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Business Process: Purchasing
Process Stage: Requisition
The requisition process involves the request for goods or services either from externals sources (vendors) or perhaps
from agency inventory. Once the requisition is entered into the system, it must pass a number of approval steps before it
is ready to be sourced to a Purchase Order or a Request for Quotes.

Business Process Steps
The following diagram illustrates the flow of information and transactions involved in the Requisition process

                                                Figure 1 The general flow of the Requisition process                                 Expediter to
                                                                                                                                     Create PO

                             Budget                Save &                Internal              External         Sourcing
                             Check                                      Approvals             Approvals
                                                                                                                                        - or -
      Information                                  Submit                                                       Validation
                                                                                                                                        or -

Authorized Role:
                                                                                                                 Procurement           Requisition
                          Requisition Entry                                   Various Approvers                     Agent               Manager
                                                                                                                   Approver               -or-
                                                                                                                                       RFQ Entry

                                                                                                               PeopleSoft Security Role
                Process Steps
                                                                                                               (What security role enables
                (And what is involved in this step of the process?)
                                                                                                               this access?)
                Enter Requisition Information
         1.     Create a new requisition by selecting items from a catalog, or entering detail in a special
                Budget Check
         2.     Check for availability of funds for this request. For “Full-Financials” agencies who have
                budgets in the system, this budget check pre-encumbers the funds on their PeopleSoft                   Entry
                Save and Submit
                Store the requisition on the system and initiate the approval processes.
         4.     Internal Approvals
                a. Agency Procurement Agent
                                                                                                               Procurement Agent Approver
                Confirms and approves the procurement method
                b. Agency Fiscal Approver
                                                                                                               Fiscal Approver
                Confirms and approves the accounting information (fund-object-center-etc.)
                c. Agency MIS / IT Approver
                                                                                                               Agency IT Approver
                Reviews and approves requisitions that are in information technology categories
                d. Agency Management Approver
                                                                                                               Configured in Workflow but not
                Approval of requisitions on behalf of the agency, usually based on the requisition dollar      a specifically assigned Role.
                amount. Requisitions above the limit defined by the agency require this approval.
         5.     External Approvals (see discussion below)
                Sourcing Validation
         6.                                                                                                    Procurement Agent Approver
                Select the procurement method. Create either a purchase order or an RFQ as required.
                Requisition Expediter –or- Create RFQ
         7.                                                                                                    Requisition Manager -or-
                Depending on the particular purchase, quotes may not be required. If that is the case, a
                                                                                                               RFQ Entry
                vendor can be selected at this step and a purchase order created.
                Note: Generally all users will have access to view all requisition information in a display-
                                                                                                               Requisition Display
                only mode

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Security Considerations
The split of roles for the various tasks enables a separation of duties in the purchasing processes. User security can be
configured to require multiple users to be involved in the processing of any purchase. In addition to the processes and
roles described above, there are a number of External Approvals (detailed below) which are activated depending on
certain circumstances.

External Approvals:
Commodity or Category specific:
PEN Approver – reviews and may approve requisitions for items that can be provided by PEN Products but are not being
selected from the PEN Products catalog.
IN-ARF Approver - reviews and may approve requisitions for items that can be provided by IN-ARF but are not being
selected from the IN-ARF catalog.
ICPR Approver – reviews and may approve requisitions for forms and other documents that are under the normal review
of the Indiana Commission on Public Records (ICPR).
ITOC Approver – reviews and may approve requisitions that are in specific technology categories and above a dollar
amount of $25,000 .

Fiscal (dollar value) related:
Budget Approver – reviews and may approve requisitions over $75,000 .
Proc Div Approver – reviews and may approve requisitions over the agency‟s delegated dollar amount (usually $25,000
but may be $75,000 for some agencies).

The following diagram provides another view of how the approval process is applied:

                                                                                                     - data and word
                                                                                                  processing purchase
                                                                                                   - ad-hoc‟d by ITOC

                                                                                                        ITOC                                               Requisition
                                                                                                    - ITOC-identified
                                                                                                  commodity codes and
                                                                                                  greater than $25,000                                 - purchase order creation

                                             Agency Fiscal
                                              - mandatory for all
                                              purchase requests
                      Agency                                                                                                    Validation
Requisition                                                              Agency
                    Procurement                                                                 If External Approvals       -
                                                                        Management                                            any Special Request
  Items                Agent                                           - dollar amount-based                                - Agency Procurement
                                                                                                    Not Required
                    - mandatory for all                               - unique to each Agency                                   Agent or DOA
                    purchase requests                                                                                           Procurement
                                                Agency IT
                                                - ITOC-identified
                                                commodity codes
                      PEN/INARF              regardless of $ amount
                     commodity codes                                                             Budget Agency
                  - FYI email sent to PEN/                                                         - purchase request
                                                                                                                                                            - solicitations
                          INARF                                                                   greater than $75,000

                                                                                                - „State Forms‟ commodity

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