H514 Millennium Madness
H507 Green Valley, all green arrangement or bouquet                  H515 God Bless America
H508 Golden Touch of marigolds                                       H516 Meditation, religious arrangement

Garden Flowers
H519 Aster, 3 stems                                              H537   Daisy, shasta, 1 stem
H520 Bachelor button, 3 stems                                    H538   Dianthus
H521 Begonia tuberous, 1 stem                                    H539   Everlasting, strawflower, statice
H522 Begonia wax, 3 stems                                        H540   Gailardia, 3 stems
H523 Black or brown eyed susan, 3 stems                          H541   Gladiolus, bi-color, 1 spike
H524 Calendula, any variety, 3 stems                             H542   Gladiolus, blue, 1 spike
H525 Chrysanthemum, 1 stem w/foliage                             H543   Gladiolus, cream, 1 spike
H526 Coneflower, purple or white, 1 stem                         H544   Gladiolus, green, 1 spike
H527 Coreopsis, 3 stems                                          H545   Gladiolus, magenta, 1 spike
H528 Cosmos, gold or yellow, 3 stems                             H546   Gladiolus, orange, 1 spike
H529 Cosmos, pink, white or red, 3 stems                         H547   Gladiolus, orchid, 1 spike
H530 Coxcomb, crested, 1 stem                                    H548   Gladiolus, pink, 1 spike
H531 Coxcomb/celosia, plumed, 1 stem                             H549   Gladiolus, purple, 1 spike
H532 Dahlia, small, up to 2", 3 stems                            H550   Gladiolus, red, 1 spike
H533 Dahlia, medium, 2-4", 1 stem                                H551   Gladiolus, white, 1 spike
H534 Dahlia, Large, 4-6", 1 stem                                 H552   Gladiolus, yellow, 1 spike
H535 Dahlia, dinnerplate, 7+”, 1 stem                            H553   Gladiolus, any other, 1 spike
H536 Daisy, gloriosa, 1 stem                                     H554   Heliopsis, 1 stem
H555   Hollyhock, any color/variety, 1 stem                     H577   Rose, floribunda, 1 stem w/foliage
H556   Hydrangea, blue, 1 stem                                  H578   Rose, hybrid tea, bi-color, 1 stem w/foliage
H557   Hydrangea, pink, 1 stem                                  H579   Rose, hybrid tea, peace, 1 stem w/foliage
H558   Hydrangea, white, 1 stem                                 H580   Rose, hybrid tea, pink, 1 stem w/foliage
H559   Impatiens, 1 stem w/foliage                              H581   Rose, hybrid tea, purple, 1 stem w/foliage
H560   Impatiens, double or rose, 1 stem w/foliage              H582   Rose, hybrid tea, red, 1 stem w/foliage
H561   Impatiens, New Guinea, 1 stem w/foliage                  H583   Rose, hybrid tea, white, 1 stem w/foliage
H562   Lily, Asiatic/Oriental                                   H584   Rose, hybrid tea, yellow, 1 stem w/foliage
H563   Lily, hemeroeallis day                                   H585   Rose, single petal, 1 stem w/foliage
H564   Lily, surprise                                           H586   Rose, mini, any color, 1 stem w/foliage
H565   Lily, tiger                                              H587   Rose, shrub, any variety, 1 stem w/foliage
H566   Lily, any variety                                        H588   Rose, any color, 1 stem w/foliage
H567   Lisianthus, single, 1 stem                               H589   Rudbekia, 3 stems
H568   Lisianthus, double, 1 stem                               H590   Salvia, any color/variety, 1 stem
H569   Marigold, small, 1 stem w/foliage                        H591   Snapdragon, 3 stems
H570   Marigold, large, 1 stem w/foliage                        H592   Verbena, 1 stem
H571   Pansy, 3 stems                                           H593   Vinca, 1 stem
H572   Petunia, mini, millionbells, calibrachoa                 H594   Zinnia, small, 1 stem w/foliage
H573   Petunia, single, 3 stems                                 H595   Zinnia, large, 1 stem w/foliage
H574   Petunia, double, 3 stems                                 H596   Any other annual, 1 stem, identify
H575   Phlox, perennial, 1 stem                                 H597   Any other perennial, 1 stem, identify
H576   Phlox, annual, 1 stem                                    H598   New/different/unusual, 1 stem, identify

Potted Herb Plants
H601 Basil, any variety                  H604   Fennel                     H607             Any other potted herb
H602 Borage, good for the heart          H605   Feverfew
H603 Calendula                           H606   Parsley

Potted Plants
H609 African violet, must be blooming                           H618   Hanging plant, must be blooming
H610 Begonia, wax                                               H619   Hanging plant, non-blooming
H611 Begonia, tuberous                                          H620   Hen and chickens
H612 Cacti garden, 3+ cacti, figurines                          H621   Impatiens
H613 Cactus, specimen                                           H622   Planter, 3+ varieties, must be blooming
H614 Fern                                                       H623   Shamrock plant
H615 Foliage                                                    H624   Succulent, specimen
H616 Foliage, 3 or more varieties                               H625   Any other potted plant
H617 Geranium, must be blooming                                 H626   Most unique planter w/blooming flower

Junior (under 16) Arrangement
H701 Perennials Plenty                                          H705   Pretty Petunias
H702 Using figurines                                            H706   Zany Zinnias
H703 Millennium Madness                                         H707   Marigolds Galore
H704 Go Big Red Huskers                                         H708   Annual flowers, no marigolds or zinnias
Junior Arrangement - Best Specimen
H709 Bachelor button                                            H719   Pansy, 3 stems
H710 Begonia, wax or tuberous                                   H720   Petunia, any variety, 1 stem
H711 Chrysanthemum, 1 stem w/foliage                            H721   Rose, 1 stem w/foliage
H712 Cosmos, 1 stem                                             H722   Salvia, any variety, 1 stem
H713 Gladiolus, 1 spike                                         H723   Snapdragon, 1 stem
H714 Impatiens, 1 stem                                          H724   Vinca, 1 stem
H715 Lily, any variety, 1 stem                                  H725   Zinnia, small, 1 stem
H716 Lisianthus                                                 H726   Zinnia, large, 1 stem
H717 Marigold, small, 1 stem w/foliage                          H727   Any other annual, 1 stem
H718 Marigold, large, 1 stem w/foliage                          H728   Any other perennial, 1 stem

Junior - Potted Plants
H730 Herb, any variety                                 H731        Most unique planter
H732   Cacti garden, 3+ cacti, figurines
H733   Any variety, must be blooming
H734   Hanging plant, must be blooming
H735   Cactus, specimen potted


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